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A parent and teacher resource to teach children the art of givingcolor>

Learn to knit and knit for charitysize="+1">
A parent and teacher resource to help children learn to knit and why
to give.

In a world where children are exposed to much sadness and horror through the media, it may seem too much to further burden them with the plight of the many million abandoned children and AIDS orphans of southern Africa.

But children have boundless energy and are often deeply sympathetic towards other children in need, indeed people of all ages who may be suffering.colour>

Much more disturbing for your children is not knowing how they can help others in a meaningful way.size="-1">

As parents and teachers, teaching children sound values should be a primary responsibility.

A value that holds the human race apart is our desire to give to others in greater need than ourselves.color="#006699">size="+1">

A case in pointcolour>
Two days after the bush fire inferno swept through Victoria, just outside of Melbourne on February 7 2009, causing the worst every peace time disaster in Australia, two young girls in their early teens knocked at our door. They had been baking slices of chocolate cake all afternoon and were carrying tray loads to sell to raise funds for the then, newly formed, bush fire appeal. Apart from their initiative, it was their urgent need to do something in the face of so much human suffering that was so telling.

"Can you imagine not having parents, a home, food to eat, a school to go to, a blanket to keep you warm?color="#669933">size="+1">

We pose this question in the parent and teacher resource, in part to help create empathy in your children for the children in need who are living in these circumstances, but also to direct the efforts of this project to the last of their needs, being warm.

While it may be impossible for children of many ages to imagine a life devoid of love, shelter, education and food, most of us can imagine being coldcolor="#006699"> or lying in a bed with no covers.

Global lovecolor="#669933">
Knit-a-square knows that its goal, to provide tens of thousands of blankets for all these children, relies on the goodwill and generosity (global love) of the knitters and crocheters of the world. These great people are knitting and crocheting 8 x 8" squares to be sent to South Africa and Zimbabwe, where they will be made up into the blankets, and distributed, by designated charities.

In channeling the enthusiasm and wonderful energy of school aged children, this goal will be realised.color="#006699">size="+1">

The rewards will far outweigh their effortssize="+1">

By teaching children the value of giving, the rewards and benefits are numerous.
They will:

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