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Website conversions and Online sales marketing e-book

Dramatically Increase Your Website
Conversion Rate or Your Money Back!
100% Guaranteed

_"I LOVE THIS E-BOOK! Thanks a million Jay, I wish I had discovered
your site sooner! I've implemented just 3 of the hundreds of ideas you
presented and my conversion rate has already gone up from 2.2% to

James Matherson
New York U.S


You are about to gain the knowledge that will take your online
business to the next level! Did you know that every little change you
make on your website from the colour themes to the sales copy can have
a dramatic effect on how well you convert a sale?

This book will expose you to literally thousands of dollars worth of
knowledge on key fundamentals, ideas, tips and tricks that will drive
more sales than you could ever imagine! You could easily increase
sales by an amazing 30% with just a few changes specified in this

What Can This Book Do For Your Business.

Your website design, functions and layout are the most important
factors to generating better sales. Without a strong website
foundation, no matter how much advertising you do, you will always
receive mediocre sales. What this book does is zone in on all those
website tweaks and changes that you can do to maximise the chances of
getting a customer to purchase from you.

I have worked for several major online retail companies in the past
and have gained extensive knowledge in all aspects of creating and
running a successful online business. All the tips and tricks that
I've gained from the big players are all covered in this fantastic

This Book is Perfect For:

* Small business websites that don't want to spend a fortune to
hire website consultancy firms to improve their website and business.
* Websites that want to increase their website conversion rates and
add to cart rates.
* Businesses that have entered a niche online market and want to
dominate their competitors.
* Online businesses that feel that they are plateauing and want to
take their business to the next level.
* Internet Entrepreneurs that want to get a heads start on creating
successful internet businesses.
* Web Businesses that want to leverage more sales out of what
they've got rather than spend big bucks on marketing.

Inside This Book You Will Learn About:

* Unique Selling Propositions and how it can create the buzz you've
always wanted!
* The Buying Decision - Theory behind each stage of the buying
* The best way to approach Categorisation and website structuring.
* How useability can make a customer feel comfortable shopping.
* Effective Navigation techniques.
* The importance of layout and visual clarity.
* Purchasing and the shopping system.
* Eye tracking - Prime real estate.
* AIDA - The fundamentals to selling.
* Selling the benefits - the key to online success.
* What you can do to build trust and credibility.
* Copywriting - How to write effective copy to engage the customer.
* The good and bad of colour use.
* Plus more than 25 other important key points!


What Customers Think About This Book:

_"I am part owner of a small website that sells mocks (socks for
mobile phones). Normally we get most of our sales from selling at the
markets rather than from our website. But after reading Jay's book and
chatting to him on email, he has helped us increase our website
traffic from 2545 unique visitors per month to an amazing 8394. Using
his fantastic book (I highly recommend it), we were able to take full
advantage of the traffic and now receive over $4327 per month in
online sales. Jay, You have opened up new doors for us and we thank

Brenda and Jennifer Coles
South Carolina U.S

_"I have a small music retail store that I've run for 6 years in
Sydney. With so much more competition from online music stores, I
decided to compete by starting one myself. Problem is, I had no idea
where to start. Jay's book gave me all the insights and concepts I
needed to successfully build my music website to a higher standard.
Now I am able to receive sales from 2 revenue streams! You've
literally doubled my business!_

Gary Fieldman
Sydney Australia

_"At first I was a little sceptical at what Jay said was possible,
but with the money back guarantee I thought - why not give it a go?
Not only did the book give me some great ideas for my new perfume
website, but Jay even gave me some consultations on the best ways to
market my site. Thank you for the consultation regarding Google
Adwords campaigns. _

Gabriella LoPresti
London U.K

How Much Will This Cost?

This book is more of an investment than a cost because you are going
to get much more back in return than what you put in. If an online
marketing consultant was to give your site an analysis such as this -
you'd be paying over $150 per hour for their time. I have actually
even charged clients in the past, over $5000 to do a complete website
analysis report and honestly, this book is far superior with heaps
more tips, ideas and thought provoking concepts!

Today, you have an opportunity to learn all the secrets, tips and
tricks to creating a successful website for an unbeatable price of
only $87, $67, $47, NOW $37*. I assure you, you will never be able to
find another company online or offline that will offer you this kind
of deal. Why? Because they know they can charge you literally
thousands for it. I've personally learnt from a lot of smart mentors
and professionals about all the concepts and now I'm just happy to
share my knowledge with you.

*As a limited time offer, I am offering this book at a pre-launch
special price of only $37.

But you'd better be quick as this offer ends on the 31st of March


We're So Confident That We're Willing To Offer a Full Money Back

I am positively certain that this book is so powerful and beneficial
to you and your business that if for any reason you are unhappy with
my product or service within 60 days of purchase - I will give you
your money back in full. This also means that if any of the ideas you
implemented from this book did not help improve your website generally
or statistically, then I will refund your money in full.

Final Thoughts.

Not only do you receive this exclusive book worth over $5000 to
dramatically improve your website, but you'll also receive FREE email
consultations with me to discuss other areas such as marketing, SEO,
SEM and much more. I normally charge clients $350 per hour for this
right and you're getting all this FREE of charge!

Again, this offer is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If for any reason
you are not satisfied with your results, simply email me and I will
send you a full refund. I am positive that with this book and my
consultative help, your website will be able to jump up to the next
level and get you more sales!




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Common Questions


This book is intended for internet entrepreneurs and Internet
business owners, not for programmers or webmasters. There may be some
changes to the structure and design that require a programmer or web
designer but all this can be done by your team in house or by an
outsourced company.


This E-book is over 100 pages and is broken up into quick and easy
chapters with tips along the way to help you create a better website.
The implementation of these tips should not take long as there are a
lot of little things you can do that will make a world of difference
to your conversion rate.


_"My performance car parts website was seriously suffering from poor
sales for the past few months - the sales and traffic was at an all
time low. Due to family problems, I haven't really been able to focus
on the website and marketing but now that that's over, I can get back
to making the website what it once was. A friend of mine had
recommended Jay's book to me, saying that it was a great book to read
if I wanted to turn my business around. So I got it, read it and was
simply blown away at all the things I have been doing wrong. I tested
a few of the tips that Jay wrote about and it simply worked a treat!
Who new a different colour buy button could make such a huge
difference to my add to cart rate. Thanks Jay, keep me posted if you
write another book - I'll be your first customer :)_

Eric Lee
Chicago U.S

Get your copy and increase your sales - TODAY!

Work Smarter not Harder - Increase your website conversion rates


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