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Dear Dog Lover,

You Want A Dog?

You want a dog. That's great news! You want 'the right' dog too -
one which suits your lifestyle. That's even better. So many people
don't do this part well.

But if you want a dog and you've got a dog allergy, things get a bit
more complicated.

Many people with dog allergies believe it's just too difficult.
But it's not.  There's quite a lot of choice.  You just have to
know which pure and cross breeds you can choose from, and then which
ones suit you best.  Take Cathy for instance.

I'm highly dog allergic. That's why I have my Bichons. I love them

Cathy, UK

Cathy's dogs fit her lifestyle and her allergy.  You can be as
delighted as she is. Whatever you love doing, you can be doing it
with your dog sooner than you think - even with a dog allergy.

If it's not you that has the dog allergy - a child, or relative who
you see often - don't panic.  It's just a matter of going through
your options.  Perhaps it's not a dog allergy, but simply that
having a dog impacts on other health issues:

Joe desperately wants a dog but he has asthma. It's allergic asthma
so it gets triggered by dust, pollen and things like this.  It's
great to know that you can help us find a dog that Joe can live with.
But I want a dog that looks like a dog too!

Nicki, UK

However, it could be that you just like the idea of having a dog
that doesn't shed much hair. Not everyone likes dog hair carpets,
duvets and sofas!

Do you believe that your allergy is stopping you having the dog of
your dreams? Well the good news is - it's not. There are low allergy
dogs for you.

But There's A Problem

You don't get to experience the magic of owning a dog, because
everything about choosing a dog is geared to the mass market. Your
special needs get overlooked : 

* By authors of dog books and their publishers
* By dog shows - you rarely see a breed promoted as 'low allergy'
or 'hypoallergenic'
* By rescue centres - they may not know which breeds are low
* By online dog questionnaires - most don't give you good results,
even if they do ask about your allergy.

But on top of that, you'll have different reactions to different low
allergy dog breeds.  Here's what can happen:

We bought a Staffie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) pup. But soon
afterwards my son started to get very itchy. The only thing we had
changed was the dog so my parents agreed to look after it for a while.
We cleaned the house from top to bottom, put fresh sheets on the beds
and then went on holiday for a week. On holiday - no problems. Came
back - no problems. Pup came back - itching started. So we had to
rehome it.

Friends of ours had a Cavalier King Charles. We borrowed that for a
week. It was all over the house, slept on and even in his bed under
the duvet. No problems at all. We think it was the short staffie
coat.  My son's fine with any dog with a soft silky coat. So we got
a Springer Spaniel. She's great.

James, UK

And if you are new to low allergy dogs, and a first time dog owner,
these are some of the other issues you're facing:

* You don't have a definitive list of low allergy dogs
* You don't know if you're fully ready for a dog
* You don't know what the different low allergy dogs are like
* You don't know how to assess your lifestyle
* You don't know how to 'long list' and then 'shortlist' low
allergy dogs against your lifestyle
* You don't know how to avoid common mistakes
* You don't know how to test each breed against your allergy,
* You don't know how to find a good breeder
* You don't know how to choose a healthy puppy or adult dog,
* You don't know how to adopt from rescue, and
* You don't know the basics you need in place before you bring your
dog home.

It seems like a long list of don't knows.  All of these issues are
easily solved, but they're not going to be solved by:

* TRAWLING THE INTERNET  because the information is vague,
fragmented and difficult to piece together.
* PHONING ROUND BREEDERS - many are great, but some will just
tell you what you want to hear
* TAKING ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRES - most give conflicting and
unreliable outcomes
* ALL-PURPOSE BREED BOOKS - they usually don't identify low allergy
dogs because they're catering for the mass market
* ASKING FRIENDS OR RELATIVES for advice - even if they have a low
allergy dog, their lifestyles won't be the same as yours. 

So What Do You Do?

Simple. Come to me.

My name's Beverley Nash. I'm a dog person through-and-through.
Actually most people think I'm a dog in disguise.

I was raised with dogs and in my life have been a rescue volunteer,
dog owner, dog breeder and dog exhibitor. I've trained dogs to live
with cats, rehabilitated rescue dogs, and sourced dogs for

I've given advice to many people over the years on all aspects of
living with a dog - choosing, training, behaviour, feeding, rehoming
and using herbal remedies, to name just a few.

I'm also a specialist in low allergy dogs.

I Can Help You

Look on the internet and you'll see loads of books and websites on
dog behaviour.  Behaviour problems usually arise because something
about the owner and the dog isn't properly matched. 

Most people have very little idea about the dog they've got. 
And only a small percentage of them really put the right thought
into buying a puppy or taking a rescue dog.  They fall for something
based on looks, rather than whether it fits their lifestyle.

I have 4 dogs and everyone loves them.  Well that's because I
found my perfect breeds 10 years ago.  Now it's your turn.   

What You Want

You want to do all this: 

* Have a definitive list of  low allergy dogs
* Learn whether you’re ready for a dog in the first place
* See if there are quick fixes for your lifestyle to allow you to
get a dog
* Learn the characteristics of the low allergy dogs you can choose
* Know how to assess your lifestyle
* Long list and then shortlist the low allergy dogs which fit your
* Avoid the mistakes which get many people intro trouble
* Confidently test each dog against your allergy,
* Find a good breeder and choose a healthy puppy or adult dog, and
* Bring it home safe in the knowledge that it is right for you.

You want to choose YOUR dog with confidence, for a lifetime of
happiness. Your allergy doesn't stop you.

If you've come this far, then you're serious about finding the right
dog.  You want to make sure you choose well and you're going to. 
That's why you're here. Listen to someone who did the same great
preparation for her first dog:

Jasper turned out to be everything we were hoping for - and more.
There were no nasty surprises on taking him home and we were well
equipped to cope with his foibles, so little problems didn't turn into
big ones. He's turned out to be an absolute perfect fit in our
household and has matured into a very happy, well-adjusted and adored
member of the family.

It's definitely worth doing your homework before adopting a dog.
This way you can make a considered judgement as to whether or not you
can make all the necessary compromises to make it work out long term.
I'm sure it must lead to more dogs finding their 'forever' home.

Charlotte (and Jasper), UK

You Can Have It

You CAN learn how to choose the right low allergy dog. You CAN
experience the joy of dog ownership.  

A few people will be so highly allergic that no dog is safe for
them.  But for most people there is a solution - a low allergy dog
which they can live with.   There are low allergy dogs to suit all
kinds - households with children, limited mobility, apartment living,
active outdoorsy people and so on.

Here's someone else who found their perfect dog through me:

Four years ago, I heard from a friend about the terrible plight of
Greyhounds and the abuses that they suffer. I decided to do my bit to
help them, and this was how I first met Bev, in her capacity as a
rescue volunteer.  Her passion for dogs shone through and was
undeniable and irresistible. Before I knew it, and with the benefit of
Bev’s knowledge, I’d adopted an ex-racer of my own.

Maybe Bev is even a dog in disguise.   Certainly she's never
happier than when she's with her 'kids'.    I've watched her gently
tend to their wounds, coax them to eat, treat them when they're sick
and sleep with them when they need reassurance.  Her passion is
backed up by an encyclopaedic knowledge of their diet, habits, welfare
and what kinds of dog fit what kinds of lifestyles.  I've never known
her unable to answer a dog question.

And finally, Blue has been a perfect choice for me.  He
successfully made the transition from keen race dog to professional
settee tester!  He's an ambassador for greyhounds wherever he goes.

Robin, UK

Choose With Confidence!

You can be a first time dog owner and still choose with confidence
and authority.  You can have the skills to power through the process
and be right every time.  Even if this is the first time you've had
to dip into the world of low allergy dogs.

That's because you'll learn the best skill of all - how to match
yourself to the right low allergy dog. 

And you can do all these things as well:

Save Time And Hassle With A Definitive List Of Low Allergy Dogs.

Get straight to the point without wasting any time, energy or
effort.  You'll know exactly which dogs are in 'your' list.  
Instantly make a huge time saving. 

Be Confident That You ARE Ready For A Dog.

Easily work out if you're a great home, or what areas you need to
concentrate on to make you a great home.  Indentify and solve quick
fixes which will make sure you can have a dog.

Know Everything You Need To About 'your' Breeds

Choose based on all the key facts, so you don't have to go hunting
around the internet.  Yet more time saved, making it easy and quick
to spot the breeds that will work for you.

Understand your Lifestyle

See instantly what kind of household you are, and and what
attributes your low allergy dog must have to gel with you, your kids,
your relatives and so on.  

Super Power Your shortlisting

Find out just how easy it is to identify 'your' breeds.  They'll
leap off the page at you, giving you a kickstart with finding good
breeders with healthy puppies.

Avoid all The Common Mistakes

Sidestep all the things other people do which end up in a
'situation'.  You'll be stress-free and relaxed about the choices
you're making before you choose and after you've got your dog.

Get Yourself An Excellent Breeder

All breeders are not equal.  They can be awful.  You'll get
'fantastic' by spotting the difference, and be able to convince
them you're worthy of their puppies. 

Know How To Spot A Healthy Puppy

Get sharp when it comes to checking out the parents of the litter. 
If they meet your high standards, you'll be able to choose a
healthy, happy puppy that's perfect for you. 

Find A Rescue Low Allergy Dog

Confidently adopt a low allergy dog and give it the second chance it
deserves, using the same techniques.  No need to re-learn a new set
of rules.

Bring Home Your Dog With Confidence

Know that the low allergy dog you've chosen is the one for you, no

Bonus Benefits

As well as answering ALL your key questions, you'll also get these
other great benefits:

Bonus Benefit 1 : No Behaviour Books Needed.

If you choose the right dog, you should never need a dog behaviour
book or behaviourist.   They won't solve things if you and your
dog aren't matched to begin with.

Bonus Benefit 2 : Massive Time Savings.

How much is your time worth?  $10 per hour?  $20 or more? 
Multiply that by 100.  What you get still wouldn't pay for the time
you need to:

* piece together all the information that's about on low allergy
* learn how to choose them, and then
* devise a system for working it all out.

Bonus Benefit 3 : Save Yourself Money

Save yourself $5,000 of time and money that goes with choosing an
unsuitable dog.  This is what you'd pay out in 6 months:

* $800-$1200 for the puppy
* $100 for vaccinations and worming
* $200 on a dog bed, dog bedding, dogs toys, coat, collars and
leads (puppies grow quickly, and CHEW!)
* $20 per week pet insurance
* $100 per week on a dog sitter/doggy day care
* $15 per week on a good quality dog food (depending on the size of
the dog!)
* $150 kennelling costs or dog sitter costs for holidays
* $100 for cleaning carpets (while housetraining)

Spend that on an unsuitable dog and hand it to rescue, and it's all
gone. You'll never get that money back.

Bonus Benefit 4 : Learning From Others

Learn over 20 years of knowledge all in one place - and become an
instant expert. 

Bonus Benefit 5 : Do This Once And You're Set For Life

Do it right first time and your skills are set.  You'll always get
the right low allergy dog, even when your life changes.  

Bonus Benefit 6 : Total Happiness

You WILL be happy with your dog! 

And Choose Well

Not like this family!

My wife has a dog allergy but we still wanted a dog.  We looked
carefully at Schnauzers because friends we knew had one - a lovely dog
that didn't trigger her allergy.  After much consideration we bought
a miniature Schnauzer.

She's wonderful, apart from one thing.  She barks constantly.  The
one we know doesn't, and based on that we didn't expect a problem. We
have tried an anti-bark collar on her which stops the barking, but
just makes her depressed. When she's not wearing it she's just 'bark,
bark, bark' and it drives us mad!

Richard S, UK

You deserve a low allergy dog to make life complete.  Get started
now. Click the button below.

Need More? Lets Recap.

Only the right people, with the right attitude and commitment are
ready to appreciate the joy of owning a dog.  You're one of those,
but you need to know more. 

So here's a recap of what's on offer:

You Want:

* a definitive list of low allergy dogs, and some more which might
also be suitable for good measure
* to know how to find out whether you’re ready to have a dog in
the first place
* to see if there are quick fixes for your lifestyle to allow you
to get a dog
* the breed characteristics of the dogs you can choose from
* to know how to assess your lifestyle and find out what's most
* to 'long list' and then 'shortlist' breeds which fit your
* to find out how to test each breed against your allergy
* to find a good breeder and choose a healthy puppy
* a system you can apply each and every time you need to choose a
new dog

You Don't Want:

* to be trawling the internet for hours on end
* to be phoning round breeders at random, possibly with poor
* to rely on online dog choosing questionnaires - mostly unreliable
* to be buying lots of all-purpose breed books
* to be relying on third hand advice
* to be spending money and time you don't have, or can't afford to
* to end up with a dog that doesn't suit you.

You Get:

* Straight to the point without wasting any time, energy or
effort.  You'll know exactly which dogs are in 'your' list.
* An easy to follow system for working out if you're the right
home, and spotting quick fixes to make you one
* Everything you need to know about 'your breeds' in one place - a
definitive list plus a bonus list of possible low allergy dogs thrown
in.  In all, over 50 breeds to look at
* To know your lifestyle inside and out, so it's simple match your
life to your breed list
* A short list of breeds which will simply leap off the page at you
- saving time and making you eager to get going
* The ability to be right first time, every time, by avoiding the
mistakes most people make
* Ways to test your allergy, so you know what you're allergic to
and how much
* The confidence and skills to put breeders to the test, and the
knowledge to beat off any poor candidates
* The ability to convince a truly excellent, ethical breeder that
you're going to be a great home
* Everything you need to choose a really healthy, happy, well
adjusted puppy
* The chance to give a rescue low allergy dog a second chance at
happiness, if that's your preference

And You Also Get:

* BONUS BENEFIT 1 - no behaviour books or behaviourist services
needed, because you've got the right dog in the first place (value $
* BONUS BENEFIT 2 - massive time savings, because the research has
already been done for you (value $2,000)
* BONUS BENEFIT 3 - low cost, maximum results, without any risk of
becoming a rehoming statistic (value $5,000)
* BONUS BENEFIT 4 - 20 years of accumulated dog knowledge so you
become an instant expert (value $ unlimited)
* BONUS BENEFIT 5 - A system and skills you can apply for the rest
of your life (value $ unlimited)
* BONUS BENEFIT 6 - Total happiness with your new low allergy dog
(value $ priceless)

You might be thinking this is just hype.  It's not. Listen to what
other people have to say:


Your howtochooseyourdog.com site is a terrific resource -- too many
people think having a dog would be great, and jump into it without any
knowledge of what they're getting into.  I had a Bouvier for years,
so I'm familiar with the concept -- Bouviers are not for everyone!

'Montana Lady', USA


My introduction to Bev came as a direct result of her willingness to
follow her own formula for finding the right dog. I was both impressed
and reassured by the steps she had already taken to research both the
breed and the lines before choosing her next Azawakh puppy.

As a breeder I dream of placing my dogs in the type of home Bev
provides. The diligence Bev showed in deciding on her next companion
not only took the terror out of shipping overseas but created a
respect that made me willing to assist her in anyway I could.

I wish I could have started out with the information about choosing
a pet that Bev has put together. It would have saved me many sleepless
nights. There is always risk involved in choosing a companion animal,
but those risks can be greatly reduced if you know what to look for
and what to ask.

My best wishes to all those who are looking to enhance their lives
by enjoying the magic of the human canine bond.

Rhonda Mann, Kel Simoon Azawakhs, USA


I especially appreciated the “How to find a breeder”.  So tired
of seeing our customers buy from bad breeders or pet stores that we
KNOW purchase their puppies from puppy mills or animal auctions.

MH, Grooming Business Owner and Breeder of Chinese Crested Dogs, USA


A Unique system

This is the only system on the internet designed for choosing your
low allergy dog. Get access to tips, hints and helpful tools such as:

* All Poodles are low allergy. Even the big ones.
* A Labradoodle - a cross between a poodle and a labrador - isn't
low allergy.
* There are 43 pure breeds of dog recommended by national kennel
clubs, and another 15 or so which might be suitable.
* Dog allergies aren't just from their coat hair.

This is only a tiny taster of what you can learn. 

A Proven System

Even better, it's all been independently checked.  Here's the

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you!  It was a
pleasure!  This is wonderfully put together.  Woo-hoo!  You did a
great job! I would love to promote this to the veterinarian’s that
we work with as well as customers and other people who contact us.  I
would encourage you to continue.  Thank you again.

MH, Grooming Business Owner and breeder of Chinese Crested Dogs, USA

A System You Need

Now you've come this far, it's time to choose.  You want to be
successful.  You want to choose the right low allergy dog and make
life complete.   You've got 3 options:

* Do nothing - and keep dreaming
* Decide to go it alone - potentially risking up to $5000 of dog
costs and $2000 worth of time
* Go with this system - saving the same amount and getting the dog
of your dreams.

Everything you need to know to achieve the dog of your dreams can be
yours, in:

'Low Allergy Dogs: How To Choose The Right Hypoallergenic Dog'

This will save you time, money and effort.  It was written
specifically for you - people with dog allergies who just aren't
getting the help they deserve.  Here's also why it's the only thing
you need: 

* You get over 140 pages packed full of proven strategies
* You're lead through the process easily, holding your hand at
every step
* You get a breed profile for each dog and what households they
suit best
* Custom-designed tools to make your selection go smoothly, which
you won't get anywhere else. 
* It's the only e-book for people choosing low allergy dogs.  

And it can be yours for a fraction of what it cost to perfect the
system and write it all down.

'Low Allergy Dogs: How To Choose The Right Hypoallergenic Dog' Is
Just $19.95.

That's less than you'd pay for a good quality bag of dog food. 
Less than you'd pay for an hour of dog behaviourist time.  Less than
the donation to take an unsuitable dog into rescue. 

That's because you deserve a big helping hand.

Get 10 or 15 years of happiness for just $19.95.  It has to be
worth it. 

Click the button below to get started.

 Cast Iron Guarantee - Satisfaction Or Your Money Back

This project has been a labour of love. It's a specialist
resource designed just for you and your allergy. This system works
for ALL life stages, ALL environments, and ALL types of households. It
has over 140 pages crammed full of  facts that you can't afford to be

It's got a ton of benefits, saves you time, saves you money and
gets you the low allergy dog to make life complete.  You'll navigate
the choosing process easily, with this system holding your hand all
the way.  It's also quality assured so you know it will work. 


That's why this comes complete with a full 60 day
guarantee.  100% of your money back, with no quibbles, if you
return the book within that time.  

That's plenty of time to start testing the system and find out just
how much it's going to help.  If you don't agree, just send it back
and ask for a refund.

You Want To Get The Right Low Allergy Dog.

At $19.95 And With A 60 Day guarantee, You Simply Can't Lose.

Plus Two Great Bonuses

You'll also be getting two FREE, fact-filled bonus reports to help
you on your way:

Dog Bites - Improve Your Dog Safety (value $20)

Improve your dog safety, at home and away.  All the essential tips
for meeting and greeting dogs are here.  Learn to interpret dog
signals and make all your interactions with dogs safe and happy ones.

Dog Allergy?  Home Care Tips For Living With Your Dog (value $20)

The essential tips and products for home and personal care.  You'll
be thrilled at how simple adjustments can make life with your new dog
healthy and happy. Find out how to equip yourself for some basic 'dog
readiness', so you're not caught off guard when your new dog finally

That's a lot of value. 

How Much Do You Want A Dog?

You know that owning a dog costs a lot more than $19.95. If spending
that small amount to make the right choice is a problem to you, don't
get a dog.  Don't even think about getting a dog.  Because this
site is about helping people who really DO want to make that

You want to experience how great life is with a dog by your
side.  You want to do it with minimum hassle and maximum success. 

That's why this letter to you has been written the way it
is.  Because you're smart. You want something that is a real
solution to your problem.  You want quality.  You want professional,
confident and knowledgeable help.

If you're serious about getting a dog you'll see that this is
exactly what you're getting.  You're getting immediate access to:


A 147 Page E-book on Choosing Your low Allergy Dog, Plus


Two Free Reports Worth $40


For Only $19.95. 

The report and e-books are in PDF form, and delivered to you
immediately after secure payment.  You'll be taken straight to the
thankyou page where you can download your book and bonuses straight
to your computer.  The instructions are simple and it's very, very

Get Them Now and Be Shortlisting Your Breeds by The End Of The

What Are You Waiting For?

Bev is passionate about her dogs. By her dogs I of course refer to
the entire canine species as her actual dogs are more accurately
referred to as her kids.

While working with her on the website for her business (dog related
of course!) I found her an absolute pleasure to work with. She is kind
and thoughtful and considerate. She is detail orientated and
meticulous. She is ALWAYS positive. All with just the right balance to
make Bev the perfect Bev that can be.

When it comes to dogs Bev is encyclopaedic and passionate. The depth
and breadth of her knowledge can only come from true love.  It has
been my pleasure to work with her on her website and when I am ready
to get a dog for my children I will look no further nor should anyone

Ash Goodman

Make your choice a success.  Click the button now to get started.




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