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Do you "Want" to know How to Make Candles?

Who Else (besides me) wants to Light a Candle AND... 

Be able to Say, "I Made it!"

If you are ready to learn how to make candles

I am ready to teach you.

Hello and Welcome to my Candle Shop. I am Kim Montgomery  and this is my way of sharing the excitement and fun that I have about homemade candles.  My friends call me an expert, but really, I am just a big enthusiast for my favorite hobby craft.

My goal is to help you make your first candle. If you already make candles, then I want to give you ideas to make them even better.

There was a day about eight years ago that I told myself I couldn't make candles. I was wrong and that's why this little candle shop is here, I want to show you the answer is right here in front of you if you want to know how to make candles too.

I have done everything here that I can think of to make it easy for you.

Your first step is in the box right below. It's a “FREE” mini-course on candle making.  That's how strongly I feel about you giving candle making a try right now. Let me give you a free 10 day mini-course so you can test the waters a little to see if you are interested in going to the next step.

Here is what I have for you in the free 10 day mini-course:

"How To Make Candles - Kim's Candle Making Basics"

 Learn where candles came from and their role in "history"

 Review all the equipment and tools you will be using and find out what each one is used for

 Get an overview of each type of wax you have to choose from and how each one has a different purpose for each style of candle including Gel wax; which I have so much fun with.

Then you will need to know about "Wicks" - the sizes, shapes, and purpose to match up the right type of wick with the style of your candle.

 Ahhh, breath deep and learn about how to add fragrance into your candles for different seasons and mix in the world of "Color".  See how you can control your color to create affects using color chips, flakes, liquid, or powders.

 There is much, much more to add to this list....let's get started.

YES, Kim! I am curious and can't wait to get started and learn the steps to make my first candle in just "10 Days"!

Send me my free "HOW TO MAKE CANDLES-Kim's Candle Making Basics" Email Course Today!

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This is Encouraging!

Anyone can learn how to make candles! 

I know you can do this and be very good at it in no time at all.

Before you know it, you'll be teaching others.

What could be more fun than involving mothers, grandmothers, kids, and friends to make up a batch of homemade candles for the next Holiday?


Let me prove to you how easy it will be for you to make your first candles. 

Here is why I am so confident you will enjoy doing this.  The secret to making a stunning, magical, elegant or memorable candle is: Presentation!

“Your imagination is the key.” 

What you pour the melted wax into and how you present the candle before you light it completely changes the mood and feelings in the room. 

For example, let me show you some homemade candles, just look at these photographs below.  

This is called a “container candle”.  Red wax, melted and poured into a cut glass container.  By carefully choosing the container you use, the mood can be set as elegant, formal and even romantic. 

This candle took very little wax, wick, time or effort to make.

Yet put a match to the wick, and then it is up to you where to place it and enjoy the mood it creates.

“You can do this!”

Next, let me make sure I have made my point.  

Again, the container is the key.

This candle uses even less wax,  less wick and it just

doesn’t get  any easier than this.

“You can do this!”


One last example of a container candle. A simple jar can create your mood. If you find an old glass vessel in the attic or at a garage sale, you can rekindle the life in it by simply converting it into a candle by putting wax and a wick into it. 

Look how the flame brings out the form in the etching of the glass.

This is a very simple candle to create.

“You can make a candle like this one!”

“All is takes is your imagination.”

So, a container candle is the place to start.  It is easy because you actually burn the candle inside the container you pour the wax into. 

In time you will want to experiment and grow.  The next step is to pour wax into a mold that you remove the candle from after it has cooled. 

For example, it is very easy to make a plain white pillar candle like this one.

Once again, this is a very simple candle to make, and it is up to your “presentation” to create the special environment for the candle light.

So, before you go, I just want to say Thank You for visiting my Candle Shop, and make sure you sign up for the free mini-course (yeah...), then look at the very bottom of this page and you will find links to "Articles”.  The next time you come back to visit, just click on the Articles Link and read more about candle making.

Send me my free "HOW TO MAKE CANDLES-Kim's Candle Making Basics" Email Course Today!

First Name: Email:
Privacy Assured: Your email address is never shared with anyone.

"You too can feel the Pride Inside 

when you light a candle that was 

made with your own hands!!


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