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Summer Brackhan - Professional Violinist

When I was six years old I saw Itzhak Perlman performing on TV with an
orchestra and promptly said, "This is what I want to do," and I have
been playing violin ever since.

Over the years of working with brides I have experienced how grateful
they were when I provided them wedding music advice that was tailored
to their wedding style. After a while I realized that I was being
asked all the same questions, so I complied some information that
answered 99% of my bride's questions.


my original plan was to save some time by giving my brides the tools
to gather their wedding music thoughts before we started the planning
process, but the feedback that I received was so inspirational and
overwhelming that I decided to go back and put the information into a
complete music guide so that ALL BRIDES could benefit from this

I have seen it so many times... a bride calls and they are trying to
juggle 100 different things... table decorations, invitations, meals,
room reservations, dresses, flowers, music "> _...YOU CAN NOW CROSS

Planning your wedding should be fun, not stressful. If you know what
questions to ask and the right approach to selecting your music &
musicians, your wedding music planning can be simple ">Let this
Wedding Music Guide do the heavy lifting for you like it has done for
all the brides that have used it before you!

* How to CREATE AMBIANCE With Your Selections.
* The #1 Thing to Consider When CHOOSING YOUR INSTRUMENTATION.

* Which Questions To Ask Your Musicians.
* How To Handle PAYMENT ">Learn The One Place To NEVER Look for
* How To Use A Simple Checklist For Your Musicians To MAKE YOUR LIFE

This Wedding Music Guide will help you to create the perfect
soundtrack to your wedding, but don't take my word for it. Read below
to see what a few of our happy readers had to say:

_"Planning a wedding meant that I needed to become knowledgeable in
all aspects of the event, in order to create a celebration that fit
us. However, even as someone who grew up playing music, I found it
overwhelming to know where to begin with wedding music. Summer was
able to provide a list that helped me classify which songs or
composers were reflective of our wedding style. This narrowed down our
selection to truly the top options we would consider. It was a huge
relief to have this guidance from a professional musician. _
_Thank you, Summer!"__ _
_ __ -__Jenny Y. (Lawrence, KS)_

"It wasn't intimidating and it was really helpful to see the whole
_-Betty J. (Columbus, NE)_

"It's great organization, even to me. I am church pianist. There can
be alot of wedding details and you won't have to worry about them if
read this guide..."
_-Joyce S. (Mandan, ND)_

_"Hi Summer, This guide was wonderful, thank you so much for sharing
it with me! I would love to have you perform at my wedding and thanks
for the website link included in the guide, I already have all the
music figured out!"_
_-Nicki J (Lincoln, NE)_

You can close this web page and continue to fumble around on
website after website listening to hundred's of songs and getting
frustrated and wasting your time; OR you can take advantage of my
generous zero risk 60 DAY GUARANTEE and instantly download your copy
of the Wedding Music Guide to fast track your music selection process
TODAY. Simply follow the steps in the 9 chapters of the guide and you
will be feeling great about your wedding music, and more
importantly... YOU WILL BE DONE!

So there you have it! Imagine the relief that you will feel when all
your questions are answered and you can cross your wedding music
planning off the 'to do' list. Not only that, but if you complete the
steps in the guide, your musicians will be showing up on-time, excited
and ready to play for your wedding!

Well, only you can answer that question, but I can tell you when
things go wrong at weddings (and they sometimes do) you can't go back
and fix it after it happens...and unfortunately everyone remembers the
awkward moments! With this guide you won't have to think twice about
the music.

Until recently, only the brides for weddings that I perform at have
had access to this information. Now that it is available to the
public, I'm offering my many years of experience in this e-guide for
only $27 so that all brides can grab a copy.

If you grab a copy of the Wedding Music Guide in the next 10
minutes, I will also give you FREE INSTANT ACCESS to an exclusive
music interview I did with Bobby Kunkle. He is the touring keyboard
player for MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER and in this interview he gives great
insight on how music can set the ambiance at a wedding and some really
funny stories about being on tour!

(The e-Guide is instantly downloadable in a pdf format)
Grab the Wedding Music e-Guide ">

I am keeping the price low for now so that more brides can download
the e-guide and I can record more testimonials, but I can not
guarantee that the price will stay at $27 forever...

Don't forget about my 60-day 'No questions asked' refund
policy...you have nothing to lose! CLICK HERE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS
and grab your copy now!

Contact Us: contact@weddingmusicmadesimple.com


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