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* Interior Painting
Looking for House Painting Tips and Techniques?

Here you'll find easy and helpful house painting tips and information
about painting rooms, ceilings, trim, as well as all exterior painting

A little about myself - I'm a professional residential painter living
in London, Ontario, Canada. I hope to share my knowledge and
experience of over 20 years with you here!


Homes Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Offices Where
do you start?

Whether you're planning on an interior painting task like painting a
bedroom or bathroom or undertaking a door or trim work, I'll provide
you with easy to follow painting tips and techniques that will arm you
with the knowledge to do a great job!

I've just finished compiling my new comprehensive guide for Interior

Inside this Interior Painting 61-page E-book, you’ll find out:

How to choose the right tool for the right job

The proper steps in the all important “Preparation” stage

What steps to take for proper “Safety”

How to properly patch holes in wallboard and plaster

Understanding and repairing various paint and wood surfaces

What’s the best paint choice for the job – Latex vs. Alkyd

How does natural light in a room affect your paint choice and

Selecting paint colors

How to properly use painter’s tape

How to paint windows and doors

How to paint ceilings and walls

Find out some Spray Painting techniques

The proper steps to paint concrete floors

BONUS Section of the best Frequently Asked Questions

Unsolicited Testimonials

“James, I would just like to say again “Thank You”! Your new
e-book content is just fabulous. I’ve learned so much and even my
“proud” husband admits he has too – really funny. We can now
appreciate the all important preparation step… keep up the good
-- Margaret A. (Windsor, ON)

“Hi, I’m just dropping you a quick note to thank you for providing
all your tips and instructions in a PDF format. I appreciate the
pictures that you have also included – it goes a long way in helping
DIY’ers like myself.”
-- Jeffrey M. (Cleveland, OH)

I hope that you’ll find value in the material that I’m sharing in
this e-book based on my professional painting experience.

As I tell my friends and customers, I actually “enjoy” painting
and I think that if one has a good understanding of not only the
proper painting techniques, but what type of paint to use in a
particular situation, then you can achieve very professional results!

Again, thank you – now get to that next paint job and enjoy

I know you'll enjoy and and get a lot of useful tips and techniques.
Gain instant access today to get started.

To your success!

James Covell
Professional painter and author of The Interior Painting Guide
You can reach me at aptouch@hotmail.com if you have any questions or
Interior Painting Preparation

I don't believe anyone likes doing it, but the interior painting
preparation step is the most important task with any painting

The key to a good-looking and long-lasting paint job is some
painstaking preparation. With the proper tools, the preparation work
will go much smoother and more efficiently.

Agenda for Proper Preparation:

1. Check for big problems. A sagging ceiling, for example, may be
evidence of a roof leak or a seeping radiator on the floor above.
Track down the cause of wall or ceiling damage and clear that up
before you refurbish the wallboard or plaster.

2. Clear the walls. Take down pictures and curtains to look for
cracks, holes, and peeling paint on walls and ceiling. Check the
woodwork for loose paint, nicks, popped nails, and separations at
corners or at wall junctures. If there is wallpaper, you'll probably
want to strip it, whether you are painting or re-papering.
3. Assemble your materials. For masking you'll need plastic drop
cloths, newspaper, masking tape, plastic bags; for access, ladders and
boards for scaffolding. For repairs, have on hand spackling compound,
wood filler, a heat gun or chemical paint remover, sander and
sandpaper, tack cloth, vacuum cleaner, and a spray can of primer. For
cleaning you'll want detergent, bleach, bucket, and sponge; for
safety, goggles and respirators.

4. Remove furniture and rugs. The more space you have to work in, the
easier patching and painting will be. What furniture stays should be
clustered in the middle of the room and covered with drop cloths. A
rope tied around the bottom of the pile will keep the cloths in place.

5. Dismantle hardware. Remove knobs, latches, and locks on doors and
wood window frames. Take down curtain rods and brackets. Remove
picture hooks. Turn off electricity to the room; then unscrew plates
from electrical switches and outlets. If there is a ceiling lighting
fixture, either disconnect it and take it down or loosen its plate and
enclose it - plate and all - in a large plastic bag secured at the top
with tape.

6. Finish masking. Wall sconces, standing radiators, and thermostats
need to be protected. Cover the entire floor (or carpeting) with
plastic drop cloths, but ring the outer edges of the room with several
layers of newspaper taped below the baseboards. Make a path of
newspapers from the door into the center of the room. Newspaper
absorbs wet paint and allows it to dry; plastic doesn't. Paint on a
plastic cloth stays wet, and if you step on it, you are likely to
track it into other rooms.

7. Make repairs. Fix walls, ceilings, and woodwork.

8. The last step in interior painting preparation is to wash down all
surfaces to be painted. Use a heavy-duty detergent such as trisodium
phosphate (TSP) or a nonphosphate equivalent, bought at a paint supply
store. Even fingerprints can keep paint from bonding properly. Clean
any damp or mildewed areas with a 1:3 household bleach and water
solution. Rinse, and let the area dry completely before painting.
Glossy surfaces may also need sanding or an application of commercial
deglosser for new paint to adhere properly.

Benefits of an eBook....

eBooks are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and you will be directed to
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the eBook...

* Speed - you will receive it immediately and shipping is FREE.

* Bookmarks - The entire table of contents is "bookmarked" for your
convenience. Just click on a chapter title and you immediately jump to
that chapter. At the end of the chapter, you can jump back to the
table of contents.

* Color Pictures - There are many pictures in the eBook that are

* Printable - The book is only 61 pages, so it's easily printable
after downloading.

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