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“Who Else Wants a Beautiful Scrapbook 
That Will Amaze Your Friends,
In 10 Days - Guaranteed"

Dear Fellow Scrapper:

Welcome to ScrapbookingBeginner.com.
This is Tiana Lee here and I LOVE scrapping. I stumbled upon scrapbooking while in search for a better way to preserve my memories. Facebook and Flickr albums weren't enough for me anymore. One day, a friend introduced me scrapping and I haven't stopped since then.

I had a lot of questions when I started and didn't have a lot of money to spend. I've gathered everything I've learned from friends, books, local shops, and the Internet and want to share that with you, free of charge. My goal is to see that beginners get their first scrapbook completed, without breaking the bank.
Go ahead and browse this site to learn more about scrapbooking. Or sign up for my free step-by-step mini course below, where you'll get a new lesson each day in your email inbox.

In my FREE Mini-Course, You'll Learn:
How to create something that you and your friends and family will enjoy for years to come What you can do to protect your precious memorabilia How to get started in scrapbooking in 5 steps The top 3 secrets to starting a scrapbook How to find time to scrapbook Why organization will make your scrapbooking life easier To scrapbook about yourself, even if your life hasn't been filled with trips around the world or grand adventures  The 4 keys to scrapping your life story... to make sure you have included all the important things How acid can destroy your pages - and how you can stop acid from getting anywhere near your pages One of the dirty little secrets that will make your scrapbook layouts more professional and organized A digital photography trick that can open up a whole new world in your scrapbook creativity How to select your colors - so they work together to fulfill your vision What the top 8 essential tools are - so you don't waste time and money And much, much more!
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