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Please enable your Javascript to see this page as it is meant to appear! [New Era] [Search] Primary Menu [Skip to content] [About][Chakras][1st ROOT or BASE CHAKRA (Muladhara)][2nd SACRAL/NAVAL CHAKRA (Svadhisthana)][3rd SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (Manipura)][4th HEART CHAKRA (Anahata)][5th THROAT CHAKRA (Vissudha)][6th THIRD EYE (Ajna)][7th CROWN CHAKRA (Sahasrara)][Colors][Shop][Cart][Checkout][My Account][Crystals][A-C][A][Agate][Agate – Details][Amazonite][Amazonite – Details][Amber][Amber –

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[Home] [Contact Us] [How To Capture UFO] Everything you need to get started with UFO Hunting and be successful at it Email: [ufochannel11@gmail.com] Be Prepared UFO Hunting is no walk in the park The right equipment, everything you need to get professional photos, video and audio. How to research, you should always be prepared with as much information as possible before you go hunting. Getting good results, nobody will believe you if your pictures are grainy and unprofessional. [Buy for $25] Do

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Aurez-vous le courage de découvrir ces 7 nouvelles capacités de votre cerveau ? ...     Avez-vous vu "Lucy", le dernier film de Luc Besson ? La jeune Lucy (jouée par Scarlett Johansson) voit tout à coup ses pouvoirs psychiques se multiplier : elle a des pouvoirs télépathiques, elle lit dans les pensées, elle déplace les objets par la télékinésie. Personnellement, j'ai passé un bon moment en regardant ce film, mais je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de sourire, car il véhicule un... mythe

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Snapshot from The Pirates Of Time - Absolute Proof Of Time Travel For You!

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   "Incredible New Time Travel Discovery Will Supply You With Real, Undeniable & Mind-Blowing Proof!"     Time travel is already a reality, and you can have the proof in your hand today.      Do you want to be one of the very first people on Earth to learn - and see for yourself - the real truth about time travel?  This massive secret affects everyone, yet it's been kept deliberately hidden from all of us. Why?     Jane Tripp has the answers for you, but once seen, there is no going

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Snapshot from Spoon Bending 101

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Toggle navigation [James D Dayley] [Info(current)] [VIP] [MP3s] Spoon Bending 101 [BUY NOW]    $97.00 Spoon Bending 101 is a great way to get a feel for what telekinesis can do. Prove to yourself and others that your mind is a powerful tool. 'Spoon-bending' contrary to its name, is not just about bending spoons, forks and other types of metal. It's a FUN way to open yourself to your minds full potential. IS IT A GIFT Some people have the gift, for years I hoped to be given the gift of spoon

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