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How You Can Appraise Jewelry From Home Or Work - volume1. Home Study Training Course Reveals All Professional Secrets... Guaranteed!

This easy to understand home study eBook course has been designed for the non-professional without all the technical jargon. Discover in these step by step easy to follow lessons how the experts appraise gold and silver jewelry, and understand exactly why your jeweler doesn't want you to know...

No Matter What Level you're at...

"I thought the lessons were quite interesting, I found it easy and could have gone a bit more, but that probably depends on how much initial knowledge one already has."

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Hello... My name is David Foard and I've worked professionally in the antique jewelry retail industry as a qualified gemologist and Valuer for over 35 years.

Recently I wrote a new eBook Home Study Course designed to teach anybody, no matter what their skill level, all the 'Insiders Secrets' for appraising their own jewelry. This will give you an instant competitive edge once you've mastered some really basic steps. Anyone can do it... It's easy!

These are nuggets of pure gold and hard-won wisdom which the more established and wealthy appraisers don't want you to know about. So read on to find out why...

What You Will Discover In This Revealing eBook Home Study Training Manual...

This eBook Home Study Training Course will blow all that silly mystic away and prove once and for all that ANYONE (and I do mean anyone) can complete a detailed Jewelry Do-it-Yourself Appraisal from Home or Work.

This step-by-step training course is not difficult and you won't need specialized equipment or expensive tools to do 85 percent of jewelry available today.

An eyeglass - plastic ruler - your hands, eyes and common sense. That's it!

Okay... so that was a lie. You might need a knitting needle gauge, calculator, white soap dish, plus other things you've probably already got lying around the house.

Most of what you need to appraise would have been made within the last 20 to 30 years. Even Victorian jewelry dated back 100 years or more, which classifies it as 'Antique' can be done using this easy appraisal home study course, yet it's perfect for modern jewelry too.

This fully PDF downloadable eBook home study training course also covers...

Diamond, Sapphires, Ruby, Emerald and hundreds of other gemstones.

Rose or white gold, platinum and sterling silver jewelry.

What 'Settings' are and why they are priced into your bottom line.

Manufacturing terms and styles you can easily comprehend.

All taxes, including trade markups and why they will effect your insurance.

What jewelers really mean when they mention the 'Mount...'

Plus we shall demystify many other confusing appraisal terms, so you can easily understand what your jeweler doesn't want you to ask in the first place.

Try It Risk-Free And Discover My Secrets!

100% Money Back Guarantee..!

For the next eight weeks you can have instant access to ALL of my secrets RISK FREE! If you are dissatisfied for any reason, I will issue you a full and complete refund with no questions asked.  I can't be any more fair than that. Ask your Local Jeweler Gemologist Valuer what Warranty they provide... Yeah Right!

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It takes seconds to download and doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning! 

Kind regards and please watch the road.
David Foard F.G.A.A.
Fellow of the Gemological Association of Australia and former member of the Valuers Council... retired

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