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Computer Ergonomics to Eliminate Pain and Increase Productivity




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your training, my hand and arm pain have gone away! Thank
you again."
M.B., Administrative Officer,
Peace Corps

Eliminate pain, discomfort and
fatigue NOW - Learn how to work easier,
faster and get more done using our simple tools.
Computer Ergonomics Expert
Dr. Barry Carlin Shows You
For 20 years I have been healing computer users suffering from the
pain and injury that occurred while working incorrectly at their computers.
Did you know that 80% of all computer users experience some
form of chronic fatigue, tension or pain? Why?  Because
their computer workstations were not adjusted to meet the unique
size and shape of their bodies.    
You will learn the 8
necessary lessons to customize your computer
station to fit your body. You will receive the same information I have
taught to thousands of people in my ergonomic training
seminars in the United States, Asia and Europe.
You will be guided step-by-step through our program to easily
customize your computer so you can WORK PAIN FREE!  If
you share a workstation, we will demonstrate how to adjust it to fit
your body in as little as 30 seconds.
Complete Keyboard and Mouse Training
- Yours Free!
Start with our FREE audio/visual
keyboard & mouse training
program. Here you will learn the simple steps to eliminating fatigue,
tension and pain in your hands, wrists and arms.  You will learn

the biggest mistake most people make in working at computers
the best posture for working comfortably
how to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
and much more!

Yes, give me instant access to
the keyboard and mouse training program at
no charge.
And, if you like, write in
your question or most pressing concern for ergonomics expert
Dr. Carlin below. Dr Carlin will answer your question
in an upcoming Work Pain Free blog article.
Barry Carlin

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We will NEVER, EVER share, rent or sell your information
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Get Instant Access to the Complete Work
Pain Free
addition to the free Keyboard and Mouse section, the complete program
Hand & Arm Stretches
Specific stretches for the hand and arm you can do in seconds to prevent
and immediately relieve discomfort, tension and fatigue.
Sitting Technique
An eight part series on how to customize your seat to prevent and elimiate
low back pain and leg pain. Proper use of the footstool and low back
supports covered.
Lower Back Stretches
A series of lower back stretches you can do in seconds to prevent and
immediately relieve discomfort, tension and fatigue.
Monitor Positioning
How to position your monitor and documents to prevent and eliminate discomfort
in the neck, shoulders and upper back.
Specific stretches for the neck and shoulders you can do in seconds to
prevent and immediately relieve discomfort, tension and fatigue.
Custom Work Solutions
Customizing your workstation for specific issues to maximize your productivity,
such as telephone, glare, temperature and hydration.
Complete Stretching Program
Full body stretching program that will empower you to self diagnose exactly
where your tension is today and apply the appropriate therapuetic stretch
that will prevent or instantly relieve discomfort.
How much will all this cost?
What is it worth to you to eliminate discomfort, prevent painful injuries,
increase productivity and have immediate stress relief? We offer this
same information in full day ergonomic training programs at $250 per
person and now offer it to you to learn at your own pace at your own
You can do Work Pain Free as an entire training in
one sitting, or in short increments as you have time, or to relieve specific
problems as they arise. For example, if you develop neck pain or headache,
you can go to the appropriate section to eliminate the discomfort and
prevent it from returning.
This life enhancing Work Pain Free program is yours
for the introductory price of just $197 $97
Special Bonus - While Supplies
For a limited time, I am including a very special bonus while
supplies last: A laminated stretching card which you can keep
handy as a reference to use in all your activities. This is a physical
product which will be mailed to your home or office at no additional
charge. Here is what it looks like:

Money Back Guarantee!
am so confident that you will get tremendous value out of this
program, I will give you up to 56 days (8 weeks) to try it out
and decide for yourself if the material is worth it. If you are
unsatisfied for any reason within that time, I will refund your
money, no questions asked.

the Complete Work Pain Free Progam NOW!
You will be given immediate access to a private membership
area where all the lessons are available. This is a one time charge.
Click here to claim free version,
the first chapter in the complete 8 chapter program

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the web's largest ecommerce provider for information products.
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