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How To Develop Your Own Valuable And Powerful Psychic, Clairvoyant And Telekinetic Powers To Use Whenever, Wherever And However You Wish, Using Proven Methods


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Dear Friend,

Every human being, without exception, as well as many animals have been endowed with "God-given" psychic, clairvoyant, telepathic and other profound abilities to use at will; they simply need unlocking with the right key.

Why keep phoning  "psychic hotlines" costing dollars per minute, when you cannot even be sure whether the "psychic" on the other end is even genuine, many are not, when for less than the cost of a single call to a psychic hotline you can develop your own natural psychic ability to use anytime.

Don't let anyone tell you that you have to be "special" or "gifted" or "come from a "psychic family" to enjoy the benefit of psychic powers; it simply is not true; anyone making such a claim is misleading you for some reason.

The numerous testimonials we receive from people already enjoying the benefits of controlling their own psychic powers speak for themselves:


I began the "Developing Psychic Powers" program around four weeks ago. Doing the exercises as they are taught in the course, I am beginning to notice an awareness, a "knowingness" at times during my daily life.  I "know" when the telephone will ring, and who it will be.  I "know" where to go for a parking place. I just "know" that store will have what I am looking for. 


 I could not find my car keys one morning, so I just stopped, and I "knew" right where they were.  Trusting this new ability is what I have to work on right now.  My keys "could not" have been where they were.  I did not remember going into that room after I came home.  Yet I just trusted, went to the room, and there they were, just as I had "felt" them. 


I truly feel that this course, as it is presented, is what has made such a major change in my perceptive abilities.  Thank You! 


Patricia, Penn Valley, CA


Thousands of years ago our ancient ancestors routinely used their own psychic abilities for survival. 

The ancient cave people had no elaborate equipment which we take for granted now. All they had were primitive weapons, their strength and their psychic powers upon which their survival depended.

Our ancient ancestors might have been primitive in terms of technology and other modern conveniences taken for granted today, but they sure were not primitive when it came to making maximum use of the psychic powers they knew they had. Before they embarked on a hunting trip they would paint a picture of their quarry on the wall of the cave, and by using trance techniques would reach out to their intended prey, which was often many times their size, and by using psychic attraction would cause the prey to be ready and waiting. They always knew beyond doubt they would feed.

Even today there are cultures hidden away from "modern civilisation" who still use their psychic powers of all types in order to survive quite happily.

You might even have heard of the "psychic leaders" of these tribes; they are known as "shamans".

Everyone has the potential to develop shaman type powers; and greater.

As humans have become more focused upon material things, influenced by religion and have become more skeptical, these natural psychic abilities have been forgotten over time.

As the saying goes "use it or lose it". 

The unfortunate fact is that most of mankind in "modern society" has come to rely on material things, thereby turning its back on our true Spiritual reality, and therefore these abilities that we all enjoy as infinite, immortal, Spiritual beings have long been forgotten.

However; forgotten does not mean "lost". 

Your natural psychic potential still exists as strongly as ever, simply lying dormant waiting to be awakened, developed and exercised.

As with the loss of any facility, whether physical or mental, once the realisation is there that any natural ability can be restored with the right knowledge, exercise and commitment, the motivation to succeed takes over and even "miracles" seem possible.

I knew from then that what I needed to do was to create a complete course of books for developing all types of psychic powers; books that could enable absolutely anyone to quickly and easily develop a wide range of psychic powers, without years of exercises.

The final result was the Developing Psychic Powers course.

Even though the Developing Psychic Powers course was launched only quite recently, the enthusiastic testimonials are already arriving by the day and really speak for themselves:


Hi! I have looked in to this psychic power and other paranormal things for over a year now, it's amazing what the human mind is capable of.

I'm listening to a lot of radio shows on this subject several days a week, it's interesting to hear what other people are saying about this power of the human mind.

I have just begun reading your developing psychic powers course, and so far it's been great, i hope everybody who studies this course and power will use it for the benefit of all life in the universe.

Thank you very much Adrian


Erik Hirsimaki, gavleborgs lan.


Developing Psychic Powers includes everything needed to restore your Psychic potential.

Once awakened, as with any ability, the more you use your psychic ability the stronger it becomes.

Once you have gained your psychic powers, as with any inner ability, for example The Law of Attraction, the more you use them the more natural they will become, until finally they are part of your everyday life.

These are precisely the reasons I have committed so much time in creating the Developing Psychic Powers course just for you.

Before setting to out create the Developing Psychic Powers course it was my objective to create a course that potentially anyone could follow and succeed.

Here are just a very few of the valuable Psychic Powers you will be able to enjoy:

Clairvoyance: How to "See" beyond the physical worlds, often known as the "Astral Planes"

Clairaudience: How to "hear" people and other sounds from the Astral Planes, the afterlife

Clairsentience: How to "feel" and "sense" Energies from the inner planes of life

Psychic mediumship: How to contact "deceased" people now living in the "afterlife"

Psychic intuition: How to sense and interpret psychic Energy including events

Telekinesis: How to move, bend and influence objects, however large, even sprout seeds

Telepathy: How to communicate with other humans and other life with the Mind alone

Spirit Guides: How to communicate with your Spirit Guides and other Astral helpers

Higher-Self: How to communicate with your Higher-Self for valuable guidance and answers

Psychometry: How to "view" or sense past events by feeling an old object associated with it

And much more.

Can you imagine having any or all of these valuable psychic powers available to you at will, know they are real, and never again feeling the need to phone another dollars per minute psychic hotline?

Well the truth is you do not need to imagine; you can begin to achieve just as soon as receive your Developing Psychic Powers course; just as others already have in just a few short weeks.


Developing Psychic Powers is an excellent route to other metaphysical abilities including:

Astral Projection

Out of Body Experiences

Lucid Dreaming


Remote Viewing

And not only that, your psychic abilities will be of tremendous value in your own life:

Discover the whereabouts of previously unknown items and people

Send a "psychic prompt" or message to someone to send a message or do something for you

Receive advice and a different perspective from your own "spirit guides"

Receive and decode valuable messages delivered in your dreams

Improve your health, relationships and lifestyle by getting answers fast

And of course the practical and financial benefits:

All from the comfort of your own home, or whenever or wherever suits you

Never waste money on a "psychic hotline" again. Save a fortune

Use your psychic abilities for the benefit of your loved ones and others

Never wonder what "might have been"; always know beyond doubt

Never be left wondering what to do next; always intuitively know


I want to thank you for this opportunity.  I bought your book Our Ultimate Reality, and I receive the Developing Psychic Powers newsletter.  I am happy to say I have learned so much, I have enjoyed all the information. 


I have learned to meditate at a very deep level and with continuing with your reading material, I expect that I will be learning more.  I have experienced many different things, with psychic abilities, I had a prowler outside and my higher self woke me after showing me in dream who and where they were on the property.  I am very pleased with all the knowledge you have shared with us. 


Thank you,  Penny


You might well have seen "instructions" on gaining psychic powers elsewhere but be extremely aware  that proven information for developing genuine psychic powers and other abilities such as telekinesis and psychic mediumship generally are not in any way easy to find.

The very last thing you want to do, as many have experienced to their own cost and frustration in the past, is to spend weeks following some erroneous "instructions" that  lead to nowhere except extreme frustration and a lot of wasted time and money and disillusionment.

Note: it is extremely important to know how and why each psychic ability actually works. Simply following a set of instructions is not enough. The Developing Psychic Powers course explains every possible aspect of your psychic ability in an easily understandable form. 

One of the secrets to success in developing psychic powers is a profound belief that they work. The Developing Psychic Powers Course will leave you in absolutely no doubt whatsoever that psychic powers are very real, and that you too can easily gain them.

You have vast psychic potential that will enable you to enjoy a wide range of valuable abilities, but it is so important to start on the right foot, and not go down a road to nowhere.

If you do involve yourself with the wrong course of instruction, and as a result fail to develop any sort of psychic ability and become disillusioned as direct result; your disillusionment will act as a great barrier to developing psychic powers in the future due to a loss of faith in the process. 

Belief, faith and knowing are crucial and Developing Psychic Powers provides them.

What really matters of course are real life results, and Developing Psychic Powers has plenty of those as witnessed by the numerous testimonials I receive.


This series of books has advanced my development in the last few months beyond what I had gained in several years. I, like many people, want to be the best I can be, to realize my full potential.


For years I have tried to find real material to guide me, never finding anything better than my own ideas and concepts, until now. The Developing Psychic Powers books are without comparison. No ridiculous philosophy to sort through to find the meat of the subject. Your way of thinking is right on the mark. 


If anyone is looking for real material to guide you towards your dreams, they have found the right place. All that waits is your commitment to you.


lower = better; 1 = best

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