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No Other Dictionary Will Do This For You!Eliminate Homonym ErrorsHome PageAbout UsHelpContact UsHome Page   -   Rjen Technologies EnterprisesThe Homonym  Words  Dictionary,  Context Sensitive Version, Is Here!You want finished documents that are not only spelled correctly, but also convey proper meaning in context.Dew ewe sea watt is knot rite withe this sentence?Your spell checker will see no errors except perhaps "withe".  (Actually withe is a properly spelled homonym but improperly used in context.)When Homonym  Words  Dictionary encounters this sentence in a document, it will prompt you to type the following:"Do you see what is not right with this sentence?"How does it do that?", you ask...  At your command, the program will search for and highlight every suspect homonym in your document and present you with the contextually correct homonym for the sentence you are typing.  You simply click on the correct word and it is automatically entered into your document.Homonym  Words  Dictionary goes far beyond the capabilities of your spell checker.    If you are serious about eliminating homonym errors and producing grammatically correct documents, this program needs to be in your computer.

No spell checker on the market can do what theHomonym  Words  Dictionary does for you!For the first time, a dictionary that prompts you to choose the right word based on context.

Students, professionals, parents and writers, virtually anyone who types on a computer, can now produce documents free of homonym errorsPLEASE NOTE: This program is compatible with all versions of Word and Windows released after Windows98. Price: $29.95Click "BUY NOW" to purchase.                       BUY NOW***********************

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Copyright if (typeof(getCopyrightDate)=='function') document.write(getCopyrightDate(2008, null, '-')); else document.write((new Date()).getFullYear());. Rjen Technologies Enterprises. All rights reserved.GoDaddy.com is the world's #1 ICANN-accredited domain name registrar!


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