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How A 26-Year-old "Affiliate Nobody" pumped Google for $146/day - without dropping a red cent on Adwords, or following any so-called Guru advice...

Before I tell you about myself and how I got here, I want to ask you a question - one that sums up what makes my Profit Pump different from any of the other "Google techniques" of today.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You find a hot product to promote, you pick out the killer keywords for it, you fire up your AdWords campaign...and your money vanishes in a blink without a single sale. Sound familiar?

Here's the solution: You need a Google loophole!

You need to stop using AdWords entirely, and cash in on free clicks from Google instead. Yes, that's doable. I do it every day.

I know how it is. Maybe you started out online and heard people screaming, "Get huge traffic to your site in minutes with AdWords!" So you plunk down the money, lose your shirt, get frustrated and curse the day you started pursuing your online dream.

Been there myself, but realize that the problem isn't that making money online is impossible. The problem is you've been wasting money (and frustration) on AdWords!

Proof: My ClickBank account
for the 2 days before launch

Why the top 1% of Google profiteers avoid Adwords and
laugh at so-called "S.E.O. techniques"
I hate to burst the bubble of all the self-proclaimed online marketing experts out there...actually, no, I'm pretty darn happy to burst their bubble, because somebody has to do it...

Making money online isn't that hard!

We both know people are pulling in $100, $200, $300 or even more per day with Google. I'm here to tell you that it's not hard to do...but here's the part you probably don't know: the smart folks are avoiding AdWords like the plague.

You might that think that's tough, and I used to think so too, but really, it's not. So you have to ask yourself one key question:

Why aren't you swimming in money from your online efforts?

If it's so easy, you should be overwhelmed with your bank account right now. Most people who give it a go aren't. There's a very simple reason for that.

Understand: Nobody Reveals The True Google "Secrets"...

I'm not talking about the trumped up crap people stick a bow on and call "the next big thing". I'm talking about the solid, proven strategies that pros use to make money hand over fist online.

Aren't you sick of that? I sure was. I've been where you are, and I didn't like it.

I've struggled to make a buck online, just about ready to pull my hair out in frustration.

Now I'm pulling in $100 per day with my simple Google system (and I'm just getting started), but it wasn't always that way.

Ever come close to quitting? Yep, me too, about once a week. But then I made a simple decision every struggling online marketer has to make...

I had to decide to succeed. Sounds simple, but it's the truth. I had to decide to succeed, no matter what. That meant I had to dig in and figure out exactly how the experts made it look so easy. I wanted my share of the massive pie.

A good example is getting free traffic from search engines.

Doesn't that sound like the easiest thing in the world? Should be simple. Put up a website, offer good content, get loads of free traffic from Google, make money. Right?

Wrong. And it's just one of the reasons over 95% of online "businesses" crash and burn. It's never as easy to do as people already doing it make it sound. Never. And the root of the problem is that you've been lied to since the beginning. They put that "blindfold" on you.

Google Adwords: The Cold, Hard Facts...
Imagine entering a house you've never been in before...and somebody puts a blindfold on you before you walk in.

What would you do? How would you find your way around?

Yeah, you'd stumble around bumping into things, skinning your shins and tumbling to the floor.

That's exactly what Google is for most people. It's a strange world where you're walking around with a blindfold on

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