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WARNING: "95% Of People Who Start Ballet Classes Will Fail Miserably... Here's How You Can Succeed!"

"How To Gain An Extra Advantage That Will See Your Ballet Technique Soar To New Heights"

From: Anita Leembruggen
Saturday 10:30am

Dear Friend,

Would it benefit you if I could show you how to dramatically increase your ballet skill in the shortest time possible?

Before I tell you how I can help improve your dancing, let me start off by telling you how I got here and why I am writing this.

It all started at my first ballet class.

I had no idea what to expect but like many others, I always wanted to be a ballerina, so I built up the courage and finally made it to a class. When I arrived I quickly realized everyone else had been dancing at least a couple of years already and here I was, the newbie, standing in the middle of the studio not even sure if I was wearing the correct ballet attire.

My mother had never danced and knew nothing about ballet, so I couldn't ask her for any advice. Like many other mothers, she really wanted to help but she just had no idea know what to do for me. You could only imagine the embarrassement and intimidation I felt as a teenager standing all by myself in the dance studio with all these experienced dancers and caring 110% about what everyone else thought of me.

The teacher must have seen how nervous I was. She came over and started asking me some questions about how I found the studio and what I was looking to get out of ballet class. Being a little old to be starting ballet I got the impression she didn't think I was going to be around very long.

She showed me a few of the basics so I could at least keep up with everyone else before they got into the advanced stuff. She then addressed the entire class and we started our warm-up at the barre.

"Let's Start With Pliés" Called Out The Teacher.

That I could handle. Although I had the gracefulness of an elephant I at least could bend my knees. I only just survived the rest of the barre by watching the others in front of me and trying to mimick them as best as I could.

Then came centre practice with temps li


lower = better; 1 = best

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