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[Home](index.htm) [About Us](about_us.htm) [How It Works?](how_it_works.htm) [Login](login.htm) [Join](join.htm) [Success Stories](success_stories.htm) [Privacy](privacy.htm) [FAQs](faqs.htm) [Contact Us](contact_us.htm)   Username: Password: [ ](login.php) [Password Lookup](pass.html)       Consumer-Opinion.org is a program for on-line marketing research. We help companies that want to hear your opinion find you, listen to you and compensate you for the time you spend helping them improve. Join Consumer-Opinion.org and make your opinion worthwhile. Our members are earning an average of $600 to $900 per week by filling out on-line surveys, participating in virtual focus group discussions, and testing new products, websites and services!   Get paid for your opinion!   As a member of Consumer-Opinion.org you will be able to earn:   From $5 to $100 per on-line survey (see a [sample survey](sample_survey.htm)) From $50 to $200 per on-line focus group discussion From $30 to $120 per product and service evaluation How to become a member? Are you a self-motivated person with wide scope of interests and you want to make some money in an easy and interesting way? [Join](join.htm) us by paying a one-time membership fee of $29.95. Don


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