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Dogs of the World

Amazing New Dog Ebook - Instant Download!

Fellow dog-lover,

I want to ask you just 3 questions:

1. Do you want to own a dog, but are not sure what kind to get?

2. Do you already own a dog, but long to know more about other breeds?

3. Do you love dogs, and simply love guzzling doggy facts?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then you're just like me, and the book I've written is a must-read for you!

I brought my first stray dog home to my mother's house over 40 years ago, and that's when the love affair started. I love dogs. My name is Alex Harris and what I'd like to do for the next couple of minutes is look at each of the above questions in turn. I'd like to tell you why my new ebook, Dogs of the World, 475 pages stuffed full of information and colour photographs on over 200 dog breeds, is essential reading for you. So, lets look at the first question.

1. Do you want to own a dog, but are not sure what kind to get?

First of all, congratulations. You've asked the question: what sort of dog is right for me? Many haven't and either the poor dog, the owner, the owner's family or the owner's property has suffered. You've heard the tales, I'm sure. Dogs have been destroyed because they have bitten someone. Dogs have been abandoned because they have grown from cute little puppy into huge energetic dogs. Dogs have ended up in pounds because they have become too costly for the owner's budget. This is not where we want to end up as responsible adults.

What we want is to enjoy our dog. After all, dogs are fabulous. Dogs are great. Dogs are amazing. Sharing your home and your life with a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world, as long as you get IT right. And what is IT? Why, choosing the perfect dog for you, your family, your lifestyle and your home, of course.

But how do you avoid choosing the wrong dog? How do you choose the right dog for you and yours? What do you need to consider? There's so much information out there. There are thousands of internet sites on dogs alone. There's a massive jumble of confusing facts and data. It's a cat's cradle of dog facts out there! So, I think there are 2 obvious courses of action.

As I see it, the 2 courses of action are that you can either do a foolish thing or a wise thing.

The foolish thing would be to take a chance and get the dog that looks the cutest to you, or to get the dog that grows to a size that fits your home, or to get the dog that moults the least. Don't get me wrong, these are all valid considerations, but they shouldn't be your only reason for choosing the type of dog you buy. There's so much more to think about, which brings me to the wise thing.

The wise thing is to do your research. You need to think about your own situation and then find the perfect dog breed for you. You need to find out about behaviour, about traits, and about training for dog breeds. You need to discover whether a particular dog is a high-energy breed or a mellow breed. You need to find out how much exercise and space the dog needs. You need to learn how intelligent a dog breed is and how easy (or difficult!) it will be to train. You need to understand if the breed you fancy has any special care requirements or health issues. And the question I hear you asking is: how do I do this?

How you can do this is pretty simple. Easy, in fact. I've researched and done all the hard work for you. I've put in into my ebook, Dogs of the World, and provided you with the perfect illustrated A-Z handbook of over 200 dog breeds. To view a list of the breeds included click here.

Dogs of the World is a reference guide and then some! For 475 pages, Dogs of the World gives you so much more. It give you the facts of the dog breed, it gives you the history of the breed, it gives you fascinating anecdotes, it gives you coloured photos of each breed. And it's all in handy alphabetical order by breed.

Dogs of the World is the ebook that dogs themselves would tell you to buy before you get a dog.

From the biggest to the smallest: the Irish Wolfhound to the Chihuahua,

And the smartest to the dumbest: the Poodle to the Afghan Hound,

From the Husky of Siberia, to the Kelpie of Australia,

Dogs of the World is chock-a-block with facts and photos of them all.

Read about the Russian breed that for years could not be bought, but only given as gifts from the Tsar.

Read about the Chinese breed that ancient Chinese royalty used to carry in the sleeves of their royal robes.

Read about the British breed that students used to keep in their rooms at Cambridge University.

Dogs of the World is stuffed with all kinds of stories for over 200 dog breeds.

Buy Dogs of the World today and DISCOVER:

Which breeds shed excessively
Which breeds are the easiest to train
Which breeds have best hearing, and give earliest warning of prowlers
Which breeds are the best guard dogs
Which breeds make the best companions
Which breeds are best around young children
Which breeds are the best hunters
Which breeds are the best gun dogs
Which breeds are the most obedient
Which breeds live longest
Which breeds are the most healthy
Which breeds are the hardest to control
Which breeds make the best scent hounds
Which breeds are the best farm dogs

Make the right choice for you and your family and your dog, and buy Dogs of the World now, BEFORE YOU GET THAT DOG! It could save you thousands of dollars!

As for those other 2 questions I asked at the top of the web page,

2. Do you already own a dog, but long to know more about other breeds?

3. Do you love dogs, and love guzzling doggy facts?

If you said 'yes' to these questions, and you've read this far, you cannot fail to see this is the perfect ebook for you.

Dogs of the World is a 475 pages illustrated A-Z handbook of over 200 dog breeds. Dogs of the World contains all the essential doggy facts and figures in one handy ebook. Dogs of the World is jam-packed with doggy stories and anecdotes. Dogs of the World contains stunning color photographs for each of the 200 dog breeds.

Dogs of the World is in alphabetical format making it easy to dip in and out of the breeds you feel like learning more about. Or if you're an information guzzler, why not read it from cover to cover?!

I love dogs and I want Dogs of the World to be affordable to everyone, so I've set the price very low. There is no sales pitch, the price of this fully illustrated 475 page ebook is only $9.95! You can buy it, and instantly download it, by clicking on the links below.

Please click here to download my book in PDF format, and enjoy it today, for only $9.95.

Only $9.95!

Best wishes,

Alex Harris

Copyright © 2006 - Alex Harris
All Rights Reserved
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