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Manifesting the Ultimate is the only book that willteach you what you really need to know in order tobe able to "quickly" take control of your  manifestation abilities.Most people don't realize that the manifestationprocess is an automatic and involuntary system ofthe human body and mind.   It is like breathing or blinking your eyes, you don'thave to think about it to do it, yet you can TAKECONTROL of an automatic or involuntary process.  You can blink your eyes when you want and youcan hold your breath or do deep breathing.As far as manifesting goes, there are three types ofpeople in the world...1. Those who know and realize that they manifesttheir own circumstances and try to take consciouscontrol of the process but, for some reason, theyare unable to manifest what they truly desire....thenthere is number2. People who do not believe that they aremanifesting their own circumstances  usuallybelieve that their circumstances are created byeither fate, luck or God, while all the time they areunaware that THEY are manifesting their owncircumstances on a subconscious level and merelycreating the ILLUSION that fate, luck or God arecontrolling their circumstances in life....and finallynumber3. People who actually take conscious control oftheir natural inborn ability of manifestation and dotruly control their own circumstances in life.    If youare in category number 3 you probably don't needthis bookHere is what I will give you for free...if you read this ad...there is a link atthe bottom of this page that allows you to download two chapters fromthis book (chapter one and chapter three) which are very importantchapters and will hopefully entice you to get and read the entire book.I will also give you a complete chapter synopsis for all chapters for freeso that you can get an idea of all that is covered in this book and howthese two chapters are but a small integral part of the overall effect.  Why is this book "the one"...why is it different from all the other systemsor techniques, that you have possibly tried, that have not worked for you?Keep reading and you will learn the answers to those and many otherimportant questions that will reveal to you why you have finally foundwhat you have been searching for your entire life, even if you neverrealized that this is what you have been searching for.Today, in our world, Manifestation of one's own circumstances is a verypopular topic.  There are all kinds of systems and techniques and gurusout there claiming to have the answers to this age old secret knowledge.  That knowledge would be "how do I manifest the circumstances that Itruly desire in life and how do I not take a lifetime to do it".People all over the world are becoming aware of manifestation.  Theybuy books, find gurus, go to seminars, watch movies and videos andgenerally seek out this knowledge everywhere and anywhere they canfind it.  However, very few actually ever learn to truly manifest what they reallydesire in life.  They become very frustrated and some start to believe that it is a hoax or a scam and that no one can really manifest their owncircumstances in life.  Let me ask you this, if you are not manifesting your owncircumstances, then, who or what is?  You might say, Hey this isall random chance or luck or fate or God or destiny.  Many people hold those beliefs, but you will see in this book and it will be PROVEN to you, that even if you believe those things...you are stillmanifesting your own circumstances and you are also manifesting theILLUSION that fate, luck, destiny or God is providing your circumstances.How is that possible?  It is not only possible - it is true, but you need tohave it explained to you. I do that in the book and I will not waste timehere trying to PROVE things to you.  However let me just say that you may not be aware of the powers thatyou possess as a human being.  You have possibly been conditioned orbrainwashed to think that being human is just a higher animal form and it does not include any special powers.If you believe that, I can tell you that this is one, and only one, core beliefand reason why you are not able to manifest what you truly want in life.Now this book is entitled "Manifesting The Ultimate: Perfect Health,Massive Wealth, True Love and Infinite Happiness"...I would guess thatthere is  probably not one adult on the planet who is not interested in atleast one of those circumstances ...if not all of them.   Having studied Parapsychology, Metaphysics and Theology for the past43 of my 63 years on the planet...I have looked at every method andsystem out there...and in my opinion there are only two authors whoreally deliver the goods, of all the presentations available worldwide.  In this book, of course, I will reveal these other two greatest of books inthe world today because,  for me, they have been perfect companions to this book.   When you purchase this book and go to any bookstore and purchase the other two ...you will have the definitive library on manifestation and there is absolutely no way that you will fail.  You will manifest all of your true desires, no matter how far fetched orhuge or miraculous your desires might be....All of your desires must be within the limits of your creature hood...that is to say ...you can not jump off a tall building and flap your arms and fly or breath underwater.  So as a human, you have physical limitations that can not be manifested.  But as a being you have NO limitations.   This is an important distinction.In your dreams or imagination YOU CAN fly or breath underwater  or anyother situation you can imagine.  However being perfectly healthy or having massive wealth, true love and infinite happiness are absolutely easily attainable in physical waking fleshlife.  Look around you, there are many people who have and live thesecircumstances and they are so easy to achieve that it will seem likemagic to you because you have been conditioned and brainwashed tobelieve that these situations are hard to come by.  You have formed opinions and beliefs that these wonderfulcircumstances, that you truly desire, are almost impossible for YOU  toget.   BECAUSE you believe this ...then for YOU, these circumstances AREimpossible to achieve...because you believe little sayings like "nothinggood comes easy"....then for YOU nothing good will come easy.....These wonderful circumstances that you want are as easy to manifest as a cup of coffee.  You, however, do not know this and certainly do notbelieve this.You probably don't believe that you have any special or magical powersas a human to manifest these things.  Think for a moment, when did you decide that you couldn't get these things or that they were difficult to come by or that it would take a lifetime to develop these circumstances.  Who taught you that, who convinced you to believe that, whobrainwashed you against your own best interests in life?YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT HAVE THAT WHICH YOU BELIEVE ANDKNOW YOU CAN NOT HAVE AND DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GETHowever, you absolutely can have, get, and experience ANYTHING,within the limits of your physicalness, that you KNOW that you can have.  Certain other people obviously have health, wealth, true love andhappiness...it is certainly physically possible...guess what...many of them never even worked hard to get it.   You are the one who holds beliefs about how hard or easy thesecircumstances are to achieve.  You certainly don't think, believe or know that they are easy and you may think this book is just some  Internet scam.I don't try to tell you what to believe ... I just try to remind you of thepower of those beliefs and the reasons behind why you have chosen and decided to believe things that are not beneficial to you.  In the book, you are given clear cut methods for quickly changing yourbeliefs into beneficial KNOWLEDGE.  This is often not a simple task formany people who have deep seated "core beliefs" that pretty muchdictate there past, present and future circumstances.Obviously, if you've studied manifestation before you might be saying,Hey I've heard all this before, and well you should have, but you mustrealize that it is the METHODS for lining up your beneficial beliefs andknowledge that is the most important factor...You have never been given the proper METHOD for obtaining yourdesired circumstances.  These three books will give you the METHODSthat are only available in this three book combination.   The other two authors are best selling authors with followings of millions of people yet you have probably never heard of them because millions of people is a small fraction of the total population of our planet.  I guarantee that if after thirty days you are not  more happy, satisfied, inlove (even if only with life) and experience ever increasing wealth (as fast and massive as you can believe and know)...If you are not any of these things and you have not changed in anybeneficial ways....then I will, of course, refund every penny...no questions asked.I spent, literally, a lifetime searching the world for this knowledge andthese methods. I could hype it up like the movie "The Secret" or all thegurus who talk about "law of attraction"But did you know that even people who have  heard of those two things  and people who have spent THEIR lives searching for this knowledge and these methods ...People who kept saying oh yea now I've got  it...now I know what todo....the MAJORITY of all people who have searched for this informationhave continually come up short and almost none have been able toMANIFEST what they TRULY desire...You know...the BIGGER circumstances.  I absolutely KNOW WHY.  This book contains the most important element that is definitely missing in 99.999% of all the  manifestation products on the market today.  But in these three books there is a synergy... a magical combination ofknowledge and techniques that when read in a certain order combine tomake miracle thinking, beneficial beliefs, and advantageous knowledge,almost impossible NOT to attain.  Yea, I know some people can make the impossible (downside) happenany time they want.  They believe in luck but they believe they areunlucky, they believe in love but more in heartbreak, they believe inperfect health but for others not themselves and they believe in God butthey are afraid of him and believe "he" is out to punish them.   But even these people can have an "aha" moment in life.  When youchange  your beliefs and knowledge into positively oriented andbeneficially based beliefs and knowledge then you will have the MOSTrapid manifestations...Those who fit the negative scenario mentioned above may have tospend a little time adjusting beliefs and knowledge a bit. At least they will have finally found the only real techniques and methods available for thoroughly and easily doing that.   Remember it is the COMBINATION of these three books that puts it alltogether and it was something that I stumbled upon after having read the other two.  The first book, I read before I wrote mine and the other book I read, after, but when I had read all three ...the magic finally happened for me.  Now just so either of these other authors don't get upset with melumping myself in with them or putting my self on their level ....I say righthere and now ....I am not doing that ....I say that I am just mentioning them because of something that happened to me when I found that I had absorbed the material of the three works.  One of the authors is dead and the other, currently, has a huge following but the living one gives credit to the dead one as being one of her great teachers.I am just giving credit to both of them as my great teachers....I do not put my self on their levels ...I put both of them on a pedestal and I ameternally grateful for their contributions to me and to the world....Again, I found this strange occurrence when I absorbed all three works...and it was an occurrence that I had searched a lifetime for...That occurrence was, FINALLY, the ability to RAPIDLY MANIFEST THEFOUR CIRCUMSTANCES IN THE TITLE OF MY BOOK.  I can not guarantee that what happened to me will happen for you but Ican guarantee that you will not find a better three book library onmanifestation anywhere on the planetAnd if you do not agree, take advantage of my 30 day complete moneyback guarantee and pay nothing.  Let me say a few things about these other two books.  The first author,the one who has, as they say, "passed" (a more delicate terminology than dead) ....that book was my first exposure to advanced Parapsychology and MetaphysicsWhen I give you my book I will include a little background on the uniqueand magical way that these authors obtained their material.  All my life I have wanted to tell  people about this first book and thisauthor and how what was written changed my life for ever.   I knew the material was the best I had ever read anywhere and hopefullynow I can be helpful in spreading that information to more and morepeople.   Actually I did find one minor downside to the material...possibly it wasonly a personal downside and I thought, probably, I was the only personwho experienced it.Over the years I met and talked with many people who felt this samecriticism was accurate in their lives.  The criticism is that though theinformation was the greatest I had ever received anywhere, anytime...and even though I totally came to know the material was absolutely one hundred percent true and accurate...I found that I still could not manifest these four larger more importantcircumstances mentioned in the title of my book.  Sure I was havingsuccess with variations of health, wealth, love and happiness but I washaving difficulty taking it to the level I truly  wanted.I kept reading the book over and over for years until I finally decided that, FOR ME, even though the material was the most astonishing, revelatory, mystical knowledge I had ever encountered ...I personally felt that it lacked practical techniquesSometimes it actually gave me...M.I.T.I.R.W.T.K.----that would be "moreinformation than I really wanted to know" Now that is not always a badthing and what I am saying here can be looked at as no more than mypersonal critique.   As a matter of fact it turned out to be a very good thing because itinspired me to write my book...writing my book was almost as though Iwas tapping into the universal mind so that "i could talk to myself andwrite it down at the same time"...I actually learned what I wanted from my own book because I wanted toknow how to do this manifestation thing on the level I desired and I wastired of searching for gurus and authors.   Now when I wrote the book I felt as if I was taking dictation.   It was not  annoying, it is just that the information came fast and furious and, almost always, I would have to go back and read what I had written because I didn't know what I just wrote.  I went through the whole book like that and then read the entire bookfrom beginning to end.   I was astounded by the "clarity of thought" andthe flow of the writing and the way it kept me wanting more from line toline and chapter to chapter.   It had a distinct personality and it WAS NOT MINE.  Quite frankly, I havenever had that kind of clarity of thought before or since.  I put the bookaway for five years because it almost frightened me  a little ...What was I gonna do with this thing - I didn't want to be known as theguy who wrote THIS.   To tell you the truth and I always try to tell thetruth (nobodies perfect)....I actually hate fame and notoriety...I am a very private person and cherish my privacy.  I was actually afraidof this book, if it ever came out it would make me famous....I thought,that this had the potential for the New York Times Best Seller ListThis would mean book signings and promotional personal appearancesand all of that.   At my age and with my personality you could not pay me50 million dollars to go that route based on who I have become in myolder years.  On top of that for some strange reason I did not want to be associatedwith THIS book.  Maybe I tapped into some universal spirit who didn'twant me to take credit for it, I don't know, but these were my truefeelings...Why else would I let this thing sit, getting dog eared in my desk.  Thenone day a light went off in my head about "ebooks" on the Internet ...Nopersonal appearances, no book signings and best of all...NO FAME.Relax I'm coming to the big punch line and then you can hit me up for allthe free stuff.A few years ago I found the final book and author and it blew meaway....I found all the practical techniques that were missing from thefirst author/teacher.  When I read this final book...every sentence and every page made meFEEL better and better.  It was quite a joy and experience just to read.It spoke of law of attraction which I researched and found was a termcoined by another author about one hundred years ago.  My firstauthor/teacher never used that term but described the same thing as just a universal law.  Now about this time ...the movie the secret came out which I thought(and again this is just my personal critique)...was incredibly LAME...to me, a Joke...But I could see how it might have impressed some people who hadnever given any of this manifestation stuff a second thought  in theirlives...So to those people, that movie may have taught them something....but I guarantee...not enough to manifest much more than a whopper at Burger King.   Certainly for a guy with my knowledge, teachers and background, it waskindergarten stuff.   Now I need to make a couple disclaimers here forpurely legal protection reasonsI have now ordained my self as a critic on products dealing withmanifestation.   So that gives me license to praise the two authors I willmention in my book ...whether they want my praise or not and license togive my critique on "The Secret".  Definitely not worth the cost ofadmission If you have done any reading or studying regarding systemsand techniques for manifestation.   So I am now someone named Seth Manne author/critic.  I hope I amcovering my ass here...because my job is to tell you what I think is reallygood and what I think is pretty bad.  I'm almost done.  When I read the final book, though it is without a doubt the best bookever written on these mystical topics ...somehow I still could not manifest the really big things/circumstances I wanted...I believed,  to the point of KNOWING, that all that I had just read  in thisfinal book  should have saturated me with all the technique I needed.   This final book was not only praised by me but the first few pages wereloaded with best selling authors and millionaires saying it was a literarymasterpiece and one  of , if not thee best book they had ever read.  For me, if I wanted to teach anybody all I had learned over 63 years....with all the books I had read and all the real life travel and study I had done....I would just give them that book....They would call me and tell me how they were manifesting small miracles in their life...hey I was too but I was more interested in BIGMIRACLES...like the four in the title of my book.  To this day and probably until I check off the planet, there will never be a greater book for me.  That book not only teaches you how to manifestbut basically teaches you everything you ever wanted to know or everwill want to know about who you are as a being and who you are as ahuman.It was the next to the final link for me because I was still struggling withmy bigger manifestations and for some silly reason I decided to pull mydusty, yellowed and dogeared  manuscript...out of my desk after fiveyears....I read it cover to cover and re edited the final chapter talking a bit aboutlaw of attraction and the nitty gritty BOTTOM LINE on the formula formanifestation success.   Then I had the book professionally edited...by me...I wrote a bookproposal thinking I was going to go after a literary agent but never didand I read the book through one more final time.  By the way my book is not some inane little pamphlet written by  a dippyInternet copy writer...it is eighteen chapters, 93 thousand words and 219pages of what turned out to be pure gold for me because when I finallyfinished that last read through something miraculous happened....The big manifestations started appearing and very quickly in rapidsuccession.  I started analyzing all that was happening to me and I got agut feeling of KNOWING.  In my book I talk about the difference between believing something andKNOWING something.  Many manifestation gurus will tell you that whatyou believe is what you get in life...I say, not quite guys...I say what you KNOW is what you get.  So what is the differencebetween believing and knowing... understand, that there is not muchdifference in how you form beliefs and knowledge...they are both created by you as opinions and decisions that you form and make your ownHere, however, is the difference...you know your name and you knowwhat day it is but when it comes to certain larger issues like maybe....God,...you always here people say "I believe in God"  ...they don't ever say ..."I know God"   They might believe that they may be able to manifest their personal lifecircumstances but they don't KNOW IT.  In the book I explain that theonly difference between believing and knowing is the FEELING  you getwhen you absolutely KNOW something...I explain it and I prove it in my book...but this is only one of a thousandrevelations that you will have when reading this three book combination.Now, finally why is my book essential to this trio/triad/trinity?   For acouple extremely important and crucial reasons....I i've already mentioned the missing element part....Much of this book is spent instilling this missing element into the readers consciousness...Because  without this one critical element ALL METHODS, ALL BOOKS,ALL SEMINARS, ALL TEACHERS...will be absolutely  WORTHLESS  toyou...you will never manifest more than that whopper, symbolically.   Now back to that final book by the only other living author for one second here...It is written in simple, comfortable, understandable, words, phrases and terminology...immensly user friendly as we say in the computer worldAnd, I told you that you will probably never experience such wonderfulFEELINGS reading any other book.   I mention this because I want tomake this final statement about my book.When I was writing this book over a one and a half year period I keptgetting the feeling that the dictation I was getting was from the kind ofperson (or spirit) that was very distinct on some level....I don't want tolabel the type of distinction here because you will sense it when you read it.It was also simple and clear and understandable for anyone but I couldfeel that the author was  constantly building and driving home the mostimportant element that I had overlooked  for so many years.   He was talking to me like a brother or a very close friend but he keptmaking these magical powers that we all have...sound....so matter offact.  It was as if he knew how to get inside of my mind and make me KNOW.   I had believed in all that I had been taught about how human beingsmanifest their own circumstances.I learned how they manifest their looks, their weight, their health, their wealth, their lovelife....everything ...both good and bad...I knew about all the people who did not believe in manifestation because they kept saying ....I can't be manifesting my own circumstances because why would I manifest myself to be fat or ugly or miserable or dying with cancer, etc. etc.  This is clearly and conclusively explained and PROVEN in my book andsomewhat in the first authors book....but more so in mine ...This explanation is another liberating revelation that clears blockagesand erroneous core beliefs working against your ability to ever manifestwhat you really want.It also stops you from manifesting, unconsciously and subconsciously,what you don't want.   It  causes you to stop blaming fate, luck, destiny or God for your miserable circumstances.  Once you take that responsibility for manifesting every circumstance inyour life up to this moment....at that moment you begin to realize that ifyou did all that negative manifestation then you can begin to do thecomplete opposite positive and beneficial manifestations....But again, this is only one of a thousand revelations that will turn yoursituation around.  Remember I said it is no more difficult to manifest amillion dollars than a cup of coffee.  You will come to KNOW this and FEEL this and when you do you willhave arrived.   I give you my word as a worthy spirit/author/critic...thatyou will not be disappointed in any of these three books....one I havewritten and the two I have critiqued and highly recommend.They are distinctly three different flavors of the same KNOWLEDGE.  Iwill close now and give you the free two chapters and the overall chapter synopsis so you can make your decision....If you really need thatI will also give you a website where you can look at additional quotes from my book and some unbelievable photos....your going to need high speed Internet to view that site so don't bother going there if you have dial up because nobody has the kind of patience required to let these dynamic photos load.I thank you for reading my little story and I have tried to price this bookand  the two included book recommendations, very fairly. I have compared my price to the bizarre prices I see for worthless junk onthe Internet presented as something that will change your life....I love the way they always say ...hey you don't have to pay the 400 dollars that this stuff is worth and not 300  or two hundred....they tell you, hey grab it at this bargain price for 97 or 149 ...Then they tell you ...hurry up and buy before I raise the price...they arejust fishing for morons and the sad part is I think they get some.I will never raise my price, in fact I intend to lower it but that might takequite awhile...I know even this price of mine seems inflated but you will email me and tell me you've never spent a better 50 dollar bill in your life because this stuff is PRICELESS.And of course once you have the material I know that all you have  to doto keep it is ask me for a refund. You will then have all of this for freeI don't worry about that because their is information in this material thatexplains why ...you will be  hard pressed to do that...The manifestations you desire will not occur....in street language they say ...What goes around comes around....thats a pretty good slang version ofanother great truth...by the way there are a few of those in the book thatare quite fantastic.A final thought-- realize that everything I've written hear and the two freechapters doesn't even scratch the surface of all you will receive with this book ...I am hoping you are impatient and vibrationally intuitive enough to get on with your  life and order the book and its two companionrecommendationsThis offering will keep you comforted and happy at least for the next 30days...if not a lifetime...I didn't spend 63 years looking for this information to come away with abunch of common entrepreneurial garbage or some worthless ebook ....This is why I wrote this ad explaining a little bit about how it all cameabout  and why... this is why I am willing to send the free chapters tothose who say ...hey I don't KNOW this guy ...give me a sample....Well all I can say is if this ad and this offer is not unlike anything you have ever seen before...than why bother me for a couple chapters...I will know that if you can not VIBE and instinctively perceive that I'amthe real thing from just reading what I have written here then...I don't think there is anything in the universe that can teach you or helpyou because you are lacking an important essential quality for yourmanifestations to occurThat quality would be...instinctive/intuitional/vibrational FEELING....donot judge a book by its cover...another cute old saying and please...donot judge a book by two chaptersFor those who insist on the two free chapters, make sure you read all ofthe chapter synopsis FIRST or you will be cheating yourself out ofmaking and educated decisionEven though some authors will buy this book, the majority of sales willbe to non authors like yourself.  Here is some inside information for those of you non authorsA chapters synopsis and two chapters is what publishers read becausethey get many submissions and don't normally have time to read entiremanuscriptsPublishers make seven figure to multi million dollar advance deals based on what is called a book proposal.  The real meat of the book proposal aside from marketability and platform is the chapters synopsis and two chaptersIf they can do that, see if you can make a 50 dollar refundable decision to make that one more effort to find what you have searched so long for. I understand that with all the scams on the Internet, when you have been burned before it is difficult to be anything other than cautious and leeryI must remind you that I am guaranteeing your satisfaction...At this point,only I, really know that I am guaranteeing your success and happinessand excuse me for sounding like all the ripoff ad writers but there is nogamble here for you other than probably your time and that time will besome of the most memorable and enjoyable moments you will ever spendRemember you will build this three book library immediately by orderingnow...you will not be sorry...as a matter of fact i believe you just may, foronce, be the happiest you've been in a while....If I deliver any less than that to you I don't want your money...and if youdon't go out and get the other two books immediately then you may notbe able to experience the effect...The successful effect of the magic trio that has ended a life long searchfor meMay the forces you've always dreamed about, be with  you and I hope tohear from you on the site of conscious essence....atwww.consciousessence.com


IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you have any problems with your order or  downloading the book please email customer service at                               customerservice@millionaireinternet.com  We respond very quickly, usually, within one hour and max response time is 8 hours. If you need to talk to a live customer service rep, send an email to the above email address and state that you need a live rep and we  will send you the phone number.  

I'll leave you with a couple of old and corny but true sayings..."Give a man a fish and feed him for a day...teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime"...and this one about the 3 kinds of people in the world...     1. Those that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN...  2.  Those that WATCH Things Happen  3.  Those that SAY "What Happened?" I say, Make it Happen!!!





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