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Dog Health from A to Z

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Are you committed to your Dogs health?

What every dog owner should know about dangerous health threats and dog health care.

                       Learn how to protect your dogs health and recognize dog health problems.

Dear Dog Lover:
If you're not ready to take charge of your dogs health, starting today

  .....your dog could die a sudden death

Here is how I know.

My dog Sam, died in the prime of his life. He was a purebred German shepherd that went hiking in
the mountains several days per week. At home, he slept indoors protected from the elements and
always had clean water and adequate food. Over the 2 years prior to his sudden death, he had lost
20 excess pounds from exercise. He had regular vet visits with a clean bill of health. He ate good food.
He had an ideal life for a dog. Yet on April 13, 2007, Sam dropped dead suddenly.


I was shocked. I had done everything right and thought he was healthy. The day before, he had
hiked up a mountain with me. There were no signs of trouble-or so I thought. He seemed to be
the picture of health. I thought he would live for several more years. But it wasn't to be-and if only I had
known more about dog health-I might have been able to save his life.

Sam, who died suddenly in April 2007.

It turned out my beloved dog Sam had died of stomach torsion-a condition that causes large dogs to drop dead
suddenly. Its an emergency I knew nothing about until it was too late. If only I had known more about dog health,
I may have been able to save my dog's life. I don't want this to happen to you-and if you'll just take a few minutes
of your time I will share with you what I've learned since then. Its knowledge every dog owner should have-knowledge
that could very well save your dogs life.

Stomach torsion is second only to cancer as a leading cause of death in larger dogs. Yet before it had happened to my dog,
I knew nothing about it. My dog is gone...but its not too late for you to take charge of your dogs health. Start today. Take
charge and learn about dog health care, dog health problems, symptoms, and treatments. Imagine if only I'd known. What
the symptoms were-what the treatment options were-I might have been able to save Sam in time.

Knowledge is Power.

The life of your dog is in your hands-and you have the power to ensure his health by teaching yourself
about dog health. Dog Health from A to Z is like having your own personal dog medical encyclopedia-but without the
fancy jargon and words nobody can pronounce.

Written in clear English anyone can understand, Dog Health from A to Z gives you the low down on the most common health
problems effecting dogs-from dog diarrhea to dog seizures to dog vomiting. This information-packed 100+ page guide:

Lists dog illnesses in alphabetical order-making for easy look-up Briefly describes each disease or condition Lists symptoms you should look for Describes possible treatment options I didn't know the symptoms of bloat-so didn't  know my dog Sam's life was in danger. Don't let this happen to you. Get informed
about your dogs health today.

You will Discover:

Key signs your dog needs emergency treatment right NOW Symptoms of canine diabetes Find out what bloody dog diarrhea means Information about cataracts in dogs Symptoms of dog cancer Signs and treatments of dog illnesses and symptoms like pannus, PARVO, and more
Inside this fast, easy-to-read and compelling book, you will find out:

How to get rid of fleas...FAST How to PREVENT your dog from going blind if he has THIS disease How to Get the TICKS out of your carpet AFTER your new dog brought them home What sings to Spot to know if a stray dog has RABIES
Know what COLOR of diarrhea says your dog isn't digesting his food and what color means he has cancer
How to Keep your dog from getting bloat by following this feeding schedule... When to worry if your little chihuahua got poisoned by eating this amount of CHOCOLATE... The #1 trick dog owners can use to STOP poop eating How to find common household plants that are DEADLY to your dog
Dog Health from A to Z is your handy home encyclopedia of dog health information.
Learn to...

Recognize the symptoms of parasite infestation Spot common dog health problems Determine when its best to bring your dog to the vet What symptoms like vomiting might mean When an illness is serious or not Your dog depends on you. This is knowledge you and your dog can't live without. Each year, millions of dogs
die prematurely. Often their owners didn't know about or recognize the signs of disease. They didn't take
the time-just a few minutes-to learn about dog health. Think about all the dogs who could have been treated
or had their illnesses prevented-if only their owners had bothered to learn about it.

Are you able to spot the early signs of illness, so you can recognize dog health problems before they get too

Can you really say when its safe to let a dog go and wait and see-before taking her to the vet?

Would you really know something was wrong if your dogs health was in danger?

Make sure you're not a dog owner who wouldn't know when their dog was having a health emergency. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you feeding your dog properly-to reduce the risk of death by bloat? If your dog had diabetes-would you recognize the symptoms? If you came across a dog that had not been vaccinated, could you tell if it had rabies in the early stages? If your dog ate 3 chocolate bars, would you have any idea if he was poisoned or not? If your dog had diarrhea, would you be able to make an educated guess as to what might be wrong? You Owe it to Your Dog to have this Information NOW. Otherwise, it may be too late. You don't have to have a medical degree or understand
fancy language-Dog Health from A to Z is simple, to-the-point and easy-to-understand. It will answer most dog health questions you'll ever have. Learn to recognize if your dog has worms. What to do if your dog has ticks. How to avoid fleas.

Amazingly, this information-packed, easy-to-understand guide is available for one low price of just


And, its available for immediate download-ready to read as a PDF file on your computer or to print in the comfort of your own home.


Instant Access in PDF format

Your dog can't tell you if something is wrong. Its up to you to know if your dog is sick, and what to do about it. Your dog
loves you unconditionally and trusts that you'll care for her every need. In return, the best way you can give back the love
your dog gives you is to provide the best care possible for your dog. We start by giving our dogs a safe place to live, good
food to eat, clean water and exercise. We also need to have an increased knowledge about dog health needs and problems,
we need to understand illnesses and be able to make the necessary treatment available. You now have this knowledge. With
Dog Health from A to Z-you'll understand common dog illnesses and know what to do about them.

When it comes to your dogs health, don't be the one who waits to long before they act. I did that-and now my dog Sam is dead.
Don't let that ever happen to you. The clock is ticking and its up to you right now to do everything in your power to ensure your
dog has a long, healthy, and happy life-the longest life possible.

How much would you pay to have your dog live another year, another 5 years, or another 7 years?

That's not something you can put a price on. But for less than $30-you can take the all important step of giving yourself the
knowledge you need to take better care of your dog. Dog Health from A to Z is a guide you'll be able to use throughout the
life of your dog-and the dogs yet to come into your life-this book will become more valuable as the years go on.

Some of the Things You'll Get

Its a fact of life we can't control everything. Its impossible to give your dog absolute safety and security. That being said, we can give our dogs the best, healthiest lives possible-and one way to improve the odds is by being informed about what CAN go wrong. If you're informed you'll spot the signs earlier and get your dog the help he needs-before its TOO LATE.

For each ailment covered in Dog Health from A to Z, you get...

In a Nutshell : A clear, to-the-point description of the illness anyone can understand.
Symptoms: The most common symptoms of the illness. Treatment: Treatments available.
Dog Health from A to Z is guaranteed to answer some of your pressing dog health questions. Here is a sampling of ailments covered:

Canine diabetes Dog eye problems Anemia Cancer Hookworm Fleas Ticks Antifreeze poisoning Stomach torsion Rabies Parvo Bot Fly Cataracts Poop-eating Chocolate poisoning Dog diarrhea Dog vomiting This is just a small sampling-but imagine how much better you'd be informed about your dogs health if you knew the overview,
symptoms and treatments for each of these conditions or diseases. Imagine the improved confidence you'd have in taking
care of your dogs health-or when faced with unusual symptoms.

Download my guide-you'll be glad you did

You can spend the rest of your day with your dog like you always have, taking her for granted. Maybe wondering if there's more you can learn about them that will make life better for them to ensure they will live as long as possible. You can leave it all to chance.

Or you can get some peace of mind:

          Knowing that you've learned about the most dangerous health problems facing your dog-so you can
recognize them and get help right away.
      Enjoying the pleasure of giving your dog the exercise he needs, and giving him a fun life.       Having increased confidence that you're giving your dog the best care possible, leading to an improved relationship with your dog because you know so much more about his health.   
After you enter your details into the secure Clickbank server, you'll be taken to a special download page. Then when you start reading the Dog Health from A to Z guide, the improvements in your life with your dog will give you increased peace of mind... or you'll get your money back.

So why not grab my guide while it's still fresh on your mind? There's no risk here. You've got nothing to lose -- and you'll gain a better life for you and your dog.

60 Day Money-back Guarantee

Order the book. Its available right now in PDF format which you can download directly to your own computer. You can be reading
through it in less than 5 minutes. If you're not satisfied for any reason at all within 60 days of purchase-you can ask for a complete
100% refund. That's fair isn't it? If you download the book and don't like it-you can get all you're money back. Simple as that.

Ordering is easy. Your order is processed using the secure servers of Clickbank, and you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American
Express, or Discover. Or if you like you can pay using Pay Pal.


PS: The life of your dog is precious beyond words. Don't take the chance-get yourself informed about dog health today.

Order now for just $29.95



For more information or questions, please email dmmcmah@gmail.com

Copyright . David McMahon. All rights reserved.

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