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ATTENTION: If You are about to decorate your wedding car, this may be the most valuable letter you will ever read...

"Discover How You Can Easily Learn To Decorate Your Wedding Car - Today"!
(Without Flowers)

"Wedding Car Decoration Guru Finally Reveals The Step-by-Step Secret Information"

"...This Is The Creative and Cheep Way To Decorate Your Wedding Car (Without Flowers) Without Any Formal Education Or Experience... "

Yochai Rokach
Creator of Haponpon.com

Dear Friend,
Hi, My name is Yochai but you can just call me "The pompon Guy" . I started my wedding car business not long ago, and I've become an expert in the wedding car decoration industry.
For the first time ever, I've decided to share everything that I've learned over the time in the wedding car decoration business, with you.     


Who was "How to decorate your wedding car" written for?

This E-book written for amateurs, and is suitable for anyone that is about to get married, and is interested in decorating their wedding car by themselves.
Of course, that applies to family members of the couple who want the experience of decorating the wedding car.
This E-book gives the best tools for this purpose.

Do I need experience to decorate a wedding car? 
Not at all! The only thing you will need is motivation. It is essential to have good hands and to follow the instructions carefully, as written in the E-book.
There is no need in prior knowledge or experience. All the knowledge is in the E-book in a very detailed fashion and with the use of pictures and videos.
Do the E-book only convey theory, or also give practical guidance?
Both E-books (this E-book and the professional E-book) are written as practical guides and illustrate techniques and methods to the smallest details, along with advice and tips from my practical experience.
The E-books accompany the reader step by step all the way, and when necessary - out of the E-book by links to videos and pictures on the net.

Has the knowledge in the E-book been tested and proven to work?
Definitely so!! All the knowledge comes from "the field" and has been tested on hundreds of cars during the past year.
I personally developed most of the methods in the E-book and I use them every day in the many jobs I perform for my ever growing cliental. In those E-books you will find a lot of advice and tips gathered in real time on real life, and those can give you the advantage over other sources.

ATTENTION - Links To Training Videos!!!     

"Are you going to get married soon?"

First of all - I congratulate you!!"
I assume that you have already taken care (or that you are in the process) of the various components of your wedding, so that you and your guests can enjoy this happy day in the best way.

I am curious to know if you have already taken care of your wedding car decoration.
Haven’t decided yet? Very good. I believe that it is for the best if you do it yourself.

Now you are probably asking yourself "how can I do this myself?"
since you most likely do not have any experience or knowledge in the field. The truth is, it is not as complicated as it looks, but you do need to learn how to create the decorations and how to attach them properly to your car.

If you would like to add a special feature to your wedding and decorate your own wedding car, I invite you to purchase my new E-Book, named "How to decorate your wedding car".
This E-Book is the first of its kind and will reveal all the knowledge necessary to decorate your own wedding car. The book teaches you step by step in a very illustrative and practical fashion, how to prepare the various decorations and how to attach them to your car. The text in the book is well supported by photos and videos to make sure that every step of the way is fully understood. 


"How to decorate your wedding car on your own, decreasing expenses, Avoiding the use of flowers and Preventing any damage to your car?"

This is your opportunity to purchase the new guide E-book that will show you exactly how to decorate your wedding car. The E-book includes step by step explanations and photos showing you precisely what needs to be done.

Yes. I wrote this E-book especially for you.
If you are looking in wedding magazines or web sites, searching for ideas for a wedding car decoration, if you are looking at other peoples decorated wedding cars and you think it is fabulous - be sure that you can produce a car decoration even fancier than what you have seen before.

If you hear a little voice that expresses the doubt and says: "I would love to have such a decoration, but I don’t think I can afford it…", or you wish to have your car decorated in a fair and reasonable budget, I have a solution for you!

What would you say if a decoration expert, who has decorated hundreds of wedding cars, would take you by the hand and show you how to create your own wedding car decoration?

You can easily save the expenses of wedding car decoration and do it yourself! And much more - after learning how to do it, you can decorate for family and friends, plus the fact that the whole wedding car decoration process is a fun and memorable experience.  


  "Prepare yourself for the great fun"...

Not only that you will save money, think of the great experience of decorating your own wedding car- there is a lot of fun involved in it. After learning how to create the decoration, you can use the help of family and friends in the actual decoration process. Taking pictures or videos of the process will produce the fun of a lifetime, and leave a priceless souvenir.
Once you will learn the "tricks of the trade" and be able to decorate a car using decoration ribbons and tulle fabric – you could decorate again and again for friends and family.
The cost of the materials used for home made decoration is very low, and so you can gain the respect and honor of decorating wedding cars not for yourself only, but for family and friends. You can even give the decoration as a wedding present. A present full of fun and joy.
Now, for the first time in the world, there is an E-book called
"How to decorate your wedding car". The E-book will show you precisely how to create the various decorations using decoration ribbons or tulle fabric, using no flowers or glue or sticky tape, avoiding any damage to your car, and at an extremely low cost.

"Do you want to create your own wedding car decoration"?
In my new E-book you can find step by step directions how to do it properly.

"How to decorate your wedding car" Is a step by step professional guide written by Mr. Yochai Rokach, the founder and active Manager of "The PomPon" – wedding car decorations, using no flowers ,balloons or any kind of glue. Yochai have founded the business and in a short while became a professional master in the art of wedding car decorations.
You too can learn easily efficiently and quickly how to decorate your own car for your big day. Even if you were not blessed with great technical skills and you have no prior knowledge or experience in that field.
In order for you to gain success, I have chosen for you especially the most popular kind of decoration in my business and I will teach you how to create it, and how to decorate your own wedding car. Remember- no prior knowledge or experience is necessary.


"You Should Buy Now The New Hot E-book !!!"  

Here is an example of what you are going to produce:  
[](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sak1E5LzyUA&feature=related) [](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9165e_qsjaE&feature=related)

"If you want to learn the proper way to make your own wedding car decorations - you can find all the details in the E-book!" 

The car decoration that you will learn to create by my E-book, will look great in your wedding. The car decorations that I will teach you in the E-book cost 75$ to my clients. Of course I also have decorations at 100$ and 150$, but the 75$ decoration is beautiful as is, and the materials can be bought at a low cost.
If you purchase my E-book you will be able to acquire the skills of decorating your own car with your own hands at a low cost. wow, that is going to be fun!!
You will learn the technique of creating decorations, and soon you will be able to create some marvelous and magnificent decorations.
Of course, I cannot show you how to create complicated decorations, but the knowledge that you will get from me will eventually get you to create an astonishing car decoration and your family and friends will be amazed that you have done it yourself. You don’t even have to share the secret that the decoration is self made. Maybe you can tell them after the wedding…..

Comments on
"How to decorate your own wedding car "

Such a practical E-book... the decoration came out fabulous...

"I have purchased the E-book recently. The step by step method was so clear that it made the decoration work really easy. I bought the E-book for my sister's wedding, the explanations and examples made me decorate her wedding car in a perfect way. My sister did not believe me that I did it myself.
The video films you added were very helpful. I really liked the way the E-book is detailed.
I recommend this E-book for anyone who is getting married!"

Lauren, Nice, France

So much fun...
"I feel a pleasant obligation to write to you and thank you sincerely.
The E-book was very efficient. I have to admit that I had my doubts regarding the use of anE-book for decorating our car.

I particularly liked the fact that there were pictures and videos to guide me wherever I had doubt if I am doing the right thing.

The car came out awsome!!
Like from a fairy tale E-book. Exactly what I wanted".

Vanessa, New York City 

Very Good Mr. Yochai….

"Thank you very much. With your E-book's guidance we decorated our car beautifully and got amazing feedbacks from everybody, including bystanders on the way to the chapel.
Highly recommended. Many thanks".

Stephaney, perth , Australia

 In every chapter in the E-book there are specific and explicit instructions including pictures and linked videos you can download.
Here is a taste of what you will learn:
• What are the tools and materials that you will use, and what is the proper way to use them economically
• The proper way to create pompons in various sizes, including my secret size and measurement table
• How to easily create the curly fringes attached to the pompon
• How to cleverly use fabric and ribbon leftovers
• The easy way to decorate the car's interior
• The right way of decorating a car from the first step to the last- so it may look as if decorated by a professional designer
• How to properly remove the decoration on the day after
• Amazing original ideas and further examples of car decorating
• Professional tips on every step of the way- save material and time

[Here is the full table of content >>](http://www.haponpon.co.il/112823/How-to-decorae-your-wedding-car-) 

Don’t get me wrong! This guide was written by one of the greatest experts in the wedding car decorating field. in fact – his services are bought months ahead- and now he is happy to teach YOU how to decorate your own wedding car.
If you are searching the web for information about car decorations, there is one thing you should know: most of the material you will find is written by sales people who never decorated one single car in their life. If you really want to learn how to decorate a wedding car, you might as well learn from someone who is already successful in the field.

"You will not find such a E-book anywhere else"

"How to decorate your own wedding car" differs from other text E-books, you will not find any other E-book that will give you such a comprehensive and full guidance. No other web site about car decorating has such a variety of associated photos and videos that show exactly and step by step how to prepare the decorations and finally decorate your own wedding car.
No E-book without a step by step filmed tutorial can help you understand and succeed in your mission of decorating your wedding car.
Only in my E-book will you learn how to produce:
• Three attachable kinds of pompons.
• The full scale process of creating the pompons and the curly fringes + preparing interior decoration.
• The full scale process of attaching the decoration to the car so it may stay firmly during the ceremony, and will be removed wisely and quickly on the day after.
All these accompanied with photos and videos that will guide you step by step and show you how to produce the decorations in a proper way.

"100% guarantee to your success!!!"

I am so confident in your satisfaction from my E-book and your ability to easily produce a spectacular decoration, that I am willing to give you a guarantee to a full refond within 60 days of the purchase if you are not satisfied!
That is right! You have 60 days to read the information, try the instructions and the tips, and make your own wedding car decoration.
If you are not satisfied with the information you got from my E-book on how to decorate your own wedding car, send me a message and you shall receive a full refund within 60 days.


"Get the E-book in 10 minuets!!! "
I imagine that you are busy with the preparations for your wedding and you have no time to waste, so I have created the E-book in a way that it will be ready for use in less than 10 minuets.
The E-book arrives in a PDF format so you can read it on any computer at any time, and even make a hard copy of it and keep it for life.


"The best investment is the
investment in yourself"

If you have a large budget for your wedding arrangements you can go to a flower decorator and order a very expensive flower decoration for your wedding car.
On the other hand- I offer you an alternative, save money on this task. Instead of giving it to a flower decorator, save it and use it for another purpose. In addition you can actually enjoy the whole process, maybe even photo or video it as a souvenir, you can take pride in decorating your wedding car and even do it again for your family and friends. Who needs more than that?
You can receive all the knowledge and skills you need easily and quickly and decorate your own wedding car. 
How? By ordering my new E-book "How to decorate your own wedding car".
You may be asking how come the price for the costumer is only 39$. It is less than what a fine bouquet costs
and you can later on decorate for family and friends saving hundreds of dollars.

And it even gets better - you get those bonuses FREE:

"There are 3 bonuses included"

Bonus # 1
Upon purchase of the E-book I will grant you access to my business videos illustrating how professional car decorating is done. That will make your choice of decorating your own wedding car a lot more interesting and easy.
Bonus # 2  
The second bonus is free support from me by E-mail for three months from the day you have purchased the E-book. If you encounter any problem or question during the process – E-mail me and I guarantee to personally mail a supportive answer.
If for any reason you did not achieve the desired outcome, or should you have any question during the process of creating or placing the decorations – Email me and I will personally reply.
I would very much like you to be able to experience success on your task, and I will be glad to reply your Email anytime to make sure that you get my unique support.
How many businesses you know that guarantee a close technical support for your wedding car decoration? I am really committed to your success and am willing to assist you via E-mail with every problem or question that may arise. 
Bonus # 3
"Just Married" sign. I allow you to download to your pc a free "Just Married" sign as shown in the picture. The file is PDF format. The download is only permitted for non-commercial purposes. You ccn send it to your friends. The dimensions are: length - 50cm, width - 18 cm. file size - 1.7mb.


"What are you waiting for"?
"Order The New E-Book "How To Decorate Your Wedding Car" Simply By Pressing [HERE](/112823/How%2Dto%2Ddecorae%2Dyour%2Dwedding%2Dcar%2D)"

Order the first E-Book in the world that teaches you how to decorate your wedding car and get acquainted with the secrets of wedding car decoration.

After you have purchased the E-book and learned its contents, you could ask a friend to take your pictures or video record the process of decorating. That can become an amazing souvenir on the web or for family gatherings.
You can also use the decorating process to surprise your spouse in an original and innovative way.

Surf the web now to [www.haponpon.com ](/site/index.asp?depart_id=112823)and order the E-book "How to decorate your wedding car " for only 39$.


The ball is in your court and now make your choice. You can decide to order the E-book now, and learn how to save a great deal of money by producing your own decorations and decorating by yourself. Or maybe you would like to further surf the web in hope to find some information- I can assure you that you will not find a profound and comprehensive source of knowledge such as my E-book.
I have decided to create the E-book after being addressed by people from all around the world in demand to teach how to do it. I have spent nearly six months in writing this E-book. The explanation method was create on the basis of my own experience and a lot of trial and error.
What you get is the sweet short and right way of creating your own car decorations.
If you are really serious in your intention to decorate your own wedding car, in a way that will never let you forget that you did it yourself, my E-book "How to decorate your own wedding car" will be your ever devoted assistant.

Now is the time to make a decision
"All you have to do is click on this link and get immediate access to the E-book"  


Claim Your Copy Now!

YES! Yochai, I do, I want to learn How to decorate my wedding car. I understand that I will receive the following:

I understand I will receive the digital product of "How To Decorate Your Wedding Car" including 82 pages of the best training information available. I will also receive Bonus 1 - Linking to supreme photos and exclusive training videos on the internet. I will also recive Bonus 2 - three months of free Email support personally from the author. Bonus 3 -  "Just Married" sign. I also understand that the FREE bonuses that I receive are mine to keep even if I return the system for a full refund.

[ ](http://1.123rt.pay.clickbank.net/)
Retail Price $97 SALE Only $39 [](http://1.haponpon.pay.ClickBank.net)

Question? email us at [contact@haponpon.co.il](mailto:contact@haponpon.co.il?subject=How%20to%20decorate%20your%20wedding%20car)

After the payment is authorized by the secured server- you will receive instructions on how to get your bonuses.
To purchase "How to decorate your own wedding car" click on the following link now.
Sincerely yours
Yochai Rokach
Please remember you have nothing to lose by ordering the E-book today. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the E-book, you can get your money back in 60 days.
That is our promise. You better use it and order the E-book. You can save money using the E-book, and take pleasure in the process of decorating your own wedding car.


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