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[ Click Here to see ATS tools! ](http://www.automotivetroubleshootingsecrets.com/ats_basic_tools3.jpg)
[ Example of an engine sensor LOCATION ](http://www.automotivetroubleshootingsecrets.com/coolant_sensor_location.JPG)
[ATS customer testimonies](http://www.automotivetroubleshootingsecrets.com/ats_customer_fixes_revised.html)[ ](http://www.automotivetroubleshootingsecrets.com/coolant_sensor_location.JPG)

[ Click HERE on the only WIRING diagram you need](http://www.automotivetroubleshootingsecrets.com/ecm_wiring_ATS.JPG)
[ Example of ATS Illustrative picture](http://www.automotivetroubleshootingsecrets.com/Twin%27s%20Jeep%20Noid%20Tester%20revised-2.jpg)
[ Compare ATS COVERAGE and much more! ](http://www.automotivetroubleshootingsecrets.com/ats coverage tips.htm)

Get unlimited fixes and wiring diagrams emailed to you by a licensed mechanic 7 days a week anytime you have a problem!

Got Vehicle Problems? Whether you want to fix your vehicle yourself OR you need an excellent INFO before you talk to a garage... this SITE will save YOU money in car repairs!

RICHARD...you should have been here to see the smile on the wife's face
when for the first time in months; she could signal when turning!

The A/C lower fan speeds are working again! We no longer have to use a
pencil to shift the console transmission lever out of park! The anti-lock brakes
aren't pulsating and as a family we fill like we are no longer living in fear that
the next intersection will reveal a not so understanding police officer!

A thousand Thankyou's Richard for nailing the source of this puzzling problem
down and pointing me in the right direction as to the successful repair!

Bob B. from Texas,USA about his wife's 2000 Buick Regal

I got it!

I have 0.08 volt at the ecm (engine computer) and 1.2 volts at the map sensor terminals and obviously the wire has a short!

I cheated and replaced the wire and now it works fine with no codes with the same voltage end to end! I will chase the harness in the next week or so and find the culprit to prevent further damage to others.

Thanks for your help... Your email and wiring diagram really helped!

David W. from Georgia USA on his 1999 Chevy Astro.

Click "Play" button in the repair video below on how to save gas and save $200-$300 for servicing your own mass sensor:

Testimony continues...

"This baby sings like only an inline six can!!!

no more low rpm boog!
upshifts mean more instant speed!
14 mpg instead of 8mpg!

I'am a happy camper. you sent me down a different path that caused
different thinking. and I thank you . Sometimes you just get too focused,
and you need to step back and take a different approach.
thanks again.

Allan I. on his 1994 Jeep Wrangler

ATS works and SAVED me money...

Hi Rich,

I replaced the plugs and the MISS IS GONE! Old plugs look good. This engine was running rough like my corvette which does it when a plug fuel fouls. I almost changed my $300 camshaft actuator but your advice saved me over $200.

I could have done this myself but the advice you gave made it quicker for me.
I would recommend ATS to my fellow technicians because it's like having a spare brain in desperate times! The instructions are simple and practical that even ordinary folks can understand.

Thanks again,

Fred S. from NY USA

ASE certified master technician A1-8, L1 advanced level for 25 years and garage owner.

Fred made this comment on April 19.07 for his 2002 Trailblazer with 4.2L engine having a P0300 and P0301 misfiring codes.

Dear Internet Friends,

I have good news for you! Fixing "car repair" problems are actually easier nowadays than what the car dealers make you to believe. Newer vehicles are equipped with sensors, computers so that at the first sign of trouble, your car basically talks to you when it needs help.

(If it's not computerized, no problem too... car and truck repair basics are the same!).

And to help you further, ATS has prepared quick solutions so that fixing your car is so much easier for you!

Do you have these car repair problems?

No starts



Cutting out


Poor idle


Over heating

Using engine oil

Failed emission test

Need cheap engine replacement?

Unable to get warranty repairs?

Can you use these common fixes?

Brake repairs?

Air conditioner repair?

Heater repair problems?

Front-end tire noise diagnosis?

ATS is an automotive Internet program that would help you fix the problem with a mechanic to help you one on one ONLINE. No solving your problem with a SOFTWARE or ROBOTS. This means you can basically solve the problem yourself because you can interact properly the REAL symptoms of the problem. The mechanic will then give REAL solutions with drawings that even an eight year old can understand.

Do you realize the POWER of this for you? This means with a click of the button, you get the latest INFO almost about anything AUTOMOTIVE! This means, if you want to fix the problem yourself, you are ARMED with latest and simplest solution to your problem OR,

YOU can check ANYBODY who wants to fix your car! ATS is backed by its massive database consisting of Automotive softwares, actual garages FIXES and EXPERIENCED technicians to help you solve your auto repair problem ONLINE (which means fixes are analyzed first and then emailed to you). Shown below are the technics used by ATS in fixing automotive engine electronics problems.

get the engine fault code or symptom for obd1 (1985-95 models) and obd2 (1996-2006 models)

verify and test the fault code or symptom

test the suspected component using illustrative
pictures and common tools

trace and verify the wiring diagrams to confirm connections

check ATS database for common repairs done by garages around the world

replace the defective part/s

clear the code/s

road test to verify that the old problem is fixed

FACT: Most vehicle problems when replacing parts without testing could lead to more expensive parts and wasted time. ATS avoids this!

Click on sample tools on top logo above and see how you can test it inexpensively!

To prevent guessing this is what experienced ATS technicians used when helping ATS customers ...

ATS has an extensive DATABASE of common fixes, illustrative pictures and wiring diagrams READY to be emailed to you!

For those who wants to take their vehicle to a repair garage, ATS will give you:

Check your repair estimates if it is fair

How to check if you got the best mechanic or garage

Test the work done after the vehicle came from a warranty job

give you proper advise on how to get warranty without going to court

practical quick solutions to problems with drawings like no-starts, hesitations, stalling, etc. so you can SAVE money

common tips about your vehicle before small problems began to escalate

give you the latest info like service bulletins and recalls

FACT: These TIPS alone will help you deal with ANY garages so you can prevent rip-offs!

And for those who want to fix their own vehicle ATS is there for you 7 days a week and it's like having your own SERVICE ADVISOR any time you want!

GM vehicle owners, did you know?

The common fix when your check engine lights, radio, gauges keeps turning on and off and it's not your engine computer doing it!

Quick tests in your ignition parts when your engine quits every time it rains.

What is the common warranty on your engine computer? 3 years? 5 years? (both wrong) You will be surprised a lot of people don't know this!

Tap this AC switch and your AC clutch will stop cycling on and off!

90% most common culprit when your engine has no-start problem?

Ford vehicles owners, do you think you can save on these?

Put this 30 cents jumper wire to your data link adapter and you can check your fuel pump before replacing it!

9 out of 10, this would cause your engine not to start when hot!

What info do you need when buying a used late model vehicle with "theft alarm" security device?

Before replacing your Fuel pump, do this 1-minute check to check this part and it might save you
money and time!

A simple $5 part will fix your AC problem of not cooling on hot days or after running good for half an hour!

Chrysler vehicle owners, can you use this info?

How to check your check engine light by just using your ignition key! !

What is the over-all effect of over heating on your AC system? You will be surprised by this report!

Reason why putting a used computer on engines with "theft alarm" will not fix your engine no-start problem!

Quickest way to test your fuel pumps on your mini van if the pump quit on you on the road? Guess what? NO tools needed!

Usual culprit if you have spark and fuel...and your exhaust is not restricted and still your vehicle won't start!

Import vehicle owners, did you know these?

Which import vehicle has the highest engine computer failure? Which imports have the minimum problems reported?

Most common culprit if your Honda Civic won't start!

When this BMW over heats, this engine part goes 90% of the time! !

As in Ford engines, this Toyota vehicle will never start until you push the gas pedal down! !

The most common sensor that will fail on Maxima 3.0L when your check engine light is on and has an intermittent no-start problem! !

These are just a few SAVINGS that ATS can give you! Let me caution you though that getting the code is NOT the only way to find your problem. Also, there are specific engines that won't simply give you the code. However, ATS will give you the alternatives so you can still FIX the problem by using the problem's symptoms.

For those who are not interested to do auto repairs, it would be to your advantage to at least learn how to check your car problems and then let the garage fix it for you. Better still, after they give you the vehicle, you know what to look for so that when you need warranty, you know for sure that you can get it.

Do you want to see more auto repair tips?

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