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Fabulous Family Fun Flying Kites You Made Yourself In Under Two Hours &
For Less Than $20 You Can Make Great Kites For Unlimited Hours Of High Flying Fun

At Last! Cheap To Make, Great Looking,
Easy To Fly Kites, For The Whole Family
to enjoy In The Fresh Air Make No Mistake
 These Kites are Tough  Not Paper!

Learn how to apply a professionally designed image to your kite for a custom look.

Understand why these kites are easy to make even kids can do it with a little help

Follow the seven easy steps from 1 – collecting the materials to 7 – flying the kite for the first time

This fantastic design has been put onto the kite sail. It’s now ready for mounting onto the frame.

The sail area is bigger than the kite will actually be to allow the edges to be folded over after trimming to size.


You can buy the book and make the kites for less than taking the family to the movies

2 hours is all the time it takes to produce a great looking kite that really flies

Be safe understand what to do when flying your kite alone or with others

See how easy it is to make a kite for each family member(4)for less than $20

You can even sell these kites for profit because everybody will want one

To: All parents who want to provide healthy outdoor fun and a wholesome creative activity for all of the family

From: Glen Foster – fellow family man and parent

Dear Parents and fun seekers

Do you ever look at your kids glued to a flat screen, pushing knobs and joysticks totally oblivious to the world around them?
Stunning array at the kite festival
Does it bother you that communication is often reduced to a reluctant grunt between exploding asteroids? Nourishment and toilet breaks while providing some exercise are actually treated as an intrusion.

It bothered me enough to have me looking for some other forms of entertainment.

I know that thoughts such as “they didn’t do that when I was a kid” are irrelevant in today’s technology driven world. But while recognising times have changed it occurred to me that I had some great times as a kid.

I lived in a fairly rugged rural environment; we had to make our own fun. Billy carts, tree forts, catching tadpoles & swimming in streams and waterholes were all the go.

But the one prized possession that kept me fascinated for hours was a kite!

Now let’s be realistic any one can race down to the local toy store and buy a kite for not a great deal of money. But that just defeats the purpose and plays into the kids expectations. You know, where if it’s old or broken” just buy a new one” or “isn’t there a machine that can do that”

I decided to test my growing theory that kites could provide a welcome, healthy diversion.

A kite festival was being held at a local beachside suburb. So I dragged the family down there and lo and behold we all had a great time.

All that fresh air, laughing kids, they even had a great band playing. And these amazing kites, What a great day!

Some of these arrays are really impressive and must take hours to make.

But don’t they look fantastic!

These owls are supported and lifted by the parasail wing at the back and drogue wind socks keep them pointing the right way.

The owls don’t really fly themselves they are an array.

The galleon from Bali looked fantastic but did not fly as well as the owner would have liked

I looked at the commercially available kites at the festival and they were all bright and colourful. But they all looked the same and they were not that cheap!

So far so good – kites could be the answer to some of modern life’s challenges.

The kids are bored and looking to me to fix it

We need to get out more as a family and do things

We want some good clean family fun that doesn’t cost the earth
There really truly is nothing fancy exotic or expensive needed to make great kites. The design image is the key to make it a standout
Why we settle for TV and video game addiction 

The kids favourite expression “do I have to”

Other questions came to mind

Can I make a kite – yes you can

Will it fly well – of course

Can I personalise my kite – absolutely

Could I choose a design – over 40 on tap

Do I have the skills needed – yes you do

Does it cost much – no less than $20 for 4

Do I need fancy tools – no

Will it break if I crash it – these kites are tough

So I did some research and found frankly that there was surprisingly little coherent information out there about kites.

I gleaned what I could from the info I had gathered and then bit the bullet, gathered some materials, made some kites and went flying.

Now you could do all that yourself but frankly I had my fair share of duds and failures. (I share some of that in the book) Save yourself the time and the pain of poor performers.

I tried many different designs and variations of shapes and materials used in search of the best combinations. It had to be 1.cheap to make, 2.easy to assemble, 3. Look fantastic and of course 4.fly well.

Do yourself a big favour Cut to the chase and have a proven flyer first time every time. Follow my easy construction steps which are detailed in the book.

Do you know why my childhood kite was so special? It was a square kite made of black plastic with a white skull and crossbones emblazoned on its face.

Many an hour was spent dreaming of pirates and brave men leading heroic charges at the sight of that dreaded banner

The design was the key! The type of kite was secondary by a country mile. Being able to choose a design from a select list is bound to capture the imagination of young and old alike. It inspires and encourages young minds in particular TO THINK!

Lets face it who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of using your skills and mother nature to make something come alive!

Introducing the simple eBook

The following points highlight what the book contains for you
Old horror head here looks great in the air. The knots in the string were to find the sweet spot –and I did!
A list and photos of the tools you will need (99% of households will already have them) I know you have scissors! A yard/metre long ruler or a straight edge is not too hard!
A list and photo’s of what materials you will need, advice on where best to buy them (some you will have already) Step by step written and photographed instructions on how to assemble your kites 40+ standout designs with easy to follow instructions that show you how to apply your chosen design to your kite. These designs have been professionally drawn by an artist to suit the kite and are completely unique.
10 spooky / horror designs – for the boys?

10 ugly faces – for the kids?

10 funny faces – for the girls?

10 classic designs for the parents?
Advice on how best to fly your kite safely

It’s a great feeling watching the kids Actually fly the kites – they have made!

You know they are as pleased as punch that they have made it and they can’t wait to show their friends and get them involved too.

By getting them to choose the design the kites become personalised. A real sense of pride, achievement and ownership abounds

It’s great to see them outside in the fresh air having good old fashioned fun!

It’s even better because you can join in and fly your own kite

There will be some great photo moments that will become priceless memories.

I really wanted to ensure that I had given you everything I could to make this a pleasurable experience. So I have included some great bonuses for you to enjoy – at absolutely no extra cost



Bonus Book 1

Successful Birthday Parties for kids

This great eBook makes a birthday party for the kids easy. There are of course games to play and great activities for the kids but most important of all is the great checklist, How to plan, back up plans and of course great food ideas. You can’t go wrong with this guide. Normally $37 but yours absolutely free with The “Easy to make kites” eBook

Bonus Book 2

The Ultimate guide to Family Camping

This eBook gives you all the answers you need for a successful family camping outing. See what to look for and why when choosing a tent or a backpack. The basic first aid must haves. Some great campfire games, and even advice on how to take the family dog.

Normally $37 but yours absolutely free with The “Easy to make kites” eBook

Bonus Book 3

Discover Educational Toys For Children

The eBook for the parent that wants to know what’s best for their child’s development. There is advice on many different types of toys from telescopes to building blocks and more modern equipment like laptops. See how games can help a childs speech develop and so much more.

Normally $45 but yours absolutely free with The “Easy to make kites” eBook

Bonus Book 4

23 More Great Designs

Find another 11 great original designs from my artist. Plus a further 12 classic designs featuring well known themes and animals. My favourite the skull and crossbones are in here. Valued at $23

But worth so much more, and absolutely free with the “easy to make kites” eBook

You are probably asking how much
is this all going to cost?

OK I have put a lot of work and thought into this book. It is the culmination of many hours of field testing and lots of painstaking hours perfecting the kite’s construction. It also soaked up many hours working with an artist to produce designs that could work as I needed them to, and sized to fit the shape. The resulting information is presented in a lively conversational manner that can be easily followed by all ages.

Also please consider the free gifts and bonuses that you will receive that in total are worth $119

If you consider the costly outings this book will save you from making then you can appreciate that it will save you more than you are paying. You will marvel at the value offered here. You don’t have to watch your hard earned money disappear at some theme park when you have all of the stuff you need for a great day within easy reach.

You could spend a fortune having your kids entertained for the day because you might think you do not have the skills and knowledge or you simply ran out of ideas. But this is easy. Anyone can do it.


I have put my heart and soul into a book that will save you real money and stress I have laboured long and hard so that you do not have to

I am now asking you to part with less than the cost of a family going to the movies. Now think about it – is your new found family fun going to be worth more to you than a movie session. Is your family’s ongoing wellbeing worth more than a movie? I have countless fond memories of being in the great outdoors with family and friends. I wanted to be sure that we were all safe and having a great time. It is reassuring knowing that you have made a simple decision which will have a positive impact for many years for your family. You really cannot afford to pass up this book now

Simple but somehow it is one of those things you just want to do again and again



Why would I offer that? I could not rest easy knowing that anyone out there was unhappy with my offering. Call me old fashioned if you like but that’s the way I am I believe in people doing the right thing and of course that has to work both ways







It is really easy – So now you want to take advantage of this great offer and order your copy of great games plus all of the free bonuses.

Simply click on the order now button and follow the prompts don’t waste any more holidays and weekends wishing you something to get the kids involved in. Buy this book now and get out there Don’t disappoint the kids order now I know you will love these games as much as we do order now don’t miss the first innings



So let’s recap exactly what you are going to receive


What You Get
Investment  My main eBook
  “Great Kites All Can Make and Fly EBook” $29 $29  Bonus #1
  “Successful Birthday Parties For Kids” $37 $0.00  Bonus # 2
  “Ultimate Guide to Family Camping” $37 $0.00  Bonus # 3
  “Discover Educational Toys For Children” $45 $0.00  Bonus # 4
  “23 More Great Designs” $23 $0.00  Total
$171 $29 Total Value
$29 Total



I am sure you will enjoy flying kites as much as we do. Those memorable moments are just waiting for you. Imagine Watching your kids faces as the kite they created soars higher and higher, they will be running around and laughing like big fat spiders.

The opportunity to escape the rat race is yours for the taking. Why wait any longer !!

Happy times



P.S. remember the risk is entirely on me. You can use all of the detail in the book to make your own great kites for 60 days and prove to yourself that it really works.

P.P.S. Let me remind you that for only $29 you get an incredible package worth over $171 that will save you the time and heartache of trying to do it yourself.




It is possible when making and flying a kite that an injury could occur through accidents and or inattention to the task at hand. We have endeavored to provide adequate warnings throughout the text of this book but can not cover all possibilities. I would like to point out that the author and his family have not incurred any injuries making or flying kites for this eBook. We therefore make it clear that any injuries whatsoever resulting from the use of this eBook and its contents remain the responsibility of the purchaser no matter how they occurred.

P.S. Those great bonuses are also yours at absolutely no extra charge

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