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 "Incredible New Time Travel Discovery Will Supply You With
Real, Undeniable & Mind-Blowing Proof!"



Time travel is already a reality, and you can have the proof in your hand today.  


Do you want to be one of the very first people on Earth to learn - and see for yourself - the real truth about time travel?  This massive secret affects everyone, yet it's been kept deliberately hidden from all of us. Why? 


Jane Tripp has the answers for you, but once seen, there is no going back... 


This Dirty Little Secret is HUGE 

There has never been a secret so, well, secret. This is the all-time biggest secret on the planet and it's roots grow exceptionally deep and wide - through time and space.



If the groups that are using time travel and teleportation for themselves had gifted these technologies to mankind for the benefit of everyone, then the world would be a very different place today. 


But you have probably noticed by now that the world is run by criminals instead of humanitarians who care about what happens to every-day people like you and me.


That part is no longer a secret, if it ever was.


The fact that you are here in the first place indicates that you are capable of thinking outside the box and you are probably more aware than the average person. You are ready to discover for yourself the magnetically fascinating but sinister and eerie truth about time travel.  





      This is not the time travel of movies and books.

These are chillingly well-orchestrated operations and probes designed not only to acquire privileged information, but also to loot and steal treasures and wealth from the past.  

This kind of behaviour would be bad enough on its own, but unfortunately it's only a small part of the reason that this rogue group is traveling in time.

They maximize all their opportunities very efficiently.

Here are just a few of the very serious crimes these pirates of time commit:




·        Altering and monitoring key events in history in order to affect desired outcomes in the present 

·        Planting of information and artifacts to further secret agendas 

·        Introduction of diseases where considered expedient 

·        Engineering of disasters where considered expedient 

·        Time and teleportation experimentation on nonconsensual victims in the past 

·        MKUltra-type experimentation on nonconsensual victims in the past 

·        Manipulation of key historical figures in the past for various purposes 




Your Travel Agent Won't Be Telling You About These Trips! 

Going back in time and experimenting on helpless victims is not most people's idea of a holiday. In fact, it's difficult,

specialized and dangerous work, and many of the operatives might have had no choice about their assignments. All the same,

chances are you probably won't feel particularly sorry for them when you discover the things that they've been up to…




The Dark and Mysterious Art of Time Traveling

Because these criminals have quantum-access technology, they have re-written history, stolen vast wealth and worst of all, they've experimented on innocent people, many of them children, and they have gone back in time to do this.


But don't think that they only do this to people in the past - you might know someone who has been taken, perhaps even a family member, maybe even yourself.


Memories are wiped so expertly that the vast majority of victims never remember very much - if they survive.

Who Knows About This Incredible Secret?

Do some of the people holding government and other influential positions know that time travel is happening today? Yes, but only a very, very few. That's how secret this is.

I'm sure you're asking "if it's so secret then how does this possibly mad woman know about it?", and maybe not as kindly as that, but life is strange, and the point is, I do, and I can prove it to you today.

Then you will be one of those very few people in the world today who knows the real truth. In fact, I'm going to teach you through my work how to discover more proof all of your own that you will be able to share with other people. Soon it won't be a secret anymore, and you can help to make this happen if you want to.

The question is, dare you open the evidence and face the shocking truth - and the proof that comes with it?






The Pirates of Time Exposé - All the Proof You Need
The Pirates of Time exposé is a series of mind-bending photo-documents and articles that are blowing the lid off the entire sordid temporal exploration affair, providing real proof and backing up the accounts of people who for years have in vain told their stories about being used in beyond top-secret time travel programs.

These victims have been mainly laughed at and ridiculed, but they're actually telling the truth.

Unfortunately many people are still very naive when it comes to such things, but it's time to pull the plug on the disbelieving mockers and provide more discerning people with the real proof.

This is because intelligent, open-minded and logical people are precisely the ones best able to show others what is happening.

These black operations are carried out by the military-industrial complex at the bidding of sinister interests who think they own the planet and everyone on it - now, and backwards in time as well!

One thing's for sure - these people definitely don't have you or your family's best interests at heart, and you certainly do have a right to know what they're doing - we all do.

The stories and images in the documents seem as though they are taken from the pages of a sci-fi adventure and yet they are all very real and completely genuine. Together they will create an overview of time travel and its many innocent victims, and you will soon understand - and see with your own eyes, exactly why even the dead aren't safe.




Even The Dead Aren't Safe!

Imagine the fear that people who lived in the past must have felt when they were confronted by the pirates of time!

You can today visit cemeteries full of people who lived a century or more ago, and you know that they are no longer alive, but have passed beyond the reach of those living in our modern world.

But you might not realize while you were standing on their graves that, if you had access to time travel technologies and you wanted to use people in order to secretly test your new and dangerous toys out properly, you could go back in time and interfere with the living people who lie at this very moment beneath your feet.

It's sadly very true that even the dead aren't safe from these modern-day space-time marauders!









New Pirates of Time Releases at Regular Intervals
New eBooks packed with stunning information will be released every 4-6 weeks. Together they form a very important collection of documents. Many are book length and contain hundreds of images each. They will provide you with the absolute proof you are seeking.

Jane Tripp will help you to understand the truth about time travel today, and you will see clearly what is going on for yourself.


Each article is like a piece from a jigsaw, a satisfying chapter in an epic book that provides extraordinary information in the form of clues and firm visual proof of time travel operations as they are happening - in the past.







Pirates of Time Release - Documents 1 and 2 + Free Gift only  $12.37


eBook 1:  The Famous 'Internet Surfer' Photograph Exposed

Follow Jane Tripp's precise exploration and dissection of the famous photo that was found in an old second-hand book. It's been discussed on the internet for several years now because of the out-of-place character sitting with the group of people seen posing almost a century ago. A lot of people have suspected he was a time traveler. Of course there was no way to prove it - until now - and it's even stranger than you could imagine!  



64 pages - 143 photographic images



eBook 2:  Faeries, Folklore & Abductions - The Invisible Science

The strange disappearances and vanishings of people have been recorded throughout history down to the present day. Folklore and exotic quantum technologies collide in this exploration, creating a disturbing picture of 'supernatural' abductions spanning centuries. But why are we being taken? Discover the sinister and eerie circumstances behind this frightening phenomenon and see how it might ultimately be connected to time travel and teleportation.


123 pages - beautifully illustrated



Your Free Gift - So Powerful!

Here is something wonderful for you - your incredible free gift. Each customer and client will receive a very special free gift with their purchase. See below for more information about your digital present - you will see miracles.


The Living Dead of Pompeii

Description [here]


196 pages - 450+ stunning photographic images





Amazing Offer! 

Excellent Value


Only $12.37 

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Jane Tripp's Money-Back Guarantee to her Readers: 

My promise to you:  Your satisfaction is important to me. If you are not completely happy with your purchased eBooks you can get a full refund at any time within 60 days after your instant download - no questions asked - and you will not even be requested to remove the original documents from your hard drive. They are yours to keep forever. 

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If you encounter a problem  with your purchase please contact author Jane Tripp directly using this link: [august12stargate@gmail.com] and she will be happy to personally help you.


In order to make the Pirates of Time presentation available publicly as soon as possible, the documents will be released for purchase at the approximate rate of 1-2 feature articles or photo-articles every 4-6 weeks. Many of the files are eBook-size. 


Once a document is made available for purchase, it will remain available as part of the Pirates of Time collection, and more photo-documents will be added for sale at intervals.


As well, there will sometimes be a free document included with your purchase. You will get very good value for your money.


Don't forget to add your name to the Pirates of Time [ mailing list] so you won't miss alerts when each new document is released, as well as extra information, news and free documents. 




[]Your Viewing Experience   

Publishing the Time Travel Material in  Portable Document Format   

All the documents are formatted as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Several people have asked why the books are not released for Kindle, or better yet, as hardback editions.  


There will be exceptions, and there are plans to make some future information available in other formats, but there are very good reasons why PDF files work better at the present time as a means of showcasing the images.  


Many of the individual photo-articles that will be made available are fully eBook length, ensuring that everyone receives value as well as fascinating, unique and generous information and images in return for their hard-earned money.  


The only way to properly examine the intricate details in the time travel images, as well as in paranormal and trans-time photographs, is by looking at pictures that are large enough so that important details can be viewed close-up.  


The back-lit quality of a screen guarantees the clearest and brightest images possible, and the magnifying function means that images and text can be magnified (or reduced) to the exact size desired, giving readers very precise viewing control.  


Although these functions are available with other digital formats, PDF files give a superior viewing experience when publishing the type of material showcased in the Pirates of Time photo-documents.  


To publish a paper edition and show the number and quality of images that are seen in the PDF files would mean that each book would - quite literally - cost the reader several hundred dollars rather than just a few, and printed reproduction would detract significantly from image quality.  


The main objective is to bring the reader documents containing excellent and cutting-edge information in the form of text and multiple images at a very fair and reasonable price. 






Nobody has ever given you a gift like this before. Not for an anniversary, not on your birthday, not on a blue moon, NOT EVER.


You will see time and history in a new and exciting way as the past springs to life before your amazed eyes. 


In fact, if you had a spare $5,000,000 and you spent the next ten years traveling the world and offering it to people in return for what I am going to give you absolutely FREE today, not one single person would be able to provide you with what you were searching for. 


You might have a wonderful world tour, but like the unlucky prince trying to fulfill impossible tasks in order to win the hand of the princess in marriage, you would be doomed to utter and permanent failure. 


You will be very satisfied with your Pirates of Time eBooks, but if you recall, I also mentioned earlier how people longed to see other times and places in the distant past.  


That's why we just love old photographs and often wish that cameras had been invented much earlier in time.   


Now time travel is one thing, but that doesn't give anyone the ability to see back through history as if they were looking at photographs taken at the exact time past events were actually happening. 


All the same, everybody knows that it just isn't possible to see the past, and that we must be happy using our imaginations along with what we know about history to satisfy that strong curiosity.    


But is this really true? Are you quite certain?   


Because what we think that we 'know' can sometimes be wrong - and everything can   

suddenly change when a major discovery is made, revealing a special and scintillating secret that promises to unlock some of the enigmas of the past in a unique way.    


Would you like to see a thousand years back in time? How about two thousand? What if I told you it was possible? What if I told you that it would be my great pleasure and privilege to give you that priceless experience today?


It isn't a matter of money, because this gift really is priceless and should be shared with everyone, especially people who have been drawn to this important work. 


The Living Dead of Pompeii 

In AD 79 Mount Vesuvius in Italy erupted so violently that it covered several nearby towns, including Pompeii and Herculaneum, in many feet of ash and debris. The devastation was so complete that for 1500 years it was forgotten by everybody that these cities had ever existed.  


Only when they were re-discovered and excavations began was it realized what an utterly devastating fate had befallen the entire area. Many fascinating discoveries were later made, and the world could at last see some of the excavated and perfectly preserved ruins, and even some of the eerily perfect body casts of victims who perished in the disaster. 


Although a lot was learned from the excavations, it only made the longing people have to see the actual past seem like an even more impossible dream - until right now! 


Travel back in time with trans-time photographer Jane Tripp and see the past as it really was!


This journey will take you back almost 2,000 years to Pompeii and the surrounding areas on the hot August summer day when it was all very suddenly completely destroyed by the mega-eruption.


Find out how this is accomplished and discover how clear scenes from the past are not only 'stored' semi-permanently in their natural surroundings, but are also extractible as colored photo-images under the right conditions.



See The Living Past In The Form Of Colored Photographic Images - Trans-Time Photographic Images From The Terrifying Day That Mount Vesuvius Erupted On August 24th in AD 79 


Inside the book you will personally see - in color - poignant photographic images of people and scenes as they were on that very day almost 2,000 years ago. 


You are about to become one from among the very first handful of people on the planet to ever see genuine photographic images of the past.  


In this book you will not see murals, or casts of human bodies created from the cavities left by entombment in volcanic ash, but real photographic scenes from the far-past.


National Geographic's got nothing on this! 


That's correct! I am going to see real, colored photographic images - genuine scenes from the mega-disaster of

AD 79, nearly 2,000 years ago!



I will see:


·        Scenes of the area during the eruption, including buildings 

·        An actual image of Mount Vesuvius erupting 

·        People fleeing the area and sharing their last moments together 

·        Smoke and fires 

·        Indoor scenes - interior rooms 

·        Outdoor scenes with landscapes 

·        The people of the time - children, women and men - in period-appropriate attire  

·        Animals, incense burners, a mirror - even earrings - and very much more 



You will be able to see - in color - poignant photographic images of people and scenes exactly as things were happening on that terrible day almost 2,000 years ago. The trans-time images were extracted from footage of the ruins of Pompeii and surrounding areas. 


Now this powerful, beautiful and emotionally charged secret discovery is being shared with the world, specifically with you, so not only will you discover the truth about time travel, you will also be among the very first people on the planet to ever see genuine photographic color images of the past.


It will fill you with wonder and make you happy as you realize the possibilities contained within these secrets, and the potential that lies in what you are being shown.


But this is not all you will discover in this incredible and free book.


Inside it are some of the very best paranormal photos you will ever see. Included are the furious ghost and phantom piper who both attended the wedding ceremonies of Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles, and much more! 


Shocking, fascinating and ultimately enlightening -


- Will you take the journey with Jane Tripp now & open the secret records of the deep past?


Yes, I want to see the past - take me to my amazing books! 



















Assignments in Time

Jane Tripp has been working on three separate assignments, all connected to time.  The things she has uncovered are nothing short of mind-blowing.


There are Many Supernatural Secrets in Our World

Some of these secrets have been unveiled in recent years and some of them remain hidden away, as they have always been.


There are people who are involved with the exploration of such mysteries right now, and through their hard work, sometimes combined with the use of unusual gifts they might possess, stupendous and very fascinating discoveries have been made.


Jane Tripp is one of those people and she has been able to unlock some of the most exciting and mysterious of paranormal secrets - and they are all about time.


The result has been the discovery of unusual and compelling information, much of which is being shared here today.


The further and deeper you read into Jane Tripp's work, the more secrets and life-enhancing information you will discover.


As you look at the hundreds of color photographic images you will truly begin to understand more about the astounding secrets that sometimes lie hidden deep within seemingly ordinary photographic imagery.


It's all about the mysteries and marvels of life, just waiting to be discovered by a certain type of explorer.


They are the passionate people who follow a piper most cannot hear, setting out alone along the stranger, less-traveled roads, eagerly searching out the hidden unknown truths that underpin our incredible reality.


Every intrepid paranormal enthusiast and seeker after life's mysteries needs to see this amazing and enriching work - a true gift to the world.


This is an exploration of one of the cutting-edge sciences of the future in its earliest stages, and it will change the way you view life, time and photography forever.



"I hope you enjoy your awesome and exciting journey through time and space!"  - Jane Tripp













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