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Time management tools and implementation techniques

Time Management
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"What if You Could Double Your
Company Productivity Without Hiring
New Employees?"
Introducing the amazing process used by high-acieving business owners worldwide that INSTANTLY turns employees into dynamos that achieve 20% to 300% MORE - for as long as they're employed by you!

Small business owners! TMI Toolbox gives you unique and proven process for doubling or tripling your employee productivity. All it takes is five hours in five weeks.

Get your employees to produce twice as much as before.

Squeeze more productivity out of each workday hour!

Save 53% of your payroll costs.

From: Robert Rolih, Time Management Consultant
Date: Thursday, January 24, 2008
Dear friend,
We all have 24 hours in a day. It's what we do with those 24 hours that determines how far we go in life.
The fact you're reading this letter tells me you're probably STRESSED out, constantly working and hounding employees to finish critical tasks and to produce more.
You probably suspect despite your best efforts that your employees could be doing much more ... and you're suspicions would be right on the money!
The shocking truth is numerous studies clearly reveal the typical work force is shortchanging their employers and that means YOU. Look at this:

"Why a Whopping 53%
of Your Payroll Costs are Wasted"
According to a study by Jonathan Spira, Joshua Feintuch in 2005, it was found that that a startling 28% of the time your employees are paid to work is WASTED because of interruptions (got a minute, phones, checking each email when it arrives, etc.).
It was also discovered that another 25% of employee time is typically wasted because of poor daily planning and wrong focus during the day. And one of those problems was actually caused by multi-tasking! But get this:
In a High Ground Institute Survey it was found that 78% of employees say they could increase their personal productivity at work. 46% even said they could double their productivity without a problem. What this all boils down to is that 53% of your payroll costs are wasted!
This means every time you write a check to an employee 53% of that money you paid him is going down the drain due to poor time management.
Isn't it time you put a cork in that drain?
Look - without a good time management practices, you're also paying dearly in anxiety, disappointment and stress - all of which could trigger a heart attack.
Besides this ... opportunities are slipping through your fingers!
The fact is you're probably months or even a year behind of where you could be with your company. And in business you know time is money.
All things being equal the company with the best time management process will glide ahead to the winner's circle. Don't you want to win in business?

The "X-Factor" advantage that puts your company on the fast-track to success
Perhaps you've tried time management workshops and books before and maybe you saw some results but then after a few weeks passed the increased productivity fizzled out. And maybe since then you're constantly haggling with certain employees to do what needs to be done.
Look, you're right that time management is critical to make your company run like a well-oiled machine that's always advancing forward. And that's exactly what you want.
But you can't rely on advice or tips which your employees use for a few days and then forget.
No, what you want a way to make increased productivity stick long term!
And I have a tested and proven process which will give you long term increased productivity of your employees.
I call this process Time Management Implementation Process.
And that is a completely different animal.
And what can a that process do for you? Let me ask you this question:
Would you be happy if you could BOOST EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY 20% to 300% without hiring a single new employee - and maintain this productivity level on a long-term basis?
Imagine blasting past bottlenecks, and seeing projects completed faster than before. Picture actually working less and achieving so much more - you can make it happen! Plus ... wouldn't it feel great if you could cut costs, waste and recoup payroll losses due to workday waste? You bet it would!
And with your permission, I'll show you exactly how it's possible starting almost immediately.

"How to make good time management
stick with your employees
long term?"
My name is Robert Rolih and I have been providing time management consulting services to companies for six years now. In fact, I have dramatically improved the productivity of over 200 companies. And I have written 4 books and 150 articles. I have also been recruited to work with world-renowned business authority Brian Tracy as his coach for the Focal-Point program. Look at some of the results I've achieved for companies:

Watch as Productivity Skyrockets

"I never thought that it would be so easy to follow your process. You described it perfectly and I followed it. We planned to hire two more people in marketing and sales but because of increased output of our existing employees we don't have to. This is a MAJOR SAVINGS for us!"
— Gabriel Alegro
business owner, E.P.H. ltd.
"Wow! I never thought that we can grow by more than 20% a year. With your help we are set to GROW BY 50 TO 60% this year and I am not even stressed like I used to be."
— Vanda Pevec
business owner, V Plastics ltd.
"... I can't believe how much my department managers and I can accomplish now without interruptions. We were planning expansion for two years but never had the time to make it happen. Now WE'RE IN A TREMENDOUS GROWTH MODE, and everything is working like a well-oiled machine. Your process really works."
— Frank Capuder
business owner, Atex ltd.
"Your process works! I can personally attest that we finally have time management techniques working in my company. People do more each day and I can feel a totally new atmosphere in the company. THINGS ARE FINALLY GETTING DONE!"
— Tom Sinkovec
business owner, Deo-Tech ltd.
"We started to implement your techniques in our sales department. When we eliminated the interruptions and focused our staff on results instead on the quantity of work, our SALES RESULTS ALMOST DOUBLED. I don't have the words to thank you!"
— Almir Derata
business owner, Alpha design ltd.
"Following the TMI plan, I completely transformed my company. I personally worked 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week in the past. Now that we got rid of constant interruptions and we are focused on the results, I can do all my work Monday to Friday - and MY COMPANY HAS MORE PROFITS THAN BEFORE! Thank you!"
— Simon Dilber
business owner, Yucca Yachting ltd.
"I have an archive of TO DO lists that my managers sent me in the last year. As I compared it with their productivity after we implemented TMI process I found out that their PRODUCTIVITY INCREASED AROUND 300%."
— Eric N. Osman
business owner, Avant logistics ltd.
"Only now I realized that my company was a living hell until now. We were working in a chaotic environment with non-stop interruptions, no planning, and our productivity was almost zero. Now we can work on important things at last. I found out that I CAN PERSONALLY COMPLETE 2 TO 3 TIMES MORE THINGS THAN BEFORE. The toolbox is terrific and I for one will be recommending it to all entrepreneurs I know."
— Patricia Novak
business owner, Elite ltd.
(NOTE: These are real, verified accounts of how TMI Toolbox has helped actual clients. Many more success stories like this are available upon request.)

Using a TMI Toolbox is like PUTTING YOUR COMPANY ON STEROIDS - you achieve so much more, so much faster and at less cost. Look at these case histories:

Telemarketing: From 6 arranged meetings per day to 20-25 arranged meetings (We focused them on the result instead of the process).
Graphics designer: From 3 finished projects per month to 6-7 per month (We got rid of interruptions, and improved daily planning).
Department manager: Increased the number of projects the department can complete in a month by 60% and profits that department makes by 650% with the same exact staff.

How soon would you like results like this?
By the way, you might be surprised to discover I'm not selling you my time management consulting services.
That's right, I'm booked solid at the moment and the demand for my services are extremely high so there's no way I can help everyone.
However I'm not leaving you out in the cold to fend for yourself. That's because at the urging of clients I'm doing the next best thing. And I think you're going to really feel great about this.
Listen to this. I have taken my consulting services and distilled them into a complete toolbox that any small business owner can use to turn their company around. I call it my Time Management Implementation Toolbox. Put this toolbox in your hands and it'll be the closest thing to having an actual time management consultant on staff.
That's because my Time Management Implementation Toolbox or TMI Toolbox includes the complete process of implementing selected time management techniques in your company. It also includes all the tools and ready made documents to get the results you want - pronto! Everything I use in my consulting practice you'll own! As you'll soon see, everything's in plain English.
And all you need to implement it is about an hour each week for 5 weeks!

...What the Amazing Time Management Implementation Toolbox (TMI Toolbox) Includes ...
#1: The Master Process which makes the whole process fast & easy. In this 41-page PDF file, you'll discover my proprietary time management process that powers the entire system. The implementation takes 5 weeks and you'll invest one hour per week. The end result is you'll have a work force that increases productivity 20% to 300% without working overtime and the results will be for as long as you continue to keep those employees.
#2: Five Weekly Plans and Meeting Schedules. Before each 1 hour meeting with your staff you'll give them a special task. This task is critically important because it helps them to develop ownership of the techniques and commitment to use them later. You'll get 5 weekly tasks and meeting schedules with clear instructions on how to run these meetings.
#3: Five Problem Solving Workshops for Employees. Your employees have to experience some discomfort if you want to start making changes in their work routine. These workshops are an integral part of one-hour meetings you will have with your employees. You get complete, turnkey scenarios for each meeting/workshop and all the materials and tools you will need in the process.
#4: Time Management Codex. You'll receive a time management codex for your company. This is a short document where all the principles and techniques you choose to use are written. It will be an integral part of your company that you'll use to train new employees. It comes in Word file so you can modify it based on your specific needs. There are two versions of it. One is the whole thing (10 pages) and the second is a summary of the key techniques (bulleted list, half a page), which will serve as a daily guideline to all your employees (they can stick it to the wall near them).
#5: Audio Program "Become a Master of Time Management in 30 Minutes". Included in this toolbox is a downloadable audio program "Become a master of time management in 30 minutes". The content of this recording includes:

The mystery of why some people make more out of their 24 hours than others.
How to get the proper mindset for maximizing your time.
Discover the amazing difference between doing the right things and doing things the right way.
The biggest mistakes people make at planning their day and how you can avoid them.
The scandalous "frog-eating" principle that'll ignite rapid growth.
How to set up the Interruption shield and become more proactive.
Why you need to be focused on the results and not on the process.
Plus MORE!

You can share, burn to a CD or copy this file for all your employees. Let them listen to it every two weeks in the car or at the company meeting
#6: Making Time Management Stick with Your New Employees. When a new employee joins your company he doesn't have a clue about time management. This component gets your new employees up to speed and maximizes their productivity in no time flat.

You want results?
The key to them is the right process,
not just any process!
Keep in mind, if you try to implement too many things at once you'll fail. They won't stick. People just don't function that way. If you try to implement them in the wrong way you will fail.
I tested various approaches to implement time management techniques. And the one you'll get in TMI Toolbox works 98% of the time. I had some cases they didn't work because the business owner was not interested in being goal oriented. If you are goal oriented then this will work for you.
So, the TMI Toolbox gives you proven and tested process of implementation. And you get everything you need to set it in motion in your company - ready made.

Watch as These Time Wasters Vanish -Replaced by Higher Output!

INTERRUPTIONS. Let's face it, "got a minute" meetings, phone calls, constant email checking, co-worker questions, etc., interrupt our daily work schedules. But did you realize when you're interrupted you need 1 to 15 minutes to get back to the work you were doing? Do the math and that means interruptions wastes about 28% of the time you spend at work. Put another way, almost 1/3 of the workday is wasted because of interruptions. The good news is, with the TMI Toolbox you will have one and a half more productive hours each day. Multiply this with all your employees and you'll suddenly see MAJOR improvement!

MULTI-TASKING. Jumping from one task to another all day results in a tiring day that falls short of what you could have achieved. The solution is to cultivate the habit of completing each task before moving to the next. That's what the most successful executives do. Keep in mind that if there's no such habit present your employees will work 50% slower than they could.

INEFFECTIVE DAILY PLANNING. Most good employees plan their day. However their plans go astray after interruptions and dealing with fires that arise and so on. The TMI Toolbox gives you the exact tools, which will empower your employees to achieve work objectives each and every work day.

FOCUSING ON A PROCESS AND NOT ON RESULTS. Ask an employee what he plans today and he'll probably respond with, "I will work on project X, I will call on some customers, and so on." This is called process orientation and it can hurt your productivity tremendously. What we'll teach you instead is how to implement what we call "result orientation." This means your employees will be working towards an end result. And when you do this, you achieve work objectives faster and with more quality. This technique works so well that it alone can increase output of employees by 2 to 3 times.

PROCRASTINATION. Let's face it it's human nature to procrastinate. However procrastination slows down company growth more than anything. Worse still most people procrastinate on high value tasks the most. The good news is, with the TMI Toolbox you'll discover exactly how to implement one unusual daily routine, which will make procrastination vanish for good!

NOT FOCUSING ENOUGH ON HIGH VALUE ACTIVITIES. High value activities differ for each person in your company. Those activities may include conducting sales meetings, developing strategy, optimizing processes, growing a business, etc. If people are too busy with low value tasks then the company suffers. The TMI Toolbox channels work efforts into those two critical tasks that matter the most - saving money and generating profits.

By the way, you've never seen any meeting, seminar or book like the Time Management Implementation Toolbox. This is a complete process that goes beyond tips, meetings and to-do lists posted inside a cubicle.
This process will undoubtedly be the NITRO BOOST you've been looking for ... just as it has for other business owners.
And let me tell you, just one or two of these components will really kick your operations into over-drive. Imagine what will happen when you FIRE UP the entire system and it stays this way - long term!
Listen, you can have the best equipment, the best sales training, the best talent, the best facilities but it absolutely means zero if you're not utilizing a time management process that "sticks".
This is exactly why the TMI Toolbox will absolutely give you the advantage over competitors - even if they recruited the best talent in the country!

Why the TMI Toolbox is an Asset
You can't Live Without?
By now you're probably wondering how much the Time Management Toolbox will run you. First let the idea of cost fade away. That's because you're about to own the ability to cut costs and GENERATE MORE REVENUE without hiring new talent or working more. Now that's a true asset!
And to put this in hard numbers, take a look at this: Let's say the only improvement the TMI Toolbox brings you is that you get rid of half of the interruptions in your company. By doing this, you'll gain a minimum of 1 more productive hour for all of your employees. Do the math and this clearly is worth $200, $400 or even $1,000 each day. That's a fantastic return on your investment. That said you can feel good about investing just $149 for the TMI Toolbox.
Obviously I could charge as thousands of dollars for the TMI Toolbox, but why have I made it affordable for everyone?
First, I do not incur any travel or lodging costs as I would for my consulting services. Second I can only help up to 35 businesses per year, yet there are hundreds of thousands of small business who desperately need to learn the TMI process to reach their full potential.
I'm so confident you'll absolutely prize the TMI Toolbox that I completely back it with the best guarantee around.

Gain 20% to 300%
More Productivity
or it's FREE!
Don't decide anything right now that's because you can do that later. Order the TMI Toolbox today and then give yourself up to 8 weeks to decide if it's everything I say it is and more. If employee productivity doesn't improve by a dizzying 20% to 300% then let me know and I'll refund your money in full. No questions asked.
As far as I'm concerned, the customer is King in this relationship and you hold all the aces. So you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
FAST-FORWARD YOUR LIFE five years from now. You have two possible outcomes. The first outcome resembles your current situation, the one you're unhappy with and chances are it's dimly lit. The second outcome is a bright future with your business growing at eye blink speed generating more profits while you work less!
Which outcome happens is entirely up to you.
But the fact you've read this far shows you know things must change and it shows you've got what it takes to see a turnaround and join the winner's circle. After all, the TMI Toolbox is so easy to implement it's like flipping on a light switch to more productivity, reduced costs and greater revenue.

You're moments away from downloading by far the most effective time management implementation system available today but before you do it let's sum up everything you're getting:
1. The Master Process - the complete step by step process you will follow
2. Five Weekly Plans and Meeting Schedules
3. Problem Solving Workshops for Employees
4. Time Management Codex
5. Audio Program: "Become a Master of Time Management in 30 Minutes"
6. Making Time Management Stick with New Employees

How to Order
Your TMI Toolbox?
Here's how to GET INSTANT ACCESS to your TMI Toolbox.
You're only moments away from downloading this complete system that's at least worth $20,000 in consulting fees for a low 149$.
Click on the purchase link below to get it. You can order via credit card, check, or using PayPal. We use the services of ClickBank, a trusted 3rd party for payment
processing. All transactions are carried out on a secure server.
After your order has been placed you'll receive an emailed receipt and instant access to the TMI Toolbox.
Then, watch in amazement as your company does a 180 degree turn for the better. I truly believe you'll be shocked by how much of a difference my system makes.

YES! Robert, I want your revolutionary Time Management Implementation Toolbox that’s giving business owners everywhere a productivity boost of 20% to 300% almost overnight without hiring new employees. Best of all, this system "sticks" with employees for as long as they work for me. I understand I can DOWNLOAD your entire system, worth $20,000 in consulting fees for just $149. I understand my toolbox comes with a generous 8-week money back guarantee and I may keep the entire contents of this toolbox even if I were to get a refund!
Your order will be completed in just seconds -- and you'll receive your download links INSTANTLY! We use the services of ClickBank, a trusted 3rd party for payment
processing. All transactions are carried out on a secure server.

Click Here to Get the TMI Toolbox for only 149$


Robert Rolih, Time Management Consultant

Remember, your TMI Toolbox is completely backed by a 8-WEEK GUARANTEE. Your company's productivity must shoot up 20% to 300% or your money back! Plus -- even if you were to request a refund, you still get to keep the entire system regardless - either way you win!

Every moment that passes while you're without the TMI Toolbox - you're hemorrhaging cash and missing out on opportunity; stop the bleeding and start taking advantage of opportunity by downloading your TMI Toolbox today.

Click Here to Get the TMI Toolbox

Email us at: info@time-management-toolbox.com

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