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Pool School - How to buy a pool the right way!

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How to Buy a Pool the Right Way, From the Right Company, at the
Right Price

By Marcus Sheridan


You are here because you are likely about to make a very big
mistake. If you don't make a very big mistake, you're likely to make a
bunch of small mistakes. These mistakes will hurt you financially and
add stress to your life. You, like most Americans, are an uninformed
Pool Shopper. You may think you know all there is about pools based on
your research, but there is just one problem with all the research
you've done up to this point. IT'S ALL BIASED. Whether you learned it
online, from a friend, or from a pool salesperson, they gave you their
biased, often times ignorant, opinion. Most only know their product.
Most lean one way.

For these reasons, you are uniformed. But this is not your fault.
The purchase of a swimming pool is not like buying a car. With cars,
we all get lots of practice. Even with homes many of us go through the
home-buying experience quite a few times. But with swimming pools,
well that's a different story. For most of us it's a one shot deal.
And sadly, this one shot deal is often a train wreck.

This is why people fill in their pools.

This is why people say they'd never do it again.

This is why many consumers view sales people in the swimming pool
industry as used car salesmen.

This is why our industry has such a bad name.

This is also why I have developed this website. It is in a class by
itself. You will find nothing like it in all your searches online. The
buck stops here.



As you can see, I am not the type of guy to beat around the bush.
That will help neither one of us. It's my duty here to speak to you
frankly and honestly. Anything less would be a disservice. By taking
advantage of this website, you will receive constant knowledge as to
the latest news in the pool and spa industry. And the cool thing about
being here, much of the information you see is FREE. By referring to
PoolSchool.us [8], you will get the hard facts on all there is about
swimming pools. I do the leg work and you learn. This allows you to
have a mistake free, stress free pool ownership process. You deserve


My name is Marcus Sheridan. I own one of the largest swimming pool
companies on the East Coast, but my purpose here is not that of trying
to sell you a pool. I don't even install pools outside of Virginia and

I started my company basically out of college 7 years ago, and it
has become one of the fastest growing pool companies in the world. The
reason for this is because when I entered this industry in 2001, I
realized there was an incredible dearth in one main area: Consumer
Education. Most pool companies are just looking to do cookie cut work
with quick sales, fast talking sales people, little time on
information/teaching, and a lot of time on pushing you the consumer in
one direction, their direction. This really bugged me. This is why I
set out to become a teacher first and a salesman second. I wanted to
eliminate the pool shopping~installation~ownership horror stories that
we've all heard. Realizing that knowledge, when used properly, truly
is power, my quest began. Before long, our company had established one
of the greatest information driven company/customer operations in the

You may be asking yourself, "Well how do I know he's telling the
truth, and not some fake?"

My answer here is very simple. Go to my company's website: [9]. Not
only will you be overloaded with information as you peruse its pages,
you'll also be able to view part of our COMPANY DVD. [10] Once you
review my website, you will realize that I know what I'm talking
about. I am an expert in my field and I'm serious when I say it's my
goal to have informed customers and pool owners throughout the


I have done this website for 2 reasons.

#1 I love to teach. I love to write. I want you to have a great
experience throughout the buying, installation, and ownership phases
of your pool experience. This will become a reality for you if you
review the information found on this site often, read my e-book, and
utilize my consultation services BEFORE you make a purchase. This
process will literally save you thousands of dollars.

#2 I want to make money. Again, I'm not going to lie. I sell
information. It helps you, and it helps me. That's what we're all
about in America. You will see here that my prices are ridiculously
low. All the information here on the site is FREE. The E-book is only
$9 bucks, which, considering it will literally save you thousands of
dollars, and has a money back guarantee, is an absolute NO-BRAINER.
Verbal consultations vary in price, but are much less than your
typical rates when dealing with a consultant or 'project supervisor'.
Once you download my e-book, you'll see the value of a consultation.
The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.


I'm not going be so audacious here so as to tell you that this book
will fit every pool shopper's needs, because it won't. This book is
aimed mainly at the person who is looking to spend LESS than $100,000
on a pool and is strongly considering fiberglass as one of their

For this person, this book will be of great use to you by:

* Teaching you fool-proof methods of finding a professional
* Showing you who your different manufacturers are and the
strengths and weaknesses of each
* Informing you of the various options you have to choose from and
which ones are worth it and which ones aren't
* Giving you advice and guidance on picking the right pool size and
shape for you
* Answering many of the general questions and concerns you might
have regarding purchasing and owning a swimming pool
* Saving you money because it shows the prices ranges of what
products and options should cost

This book is probably not for the person that is looking to spend
over 100k on a swimming pool. Frankly, if you're spending that much
money, it's likely you don't really care about saving a couple
thousand dollars based on what's found in my e-book. Also, this book
does not focus on such elaborate features as vanishing edges, 30'
waterfalls, beach entries, and the like. But it certainly has its
share of incredibly useful information.




Chapter One: What type of Pool do I choose?

* Gunnite Pools
* Vinyl Liner Pools
* Fiberglass Pools

Chapter Two: The Contractor

* A contractor's importance
* Tip # 1 - Company Name
* Tip # 2 - How to find out how they handle problems
* Tip # 3 - Understanding reference lists
* Tip # 4 - Quote Sheets and Hidden Costs
* Tip # 5 - Builders License
* Miscellaneous Tips

Chapter Three: Key Questions and Answers

* Question # 1 - Which is more important, curve appeal or play
* Question # 2 - What should be the pool's depth?
* Question # 3 - Should I get a diving board?

Chapter Four: Pool Decking

* Understanding the impact of your pool's deck

* Types of Decking

* Regular Broom
* Colored Broom
* Stamped Concrete
* Pavers
* Overlays
* Flagstone
* Brick

* Cantilevered Decking
* How much decking should I get?
* Decking Borders

Chapter Five: Pool Options

* Surface Color

* Tile

* Waterline
* Step Inlay
* Mosaic Inlays

* Pool Lighting

* Fiber Optics
* Low Voltage Lighting
* Perimeter Fiber Optics

* Cascades/Water Features
* Inground Hot Tubs
* Aboveground Hot Tubs
* In-Floor Cleaning Systems
* Automatic Vacuums

Chapter Six: Salt Chlorine Generators:

* Advantages
* Disadvantages

Chapter Seven: Pool Covers

* A. Standard Cover
* Security Cover
* Automatic Cover

Chapter Eight: Pool Heaters

* Propane/Natural Gas
* Heat Pumps
* Solar Heat

Chapter Nine: Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers

* Blue Hawaiian
* Royal
* Trilogy
* San Juan
* Leisure
* Ocean Reef
* Alaglass
* Viking
* Composite Pools
* Crystal Palace
* Sun
* Water World

Chapter Ten: More Q & A

* What type of Filter should I use?
* Should I backfill with sand or gravel?
* Should I install a French drain?

Chapter Eleven: Pool Consultation

* Pool Consultation



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notification instantly. Your account will be charged $9.00 and will
appear as "CLKBANK*COM" on your statement.

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