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Discover the Rewards of Making Energy Efficient Choices

Learn How To Put the $$$ Green $$$ Back Into Your Pocket While Also Being Green
Find out if Solar Power or Wind Energy is right for you Discover which heating system will work best in your home Explore options for nearly endless hot water at low prices Consider simple changes in habit that result in great savings See which home renovations save the most money [](graphics/meec-cover-large.jpg)

The motivation for greener living was pushed to the forefront by the theory of global warming. There may be some debate over the truth behind global warming, but a great side effect of this topic is that it has created a greater awareness that it may be a good idea to change the way we generate energy and use the earth's resources.

Energy Inspector and author David Nelmes has a genuine interest to help people conserve energy, but he's also a very practical person so he decided to help build a bridge between being environmentally aware and living a normal life, where you can live a greener life without feeling like you are losing anything at all.

You can make an energy liberating change in your life.

This revolutionary book, 'The Rewards of Making Energy Efficient Choices', is a focus on helping you make an ‘energy liberating’ change in your life by finally freeing yourself from the bondage associated with depending upon fossil fuels and the corporations that have placed their desire for profit, far, far ahead of what is best for the world, this country and you.

This 145 page, high quality e-book will help you see where you can start being more practical by being open to find solutions and not just wallowing in the problems. Many of your energy conservation and energy efficiency questions are answered in this book. These answers are based upon research that has uncovered what are the most practical things to do, in any pursuit to be energy efficient and less dependent on fossil fuel.

Extensive research went into looking for ways to easily introduce energy efficiency into our daily lives.

This book works towards a final conclusion that the optimum goal for homeowners and renters alike would be to convert all or as much of their home energy use to being supplied solely by electricity.

By going all electric, with the right heating and cooling systems, the right appliances, the right vehicle and the right attitude, you could release yourself from any dependence on foreign fossil fuels. Once your transformation to electricity has been done, you could then choose to generate all or most of your own power if you had the capacity to install your own renewable energy systems.

When you consider the amount of energy needed to fully provide for the needs of your home and even your vehicles, bear in mind that there is no way you could ever create your own oil, natural gas, LP gas or coal, but you can generate your own electricity or choose utility power sources that use domestic fuels and renewable energy sources.

Author David Nelmes has combined all his research along with over twenty-five years of electrical, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning experience and wrote a book that provides clear cut solutions for your home energy efficiency needs.

When you read this book, you will see that by changing certain habits and making smart home investments, you will save a lot of money due to lower energy costs, plus the environment will do better as well.

It does not matter what motivates you to be green, but only that the motivation is there in some form. Since most individuals are motivated by their pocket book, this is the format the author has chosen to focus his writing on how any individual could benefit financially by being more energy efficient.

Topics covered in the book include:
Energy Efficiency And Conservation In Your Home The Best Methods For Heating And Cooling Creating Hot Water Efficiently Tapping Renewable Solar And Wind Energy Powering Your Vehicle Domestically Funding And Loan Sources
When you see that it generally costs less to be energy efficient than to not be, you'll wonder why you never did these things all your life.

This book also provides illustrations, charts, helpful images and many web site references for locating the products and information that will truly help you be green by spending a little green today with the prospect of saving a lot of green tomorrow. And, of course, while you are saving money, you'll be helping the environment by reducing your impact on the air, water and soil.
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The Rewards of Making Energy Efficient Choices
by David A. Nelmes Sr.
Experience The Benefit$ of Being Green
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This 145 page, high quality energy guide will help you learn how to make practical energy efficient choices in your home that are affordable and helpful to the environment while also receiving financial rewards for your energy related investments.

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