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Pet Health And Pet Care Solutions with Veterinary Secrets Revealed

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This amazingly simple, step-by-step pet health manual is unlike anything you've ever
seen. This incredible resource is not available in bookstores, in pet
stores or anywhere else...

"Keeping Your Dog Or Cat Healthy And Extending Their Life... It's No Accident.

In Less Than 24 Hours, I Can Show You How To Examine, Diagnose And Treat Your Pet At Home."


Frustrated Veterinary Doctor Reveals Simple
Secrets To Safeguard Your Pet's Health, Slash Vet Bills,
And Even Save Your Pet's Life!

1,000 Safe,
Natural and Effective Solutions for Healing Your Pet -
Proven Solutions, Tested By A Veterinarian

"The Definitive Manual For Treating Your Pet At Home..."

"Veterinary Secrets Revealed is the definitive manual
for allowing owners to treat their pet's health problems at home."

Dr Jones shows you over 1000 Home Remedies to Heal Your Pet. These are all practical, and natural treatments that really work!."

"If you own a dog or cat, you should get this e-book Now!."

Dr. Jeff Serfas,Forestburg Veterinary Hospital, Forestburg, Canada


Dr. Andrew Jones and his dog, Lewis.

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM
Thursday, 7:30AM

Dear fellow pet lover,

If you're not ready to make some simple changes to the way you provide veterinary care to your pet, beginning today...

...your dog or cat could be seriously ill and live a "shortened" life!

Here is How I know..

My dog died young, only 8-years old. He was a specimen of health, given a ton of attention, exercised
three times a day, fed only 'veterinary recommended' food, given all his vaccines...


Hoochie passed away in my arms from a massive tumor bleed at 12:02pm on April 12, 2003 - the saddest day of my life.

I asked myself... why?

I thought that he was incredibly healthy.

But I later discovered I may have contributed to his death, because I believed ONLY in conventional veterinary medicine. You see, I am a Veterinarian.

I'm Dr. Andrew Jones, and I have practiced Veterinary Medicine for over a decade. Over the past 15
years I have treated thousands of pets for a variety of problems, and I currently own the Nelson
Animal Hospital in Nelson BC, Canada.

But, my beloved dog Hoochie is gone.

You are fortunate... it is not too late for you and your pet, if you read on and find out exactly
what you must do now.

Pay Close Attention

Today, I'm going to show you why conventional veterinary medicine is harming your pet and step-by-step what you must do to prevent it.

"Regular" veterinary care has lost it's effectiveness over the years, and in some cases is causing illness in our pets.

The truth is that Veterinarians have STRONGLY discouraged pet owners from treating their pets at home.

The entire Pet Health Industry has a vested interest in discrediting alternative medicines which can safely, naturally and effectively allow pet owners to care for their pets at home.


Lock the door, Unplug the phone, and do whatever you can to have 10 undivided minutes... Get ready to read about the How you could be saving the life of your pet starting now!

"I began to notice something unusual..."

Slowly, I began to notice something unusual about Hoochie. He just wasn't the same. He was reluctant to go for his morning dog walk, which was always the highlight of his day.

I dismissed it as him feeling a bit off or maybe a touch of arthritis... but it didn't pass. In fact, it got worse.

I eventually did a blood test on him thinking he had a tooth infection. I quickly found out that he had a spleen tumor, and that very soon, he would die.

I performed surgery on my own dog, removing the spleen tumor. But, it had spread to the liver, and I knew that he only had a short while to live.

How did an apparently healthymixed breed dog die so young?

I did all the "right" things - or so I thought. After grieving, I came to realize that I had played
a role in him dying at too young of an age.

I came to question exactly what I did to my own pet - and what was I doing to other people's pets.

I came to realize that I and most other Veterinarians are not "getting it" - that in the process
of trying to heal pets through technological advances, we are actually making them sicker!

There are 3 mistakes that I madethat contributed to Hoochie's early death...

...are you making these same mistakes?

Mistake #1: Vaccines - Given Every Year

I gave Hoochie his combination of vaccines every year until he died. I advised pet owners to
vaccinate their pets yearly, so I gave my own dog the same vaccines. The vaccines likely
contributed to him developing spleen cancer.

"Recent vaccinations with single or combination modified live virus (MLV) vaccines are increasingly recognized contributors to immune-mediated blood diseases, bone marrow failure, organ dysfunction and cancer."

Dr. Jean Dodds, one of the world's foremost experts in canine vaccine reactions.

Mistake #2: Diet - He Was Fed An All-In-One "Complete" Veterinary Food

Hoochie was fed a Veterinary approved food exclusively, yet he developed Spleen cancer at the age of 8,
and died shortly after. The "Bright Minds" in the pet food industry have created unwell pets,
producing increasing incidences of diabetes, cancer and allergies.

The food that Hoochie ate was NOT naturally preserved. The unnatural preservatives played a role in the cancer.

"BHA and BHT are known to cause liver and kidney dysfunction and are banned in some European countries. Ethoxyquin is suspected of causing cancer, and that propylene glycol, another common pet food ingredient, causes the destruction of red blood cells."

Dr. Wendell O. Belfield, author of 'How to Have a Healthier Dog'.

Mistake #3: Conventional Medication - He Was On Anti-Inflammatories

Hoochie was showing signs of arthritis, so I had been giving him a conventional veterinary medication. He responded to the medication, but it likely played a role in damaging his organs, making him susceptible to cancer.

These are also known as Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatories or NSAIDs. Here is what Dr Stephen Sundlof of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has to say about them...

NSAIDs carry a risk of side effects, or adverse reactions. Most adverse reactions are mild, but some
may be serious, especially if the drugs are not used according to labeled directions. Some reactions
result in permanent damage or even death.

"It's important for pet owners to be aware of the risks and benefits of all drugs, including
NSAIDs, so that they can make informed decisions about their pets' health care," says
Sundlof. "Owners who give their dog NSAIDs need to know the side effects to watch for that
indicate their pet needs medical attention."

The most common side effects from NSAIDs include vomiting, loss of appetite, depression,
lethargy, and diarrhea. Serious side effects include gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcers,
perforations, kidney damage, and liver problems.

Stephen F. Sundlof, D.V.M., Ph.D., Director of the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

A very popular NSAID is Rimadyl. It has resulted in all the above reported side-effects, including death.
In fact it was first created as a human anti-inflammatory product, but due to the incidence of serious
liver side effects in clinical trials, it was pulled from the human market. The drug company, Phizer,
then brought it back to life in the pet industry.

It has caused a huge number of serious side effects in pets, including death. Here is what Chris Adams
of the Wall Street Journal had to say...

Since Rimadyl's 1997 launch, the FDA has received reports of about 1,000 dogs that died or were put to
sleep and 7,000 more that had bad reactions after taking the drug, records and official estimates
indicate. The FDA says such events are significantly underreported.

Chris Adams, Wall Street Journal

"Yes, I as a knowledgeable veterinarian with 15 years of experience, contributed to my pet's death."

I came to question exactly why I believed in utilizing "conventional" veterinary medicine to heal pets.

I questioned all the "scholarly information" that I had been taught in veterinary school.

I did some deep soul searching...

WHY did this happen?

It happened because I didn't question modern veterinary medicine, and I gave Hoochie harmful medication, I fed him "Veterinary approved" food, and I injected his body yearly with cancer inducing Vaccines.

WHO was to blame?

I gave him the medication, the vaccines and the carcinogenic food. Yes, my profession, the large drug
companies and the food companies played a role. But, I should have known better.

HOW can I prevent this from happening again to another pet?

From the anger, the pain and the despair, a switch happened.

I began to read, to research, to discuss with other colleagues the pitfalls of the current state of
modern veterinary practice, and I began to write a textbook.

I spent thousands of hours exploring ways for pet owners to administer first aid, improve behavior
problems, and even treat illnesses using readily available household products.

I began using my "newer" style of medicine in my practice. My patients benefited tremendously from
this research - and you can too, with Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

Easily Care For Your Pet And Treat Illnesses And Ailments Confidently,
Competently At Home Using Simple Techniques And Inexpensive Natural Ingredients...

...And Save Thousands Of Dollars Compared To Relying
Exclusively On Professional Veterinary Services

Veterinary Secrets Revealed allows dog and cat owners to care for and treat their pets on their
own. It doesn't matter what category your pet's problem fall under...

Illnesses, such as cancer, with conventional treatments that are making your pet feel worse rather than better.

Ailments like back spasms or arthritis that reduce your pet's ability to enjoy favorite activities.

Behavior problems like aggression that can lead to dangerous situations in and outside your home.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed has been a BIG HIT amongst empowered pet owners.

Here are a few of the hundreds of responses I've had from Veterinary Secrets Revealed:

"Dear Dr. Jones,
I have read your book and I am better prepared to handle an emergency with my Dog "Annie".
I know how to do CPR on a dog and how to do the Heimlich Maneuver, etc. She is 7 and has
arthritis in her left rear leg, probably in the knee. I am going to treat her now with
your alternative treatment.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate having this reference
book. I recommend it to every pet owner. It's a must have. Let me know if there is
anything I can do to help you with your "problem" with the association. Thank you.

Alan Schulz, Northbrook, IL USA

"Dr. Andrew Jones:
We are the lucky caregivers to four yellow labs, ages 9, 8 and two 6
year-olds, so have many occasions for the need of a book like
"Veterinary Secrets Revealed". I have been looking for just this book
for many years.
We live in rural Alberta and grow our own organic vegetables, herbs,
some fruit and Bantams for eggs, so appreciate the natural solution
when possible. All the extra bonuses received with the book are very
valuable tools every pet owner should have, especially "At Home Health
Exam" and "Behavioral Problems".
Some of the pictures (massage parlour cats) are just hilarious.
We are so thrilled with "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" we recommended it to (many) friends. We
hope for their sake (and their pet's) they follow up.
Thank you for your dedication in making this much-needed informative book. We look forward to learning all we can to
provide a happy, healthy life for our pets. Thank you. "

Jim and Pat Van Heukelom, with Russ, Ginger, Gus and Abby,
Buck Creek, Alberta

"Dr. Jones,
I am glad that I purchased your e-book "Veterinary Secrets Revealed",
It is very informative and has answered many questions that I have had.
I printed it off and put it in a notebook for quick and easy reference.

I highly recommend your book, and will advertise it for you on my
website, and to any pet owner that I know. Thanks for taking the time
to share your secrets with us!"

Geneva Prinkey, www.officialgoldenkennel.com, Utica, OH

"Hello Dr. Jones,

I wanted to let you know that I have read your entire book and it has
assisted me in educating myself about many things I can do to keep my
cats healthier.

This is a wonderful tool, and I have recommended it to friends.
I actually used the eye bright remedy because my one cat had an
irritated eye, and it cleared up quickly with remedy. Thank you so

Cindy Ishkanian, FL

"Dr. Jones,

I purchased your ebook searching for a cure for my arthritic pet. I
have tried every supplement, but they stopped working. He reacted to
the pain medication that my veterinarian put him on.

You suggested trying acupressure and it worked fabulously. He
can run again without pain. Thank you so much for bringing my best
friend back."

John Wysong, Vancouver BC

"Veterinary Secrets Revealed' allowed me to save $350 by treating my cat's abscess at home.

With over 1000 at-home pet health remedies, this ebook is the best bargain on the internet. BUY this ebook NOW!"

Shannon Crawford, Palm Springs CA

"This book is the definitive source of alternative options for natural medicines in a variety of
medical situations.
A MUST HAVE for every pet owner!"

Dr. Duncan Hockley, Montreal

Jonathan Carmichael's dog Argus developed red sores and constant
itching. His former veterinarian prescribed steroids. Unhappy with the
side effects, he chose to take his pet off medication, but the allergies returned.

Then after purchasing "Veterinary Secrets Revealed" Mr. Carmichael had this to report:

"I was enthralled to see the large number of safe, natural and effective at home remedies for treating my dog's allergies.

Dr. Jones guided me step by step in what to use, and with a combination
of supplements including a common Vitamin, Argus stopped scratching
WITHOUT the use of the veterinary medication (prednisone). I
can't Thank You enough!"

Jonathan Carmichael, Bedford NS

"This book is indispensable. There is a wealth of information
contained in it that can help every pet owner, whether you have a cat or dog, young or old.

I'm a big proponent of alternative and natural health care for myself
and my family, so of course I am for my animals as well. Dr. Jones'
book is very accessible and helpful for anyone wanting to ensure their
animals are as healthy as they can be.

Although it is not a replacement for traditional veterinarian care, it
empowers pet owners by giving them the information they need to make
the best decisions about their animal's health.

It also gives an abundance of suggestions about preventative
care and how to help your cat and dog live long, healthy lives.
I will definitely recommend this book to all my animal-loving friends
and relatives."

Erin McConomy, Seattle WA

"Dear Dr. Jones,
Thank you very much for your wonderful, informative book. I have used the Chinese herbal formulation
for recurrent urinary tract infections and finally have my dog's urinary infections stopped!!
I would rate this ebook at 5 PAWS!!!"
Best regards,

Cecile Mate, Boston, MA

Over the past couple of years, my email has been literally flooding over with questions
and comments from fellow pet lovers.

Easily Care For Your Pet At Home Using Simple
Techniques And Inexpensive, Natural Ingredients

Secrets Revealed will provide all the information you need
to keep your pet healthy or to improve the health of a sick pet.

And, Veterinary Secrets
Revealed does it without
medical jargon, without complicated procedures, and without an eye on
the pharmaceutical companies' bottom line (yes, we Vets face the same
pressures as human doctors.) So...

Here's what you don't need to use Veterinary Secrets

A degree in medicine (animal OR human) - the
treatments are clearly illustrated with pictures and diagrams and the
steps are simple and easy to follow so you can focus on comforting your
A dictionary of medical terminology - the
descriptions are easy to understand and are in everyday English so there's no risk of confusion.
An ability to transform into one of the doctors on ER - I've made the descriptions so simple, you don't even have to watch ER to be able to treat your pet!

Here's what you do need

The willingness to comfort and care for your sick or injured pet so you can alleviate pain or begin treatment before you even reach your Vet. In some cases, this could be a matter of life or death for your pet.

So if you meet or exceed these simple requirements (and really, what loving pet owner doesn't?) then you're ready to...

Simple, Proven System Tackles Your Pet's
Behavior And Health Problems  - Often With
Items That Are Already In Your Home

Of course, every pet owner wants to care for a sick or injured pet.

But too often, they don't know how. Veterinary Secrets Revealed will
break down the treatment options in a step-by-step process for common
ailments so you can

End diarrhea FAST. Use a common people remedy or choose from other solutions.

Cure your pet's leaking bladder. Rid your home of the embarrassing stains and smells in your home, and rid your pet of the anxiety caused by doing something "bad" even though it was - until now! - uncontrollable.

Find effective solutions to battle your pet's cancer. I'll show you how to get your pet's metabolism working to defeat cancer's progression.

Find the specific massage points for hip dysplasia... if it is difficult for your pet to even get up, then find help with this massage.

Manage your pet's diabetes. Discover an inexpensive, safe supplement which can lower your diabetic pet's insulin requirement.

Relieve constipation. Constipation can be painful and dangerous. Not only will you know how to relieve your constipated pet, you'll also learn how to prevent it from happening again.

Reduce vomiting episodes. There are many reasons your pet vomits - pinpoint the cause and choose the best remedy.

Click here to order Veterinary Secrets Revealed now

Finally ease the ache in your pet's back. Your pet will romp and play more without constant back pain.

Treat your pet's dental problems. Bacteria from your pet's teeth can get into the bloodstream and cause serious heart problems - so keep the teeth clean.

Prevent pancreatitis or speed recovery from an attack. Quick action is necessary to save your pet's life - here are 2 homeopathics that you can use in any attack of pancreatitis.

At last, treat your pet's arthritis at home. The top supplements to use now AND human medicines that are safe and effective.

Treating your hyperthyroid cat. If your older cat is eating more, but losing weight, then he may have Hyperthyroid disease - I reveal 2 herbs effective in treating hyperthyroid cats.

Strengthen your pet's failing heart. Simple supplements to prevent and treat heart disease so your pet can stay active and happy.

Soothe your pet's irritating cough. You'll be amazed and thankful for the first restful sleep you've both had since the cough started.

Cure red, discharging, irritated eyes. Use this healing eye herb which can treat most eye infections WITHOUT a prescription.

Find answers for oily, itchy skin on your dog. Use this common household vitamin if your pet has a greasy coat.

At last discover safe, effective options for Kidney Failure. You will discover a Chinese herbal formulation that has been very effective in combating ailing kidneys.

QUICKLY give relief from Hot Spots. Do this first if your pet has a hot spot - apply a common kitchen drink two to three times a day.

Instantly calm aggressive pets. Do this so they won't hurt others or get themselves into a dangerous fight with another aggressive animal.

Treat an abscess. I show you exactly what to do first to heal it at home and avoid your vet.

STOP Stool Eating! Who wants dog-kisses from a poop-eater? Learn what ingredient you have in your cabinet that stops dogs from eating their own poop.

Eliminate painful ear mites safely and naturally. Ease your pet's pain simply with common pantry items.

Speed up weight loss. Add this supplement to your pet's diet and watch the pounds disappear.

Heal pad cracks and paw problems. If your pet has problems with their pads, then check this out - a topical vitamin for pad cracks and paw problems that really works.

Safely treat thyroid disease. Learn the difference between hyper- and hypo- thyroid disease and how to treat each effectively.

Calm Your Senile Pet. Alleviate senility problems like insomnia and pacing at night using a safe and gentle supplement (page 150)

Restore your pet's liver health. Just like humans, our pets need a healthy liver for a healthy life. Learn to spot liver disease signs early, then use easy remedies to improve liver health - cook with this herb that will help to regenerate the liver.

Dr. Jones, I want to heal my pet now

"Dr. Jones' book of home remedies, 'Veterinary Secrets Revealed', is especially
informative and well written, making it extremely easy to understand.

The alphabetical layout is a quick and easy way of searching for a topic. A must for people of the 'Dog World' and 'Cat Fancy'!"

Shirley Smith, Devoted cat owner and Persian Breeder, Nelson BC


"Jessie is 12 years old and Zipper is 13 years old and both have had great difficulty with blocked
anal ducts to the point where they will burst. This was causing them great pain and discomfort.
It would cost me a great deal for a vet visit along with medication and a 2nd visit to see the vet.
The vet suggested surgery for Jessie as hers were very serious.

After reading your book I consulted the vet and she agreed that I could clear the ducts on my own.
So I do this once a month.

Your book gives me the resources and the right questions to ask my vet and has helped me to save
money and keep my two miniature dachshunds healthy.

Thank you."

Joy Stevens, Canada


"My little Shih Tzu, Oreo (15 years old) had surgery in the spring of last year.
After the surgery the vet prescribed Rimadyl for her. She was in such bad
shape that I was just days from having her put down. I stopped the Rimadyl
and have been giving her one children's aspirin per day. Oreo is back to her
old self and even runs around like a puppy on her frequent good days.

Thank you for giving me my baby back."

Jack Hayes, Nevada


"Dear Dr. Jones,

I purchased your ebook after roaming around the internet desperate to find
information on how I could help my Persian cats (litter mates) fight early
stage renal failure. My Vet had done all the testing but then offered no
help other than get them on a "urinary diet". I wanted more and knew
there had to be someone out there who could help. After purchasing the book, I
was able to get the simple medications at health food stores or in the
instance of Tums, at the grocery store! To make a long story short, both
of my cats (16 years old) are doing great and my regular Vet doesn't get it!

This book is worth every penny!

One happy cat owner."

Ellen Martig, www.TheAdvantageCoach.com, Phoenix, AZ

"Friends and family seem to assume that I'm some kind of expert on pets,
just because I own a few -- well, actually, the cats own me and the dog, LOL!
Now, with this wonderful e-book, I really can give them good advice. Most importantly,
I know when to tell them that they must take their pet to the vet. "

Tessa Dick, California

"I shall thoroughly enjoy reading your book.
It is down to earth and is written in such a clear and precise way that I know if the need
should arise I can help my pet. I have a six month old Dobie, who is very aggressive, and insists
on trying to be Alpha. But after reading your chapter on aggression everything changed!!

Thank you again Dr Jones for a very informative book!!"

Peggy Jaynes

"Hello Andrew,
I just like to say that after nearly a year of idiopathic cystitis,
I really felt it was time for him to go to the cattery in the sky.
I was very sad and took him home from the vet for a weekend at home. The vet advised me that
Archie would need an operation to survive.

I felt I would try one last thing - after reading your book - and that was to stop giving
him cat biscuits as they are so highly concentrated and Archie didn't drink enough water
with them. It was like a miracle - he has been well ever since and is eating well and
looks like his old self.

Many thanks for your help!"

Margaret Logan

"Thank you so very much for caring about animals &
their owners enough to send/write the enlightening information & having it available to computer
users, etc. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to learn so much for future reference to have healthier pets!

Many years ago, I had worked a short time for a veterinary clinic & have since forgotten all the good
things that I had learned as to dogs, cats & whatever!
Short of reading hundreds of books; this shall be the greatest of help in the meantime & most
up-to-date. Will gladly pass on the information to others."

S. Fox

"'Veterinary Secrets Revealed' is a book that is long overdue. Dr. Jones has provided a go to guide
for many aliments that plague our animals. The best thing about this book concerns its focus
on boosting health rather than just treating symptomology. I am always looking for safe,
effective ways to booster my cats health, and Dr. Jones has provided this information for
various diseases and conditions experienced by animals.

Jamie, Dallas

"Dr. Jones,
Your book, Veterinary Secrets Revealed is a quick, easy-to-use reference for pet
owners who are conversant with natural health terms and practices. Your book should be
on every pet owners bookshelf. With the emergency treatments and CPR included are a must for
all pet owners.
Thank you for your fast response to my inquiry on Hyperthyroid Disease."


By now you're realizing how many ways you can use this information to
help your pet. But you're also wondering why the heck I would share
information that will reduce my business?

Why Would A Practicing Vet Like MeReveal My Secrets?

It's simple. One reason is that I've seen too many pets and their owner's suffer because they
relied exclusively on their Vets to receive medical care.

Now let's be clear - I'm not saying that the Vets provided substandard medical care. There
are many reasons why pets suffer when a Vet is the only care option. Sometimes pet owners...

Delay bringing their pet in for treatment because the pet becomes ill after hours

Rely exclusively on harsh drug treatments because they (and their vets) are unaware of effective, gentle, natural ways to treat their pet

Discontinue treatment for chronic illnesses because it's complicated or expensive

Aren't able to afford an office visit and or follow up treatment

Another reason I'm doing this is because I want to be able to spend more time with my family
at home, and less time on call in my practice. Don't worry - I'm not going to give you some
internet "cock and bull" story about saying how I'm only doing this because I am
such a good person. Yes, I intend to make some money from the sale of this e-book. But I am doing it so I can
afford to hire another associate at my practice and be with my family during important events
like Christmas.

I also absolutely love empowering pet owners like you with what I teach -
sign up for my daily newsletter (if you haven't already, see link below) and you'll get a better
idea of who I am and what I stand for.

With Veterinary Secrets Revealed, you will be delighted by how much you will learn and how much
you can help your pet.


A natural solution to treat hairballs in cats. This juice can break them down and stop the regurgitation.

How to stop worms that keep coming back. This food product works great for pets with recurring tapeworm infections.

Cure your pet's leaking bladder. Rid your home of the embarrassing stains and smells, and rid your pet of the anxiety caused by doing something "bad" even though it was - until now! - uncontrollable.

How to treat a fever. IS your pet burning up? These are MUST have remedies to treat a Fever in dogs and cats.

A safe natural option for treating Ringworm in dogs and cats. PLUS, what causes it and how you can prevent it from reoccurring.

What to do if your dog been diagnosed with Cushing's disease. Use this to lower the hormone that causes this common ailment.

What do you do if your pet has itchy, red and irritated skin. A common over the counter medication to stop Hives.

How to deal with noise phobias. If your dog shakes and hides during thunderstorms, then she has a noise phobia. A simple, safe home remedy found in your fridge can solve thunderstorm phobias.

What you can do to stop dandruff. Have flaky, dead skin all over your house? A surprising shampoo to eliminate dandruff in your pet.

What to do if your dog is a "scooter". How to finally solve your pet's anal gland problems at home.

How to dust fleas away - literally. Forget toxic chemicals, choose from a variety of remedies to control and prevent fleas (page 79 - 81)

How to safely treat skin allergies with a magical 10-in-one Chinese Herb. Your pet will be thrilled at the relief from constant scratching, licking, & chewing (page 12)

What to do if your pet has lumps or growths. Here is how you can stimulate your pet's immune system to get the to resolve lumps and bumps and avoid surgery.

How to deal with Mange. You can avoid the serious and toxic veterinary medication with this topical herb.

How to cure separation anxiety. Make your pet feel safe while at home alone and end destructive behavior (page 147)

What to do for the head shaking/ear scratching pet. Put an end to ear infections with this weekly cleanser from your kitchen cabinets.

And that's just a hint of what's inside - there are over 1,000 remedies to these and other ailments in Veterinary Secrets Revealed - click here to order now!

If you understand even a little of what Veterinary Secrets Revealed can do
for you and your pet, then you'll naturally jump at the opportunity to ensure that you can...

Instantly decide on a course of action for your ailing pet - so you can ease pain and start treatment immediately.

Easily afford natural and effective remedies regardless of your financial situation - so your pet doesn't have to go without treatment.

Quickly diagnose your sick or injured pet - so you can instantly know if you can administer care yourself or if you should seed medical help immediately.

Immediately begin regimens that have been proven to halt and or prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes - so your pet can live a long and healthy life with you...

It may even help you save your pet's life some day!

Imagine The Look Of Gratitude When You CanSoothe And Heal Your Pet Instead Of Standing By...

And if your pet is in discomfort right now, you're just two minutes away from being able to offer the relief your pet has been hoping for.

In order to reach as many devoted pet lovers as humanly possible, 'Veterinary Secrets Revealed' is a digital book (an e-book) that can be delivered to you in a matter of seconds in a universally readable PDF format.

That's right, as soon as you submit your order on our secure server (your payment details are absolutely safe) you'll have immediate access to the information that can improve the quality of your pet's life, and maybe even prolong it.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed is indispensable for any pet owner because the

Illustrated Instructions Are So Amazingly Easy To Follow,
Even A Child Could Help An Ailing Pet

All pets deserve a fighting chance when illness or injury strikes, so I've put a lot of thought into the design of the Veterinary Secrets Revealed eBook. The book is 181 pages long, packed with vital information on your pet's health and illustrative photos...

Topics are listed in the table of contents in alphabetical order so it's easy to find information on your own pet's particular problem.
Pictures of each problem are placed immediately above the description of the problem to make it easy to select and follow the right treatment plan.
A detailed index at the end of the book takes you right where you need to go when you're searching for more detail. Indexing is a long and tedious process, and it's often left out of eBooks, but not this one! In an emergency, you need to be able to find what you need instantly.

So how much is ensuring your pet's well-being worth?

You would have to pay hundreds of dollars to assemble enough books to cover all aspects of treatment in this one eBook. Books focusing on
dogs, on cats, on behavior problems, chronic illness, and even trauma.

Then, you'd have to find books on herbal remedies - presuming you already know which are safe for dogs and which for cats and which could cause complications (including death).

Add to your cart books on dental health, acupressure, and homeopathy.

Why go through all of the time and expense when I've already done it for you? Plus, I've tested the results!

For a fraction of the time and money that it would take for you to learn how to care for your pet safely and effectively, I'm
offering Veterinary Secrets Revealed for only $49.97.

After watching me test remedies and record data over the years, my family was shocked at the price of this book. But as I've
said over and over again I'm determined to get this information in the hands of as many pet owners as possible.

And, as I mentioned earlier, other Veterinarians are not pleased that this information is so readily available to all pet owners.
They're afraid that they will lose income from people who purchase the book.

Remember, I'm a Vet, not a lawyer, so I don't know if there's any recourse for those who have demanded that I take this site down. I want to leave it up for all pet owners to benefit from - but I'll be honest
- I am worried that some lawyer will find a way to make it disappear (join my newsletter to get the updates on my association battle).

So please, take advantage of my $49.97 offer while it's still available.

Dr. Jones, I Want To Learn Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Since you've read this far, you're serious about safeguarding the health of your pet.
To make sure you have everything you need to care for your pet, you should know that I'm also providing

Three Super Bonuses Valued At $82
They're Yours FREE When You Order Today

Introduction to Acupressure
Learn the basic acupressure techniques - includes diagrams of the main acupressure points for dogs
and cats. Includes specific techniques and selected areas for treating the most common dog
health problem, ARTHRITIS!


Learn basic acupressure techniques now

Healing Your Pet With Food
Find out what to feed your pet, what to look for in a quality food, raw food
answers and selected, effective home diets for cancer and allergies!


Learn how to heal your pet with food now

Cancer Prevention in Your Pet
Find out what specific things you can do today that will help prevent cancer from
harming your pet!


Prevent cancer in your pet now

Total Value Of All 3 Bonuses: $82

Keep These Bonuses And Refer To Them Over And
Over Again, Forever - Even If You Choose To Return
Veterinary Secrets Revealed
For A Full Refund.

That's right, I'm so confident that you and your pet will benefit from
the information in this book, that you can keep the bonuses even
if you return the book.

Not only that, but I want to be sure you have the time to really try
some of the remedies in the book and make sure they work for your pet.
So I'm giving you a

Rock Solid 100% 60 Day UnconditionalMoney-Back Guarantee


If you and
your pet are not 100% thrilled
with the amazing information in this book... if you find that the
photos, illustrations, and information are not an extraordinary resource
that will help you care for your pet if and when the time comes... then
please contact me within 60 days and I'll quickly
provide a full refund - with no objections
and no hard feelings.

And You can even keep the bonuses
as an expression of my appreciation for your willingness to explore new
ways to care for your pet.

All I ask is that please, before you return it - for the sake
of your pet, look in the table of contents, find what's
ailing your pet, turn to the page listed, and try some of the remedies.
You have nothing to lose, and your
pet has a life without pain and anxiety to gain.

Get Instant Access - Even If It's 3 A.M. 

When you click the button to download your copy, you get instant access
to all the information.

That means you can relieve your pet's discomfort within the next 2 minutes,
no matter where in the world you are or what time it is (even if it's 3 a.m. on a Sunday!).

Remember, this digital book (e-book) is in PDF format, and so are the bonuses.

They tell me that PDF stands for "Portable Document Format" which means it can be opened and read on any computer. I'm a Veterinarian, not a
techno-guru but I do know that e-books are are simple to use.

Plus the PDF format makes it easy to search and find the information your looking for.
Or, you can print it out and have it ready to refer to on a moments notice, should your pet suddenly need the information I've provided.

Click the button below to ensure your pet's safety and well-being. You can order by the credit card of your choice
on our safe, secure server and start the download immediately.

Veterinary Secrets Revealed
"PRIORITY" Order Form

Yes, Dr. Jones! I Want To Download Veterinary Secrets Revealed Right Now!
I want to be ready to care for my pet when illness or injury strikes.

Secrets Revealed is the definitive manual for solving your pet health
problems with natural, at home remedies…"

"No pet owner should be without this e-book."

- Dr. Jeff Serfas
Forestburg Animal Hospital

I understand that my order will be processed on a totally secure server - that
this site is tested daily for safety (I can verify by clicking the 'Hacker SAFE' logo below).

I understand that once my order is processed, I will be able to immediately download Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

I understand that I will immediately receive $82
worth of additional bonuses that will supplement the information in Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

I understand that I have 60 days to test each and every bit of
information in your book and if I and my pet are not 100% thrilled with the amazing information, I'll
get  a full refund.

I understand that I can keep each of the 3 bonuses, even if I request a refund of the book.

Click the button 'Click For Instant Access!' below. The instant your order is approved
you'll download your book.

Guaranteed Secure

Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Instant Download


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If not, then click below to order just the e-book!


Click to order securely by credit card

Please give me my downloads RIGHT NOW!

I can't wait to get going and start examining,diagnosing and treating my pet at home with"Veterinary Secrets Revealed".

Your Best Friend Will Thank You...
So Download Your Copy Now!

You know it's the right
thing to do for your pet. And you have 60 Days to see if
this information works for you (you can get your money back at any time within that 60

On top of that, you get $82 worth of special FREE  bonuses that will
further enhance your pet's quality of life!

Obviously, there's no risk involved - only security and peace of mind. Please prepare you and your family
to care for your pet in any situation, for your pet's sake.

I look forward to hearing about your pet's improved health, happiness, and vitality!
To your pet's good health,

Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. - I know everyone who truly loves their pets
will want to provide for their safety and well-being. So why wait? Order now and you'll be prepared for whatever the future brings to you
and your pet.
P.P.S. - Remember that you
have a full 60 days to use the information and the bonuses are yours to keep forever. The Pet CPR instructions alone are worth
this investment in your pet's health.

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