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Want a fabulously entertaining, educational  read for your child/ren - then grab a copy of our first ebook in the new series "Lovely Milly And Her Woolly Belly".
"Lovely Milly" ebook is recommended for children aged 3 to 8 years but older children particularly involved or interested in the "horsey"  side of life will find it most a great read.

At just AU $7.00 - great value !

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Now you might be saying to yourself "what a strange title for a childrens' book", or indeed any
book at all.  If you find it laughable then all the better because you'll definitely be on the "same page" as your children who will be excited to learn all about this gorgeous new born foal.  Have you ever had the incredible experience of being out amongst nature and suddenly something
unusual happens and you just can't shake it out of your head no matter what you do ?  Then you'll
understand the creation of Lovely Milly who is not in fact, a fictional character, but a living
example of a truly unique pony. Even though it may not be earth shattering, the simple bringing together of 2 or more natural
incidents can make  you feel suddenly that you understand a little bit more about how everything
is working together for a common good.  Nature and the wonder of life! If you have had such an experienced you'll love how a little horse's birth and her natural
progression of shedding her coat in the springtime can be such a wonderfully entertaining time,
especially when that lovely one has such a bountiful covering of winter hair.
Milly through her arrival and onwards will cultivate a practical knowledge of how a foal develops
and how to handle various situations through training methods subtly introduced through the story-
line.  What, how and when to do is important in the every
day ventures of living with horses. Children and horses need to be kept safe.
"Lovely Milly And Her Woolly Belly" brings not only delight but education to children on how nature works her magic to achieve outcomes for creatures great and small. How things happening between animal species joins them in a unique and wondrous way. 
This unusual little eBook will entertain over and over again and will own a treasured place on
your children's bedtime story list.
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Bet P. Kay, 206 Wharf Road, Johns River, N.S.W. Australia, 2443

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