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If You Love Rose Gardening, You Simply NEED To Know…

"What’s The Rose Growing Secret Martha Stuart Would MURDER For Before She Let It Get Released To The Public?"

In The Next 7 Minutes, I’m Going To Reveal To You A Secret That Will Enable You To Grow Beautiful, Fragrant Roses That Will Re-Define The Meaning Of “The PERFECT Rose Garden.”

(And The Shocking Truth Is – ANYONE Can Do It!)


1. You Can Grow Your Rose In ANY Climate!

It's true. Some people think that Rose Gardening must be reserved for only a certain time of year -- NOT TRUE! You can grow gorgeous roses no matter what season IF you know one simple secret.

2. 90% Of Good Rose Gardening Is In The Pruning!

Your job as a rose grower is not just to "plant, water, and forget." Like children, roses need discipline to grow up right, and if you don't know how to properly prune your roses, your garden will soon be in shambles.

3. Roses Need The Right Type Of Soil To Grow Strong!

Every gardener knows that what's produced is only as good as the soil it's planted in. Armed with a few, simple, age-old secrets used by the best gardeners in the world, your rose garden will be bright, lush, and healthy in NO time flat.

From: Bambi Coker
Certified Rose Growing ADDICT

I have a confession to make.

It's embarrassing, but I'm going to have to admit it anyway.

My name is Bambi Coker, and I am ADDICTED to growing Roses!

Seriously, if there was a twelve step program for Rose Growers, I would be their patron saint! I can't get enough of it. I just LOVE to garden!

And if you're like me, and especially if you love tending to colorful, luscious, beautiful, sweet-smelling roses, then this could very well be THE FINAL NAIL IN YOUR COFFIN!

Because after you're done reading this, you're not going to be able to stop tending to your rose garden because your rose garden will be the best you have ever owned!

I'm Going To Share With You A Secret Only PROFESSIONAL Rose Gardeners Know...

When I told you I was an addict, I wasn't kidding.

My obsession with roses has stemmed from the time when I was just a little girl. The very first boy I ever loved, little Bobby Sampson, walked up to me one day in the 9th grade and gave me a single, red rose and asked me out to the school dance.

It was the most romantic thing from my childhood.

Since then, roses have meant the world to me. They symbolize love, and passion, and peace, and harmony, and most of all (the thing all us ladies want) romance!

It's this love of roses that has driven my hobby since I was young. If you were to come to my house, you'd see row after row of red and white roses in my front yard -- the envy of all my fellow housewives (hee hee).

But it didn't happen by accident.

I LEARNED how to grow beautiful roses.

Seriously, if they granted PhD's in gardening, I would have one!

And the reason for that is: I fanatically sought out advice from the best florists and gardeners from around the world.

If you wanted to try to accumulate the same amount of rose-growing knowledge that I now have, it will take you approximately 12 YEARS and over $237,946. (I know, because I keep ALL my receipts)

You would have to fly around the world, attend every fair and flower show you knew of, talk to every expert, and keep 3 GARDENS growing in your backyard at all times to gain my level of experience.

But I'm not trying to brag...

Okay, I AM Trying To Brag!

But only because I know something that 96% of the rose gardeners in this world DON'T KNOW!

And to be honest -- it's killing me to keep it to myself!

Have you ever had a secret that was really important, but you double-pinky swore never to tell and it was driving you crazy on a daily basis by burning a hole in your skull -- and the only way you could get over that feeling is to BLURT it out?

Well, that's how I feel...


I would have friends and neighbors coming up to me CONSTANLY, practically begging for me to teach them every single last trick I know about creating a gorgeous rose bed.

It just became too much to handle.

That's why I decided to just come clean, reveal EVERYTHING I know and have learned over the years, and share my passion with gardeners across the world.

So I wrote a book.

Now, I know it's every housewife's dream to sit down and write a novel. But I wasn't out to write a novel. I was out to dump everything in my brain onto paper (and I have a cemetery of murdered legal pads to prove this point!).

After many months of writing, I finally finished a tell-all book on rose gardening I could be proud of!

Here's Undeniable PROOF That My Rose Gardening Secrets Are Pretty Gosh-Darn Effective!

Like my mother always said: The proof is in the puddin'. Well, let it be said that I take after my mother a great deal, because I always want to see the proof.

Well, here it is, straight from the horse's mouth:

This book is just fantastic, it covers all the different aspects from planing, planting, soil type, feeding, pruning etc. It is a really easy manual to read and doesn't have any fancy technical phrases, it speaks to me in a way that I can understand everything. It walks me through each section step-by-step and takes away any guesswork since everything is explained in detail. I like to collect rose books and this is one of the best and easiest to read I have come across in a long while. I highly recommend it.

Bill Sampson - Age 62
Ontario - Canada


Thank you for your book. It was very informative in all areas of raising roses, from propagation to taking care of the mature plant. I enjoyed the fact that the documentation was short but covered what the novice as well as the more advanced rosarian needs to know. I have bought many books about the care of roses and they were mostly pictures of perfect roses that the reader will rarely see. Your book was more into the detail of taking care of your roses and selecting roses for your circumstances. I wish that I had read this book earlier on when I first started caring for roses.

I probably would not have bought soooo many books or roses that caused disappointment due to not being meant for my garden. I would highly recommend your book.

Susan Murphy
ElDorado Arkansas Zone 8a


The first thing that grabbed my attention was the great information on planning what rose colors will work best for the look I’m trying to achieve with my rose garden, this was invaluable for me. Then to find your complete list of the most fragrant roses to use was a “wow” factor as far as I’m concerned. I was able to work out which roses to suit my climate conditions too. I must say I was getting rather excited as I read on. By this stage, I was finding it hard to drag myself away to get dinner ready.

I was able to identify straight away from the great photo color illustrations exactly what bug it was that was damaging one of my favorite rose bushes, now I know how to prevent that he won't be eating my prized roses anymore.

Bambi I could go and on about the wonderful things I got from your manual but I really just wanted to thank you so very much. I have no doubt at all now that I will have the most beautiful roses I could ever have dreamed of now that I can apply all the information from your manual.

Helen Jefferies: Age 49
- Melbourne Australia

These are REAL letters from REAL people who've read my book and used my secrets to dramatically improve their rose gardens.

And the best part is, this is just the tip of the ice berg! Every day I get more and more letters from amazed gardening enthusiasts who have read my book and can't believe the results they're getting!


So How Does All This Affect You?

Quite simply put - how could this not affect you. Can you imagine being the envy of every green thumb in your street, or for that matter your town! People are going to be slowing their cars down trying to keep one eye on the road and the other on your awesome rose garden!

You'll begin to notice how people walking past your house slow down to a snails pace becaue they can't draw their gaze away from your spectacular roses.

Imagine from now on, knowing that every rose you buy and plant in your garden is going to thrive! Imagine knowing how to put new life into your existing roses to have the biggest and best blooms imaginable! It's all possible now!

How about next time one of your friends or family is celebrating an occasion and you're invited and people can't wait to great you at the door because they know that you will come along and present them with the most fragrant, glorious roses they have ever seen!

Before you know it, people will even be asking you if they can BUY a bunch of your outstanding Roses because ONLY YOUR ROSES last for weeks on display because you can also tell them the secret to that too (if you want to)!

But Before You Rush Out To The Bookstore,
You Have To Know This...

You won't find my book in any store!

I'm not Danielle Steele. I didn't have publishers lining up to distribute copies of my book. It seemed all my hard work was going to be limited to a few select friends of mine who loved growing roses.

But then, my husband came up with a great idea...

He wanted me to publish my book online as an EBOOK!

Now, if you're totally computer illiterate (like me), you're probably thinking "What the heck is an ebook?"

Well, an ebook is a book you can actually download onto your computer, and read it either on your screen or print out! This means you can get almost INSTANT access to my amazing gardening tips in just minutes.

And if you know how to use a credit card (like me, again!), it'll be as easy as buying the kid's Christmas presents off of Amazon.com.

But before you rush down the page to buy, let me tell you about some of the secrets I want to share with you...


Jealously Guarded Rose Growing Secrets
REVEALED For The First Time!

Here's exactly what you're going to learn in my book...
Discover the “three D’s” to Rose Pruning like a professional, including when to prune and how to prune step-by-step -- this is VITAL to making sure your roses grow right! (page 72)

Discover the different major classes of Roses and their characteristics to help you choose the correct Rose -- choose wrong, and your Rose garden will be the laughing stock instead of the blue ribbon winner! (page 20)

Learn how a Rose is named and why. This is a special spiritual practice that should NOT be taken for granted. (page 21)

Discover which Rose to buy to suit your landscaping needs -- this secret alone will turn your house into the envy of all your neighbors (and even increase it's value!). (page 22)

Understand the complete Anatomy of a Rose -- this is what separates the professionals who get great roses 10 times out of 10 from the rank amateurs! (page 22)

The keys to ensuring the Rose you buy is suitable for the use you have in mind (page 27)

Learn how the color of your Roses projects your personality and that of your home and can create harmony (and the exact opposite!) (page 29)

Know how your local climate can affect your choice of color and even the colors themselves -- remember, everything counts! (page 31)

If a fragrant garden is your goal, you need to know the most fragrant varieties of roses and I’ll reveal every single last one to you (page 32)

Discover the best varieties of Roses to suit your exact climate conditions. If you don't know this, growing roses will be more torture than an enjoyable hobby! (page 34)

Learn the exact varieties to suit hot conditions or shade conditions (page 37)

Discover the key list of Roses most tolerant against Rose disease -- vital for protecting your hard work from the evils of nature! (page 38)

Why buying a bare-root Rose is vital to your success as a champion rose grower. (page 39)

Discover a step-by-step method in knowing what to look for so you'll always buy healthy Roses instead of weak ones that will never grow right (page 40)

Discover the best time to plant your Roses and my special techniques to cultivating them to perfection. (page 42)

Learn the best growing conditions for Roses and how to achieve this (page 43)

Discover how to test your soil conditions and their suitability for Roses -- if you don't do this right, you're shooting yourself in the foot before you begin! (page 44)

Learn the secrets to amending your soil for maximum growing power (page 45)

Secrets to preparing your bare-root Roses for planting (page 48)

Learn the correct depth and soil preparation before planting so you can maximize your soils potential for feeding your rose from birth to maturity. (page 49)

Learn the correct time of day to plant your Roses (neglect the time of day, and you run the risk of seeing your roses wilt before they grow big and strong) (page 50)

Discover how to relocate your existing Roses without damage (page 52)

Daily maintenance secrets that will keep your Roses strong and healthy for months (page 54)

Learn the correct way to water your Rose Garden and a simple test to confirm you’ve got it right (page 55)

Learn the method of mulching that will put your Roses on steroids! (page 59)

Discover why you have weeds in your Rose garden and how you can get rid of them! (page 62)

Discover the right fertilizer formulation and in the right amounts and when to apply to maximize the growth potential of your garden. (page 63)

Discover all the nutrient deficiencies for Roses, their symptoms, and simple treatments that can save your precious roses. (page 70)

How to save money on expensive Rose tools (page 76)

Learn the step-by-step guide to pruning without fear but with amazing results (page 76)

Discover how to disbud to achieve the largest flowers possible (page 80)

Discover how to avoid sending your Rose into shock when deadheading your Roses (page 82)

Learn a secret technique for hybridizing Roses and creating flowers that will put your friends in SHOCk when they see them! (page 95)

Learn how to harvest Rose seeds and sow them successfully -- it's like creating your own army of super-roses! (page 99)

Discover simple secrets to propagating Roses by budding, by stem cuttings, layering and division (page 101)

and lots, lots more!
That's just the tip of the iceberg. I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of everything you need to know for MAXIMUM Rose-Growing Artistry!


Here's All The Details On My "Red Tag Rose Sale!"

Okay, another confession -- I LOVE to shop!

In fact, next to roses, that's probably my other biggest addiction (hee hee).

And if you're like me, you're always looking for the best deals, shopping around for the best prices, and looking to save some extra money.

I feel for you.

That's why I've decided to make the decision to offer my book for a discount for a short time only!


Normally, I sell my book for $49.00..

But I'm going to give you my RED TAG SPECIAL! So for the next couple of days, you can get all my special Rose Growing Secrets for just...


That's right! For the price of dinner, you can gain access to secrets that will ensure your rose garden grows lush and strong for years to come!

As you can see, this is a GREAT deal!

But take advantage of it now!!! It won't be available much longer, and you wouldn't want to have to pay full price, would you?

(as a side note, if you STILL want to give me $49.00 for the book, I won't turn it down! hee, hee)


But You Get So Much More Than My
Complete Rose-Growing Secrets...

As if a discount wasn't enough, I want to give you even MORE value!

This is my special gift to you for acting right now and getting a copy of Rose Growing Secrets...

Bonus Number One: A Guide on “Creating Beautiful Cut Roses” which gives you easy to follow, step by step instructions on cutting your roses for maximum beauty (especially helpful if you're looking to sell them!). (Valued at $27.97)

Bonus Number Two: A Manual on “Rose Meanings Explained.” Did you know that each and every rose color has a meaning? In this bonus it will reveal to you the exact meaning behind each different colored rose now that’s handy – next time your giving a rose as a gift, look up the meaning pertaining to the color your giving. (Valued at $27.97)

Bonus Number Three: 101 links to rose information. Now this alone could take you months to read through, it's bumper packed! (Valued at $39.95)

Bonus Number Four: Three articles written on the subject of “bare root roses” “pruning roses” and a checklist on “before your buy” (Valued at $27.97)

Bonus Number Five: A Collection of Rose Stories written by Rose Experts from around the U.S.A. 22 stories in all (Valued at $27.77)

Bonus Number Six: A "Garden Journal" to keep all your records of soil conditions, planting dates, garden calendar, things to do, record individual plant profiles, fertilizing schedule, pest control, disease control, overview, reminders and resources. A must have for every gardner. ($19.77)

The total combined value of these bonuses is a whopping: $170!!!

My husband thinks I've gone absolutely bonkers for giving all this away (He wants me to sell them all separately and pay for a new car). But I believe in the power of giving, so when you get a copy of Rose Growing Secrets, you're going to get all $170 worth of bonuses for FREE.

I don't know how long I can hold my husband at bay, though. So act now while I'm still the one wearing that pants! (lol)


But If All That Wasn't Enough, Here's My "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees" 100% Return Policy...

My mother also used to always tell me: "Buyer Beware!"

And she couldn't be more true -- especially on the internet. I see stories all the time about people getting ripped off constantly with shoddy products.

But I stand by my work 110%. And I do so by offering a FULL Money Back Guarantee.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

I know the value of a dollar. That's why I want to make you this promise:

If you are not 100% satisfied with my product, I will be more than happy to issue you a FULL REFUND for your purchase!

And as if that wasn't enough, I'll even...

Let You Keep The Book And Bonuses!

There is absolutely NO RISK on your part.

Either you get the rose garden you've always dreamed of, or you get your money back.

You simply can't lose.

And because I KNOW, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that my rose growing secrets are so good that you'll NEVER be dissatisfied, I can make you this amazing guarantee.

There Is Not Another Moment To Waste. You Can Be On Your Way To Having The Most Beautiful Rose Garden Your Friends Have Ever Seen In Just A Few Minutes!

The secrets I reveal in this book are incredibly powerful, and I want you to have them!

All you have to do is click the button below to download your copy of Rose Secrets Revealed today.

It's so easy to do, even a computer idiot like me is able to do it! And not only that, you'll be reading your very own copy of my book in just seconds after your finish your order.

All information is 100% secure, and your privacy is ensured.

So here's what you'll get...
Full Rose Secrets Revealed eBook
Creating Beautiful Cut Roses Guide
Rose Meanings Explained Manual
101 Rose Information Links
The Rose Secrets Article Collection
Rose Stories by Rose Experts
The Garden Journal
All for just $49.00 $27.77

Just click the button below to get your copy right now!


You'll be so glad you did. When you're looking at your beautiful rose garden, smelling it's sweet smell, and being the talk of all your friends about the prowess of your green thumb, you'll wonder why you didn't get your copy sooner.

"Get Your Free Subscription To
My Rose Secrets E-Letter"

Just use your first name and valid email as your password - then click the "Free Instant Access!" button to enter. All information is kept 100% confidential.

Your fellow Rose Addict,

Bambi Coker

P.S. Remember, the Red Tag sale price of $27.77 won't last too much longer! [Click Here To Download Now](http://1.bjblah.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=Rose_Secrets_Revealed), or you may have to pay a higher price later!

P.P.S. Don't forget, you're also getting $170 worth of FREE bonuses with your order. This is the most comprehensive course on rose gardening you'll find ANYWHERE! Don't miss out, because like the price, these bonuses won't be available forever.

P.P.P.S. And need I remind you of my 100% Money-Back Guarantee? If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you get your cash back. Plain and simple. So what are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose![ Click Here To Download Now. ](http://1.bjblah.pay.clickbank.net/?detail=Rose_Secrets_Revealed)

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