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Choosing the Right Dwarf Hamster Cages


If you choose to have a dwarf hamster for a pet, then you shall discover that there a quite a lot of Dwarf Hamster cages to choose from, but it will be the main factors that will help you decide which to choose. You will need to insure that your dwarf hamster does have a cage that has adequate space and protection to live in. You want one that is very safe, a good size, escape proof, and also one that will be easy to clean and maintain.


You will have a few choices in regard to getting a cage for your pet. There are the wire cages, which are in most cases on a plastic base. There are also the plastic modular cages, and these have several compartments along with tubes. Other ideas are aquariums, and ones that have mesh lids. These cages all have some advantages as well as disadvantages.


When it comes to cleaning, the better choice shall be the wire cage, as this one is easier to clean. You only need to carefully lift the wire off from the bottom so you will be able to clean the bedding of the cage and all other areas that are needed to be cleaned. If you purchase a cage that is more difficult, then the more problems you will have when cleaning.


Keeping it clean is essential, especially if the cage has compartments and tubes. These types of cages can become a difficult task when cleaning is needed. The aquariums are not so hard to clean out, but they are known to be a little heavy to handle when moving things around. So the type of cage you select will determine the amount and difficulty there will be when cleaning is needed.


Ventilation is another important thing to consider, and the ones with wire shall be your best choice. The one that have tubes and multiple compartments can present problems when you need some ventilation for the hamster. The aquariums also do not allow proper ventilation, which is why the wire ones still make the best option. You want to also keep this cage out from any areas that have a draft or even direct sunlight.


Size is another thing to consider, as these hamsters do need plenty of space to move around in, so they can run and play. Most cages for hamsters are small, so keep in mind to purchase the largest one you can find. Spaces that are between the bars need to be small, as they can squeeze their way through the bars easily. Be sure that the doors are very secure, as these animals are smart enough to open them.


Hamsters do like to chew things, so you will want to buy some chewable toys for your pet. The hamster can not chew its way through the wire cage, but the aquariums do have an advantage as with them there is nothing to chew. All hamsters will need a wheel that is large enough so they will not need to arch their backs when using it.


Regardless of what type of dwarf hamster cage you use for the hamster, you must be sure that it is able to provide some deep bedding, due to the fact that they like to burrow into their bedding. Choose only a cage that has deep layers for bedding. These are some good ideas for when you want to figure out just what kind of cage will be more suitable for your dwarf hamster.

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