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Who else wants to learn the "insider secrets" and decorate like the Pro's, show off the best house on the block, and impress the socks off your friends?


"Veteran Interior Designer says..."Give Me Ten Minutes Of Your Time and I Will Show You How To Make Your Home The Envy Of Your Neighborhood... Even If You Don't Have One Ounce Of Decorating Sense Or On A Very Tight Budget!...Plus Receive $148 Dollars In Free Gifts!"


...and the beauty of it is how easy YOU can do it!!!

From:  Janice Price

February 2007 Thursday, 9:20 AM


Dear Decorating Enthusiast,

Want to decorate like the Pro's, impress your friends, and make every room in your home BEAUTIFUL using the secrets of Top Designers?

Of course you do.  But how can you do it without having to pay 'top dollars' in consultation fees?  If you've checked around lately, you know that decorating services are expensive -- very expensive!

I know because... I am one, and I've had a great career charging designer fees in the past -- working with 100's of clients and customers -- helping them to redecorate in a way that reflects their personal style and comfort for... 15 years.

During that time, I've created some fantastic and gorgeous home Interiors and I'm here to tell you that YOU can easily do it yourself!

But let me step back in time and tell you why I have some great news for YOU.

I still remember the day....I was ten and I was designing my bedroom.  Yes, that's right, I was ten when a  passion for decorating seemed to plot the course that I would later take as a rewarding profession in life.

Since that time, I went on to get an expensive design education, and have had a wonderful time helping people just like you, transform ordinary spaces into awe inspiring Interiors.

Now YOU can use the very same secrets and strategies that clients have paid me thousands for. It's all here in a new release called, "The Secrets To Home Decorating Success".

Using this step-by-step guide, you'll get it right each and every time -- without spending lot's of money, or worrying about whether or not it's done the wrong way.

I have removed all the obstacles that might have detoured you in the past, and now you can bring sizzle and spice to your home's interior that you've always dreamed about.

And really. It doesn't matter if you are decorating your home or apartment for the first time, or have a seasonal itch to re-decorate using your existing furniture and accessories.

I will show show you how to give your interior a makeover that's the envy of your neighborhood, just as I have done for so many others.

It's all here... showing you EXACTLY what you need to know to decorate for the first time, or to redecorate in a way that reflects your unique personal style for relaxing, personal enjoyment, entertaining, and best of all... 

Show Off and Impress Your Friends!

The "Secrets To Home Decorating Success" is overflowing with all the secrets, tips and ideas I've used to create jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, breath-taking rooms!

In this new 172-page eBook, you'll discover ideas that are warm, wonderful, and colorful -- guaranteed to inspire your imagination to:

Turn your master bedroom into a romantic sexy retreat!

Easily transform your living room into a stunning and comfortable place to entertain your guests.

Create a Spa-Like bathroom to relax in and melt your cares away!

Design your kitchen to fit your daily lifestyle and functions.

Decorate the nursery with whimsy, color and creativity.

Spice up your teen's room to fit their style, functions and imagination.

Create a child's room that grows with them.

Optimize small spaces with the right furniture and arrangements.

Now you can eliminate the endless frustration of not knowing how to decorate your home, or wondering if you have done it correctly.

After all, you deserve to have a nice home or apartment too... no matter how large or small it may be... Or, how little or how much money you have to spend because... 

Creating Awe Inspiring Rooms Is Within YOUR Grasp... Now More Than Ever!

My designer strategies and secrets are all revealed.  This book is like having me there, right in your home or apartment, taking you by the hand, and guiding you step by step -- eliminating the need to pay high consultation fees!

Don't just take my word for it. Look at one of the fantastic testimonies I received:

Elizabeth says, "Your book is my decorating bible..."

Hi Janice,

I have some properties that I invested in, homes and apartments, and purchased your decorating eBook to help me decorate. I was very impressed with the decorating advice and  tips you provide and must tell you that I was able to rent my apartments right away. 

The  homes are just about done and they look fabulous! I


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