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Rebranded games Software, play all your favorite games on our free software download

Rebranded Software Riches
You are about to discover an easy way to make money with free Giveaway Viral games software rebranded as your own plus Website with multiple income streams

You can realistically make $200+ per day. Your Games Software Business will be set up for you TODAY!.....

Hi Guys
If you have ever dreamed of making money online or maybe you already do but want to kickstart your income into the next stratosphere then read on....
This is a genuinely new and exciting opportunity and unlike many others..it works wonders!
Just a few weeks ago i created a retro games software product. Its free to download. Please download and take a look at it Classicgamesite. This software is phenominally successful and popular and is played and downloaded many times daily (everyone loves playing games). I get links and traffic back to my websites. And amazingly this traffic all comes from shareware, freeware sites and free organic search engine traffic resulting in thousands of visits to my website.
Now i am willing to give all this to you. I will recreate my quality Retro games software product, with a high grab value. Rebranding it so that it appears to everyone else that the software has been written entirely by you. You choose your unique website domain name associated with your software. All will be loaded with your Adsense & Clickbank products, although you can change this to any affiliate network you wish and you have amazingly flexibility in changing the ads.
You will get a replica of my software business, a replica of my popular games software and website, and soon you will earn a replica of my income.
I earn enough money to never need to work again and this market is enormous with little competition and plenty of room for more good quality software.This is a real home business, not some pie in the sky money making idea. And im willing to back it up with a cast iron guarantee.

With this website and rebranded software package you could easily be where i am now, in a matter of months..I urge you to get a coffee or something stronger, make yourself comfy and read all of the following, it may just be the most exciting and important 10 minutes of your life.
Steve Ryan (Rebranded software Riches)

The Games Software Package..

Your own unique specially written and customised Retro Games award winning software. Never released before

your very own games website with Domain name of your choice

Hot demand fun product that you give away for free

Enormous earning potential through the viral nature of this software.

No Experience needed. We do all the work and set up everything for you. (basic html knowledge needed for changing banner ads etc.)

A guaranteed income.Multiple income streams to make you a multiple income

Your own unique domain name and 8 weeks free hosting

Rotating Clickbank and Adsense banners setup and showing on every copy of your software and website. Customisable and changeable by you!

Your Website Links showing on every copy downloaded. Promote and drive traffic to your own sites/products.

The shareware/Freeware factor. Learn how to get your Free Software submitted to thousands of Shareware sites for Free all generated downloads for your product.

A Totally New Concept.. Your chance to Give away! the hugely popular Retro games software package rebranded as your own and showing your high paying affiliate clickbank banners and your adsense code... Plus your own website (you choose the domain name)
An alternative to just a simple 'money making' website, ebooks, manuals or reselling someone elses software. This is your software and you give it away!! Radical huh? Every free copy you give away means one more person possibly earning you more cash with your Google Adsense and affiliate ads, get paid by affiliates from the Clickbank marketplace with the potential to customise your website giving you even more revenue streams.
Interested?? First thing you should do is download a free demo copy of the Retro games software that i will be rebranding as yours here take a look at all the income possibilities that it gives you. When rebranded this will be the version that you can give free to your customers and submit to freeware and shareware sites
The Games Software

The Games software is a specially written Free games software package, its a great product, even if i do say so myself.
You will receive a customised and totally unique to you rebranded version of the award winning professionally written retro games software package. The software is a custom written package programmed in Visual studio and able to run on any windows based PC.
So play with the games and see how addictive they are. Look at how the software shows different ads, how it links back to your website. Now imagine it being your software with hundreds of copies being downloaded each one promoting your products and affiliate programs paying you commissions each time one is seen or sold. Also imagine being able to edit these ads in any way you wish
You can offer this software as a bonus item for another of your products, or even give it away. Knowing that each copy contains links back to your website. You can even give it away. It is your product after all...
I will be turning you into a software author and publisher. Pretty soon you will have hundreds of people using your rebranded software . So sit back, and look at some of the benefits and amazing possibilities of this deal and think how much you will enjoy making money...

for Increased Exposure and Name Recognition

Shareware and freeware can be distributed freely to thousands of shareware and freeware sites ( more info on this later). This will not only increase traffic to your site when visitors come to download the software, but also turns one time visitors into repeat visitors through the use of several links to your website that are seen each time the software is run. When the potential customer clicks thevarious links on your software, it will take them to your website where you can have other offers, adsense etc.
Revenue Generators

The software is free and you can start making profits as soon as people start downloading the software. In addition, our Rotating Banner Ad feature will allow you to display banner ads directly within every copy of your software. We will setup your website just choose the domain name. Your software will be set up showing affiliate banners currently set up for best selling Clickbank products embedded with your hoplink giving a high payout ($30 plus on each copy sold). Plus adsense ads and as you know each one clicked and will make you money. The banners change approx every 20 seconds. You will have complete control over the banners that are displayed. Display as few or as many as you wish, Adsense or affiliate banners (its currently set up to show both!). Choose between banners & adsense/Just banners or just adsense.You can even use it to promote your own products.
Your unique Website Pages included in this deal

Extras page.
The bottom links can point anywhere but will be set up to link to your Freebies page, this will also include Adsense and Clickbank ads. Check out what it looks like here. This page can be customised by you if you wish. You can for instance use this link to point to any of your own webpages or affiliate linked pages.


Sales Page.
You will have your own unique Website sales page promoting your rebranded software complete with adsense and clickbank code. The Paypal button will be changed to your Paypal email address. Take a look at an example of the sales website you will receive here
(NOTE: The paypal button has been disabled on this example)

Once you have received your custom rebranded software and website, you can be up and running and earning money within minutes. You can literally sit back, and check how much money you are earning. That is the beauty of this deal. The money comes in from many directions and once promoted you don't have to lift a finger!
multiple income streams

Now i am sure you are already aware that the best way to earn money online is from multiple income streams. Thats why your Rebranded games software & website business is full of different ways to earn money!

Your Games software product. Once rebranded, you can give away your software over and over again. Every copy downloaded will be another person viewing your ads, clicking on your ads and website, making you money.

Your software and website will be full of Google Adsense links. When someone clicks an Adsense link YOU get paid. Some people make a good living just by promoting Adsense ads.

Your website and software will be promoting several different hot selling Clickbank products. For every sale generated by the advert on your software or site, YOU will get paid, i average around $30 a time.

And dont forget...The website is customisable by you. You can change it to your hearts content if you wish..

Shareware and Freeware Sites. The Benefits
Submitting your rebranded software to Shareware sites such as download.com and tucows.com amongst hundreds of others opens a whole new world to you thats not available unless your a software author...

You get tons of free advertising and promotion from the shareware sites when you submit your freeware and shareware software. This is a totally free and easy process ( i will show you how to do this ) and it can even be automated. Look at the Google results for my software here (over 500 backlink results instantly!). Your Rebranded software can have as many or more links in a short space of time.
The potential customer downloads the free version of your software hence there will be plenty of downloads. The software has a link back to your website giving you instant traffic!
The software your customers download has advertising on it making you instant and recurring cash.

This truly opens up a whole new untapped world of promotion for you thats worth its weight in gold.

I must admit something at this point... I never thought I would give away this superb product and secrets that are serving me so well, and you may well be wondering...
If its such a great product, then why am i giving away my software and all my secrets??
There are three reasons I am exposing the secrets that have made me shed loads of cash as a software owner and affiliate.
Well im going to be honest here, I am not doing this because im in a generous mood or have suddenly seen the light. I love adding different income streams into my bank account, hey even if i had $50 million in the bank id still do this. Im always working on new products and looking for new opportunities. It keeps me interested and my mind alert, and this is another income stream for me, albeit a very very special one.
Selling a certain number of this product isn't going to impact on my earnings, or my lifestyle. I have enough cash to lead a comfortable life already and its a huge market with billions of customers out there.
Im still not sure if this is a good idea on my part as most internet marketeers keep the really good stuff a secret, but hey ho...Time will tell me if i should or shouldnt have let the cat out of the bag.
Thirdly...Because my attention keeps moving onto doing new things, I know for a fact that im not promoting my software as well as i should. I dont use PPC, i dont write articles. Someone will use all these methods and make a mega product and mega money. And good luck to you. It would be nice to see how far my baby can go..
I must admit i originally intended to sell my 'Rebranded games software deal' for a very acceptable and bargain price of $229 to my existing mailing list only - and I knew it would sell like crazy at that price
Dont forget , i will rebrand the software for you, put on your adsense and clickbank codes, set up your website etc.. I would have killed for this opportunity six months ago to save me from all the hard work, fine tuning and mistakes that cost me so many hours and money that has gone into this project. But act quickly as i will limit and then suspend all sales of this product at my time of choosing. I hope you can see this can be as big a life changing event for you as it has been for me....
But i understand for some people this is a lot of money even though its a phenomenal deal....So, after some thinking, I finally decided that as i have only just launched this revolutionary product and i want some feedback from you guys I have decided to dramatically lower the price for a very select short period of time, the limited time price is just $229 $120. A sensible price for anyone who really wants to have the opportunity of a lifetime, and make an easy living from home.
That's right: after a lot of back and forth, I was finally persuaded to slash my price to $229 $120- so that everyone who acted fast could benefit
Remember one thing guys.., I do reserve the right to increase this strictly limited low price at any time.
..And, only if you order today, right now are you ensured freedom from the daily grind..If not you risk paying the Full price or it may even be gone forever...
And because i know this is such a winning deal....
I am offering you no risk full 2 months guarantee



If you dont make some serious cash and have your life changed..For the better,
you will receive a full and complete refund.
Im so confident you will be delighted and amazed with 'Rebranded Software Riches' that anyone who decides its not for them or doesnt work out will get all of their money back.
Its a no risk deal - give it a test drive for a complete 2 months( 8 weeks). In the amazingly, unbelievable event of you not making a good living using it then you will receive every penny of your tiny investment back.



OK enough chat... Its decision time.... Just imagine how this deal can affect your life, for the better..Remember one thing, i will never repeat this offer. Act straight away, right here and right now, before you lose out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

YES PLEASE I want my own games software package and website business selling the superb'Retro software games pack'

Set up my Games software for me and my website adding my Clickbank and Adsense codes. Plus full instructions on what to do next. I understand this is a limited offer and wont be around for long so send it quick.
I want to start earning cash now!!

Click below to become a software owner and start earning multiple income money today.
Buy Now Only $120

Oh and one last thing: This is without a shadow of doubt, the lowest ever price, The only way its gonna go..is up and deservedly so.. I will certainly be increasing this bargain basement price very... very... soon, the price will rise to $197 without any warnings. It will never ever be offered at a lower price..You must make a decision now, while this opportunity is still on the table. Because soon, it will be gone. Maybe forever...

P.S. Remember that I offer a no-quibble 100% full eight-week money back guarantee. In other words, if you don't make a great living from affiliate marketing, if you can't tell your boss where he can stick it, in fact for any reason - just let me know and I will give you a full refund.

What exactly do i get when i buy your rebranded games software ?
You get a totally unique version of the games software that belongs to you. You become the owner of the software and can sell it however you wish.You will also receive your own website with unique domain name that will contain your adsense code and affiliate links.

Can i offer giveaway rights to my customers?
If you wish. You decide if your customers can resell your product. It may help increase sales if you do and you will get many more copies into the marketplace.

Is it hard to set up / use? HTML is a foreign language to me
No we do all the work, once set up you just need to promote your website and software using many different methods.You can alter your website if you wish using a html editor and some basic knowledge.

Is it illegal?
No it is totally legal. The software is owned and programmed by my company and the flash games are all freely available on the net. Dont forget you dont charge for this software, you give it away.

Do I Have to pay ever again?
No, its a one off payment, no commission fees and no other fees ever! You only pay hosting fees after your first year if you wish. And i only charge $5 per month

Do you guarantee i'll make money?
Well its going to be hard not to. You have a great product and as long as people download it and play it then the money will come. However if no one sees your site or knows about your software, no ones gonna see your product. I can guarantee if people know about your software and are viewing your site a percentage WILL buy from the links and click on the ads. And yes you can earn very good money.

How do i promote my website?
You can use one of the many pay per click search engines, online directories, forums, directories, article sites and many other ways. I will help you with this after purchase.

Im convinced, what do i do next?
Order the package, send me the url you want for your unique website. We will have you setup within 24 hours.

How do i get paid by Adsense and Clickbank ?
Once you sign up to these companies. Instructions are given and its all free of charge. You will get a bi weekly check from Clickbank and the money paid straight into your bank account or by check from Google Adsense on a monthly basis. Full details supplied after purchase.

Do i have to use Clickbank or Adsense on my websites?
No. You can use many other types of affiliate links. You can even sell advertising space, or remove them. Its totally customisable by you..

You mention giving it away my software. Why would i do that?
Because each copy of your software has links to your website and affiliate links. The more people owning your software the more money you can potentially make.

Where is my website hosted and can i change it?
Your website is yours to move wherever you wish or we can host on our secure servers. We will also set up a hosting payment of $2.99 per month.You can change hosting anytime you wish.

Why is the domain name kept by you for the 12 weeks?
We are a reputable company and there is no need to worry. However some people are out to abuse the refund system. If you ask for a refund anytime within the first 12 weeks, we will take back ownership of the website and refund your cash. If we transferred the domain to you straight away. You could claim a refund and keep the website and revenue streams.

Click below to become a Rebranded Games software publisher and start earning multiple income money today.
Buy Now Using Paypal Only $129

If you have any questions about our services or software, please feel free to Contact Us and we'll get back to you right away.

Disclaimer: Clickbank reserves the
right to change their policies and procedures at any time without

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