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Real People Making Money Online

People Making Money Online

What do the people on these pictures have in common?

single one of these people makes
AT LEAST $1,000 per month ONLINE.
am proud to be one of them!
me tell you a little about myself. My name is Melanie Mendelson, and
I have been making a living online since 2002.
a mom of a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy. Below is a picture
of me with my kids shortly after my youngest was born.

to my Internet business, I can stay home with my kids and watch
them grow up.
schedule my own hours and work whenever I want, in my home office.
I'm my own boss and nobody tells me what to do.

YOU Want To Be One Of The Real People Making Money Online?
The shortcut
to success is to find someone who is already successful and do what
they do.
I have interviewed
20 other regular folks who make money online. My only
condition to qualify for this project was that a person must be making
at least $1,000 per month on the Internet.
The people that
you saw on those pictures tell it all.
People Making Money Online" is a 94-page collection of
in-depth interviews with ordinary people who
became successful Internet entrepreneurs.

"Hi Melanie,
When I've heard about the Real People Making Money Online report
that you released, I knew I had to have it.
Seriously people, Melanie does not interview these successful
marketers, she interrogates them! From earnings to traffic
secrets, she doesn't hold back.
Now's your chance to learn EXACTLY how the pros make money online.
Thank you Melanie, for the most profitable read of 2008."
Louis Raven,

So who are
the people in the interviews?

therapist and life coach, with a background training as a Pastoral

Former construction
worker and a supervisor for an insulation company

Has a degree
in Religion, and was planning to be an overseas Bible translator

No Photo
Former public
school teacher

Tax accountant

Former bartender

Former first
grade teacher

development coach, formerly a computer engineer

Clutter Coach

No Photo
Former jobs
include working at a fast food outlet, packing boxes, computer
assembly and operating a toll booth

by training

Jazz musician

Spent 25
years in the floor covering business

Graphic Artist
who got fired from her last job when she was 5 months pregnant

Writer and

Was an elementary
school teacher in the inner city, a stay-at home mom, and a coffeeshop

No Photo

Former outside
sales rep for a refrigeration company

Former police

Family coach
and a mother of 6

All these
people make AT LEAST $1,000 per month online, and most make a full-time
income on the Internet.
Here's what others
had to say about the Real People Making Money Online:

You've put together a fascinating collection of stories about
ordinary people from all walks of life who have managed
to make a living on the internet.
It's both informative and useful. I would recommend
it to anyone who is looking for a little encouragement
that yes, they too can succeed on the internet!

Andrew Bourland
President, ClickBank University

Hi Melanie,
It was a pleasure to read your e-book, "Real People Making
Money Online." I found your e-book to be very inspirational
in showing your readers that many different business
models and themes can be used to be successful online.

It was also nice to see a wide variety of different
backgrounds of the people that were being interviewed.
It shows that no matter what your past experience is,
if you have the passion to learn and then apply what you learn,
it is possible to be successful online.

"Real People Making Money Online" opens people up
to the fact that they can follow their passions in order to
make money online and they don't necessarily have to jump into
the internet marketing niche, where they may not feel comfortable.

A real sense of honesty is felt with the sharing of
information in this e-book.

Thanks Melanie.

Best Regards,
Barb McTavish

Hi Melanie,
Thank you so much for this e-book. I can see you have
put a lot of effort into it and it is truly a labour of
You have shown, through your interview process, how ordinary
people, just like you or I, took an idea, added
a few simple steps and turned it into a successful business.

It is truly inspirational, motivational and very importantly...
Kind Regards,

Angela Allen

To be frank, I
wasn't expecting much when I took first glance at "Real
People Making Money Online". The prospect of dredging through
another ebook filled by other people's success stories, and
then having those same successful parties telling me how easy
it is to make money online (invariably with the disclaimer that
it can all be made so much easier using one of their products)
was about as appealing as a zero balance bank account :)

I'm delighted to have been pleasantly surprised.

"Real People Making Money Online" is (quite refreshingly)
exactly that which it claims to be...a brief
and enlightening glimpse into the activities of those who have
turned the potential of online profits into a reality. It offers
a series of well thought questions undoubtedly on the minds
of those still looking to traverse the divide between those
who 'want to be' online marketers to those who simply 'are',
and their accompanying answers from those who have done it.

What I liked was the fact that the focus isn't just on mega-success
stories. "Real People Making Money Online" shows that
marketing entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes,
from a work at home mum clearing a few thousand a month part
time, to software hot shots dragging in a lazy 5 figures in
the same time period.
Readers of the book will also appreciate the modest lack of
hard selling being done by those featured marketers who have
taken the time to give a little insight into the tricks of their
trade. I also defy anyone not to take some relief in the mistakes,
misjudgments and downright stuff-ups which some of the featured
marketers admit to having made on their path to success.

If you're looking for a little motivation, focus, or assurance
that it really can be done, Real People Making Money Online
is a worthwhile read.
Ben Sayer


I've read through your ebook "Real People Making Money
Online" twice now and was very impressed with both the
content and the way you have put it across to your readers.

The information you provide through an excellent choice of interview
questions is invaluable to all levels of online marketer.
Your subjects come from all walks of life and
different countries, proving that you can be successful online
no matter what your background and place of birth. It is also
refreshing that they all share their 'good, bad and
ugly' experiences.

Well done and thank you!

Darren Gibson

Melanie, you hit
a home run AGAIN!
I couldn’t put your new ebook down. It was fantastic.
You wisely didn’t choose to profile “gurus”
or any of the big names in the Internet Marketing industry;
You picked regular people that have (or HAD) regular jobs and
live regular lives, and asked them all the questions that people
who are starting out want the answers to. This is important
to those new to this business….it shows them that THEY
can succeed, Too!
Well written, well researched, and sure to be well received.

Keep the good stuff comin’ Melanie!
David Jolley

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your new book 'Real People
Making Money Online'.
I've always been a big fan of success stories, and the
people you've interviewed share so much great information.
I also like the fact that you've chosen a broad range
of business owners.
I think everyone will truly love this. It's inspiring to read
how "everyday people" like myself are
making money online.
I look forward to Volume 2 (hint hint)!

Christine Jones

Melanie's ebook
is an excellent insight into how real people make money
online. Her interviews focus on the important questions
to which we all want the answers: How did you get started? How
long did it take to become successful? How did you do
it? How much do you earn?
Melanie asks straightforward questions and,
in return, gets candid answers, including valuable
financial insights and tips on avoiding the pitfalls of doing
business on the Internet.
Her interviewees are all regular people from a variety of backgrounds.
Each is passionate about their business and willing
to reveal their road to online success. Well worth
Debbie Benstein

a breath of fresh air compared to the usual hyped-up ebooks
about making money online!
Melanie's perceptive interview questions provide the reader
with realistic expectations and great advice from everyday
people who have become successful on the Internet.
I particularly enjoyed reading about people who are not big
name Internet marketers but just ordinary people who worked
hard to achieve their passions.
This book should be required reading for anybody looking
to start any type of business online.
Jenny Evans Dunham

Hi Melanie,
Great ebook, I love the progression of the questions and the
fact that you chose people who aren't widely considered 'mainstream.'
The fact that I'm reading stories about people who I had, until
now, not heard of adds to the 'I-can-do-this-too-ness' of Internet
This is one of the few ebooks that I've actually NOT
wanted to stop reading, and I was engrossed by each
contributors story.
A job well done.
Kindest regards,
Karl Warren

is most striking about "Real People Making Money Online"
is the people all seem so "ordinary" (in
the best sense of the word). No Gurus telling
you how they made their first million. Just people like
you and me who wrestled with (and are still wrestling
with!) the challenge of making money online.
There's a lot of good advice in there on what to do
(and what NOT to do) and the clear, logical layout
makes it an easy read. Unusually these days, the pages are in
a small font with narrow margins so you get a lot of
excellent info packed into the 94 pages.
Martin Luxton

After reading
the first several interviews I felt like I was having
my own personal conversation with each website owner.
I found many examples and experiences that were discussed, that
I could relate to and understand, including the struggles, mistakes
and lessons learned.

I found the questions that Melanie asks very appropriate. Right
after the first chapter I decided that when I finished reading
this ebook I would interview myself with the same questions.
By doing so I would be able to see what I could learn from answers
to her questions about my own past endeavors online.

Again at the beginning, when I noticed that the ebook was 94
pages, I thought to myself, do I really want to read the whole
thing? But once I started it was like a book you don't
want to put down, each interview its own little story.
Once finished reading one, you were eager to see what the next
persons answers would be.

This book is well worth the asking price for an edication
from experienced online marketers who have enjoyed success.

It was refreshing to see a variety of subjects
discussed. Not all of the products were internet marketing related,
but I found myself eagerly interested in learning about each
website owners topic.

Reading these interviews was a confidence booster
for me. I found that I actually had a lot of skills
in common with many of the people interviewed, that
I wasn't giving myself credit for knowing and

Laurie Meade

This is a great read for anyone that wants to see what it takes
to earn a real income online.
No two marketers used the same tactic, but
there seems to be one underlying theme through all of the interviews.
There wasn't a marketer that you interviewed that got where
they are now by just sitting on their hands.
Pete Egeler

Hi Melanie,

I just finished your ebook "Real People Making Money Online",
and I must say you did an excellent job putting this together.

The questions were great and the answers were inspiring and
helpful. I loved hearing in detail how these successful
Internet marketers achieved their successes, as well as hearing
their bits of helpful advice.

I found this ebook to be a great motivator. Thank you for giving
me the opportunity to read it.

All the best :)

Steve Shannon

I first got Melanie's book, I feared it would
be just another compilation of superstar interviews with well
known gurus rehashing the same old stuff... lots of rah rah
and very little substance.

What a wonderful surprise to find out she had
actually sought out and interviewed "real" people....
people operating in the internet trenches every
day building great businesses by focusing on what they love
to do.

I highly recommend this book to anyone getting started with
online marketing. In these interviews you'll learn a lot about
the trials and tribulations experienced by those who
started from scratch... mostly with limited resources
but great ideas... and what they did to overcome their lack
of resources to create profitable online businesses.

It's an easy read. Kudos to Melanie for putting together another
excellent resource for online marketers.

Terry Snyder

Hi Melanie,
Thanks for the opportunity to read your excellent book. It
is a truly inspiring ‘tale’, and one that I am certain
to return to again and again.
And, you know the best bit? I got some great ideas
from it myself, so thanks again.
Steve Cowan

found Melanie's book to be very well written, and the
questions brought out many important aspects of the participants
The book discusses how people with a wide range of backgrounds
were able to package their knowledge into a form that
is earning them a healthy internet income - which will
surely increase in time.
Persistence and focus is a common thread that runs through
the interviews. Mistakes and setbacks are seen as barriers to
be overcome - not excuses for not proceeding.
Another common thread is the willingness to put in the time
needed to start off a new business.
I consider Melanie's book as a "must read"
for those wanting to use the internet to generate an income.
The wide range of case studies presented should provide inspiration
to anyone with an ounce of ambition in their hearts.
Eric Graudins


This is a very inspirational report. Anyone depressed
about how they're doing with their online business should read
the interviews.
I liked the fact that you have such a broad range of
people, such as, a minister, an artist who was fired from her
last job, a freelance writer and a teacher. Almost
no one was a success at the start but they all continued to
work their web businesses until they became successful.
The tips they provide on how they built their businesses were
very helpful and I dog-eared numerous pages for review.

Liz Louis - Amarillo, TX


I have just finished reading your book 'Real People Making Money
Online' and I wanted to let you know how much you have
inspired me with this book.
It is so good to read stories of other 'real'
people who have started their online businesses will
little or no knowledge or experience of internet marketing
and yet they have become very successful in
their chosen niche.
You know I was actually having a really 'down' day and felt
like giving up and packing it all in, but after reading
your book you have inspired me to keep going
and not to give up.
I hope you inspire many more people with your book. Well done.
Sheryl Polomka

Hi Melanie
It is very interesting to read how others got their start
in internet marketing and how different people run different
sorts of businesses. This will definately get the creative
juices working!
I think you have a winner here.
Lynette Crase

I found your "Real People Making Money Online" interviews
really inspiring. I believe every newbie and anyone struggling
with Internet marketing should read them.
The sincere and direct answers were many times quite
shocking to say the least.
Thank you for another great product!
Blaz Banic

It was so good
to read about everyday type people who have ventured out into
cyberspace and succeeded. "Real People Making Money Online"
provides a glimmer of hope amongst the information overload
and hype that exists in the Internet Marketing space.
It illustrates that with the right amount of effort and passion
and with a reasonably good idea/market, it’s possible
to begin to generate income from an online business.
Greg Cooksley

Mendelson has done a fantastic job providing insight and tips
from Real People Making Money Online. I enjoyed reading about
"regular" people making money online vs. some
This e-book is a must read regardless of where
you're at in your online business.
If reading "Real People Making Money Online" doesn't
inspire you - nothing will!
Alan Petersen

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