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Does this sound familiar?

When you see other people showing off their new hats and scarves you
might want to learn how to knit too.

You decide to give it a go yourself. You start collecting your gear,
the two needles, some yarn and you’re ready to start knitting.

But now comes the tricky part, your wrestling with your two needles
and the yarn gets stuck between your fingers and frustration levels
are rising.

How come other people make it look so easy?

You ask someone to show you how to do it or you go to youtube and see
if someone made a “how to knit video”.

It looks so easy on the videos but you are still stuck with 2 needles
and yarn and no idea how to start.

You watch the video a few times listen to what they have to say but
you still feel they are not telling you everything.

I had the same problem, my Gran was a star at knitting, she could
make everything look amazing and even the most difficult stitches
where easy for her.

But since I can’t ask my gran any longer I went to youtube too
trying to find someone to show me how to knit.

The problem with most youtube videos is that these are made by
experts or experienced knitters, people who have forgotten what it was
like to start knitting for the first time.

So what I did was go to my mum who learned how to knit from my gran
and I made videos of everything she taught me so I could rewatch it
myself until I could do it too.

Well it turns out that a beginner has a lot of questions that seem so
obvious to any experienced knitter they don’t even think about
explaining it.

I thought I was being silly with all these questions but after
telling a friend about what I was doing she immediately wanted to see
the videos I made. As it turned out she tried to learn how to knit
last winter but failed miserably too.

Now I realised there might be more people who could use the video’s
I made.

If you always wanted to knit but are still stuck at “the 2 needles
and yarn but no idea how to get it on the needle stage” have a look
at the cast on video and training I made to see if this is the help
you were looking for…


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