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Hydroponics how to...

Okay, this is it! Your ultimate, all-inclusive, getting-started-in-hydroponics guide!

We turned our entire website, www.hydroponics-simplified.com, into an ebook. The whole thing! Education, time-saving tips and insider secrets to start you off in the best, easiest, cheapest and most successful way.

Next, we added on plans for all 5 of the MINI farms. Then, included full plans for the best 4 full-sized hydroponics setups we know of. At the end? Complete plans for a closet grow-box and 6-pot bubbler system!

Included in this giant ebook:
The entire hydroponics-simplified website, converted to pdf version Simon's Simple Hydroponic Plans:
Simon's Super-Charged Turbo-Cooled Hydroponics Grow Box

THAT'S 316 pages crammed with diagrams, photos, charts, shortcuts and sage advice.


Hydroponics how to...

This is not anything like the other ebooks you might have been lured into buying, then found a history of hydroponics and general instructions on how the systems work. We give you the nuts and bolts, supplies and tools lists, and easy to understand step-by-step instructions. Trust me, this is what you have been looking for if you want to get your feet wet in this fun, interesting, productive and fascinating hobby.


In keeping with our site philosophy of KISS (keeping it simple), we are going to keep this "sales page" simple, too. We'll spare you the agony of having to wade through pages and pages of sales copy to understand what we are offering, and why you should buy it.

We believe in our product, and know you will not be disappointed with this book. We stand behind our opinion by offering a 60 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Now, we got that out of the way, here's what you will get with this ebook:

-Education on hydroponics theory, systems and operating tips
-Detailed parts and supplies lists
-Where to buy the needed supplies
-Tools you might need to get the job done
-Complete step-by-step construction guides, with tons of full-color photos and diagrams. (You won't be left scratching your head or hiring a translator).

All this for EACH of the following systems:

-All 4 mini farms, plus the bucket bubbler
-Our exclusive HydroPad

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