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"Has Your Life Been Completely Disrupted Due to Severe Stiffness, Pain and Limited Mobility in Your Shoulder?"



Discover How a Medically Proven Exercise Program Designed by a Physical Therapist Will Finally Help You Decrease Pain, Improve Motion and Regain the Use of Your Arm Again!




Dear Friends, 


If you are reading this, I am sure you or someone you know has been diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis, commonly referred to as a frozen shoulder, or at least you may think this the case.  Suffering a frozen shoulder is no picnic and it often cripples your ability to even perform life's most basic functions we often take for granted.


While there are several problems that may cause shoulder pain and restricted movement, common signs of a frozen shoulder include the following:



Significant shoulder pain
Shoulder stiffness
Limited range of motion
Onset of symptoms without injury
Certain motions are more limited than others
Difficulty sleeping

Do these problems sound familiar to you?  Rest assured - you are not alone.


Click below to listen to a personal message from Brian Schiff, the author of The Ultimate Frozen Shoulder Therapy Guide:





Do you want to learn how to overcome this awful affliction?  Why suffer day after day

with restricted motion and pain?  You can do something about this today.  The Ultimate Frozen Shoulder Therapy Guide will show you how to free up your shoulder joint and prevent your motion loss from actually worsening.


Think I am kidding about your motion loss getting worse?  Unfortunately, I'm not.  There are 3 stages of a frozen shoulder:


                                                  Stage 1 -  Freezing Stage


                                                  Stage 2 -  Frozen Stage


                                                  Stage 3 -  Thawing Stage


Guess what?  You have the most pain during the freezing stage, but actually continue to lose more motion in the frozen stage.  So, just when you think your shoulder is actually beginning to feel better, it is really only going to get worse in terms of function.  This is all the more reason to make sure you are doing safe and effective stretching and range of motion exercises designed to keep your shoulder moving and restore mobility without making your symptoms worse.  After all, who really wants to have to undergo a painful manipulation or surgery?  See how this home program will turn things around for you.




So, what will this program really do for you?



     Reduce your pain levels

     Reveal the 7 most important stretches for your shoulder

     Teach you 8 proven range of motion exercises to decrease stiffness

     Discuss how to handle the different phases of a frozen shoulder

     Review harmful daily activities to avoid for pain control
     Increase your range of motion in all directions
     Allow you to sleep at night without pain again
     Provide appropriate strengthening exercises to aid healing & recovery




     In the month that I have been doing your program of

     exercises the improvement in my shoulder has been quite

     significant.  It took about two weeks for the improvement

     to start, then things seemed to move very quickly.  The

     pain, particularly at night, has reduced significantly.

     Shoulder movement has improved also.


     I would estimate that I am about three quarters of the way

     to full recovery.  I spent about six months in agony not

     really knowing what the problem was or how to fix it.

     Knowledge of the condition in the UK appears to be very

     limited.  My own doctor and physio were both pretty

     clueless in what to do.  I spent a small fortune on

     acupuncture, which I now think was probably a waste of

     money.  I spend about three quarters of an hour each

     evening on the exercises, which seem to work for me.
     I would not hesitate to recommend your program to

     other frozen shoulder sufferers.  Many thanks.


     Rob Holland

     Devon, England



[View Sample Text and Exercises from this e-book](uploads/Sample%20content%20in%20The%20Ultimate%20Frozen%20Shoulder%20Therapy%20Guide.pdf)



So, you may still be asking yourself how will I really benefit from buying this e-book.  The answer is simple.  You can not afford to put off getting this program another day if you want to overcome your stiffness, pain and limited function.  Granted, adhesive capsulitis does eventually go away on its own, but even if you have a mild case, it is likely your condition will actually worsen before it resolves.  Do you want to suffer even more?


Keep in mind that a frozen shoulder may last as long as 2-3 years!!  Are you currently missing work, avoiding exercise, limiting your participation in recreational activities/hobbies or simply unable to perform simple household chores?  Have you

tried medications and other useless home remedies without success?  Unfortunately, many sufferers decide to just use their other arm instead.  Big mistake!  This only makes the entire problem worse because the inactivity causes even greater stiffness and more muscle atrophy.



Are you sick and tired of feeling less than your best and putting up with a stiff & painful shoulder?



Good news!  You can begin your road to recovery today.  Thanks to this innovative and scientifically based exercise program, you can see firsthand how a physical therapist would suggest treating a frozen shoulder.


Through my experience working with patients and training fitness clients over the past 9 years, I have determined a clinically proven formula for managing this problem.  Now, this is not to say you will never need medical intervention, but in many cases you will be able to learn how to manage your own stiff and painful shoulder without ever seeing the doctor.  In this comprehensive e-book, I spill the beans on my successful training approach that will give you back the use of your arm again.



   So, who am I, and why should you listen to me?  My name is Brian

   Schiff.  In addition to being a NSCA certified strength & conditioning

   specialist, I have been a licensed physical therapist since 1996,

   working primarily in sports medicine clinics.  Over the years, I have

   literally helped  hundreds of patients who have suffered from

   various degrees of frozen shoulder and associated shoulder



For the past 7 years, I have been educating fitness clients how to train safely to avoid and overcome significant injuries and physical limitations.  Along the way, I have applied my medical background to my fitness training regimens with great success.


Presently, I own and operate a private fitness studio and have worked with clients ranging from professional athletes to senior citizens.  I am an author, nationally respected fitness professional and noted physical therapist, who specializes in post-rehabilitation fitness programs, injury prevention and sport specific training.  Currently,

I provide post-rehab fitness consulting to other personal trainers.


Why trust me?  Because I really do care about resolving your pain!  I am very passionate about helping people recover from injuries and disorders.  My training programs deliver

the safest, most efficient training methods to resolve your physical limitations and get the results you are looking for! 


Just read what some of my satisfied customers have to say!



     Mr. Schiff,
     I just can't thank you enough for writing The Ultimate
     Frozen Shoulder Therapy Guide book.  I bought the book
     through your website offer back in November 2005 and
     have been doing the exercises starting in section Static
     Shoulder Stretches, Range of Motion Exercises, and
     Pulley Exercises since then, and I tell you my frozen
     shoulder has improved as far as 90%.
     This book is a miracle for all of the people that suffer from
     this condition.  I thank you a million for offering this book
     and program.  Thank you.
     Rose Phillips



     Hello Brian,


     I read your book the night I received it and started the

     stretching program the following day.  The book gave me

     valuable information that neither my family doctor nor

     orthopaedic surgeon provided. I have found it extremely

     helpful and have already increased some of the

     movements in my shoulder by approximately 45 degrees.


     My frozen shoulder resulted from a dislocation on 

     Christmas Eve, 2005.  Due to some bone fragments in

     the joint, my family doctor was apprehensive to suggest

     treatment until a surgeon reviewed my MRI, which took

     about 3 months.  I was beginning to lose hope that I

     might regain movement and was in considerable pain,

     especially at night.


     The pain is now well under control and I feel confident

     that if I stay focused on your program that I will again be

     able to enjoy the activities that I thought may have been

     out of reach.  I'm so glad I found your web site.  Thanks

     for your book, your interest and follow up.


     Stuart Bennett





     I think your book was very helpful. I spent about six   

     weeks going to physical therapy, and I did make some

     progress.  But I can honestly say that the routines I got

     from your book were more effective than what my

     physical therapist showed me.


     Joe Forshaw, St. Louis MO.





     Hi Brian,


     Yes, I'm quite pleased w/ your exercise program -- the  

     material has been very informative, helpful & easy to

     follow.  I especially like the detail of the pictures showing

     the various moves. It has taken me some time to respond,

     as I have been traveling--able to continue the exercises

     "on the road". Your follw through for a progress report is

     outstanding.  Thank you.






      Hi Brian,
      Yes, when I do the exercises, there is a noticeable
      difference.  The first thing I noticed is reduced pain at
      night.  It's been a while since I've had an uninterrupted
      night of sleep, but it's much better now.  Thanks!



[Read more testimonials from satisfied customers](wst_page9.html)



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Okay, you have now heard about how beneficial this program is with respect to bringing you relief from a frozen shoulder.  Imagine how much happier you will be when you are able to do the following things again without pain or restriction:


Get dressed
Wash your hair
Reach overhead
Get your wallet out of your pocket
Tuck your shirt in
Fasten & unfasten your bra
Sleep without pain
Scratch your back

I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.  Why spend another day in misery?  Take control of your shoulder problem today and begin using my proven exercise program to reclaim the use of your arm again!  My program requires minimal equipment and the pictures make it easy to follow for those with even no prior exercise experience.  Here is the best part.  The program can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home and it takes less than 30 minutes per day.


Still not convinced?  The alternative may include permanent loss of motion, injections, vigorous physical therapy, manipulation under anesthesia, or even surgery to cut the adhesions out.  Ouch!!  With these exercises, you can rest assured that you will be performing clinically tested exercises and treatment approaches used by a licensed physical therapist that have dramatically helped people just like you. 


The Ultimate Frozen Shoulder Therapy Guide promises to give you all the tools necessary to accelerate your recovery and maximize the function of your shoulder.



Immediate access to successful therapeutic stretching exercises


Understand how often and how long to stretch for the best results

Discover specific range of motion exercises to reach overhead again

Learn the #1 reason why most people never get better with home programs


Complimentary strengthening exercises to prevent muscle weakness

Details over 40 illustrated photos of the exact exercises you need to do
Provides a straightforward program for resolving shoulder stiffness




     Dear Brian


     Over here in Australia, it is a long way from where you

     are.    I wish I could reach out and shake your hand and

     thank you for the tips you gave me re "frozen shoulder"

     and the book that I purchased.   It has done wonders for

     me.  When I first started developing this problem a few

     weeks ago, my Medical Practioner suggested it was



     I had X-rays taken and there was no evidence of that

     problem, even though I am 79 years of age.   He finally

     diagnosed it as "frozen shoulder" (by the way both

     shoulders were affected), told me to do an exercise he

     described as "crawling up the wall with my hands".   I

     could hardly lift my hands up above my lower ribs

     especially in the morning.   I had to lift one hand up with

     the other to pick something off the shelf.


     Then Brian, the miracle occurred, on the internet I found

     your web site, and I bought your book, I have carried out

     the exercises religiously for the past nine days, twice a



     Yesterday, I visited my Medical Practioner,  He asked me

     how the shoulders were,  I stretched my hands straight

     up above me, behind me, every position.   His response

     was "I'm amazed, I can't believe such a rapid recovery",

     and so on.


     So there you are Brian, I am so grateful to you and your



     Yours thankfully,


     Edward Mitchell

     4 Darrambal Avenue, Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia 2153



So, how much does this e-book cost?


The information in this e-book is the direct result of years of formal education and

 hands on clinical experience.  This specialized knowledge is actually priceless if

 you truly value your health and well being.  The regular price is $39.95, but for a

 limited time, you can get it for a tiny investment of only $29.95!



[ORDER TODAY!](wst_page8.html)




     Still worried that this product might not be right for you?  You shouldn't be.

     I am so confident that this e-book will be beneficial to your overall health

     that I am offering you a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee!  



In the event that you are not completely satisfied within the initial 60 days, you will receive a full refund - no questions asked.  That seems fair, doesn't it?  You get 2 full

months to try the program risk free. 


What about any free bonuses?  Come on.  This product is so powerful and effective I do

not need to water it down with extra bonus material.  If you want to fix your shoulder, this program will help you get it done.  No extra fluff and no silly bonuses.


But, what you do get is a lifetime of free updates and excellent customer support to answer any questions you have with the actual program itself.  Yes, I will answer the tough questions via e-mail at no extra charge.  Don't wait another minute.  With just a few clicks, you can begin putting this frozen shoulder ordeal in the past.



[Click Here To Download Your Copy Now!](wst_page8.html)



Remember, this is a DOWNLOADABLE e-book.  No physical product (s) will be sent to you.  You'll be able to access and print the program in less than 5 minutes.  After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS through a link sent directly

to your e-mail address to download the e-book and product bonuses onto your computer.  The e-book format is in adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on your Mac or PC using Acrobat Reader.  This is free software that can be downloaded by clicking the icon below if it is not on your computer already.






Why do I sell an e-book version?  The answer is simple.  I can deliver all this great info to you at a much reduced price because I have no printing or shipping fees.  If I were to sell hard bound manuals, I likely would charge $49.95.  So, take advantage of the substantial savings.  No snail mail or lost orders! 


No waiting, no shipping & handling fees and no hassles.  You can begin putting these exercises to work for you in just a few minutes!  You are just a few clicks away. Take control of your health today and get on the fast track to regaining your normal shoulder function.


Not comfortable paying online?  No problem.  Send us a check and include your

e-mail address.  Once we receive it, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and

the products will be attached in the e-mail.  [Click Here](uploads/The%20Ultimate%20Frozen%20Shoulder%20Therapy%20Guide%20Order%20Form.pdf) for an order form.


Either way, I am dedicated to delivering this important information to you. 


Yours in health,



Brian Schiff, PT, CSCS



P.S.  If you are serious about improving your health, ending pain and restoring your shoulder motion, you should take action today!  Don't delay! Take advantage of this 60 Day 100% Risk Free Offer Today!  The price is sure to go up soon. 


P.P.S.  Be sure to check out my #1 choice for cold & compression therapy below.  Using cold treatment along with my exercise program will yield the best results.  Click

on the icon for more information.







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