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“The Amazing Secret I've Used To Filter My Home Water And Save $2920 in Less Than a Year...”
Discover how to make your own SIMPLE yet extremely efficient water filter that will change the way you feel about tap water FOREVER.

From: Gary Gray
Saturday, 1:34 p.m.

     Dear Friend,

     Did you know that more than 1 in 5 Americans unknowingly drink tap water polluted with feces, radiation or other contaminants?
- The New York Times

     Did you know that several cities -- such as Albuquerque, Boston, Fresno, and San Francisco -- have water that is sufficiently contaminated so as to pose potential health risks?
- Dr. David Ozonoff, chair of the Environmental Health Program at Boston University School

     Did you know we are relying on pipes that are, on average, a century old? The water systems in many cities -- including Atlanta, Boston, and Washington, D.C. -- were built toward the end of the 19th century.
- The Natural Resources Defense Council, San Francisco

     And did you know you could make a real, scientifically proven to work water filter that would protect you from polluted water for just $80?

     Yes, times are changing and now you too can make an effective military grade water filter that would render you from being dependant on bottled water.

WARNING: The facts I've discovered get ugly and you might be shocked by what I'll share with you...

    Three months ago I was talking with a relative of mine that's been in plumbing business for more than 35 years and he told me a few things that forever changed the way I looked at tap and bottled water... he said...

"Even if your water looks completely clean there's still a pretty high chance it's not safe for drinking."

     I did more research on the quality of tap water and I've discovered that it's severely polluted even in the most developed countries.

"Unsafe water is not just a third world problem. In fact, safe drinking water is even harder to find specially in industrially developed countries such as the U.S." - FDW

     This made me realize I'll need to start buying bottled water because there were simply ZERO chances I'd trust tap water after all the excruciating evidence I found...

"According to a report by an independent environmental organisation Sierra Club to the tune of more than 111 million Americans get unsafe drinking water."

     At that moment buying bottled water seemed like it was the only choice I had... I had to accept the fact tap water just isn't all that safe they want us to think.

     However I couldn't just blindly trust those companies that sold bottled water so I did even more research... this time on the quality of bottled water.

About 30% Of Bottled Water Is Contaminated Either Biologically Or Chemically

     It didn't take me too long to realize bottled water isn't any safer than tap water. Realistically, there is simply NO way you can distinguish between "good" and "bad" brands.

You could be drinking bottled water and unknowingly poisoning your body and your family...

     But don't blindly trust me, read this excerpt from an extensive article on the safety of bottled water:

"The Food and Drug Administration needs to tightened its regulations on bottled water after a four-year study by the NRDC found that of 103 brands surveyed, one- third contained levels of contamination.
The NRDC found the contents of one bottle, labeled "Spring Water," actually came from an industrial parking lot next to a hazardous waste site. "
- Greg Lucas, Sacramento Bureau Chief

     It soon became obvious I had to find another way to get clean, safe water for my family.

     I didn't know at that time, but this simple understanding that bottled water might not be as safe as I thought saved me over $2000!

     Don't worry, I'll tell you exactly how I did it right after I tell you what I discovered in a well known scientific journal...

Can a Homemade Filter Really Sufficiently Clean Tap Water?

     As I was reading one of my favorite scientific journals I saw an article that talked about my dilemma on how to get access to clean, safe water.

     I was a bit surprised they talked about the exact same topic I was working on and I've soon understood that I could use a special high-tech filter to clean my home water..

     But there was a problem with these highly effective filters. They were all EXTREMELY expensive.

     This made me think about what I could do to get the same effect cheaper... The more research I did the more I understood exactly how these filters work and it became CRYSTAL clear how I can make one of them all by myself.

How Much Does a Homemade Filter Cost?

     They were all based on the same technology and after I bought the parts separately I created the same filter for just $80. And I thought I'll have to pay up to $900 for a commercial filter that would do the SAME thing as my homemade alternative.

     The best part about making it at home was I knew exactly what's in it. Do you still remember my relative who's a plumber?

     He told me that on more than one occasion he disassembled a commercial filter and discovered THERE'S NOTHING IN IT.

     Now, obviously, that's an extreme case of bad luck but I want to illustrate that once you'll make your own filter you'll know what you used, why it works and you'll be 100% sure it's THE REAL DEAL.

     To tell you the truth, the filter I've made at home IS SO POTENT I used it to clean rain water and what came out of it was: CLEAN, FRESH, SAFE to drink water.

"How Much Will I Save If I Use Homemade Filter?"

     Because I simply couldn't drink raw tap water anymore I calculated just how much will I need to pay for bottled water in a year.

    In fact they've already talked about the same dilemma at Yale University. Read the excerpt here:

"Those eight daily glasses of water you're supposed to drink for good health? They will cost you $0.00135 -- about 49 cents a year -- if you take it from a New York City tap. Or, city officials suggest, you could spend 2,900 times as much, roughly $1,400 yearly (per person), by drinking bottled water."
- Yale University

     The Institute Of Medicine suggests an adult drinks about eight 8-ounce glasses per day.

     My wife, my two sons and I therefore need about 2 gallons of clean bottled water per day. That's about $8 per day. In a year we'd have to pay $2920 just to make sure we drink clean water.

     But now that we're using a homemade filter we can safely drink home tap water which is basically free - just $0.5 per person per year.

However that's not all...

With Homemade Filter You're Fighting a Battle Against Environmental Pollution

     Not only are you saving thousands of dollars yearly but you're also helping Earth be a cleaner place to live in.


Did you know that a plastic bottle can take from 400 - 1000 years to degrade?

Did you know more than 90 percent of the environmental impacts from a plastic bottle happen before the consumer opens it? (discovered by Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council)

Did you know that to manufacture one gallon of water it takes 6.74 times more water as in the bottle? (according to Sustainability Engineer and MBA Pablo P

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