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One Guinea Pig or More

It is always better to put some serious thought in buying two guinea pigs or more, though one guinea pig is most likely enough to keep you entertained and attentive.

Guinea pigs love the company of others; they are not just extremely social creatures.  They can get lonely if they are alone, and their health will be affected if left alone.

Guinea pigs call for attention, if he or she has a colleague or playmate to keep them amused, you don’t have to pay out quite as much time with them.

The Sex Issue

Sex doesn’t matter too much, if you’re going to just get a guinea pig. By personality, female guinea pigs are going to be tamer and less active, while their male counterpart are going to have more energy and need more exercise.

A frequent false impression with male guinea pigs is that if you put two in the same cage, they’re going to fight. That is wrong!

The two pets will fight if they don’t have enough space in the cage, but if given plenty room, each guinea pig will have his own area and be satisfied with it.

If there are two male guinea pigs in a cage, you cannot bring in a female guinea pig. The males will fight for authority and the loser would have to be removed from the cage right away. If he’s left there, he will go hungry as the control male will keep him away from both the food and water.

Two females in the same cage will cope well, but you may find that they will argue a bit over food and water. Because of their meek nature, still, it’s very unlikely that a major fight will break out.

A male and a female in the same cage will in fact get along best. The female recognizes that the male is dominant, and the male accepts the female as his, and act peacefully towards her. A baby guinea pig that can happen when you leave a male and a female unattended is the only problem with this situation.

The female cycle is only 18 days, and the growth of guinea pigs are only two months – while this is relatively long for rodents, it’s very possible that two lively guinea pigs can give birth to literally dozens of puppies (baby guinea pigs) in just a year.

Watching Guinea Pigs

A lot of pet stores will have no less than one cage of guinea pigs, if not two or more.

It’s plainly with the intention that guinea pigs give a large number of births, and there is a command for the puppies they produce.

If you’re getting more than one, make sure to get two from the same cage.

This will take care of any of the concerns that might occur from fighting in their cage.

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