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Dear fellow entrepreneur,

My name is John Lim.

I have been marketing on the net for three years now and I am currently making a very comfortable living online running 5 websites. If you need proof on my earnings, [click here to see a screenshot of my income](screenshot01.html). You will see that I earned $502.32 in just one day, and that's only for one of my sites.

I am sharing this with you just to prove to you that I know what works on the net. I am not here to teach you rehashed and useless information that does not work! More importantly, I can walk the talk when it comes to internet marketing!

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If you want to get good solid traffic for free, you need to get good search engine ranking!


It's as simple as that! According to the recent survey by Georgia Institute of Technology, 85% of the web users find out about new websites using search engines!

Having spent the last three years marketing profitably on the web, I know what it takes to get top search engine rankings!

Dear friend, listen to this very carefully.
99% of the websites out there are NOT ranked high enough on search engines to get any decent traffic. If you are not listed on the first two pages, you can very well kiss the traffic goodbye. Just do a search on your keyword, what do you see? 100,000 search results found? 200,000? Or more?

How on earth are you going to compete with 100,000 sites for the top 10 spots? Statistically, you stand only a 0.01% chance of being listed on the first page!

If you want to get top search engine ranking, you need to follow the 0.01% that are successful in doing so.

Now, you may be shouting "John, Prove it to me. Show me the rankings!"

Fair enough. Want proof that my search engine strategies work? Just look at the exact recent search done on Google for the search term "kill ants".

I helped my client, AntBuster.com get an incredible 2nd and 3rd spot on a very competitive keyword on Google (there are 143,000 search results in total).
Need more proof? Look at the following summary of my client's search engine rankings as of 28 October 2002:

Website -[ http://www.antbuster.com](http://www.antbuster.com)
Search Term - kill ants

Search Engines
No. 1 AltaVista No. 13
No. 4 & 5
No. 2 & 3 Google No. 2 & 3
No. 2 & 3
No. 1
No. 2 & 3
No. 10
No. 6 & 7
No. 2
Imagine getting these high search engine rankings for your site! Think of the FREE TRAFFIC you can get and the amount of MONEY YOU CAN MAKE!

Would you like to learn how you can have top search engine rankings and get free unlimited traffic to your site?

This powerful E-Book "The New Search Engine Secrets Exposed" will show you how. It reveals the proven strategies you can use to get top search engine rankings without paying a dime.
"Truly amazing. Can't believe I got so many top 10 rankings on search engines just by using one trick you teach in the book! I have literally slashed my advertising budget by half! Wish I had read your book earlier."
Steven K,
CEO, AntBuster.com
What You Will Learn:

Why getting a good ranking on Google is more important than ever. Understand why a listing on Google will mean reaching more than 75% of the web users!
Where to find profitable keywords using just a free tool from the web. There are lots of hidden gems out there. Make sure you get them before your competitors do so. How Google actually ranks your site. This book will reveal as much as you will need to understand and use the complex algorithm used by Google to your advantage. What you must absolutely do to get your site listed high on search engines. Learn all the search engine friendly optimization techniques you must do to ensure a good ranking. Why you should not be paying $299 for Yahoo Submission Express anymore. This has to do with the recent change in Yahoo Search Results display. How to find the best sites to link to you using two free tools from the web. Do this to uncover super sites that can bring you traffic and help boost your ranking. What you can do to dominate the search engine results page. One of my clients use the strategies here and successfully got 4 spots out of the top 10 results on Google! Imagine the traffic you will be getting when this happens!
This E-Book is a practical step-by-step manual. All you have to do is to follow the simple instructions outlined in the book (it is as straightforward as saying do this, do that). You do not need any programming or technical knowledge. Not only that, an actual case study in included to guide you along the way.

"If you're hurting for traffic, here's the easiest solution to quality, FREE traffic...

This brand new ebook explains *exactly* how to get a top ranking in Google. It's excellent. John writes in a very easy-to-understand style which makes things simple and do-able with some concrete examples.

John has just written what I call the "Step By Step Bible" for getting to the top of Google......John reveals how his methods have got him several top rankings..."

Neil Shearing, PH.D.
Author, [Internet Success Blueprint](http://scamfreezone.com/t.cgi/192559) and [Internet Success Diamonds](http://scamfreezone.com/t.cgi?a=192559&e=/diamonds/)

"Any website owner can just follow your clear step-by-step plan, get on top of the Search Engine Results Page and enjoy a stampede of FREE targeted visitors. Brilliant!"

Arun Agrawal
Internet Marketing Specialist

"Just wanted to let you know that the latest "Google Dance" has been
very, very good to me.

By using your tactics, I've gotten nearly as much search engine traffic
in the last 5 days as I did ALL of last month!

I've now geared all of my web pages to your principals and can't wait
for next month's results. You've really done a great job, thanks!"

Joshua Rose
The Internet Profit Wizards

"I bought it & have implemented about half of it so far. Result - Listed
No 5 on Google for the very popular term 'Photo software'. Start adding
niche terms like EXIF and Database and I'm No 1 & No 2.

Google (and the engines it powers) are getting me 50+ referrals a day
on these terms alone, and I'm targeting other terms too! Please feel free to quote me on this on your site."

Andy Bell

"The New Search Engine Secrets Exposed" is an extremely well
written book providing you with the answers to commonly
asked questions that relate to "high ranking" in search
engines. Author John Lim, offers a step by step
instructional guide into the world of Google, Yahoo, and the
Open Directory; considered by many as the three search
engine giants.

Broken down into easy-to-follow chapters, this book is short
and to the point written specifically to help you discover
the true know-how for attracting free targeted traffic to
your web site.

You'll learn:

=> The Truth About Traffic
=> How Google Works
=> How to Research Your Keywords
=> How to Optimize Your Web Site
=> How to Properly Submit to Search Engines
=> The Essentials for Boosting Site Relevance
=> Why You Should Create a Mini Network
=> How to Make Improvements to Your Rankings

...plus a whole lot more!

Within an hour, you'll learn why John is considered the
expert on achieving high search engine rankings and why his
book is considered the definitive guide for building web
site traffic with ease.

Don't waste time reading outdated material regarding search
engines when you can use "The New Search Engine Secrets
Exposed" to achieve the ultimate listing and search engine
rankings your web site needs to be a success!"

Rozey Gean

"I read your e-book "The New Search Engine Secrets Exposed!". You have done a great thing for which others charge hundreds of dollars. You've revealed the exact techniques that search engine specialists like Sumantra Roy use.

Your e-book is so good that I would have included it in my package if master resell rights were available."


Note: This E-Book - "The New Search Engine Secrets Exposed" is a complete system. You don't need to buy any other products to be used with this book. Also, you will receive FREE email updates for the next 6 months as and when new search engine secrets are discovered.

How Much Is This All Worth To You?

There are hundreds of search engine optimization companies out there charging you anywhere from $500.00 to $1,500.00 to help you get top search engine rankings for just one site. And they don't teach you the secrets of how to do it. But with this E-Book, you don't have to pay them hundreds and thousands of dollars. You will learn all that you need to know to DO IT YOURSELF, over and over again, even for all your future sites.

And the good news is, "The New Search Engine Secrets Exposed" E-Book cost just a fraction of that! You can download it within minutes at a special introductory price of only $39.95 and start to use all these strategies immediately to get top search engine rankings! Imagine, just $39.95 for all the proven strategies to get free unlimited traffic for life!
Note: This special introductory price of $39.95 is only valid for the first 500 customers who order from this site. I am only doing this because I am desperate for all your testimonies for my site. Once I receive enough testimonies, the price will be increased without any prior notice!
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Think about it. If you can achieve top search engine rankings and get 100 new visitors everyday, how much is this worth to you?

Imagine how much additional sales and profits can you get with 100 new visitors a day or 3,000 new visitors a month? And if you are spending $100, $200, $ 300 or more every month Advertising on Google Adwords and Overture to buy visitors, imagine how much you can save!

Now, you can use the strategies in this E-Book to get FREE UNLIMITED TRAFFIC & VISITORS FOR LIFE!

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If you truly want to make money and be successful on the Internet, you need this E-Book NOW! And get it before your competitors. Do not end up like most of the webmasters out there. Many of them spend a fortune on Pay Per Click Advertising or waste their time with useless tricks like FFAs, Banner Exchange, Link Exchange, Posting to Newsgroups and other spamming activities.

You have the benefit of knowing about this book. So make sure you use it to your fullest advantage. This book is the key to boosting your search rankings and increasing your traffic! Ask yourself this question.

If you don't get this E-Book today, what else can you do to get traffic? [Click Here To Take Action Now! ](http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?chersern/1/SearchEngineSecrets)

100% Top Search Engine Ranking or Your Money Back Guarantee

To be absolutely sure that you will be 100% satisfied with "The New Search Engine Secrets Exposed" E-Book, you can try it risk free for 90 days. If at any time you do not think that it will improve your search engine rankings, just send me an email with your name and receipt number. I will cheerfully give you a full refund. No questions asked!

To your search engine success,

PS - Don't wait any longer! Top search engine ranking and free unlimited traffic is just around the corner. Boost your search engine rankings before your competitors do!

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