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Want 3 Proven Products To Sell To A Huge Target Audience, Without The Hassle Of Creating, Designing, Marketing, And Expense? Look No Further!

Discover How You Will Become An Expert eBook Publisher In An Instant, Generating Insane Profits On Autopilot, Without Any Marketing Expertise, Huge Investment Or Hair Pulling Frustration!

Ray Johnson- eBay member:

Hello, [e.z.sell_ebooks](http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/e.z.sell_ebooks)([1780](http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=e.z.sell_ebooks&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS)) [](http://pages.ebay.co.uk/services/buyandsell/powersellers.html)[](http://stores.ebay.co.uk/id=204699771?ssPageName=ME:F:ST)[](http://members.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=e.z.sell_ebooks)


From the offices of the Ray Johnson Group. eBay Powerseller, online business mentor and coach.  


Why have I REALLY limited this offer to just 9 savvy netpreneurs?

Simply Because This eBook Has Sold For $2600! - The ONLY eBook On The Net That Has EVER Achieved This Amazing Feat...

So whats all the fuss about?

All will be revealed as you read on, and discover how YOU can EASILY duplicate my success starting RIGHT NOW. Look, I am not gonna sit here and try to persuade you to buy this offer. My reasons? Well, I don't have to - and I don't REALLY want to... PLUS I have the testimonials from the big GURU's to prove it.

I paid thousands of dollars to these guys for their mentoring and coaching, and I invested in MYSELF to achieve success... No big secret folks... so let's begin.

Step 1: Watch a video proving my dominance on eBay.

Step 2: Read this extract of an in depth statement from Derek Gehl - multimillionaire and CEO of The Internet Marketing Center... followed by Tom Beal (VP Of Operations MikFilsaime.com), Reed Floren and other known internet marketing figures:


"There are a number of great reasons why purchasing PLR resale/reprint rights is an excellent business decision. You don't need to have a complex website in place to start selling your product... to get that all important revenue-stream started, you cannot beat buying rights.

Information products are the top selling product on the internet right now and purchasing rights, allows you to capitalise on the popularity of information products and get in on the market - without having to create the product yourself - which can be time consuming. The cost for you to produce the product is virtually nil, every sale generates extremely high profits..."




Hey Ray, you are awesome... Please contact my assistant Anne and tell her that I authorized you getting all of our existing simpleology courses for free.

Sorry for the quick one - have to run. Keep fighting the good fight!

Mark Joyner



I meet tons of top marketers at live events but not all these great marketers can attend them for one reason or another from time to time.

One in particular, is a go-getter who is making big things happen online but due to his physical handicap is unable to attend some live events. This guy is Ray Johnson...

Ray reached out to me in a masterful way and now we chat regularly online bouncing ideas. I'm excited to say Ray has positively impacted my life, and if he can do this for me, I guarantee his knowledge will do the same for you.

Keep up the great work Ray...
Tom Beal
VP Operations - Mike Filsaime.com ------


I met Ray a while back on Skype and what an inspiration this guy is.

If you want to get on the fast-track to internet business success, then Ray Johnson is the guy you need to follow without a shadow of a doubt.

The knowledge this guy has, will blow you away...
Reed Floren

In my interview with you recently Ray, I knew I had discovered the latest eBook protige.

It is no surprise that you put together this eBook so perfectly. You can only achieve such a thing if you really are a powerseller eBook business guru.

I believe no matter how you play it down, that you are the next bigtime internet marketer. I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to achieve real success online to buy this eBook.

It is your turn to run your own eBay Powerseller eBook Business the easy way...

Ricky "The eBook Generator" Allen
Respected Internet Marketer

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)



I have launched my own Internet Marketing Business, based on the success of your products! I know first-hand the true value of your WSO offer today.

I am literally just flying out to the states as I type this (to the Russell Brunson Seminar) but I cannot stress enough just what a fabulous opportunity this is, if you are looking to make guaranteed income online.

You are a marketing genius, I know from experience - and by giving away the PLR Rights to your products you are going to make some serious people, seriously wealthy.


Mark Lyford
Respected Internet Marketer

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)


Simeon Tuitt
Information Publisher

[READ MORE REVIEWS HERE](ebook-sales-testimonies.htm)


You have literally MINUTES left until this offer ends, so glance over a few more testimonial from recent buyers...

Hello Ray,
I purchased the "Build Your eBay Empire" Master Resell Rights package and wanted to write this testimonial to everyone who may be "interested" but who has not purchased yet.

This is an amazing opportunity because I was a struggling eBook seller a few days ago, not really making money, and now I am instantly receiving payments of £39.95.

So far I have sold 16 guides. All in the space of 8 days, I have made my investment back tenfold, and am being emailed daily with offers. I just can't keep up!

If you are looking for an instant eBook business that will boost your Paypal balance dramatically, and give you an online presence, this offer is it. Get it while you can. I want to thank you Ray for allowing an average Joe like me, taste the kind of feeling that you must get on a daily basis!
Michael Sheffrey


Hi Ray,
Amazing, I just cant believe how easy your package is to make money. It is an instant business - ready to go.

Worth many more times the price I paid.

Thanks for this opportunity Ray, you are the only "guru" I know, who really wants to help me succeed.
Peter Jones


Hi Ray,
I just ordered "Build Your eBay Empire" with Master Resell Rights and I just cannot believe how good this offer is! I have already made 2 sales on eBay in under 24 hours at $69.95 a piece. That is over half my investment already paid for in less than a day.

This guide seems to just attract eBook business buyers like a magnet!
Sedat Yenkasil


Hello Ray,
I have just received the guide via email, and am literally placing the package on eBay and my website now. I have had the package for about 15 minutes, and I'll be ready to sell in the next 10!

You really do live up to your word, this guide is so simple to follow, and the sales letter you given me is a cash-cow! I can see just why it paid for your Porsche...

I am looking forward to checking my Paypal account in the morning. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again!

Paul Smithson


Hi Ray,
I went through your "Build Your eBay Empire" e-package a few weeks ago; all I can say is "Wow!" I'm pretty skeptical when reading sales pitches because of all the hype and exaggerated claims found on the internet. Your package, however, IS THE REAL DEAL!

Your step-by-step guide, along with all the illustrations, made it so easy to follow! Not only that, but you throw in so many tips and tricks throughout the guide that it's like 2 packages in 1. Naturally, when I saw you were offering your guide in the form of Master Resell Rights with Private Label Rights, I KNEW I HAD TO GET IN ON THIS!

I have no reservations recommending this package, good job Ray!
Miguel Flores

Right now is possibly the best moment of your online career. You have stumbled across an offer so incredible - you'd be certifibly insane to miss out.

Here are a handful of the replies I received:

I have placed the replies below for you to view yourself.


Hi Ray,

The simple answer is of course, I think that any help to make money on eBay and the internet is welcomed. This is also a bonus for you as well, because it sets you apart from so many other so called Gurus, who want you to buy their products and then leave you to it.

I look forward to your newsletters, they give me inspiration as does the personal help that you so freely give.

Would you also give the knowledge on how to make it as successful for others as it is for you?
Hugh J
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member


Thanks Ray, allowing your book to be authored and sold online by someone like me, and your other list subscribers would be a great idea. Especially the new ones as I believe they are the ones who need the most help when starting out in the ebook internet business.

Furthermore I honestly think they would buy from you again and again. I myself am new to all this so whatever you can offer as help would be very much appreciated.

Hope this helps...

Thanks again Ray. Rob Nurden
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member


Absolutely, the idea itself sounds great. It would be like achieving the success, that you have had to build up yourself, single-handedly and instantly. Ken Bush
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member


Yeah Ray!

I would buy the Master PLR Resale Rights right away - because how many successful internet marketers people give you this chance?

Have a great week! Darryl Dean
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member


I would buy it, but I would rather co-author a book with this same author thus gaining insite how a bestseller comes about.

For example most best selling, highly touted new books seem to need a companion workbook/checklist that cuts out the da ta da and lists the very basic steps with checklists to get the reader to the same stage that the author is writing from.

Being a retired Vo-Tech teacher, I find this to be true and then the student is either lost or too proud to ask. Just a thought!

Either way -  I would purchase.
Doug & CJ Green
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member


Hello Ray,

Thanks for the message. I am a retired man with time on his hands and not much money. I think that I would take pride and work hard to make this business opportunity work, if you were to offer me the Master Rights.

So make it happen, give me a chance and I wlll perform. Ron Eriksen
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member


Hi Ray, Yes I would be interested in buying the rights to own and sell your e-book...

Regards Tracy Buckingham
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member


Hi Ray

I'm definitely interested in purchasing.

I have been looking to get into the e-publishing business for some time now and wondered if I could speak to you direct and see if you are able to assist me, and perhaps do a deal on your products whilst giving me some pointers?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards
Jason Moffatt
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member


Hi Ray,

I hope all is well. The answer to your question is a definite yes, I would certainly buy your eBook if you offered it to me to be my own, thanks. Yunus Bhayat
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member


Hello Ray,

Sorry for the late response to your mail. I work away and have only just opened it. WOW! After seeing the videos of your earnings, solely from eBay, I often look at Clickbank and try to imagine how much money the sellers of the information make. To have a top ranking ebook on there must be VERY desirable... not to mention worldwide sales on eBay and my own website combined - who would say no?

Personally Ray, I have contacted you in the past regarding starting selling ebooks on eBay. Trouble is I am VERY broke at the moment! I have subscribed to your newsletter and am keeping close tabs on the whole thing. Come June I get my bonus so will be looking at starting something with you then. I am a bit of a novice so may need lots of help from you if that's OK. Obviously money to invest in a business is VERY tight so if it's alright with you, when the time comes I will be asking you for advice and will certainly come back to you then, if the offer is still open.

Sorry for the personal bit, but that's where I stand.

The eBook to put on Clickbank, eBay and my own website is an opportunity that anybody would not want to miss out on - and I may just buy if the price is right. Johnathan Lowe
e.z.sell_ebooks Valued List Member

So What The Hell Am I Offering You Here?

I am deliberately going to keep this short and to the point. You probably have heard of my ["Build Your eBay Empire"](ClickBankLoserOffer.htm) guide by now (if you haven't - where have you been!)

My guide is [ranked NO.1 in Google.com from OVER 35 MILLION websites](http://www.ezsellebooks.com/images/google1ray.jpg). It was once ranked #1 from OVER 52 MILLION competing sites, and this gave me a TON of targeted, preconditioned visitors/traffic, and I quite literally watched the sales pour in.

I am NOT going to fill your head with B.S. though - so I have used the link above to show the AVERAGE position my guide achieves now, consistently on a daily basis.

Anyway, you have seen the proof, but let's not dwell on that. The reasons you have heard of it, are the are the foundations, that I invite you to read every word of this page, with a fine toothcomb right now.

You see, when it comes to achieving success on the internet, you must ensure three crucial steps to "hope" to achieve some sort of online success:

You must identify a thriving market - with an area of need.

You must create, test, and launch a product to fulfil the needs of that market.

You must maintain sales over time to maintain the "buzz".

And these are the sole reasons why my guide is simply - so successful.

It fulfils ALL 3 of the above criteria, and has made me considerably financially secure.

How many 29 year old guys can say that?

**Myself and my daughter in my BMW M3.

eBay eBook businesses are my niche market. My real skill is setting up highly profitable eBook businesses from scratch, and turning everyday people with little or no experience - into success stories, profitable eBay Powerseller's and internet marketers.

If you have already purchased my guide - you'll know this already, and as a valued subscriber - interested in the eBooks business - it is time to give you a little something in return.

An Income For Life By Selling My Guide As Your Own Work, Using 3 Of The Internet's Most Powerful Information Product Giants To Sell With!

I have taken all of the hard work out of the equation. I have taken all the risk of creating, researching, developing, testing, promoting and marketing of your own product - by simply allowing YOU to become the author of "Build Your eBay Empire" and sell the guide as your own work, for 100% profit per sale you make!

Plus, you'll also be able to edit the guide by placing your name as the author, and changing the embedded affiliate links so that you earn a recurring income after the sale of the guide itself!

You will receive my guide in it's original raw format, and using a FREE word processor that I'll give you access to upon downloading. You can open, edit, and re-covert to PDF in minutes. You are then good-to-go...

But this once in a lifetime opportunity doesn't end there...

You are probably thinking "What if others recognise the work through the image of the product?"... (as we all know the guide is a best-seller) No problem. You are purchasing Master PLR Resell Rights, but you do not have to edit the guide if you don't wish to. You can simply sell it "as is" stating you own the rights and are an "officially licensed reseller" using the agreement you will be sent INSTANTLY after you secure your place. You can even pass on the resell rights to your customer to sweeten the deal for you!

However, if you DO wish to use the full flexibility of the PLR offer, you can also get access to a professionally designed eCover graphic to INSTANTLY give the product a NEW IDENTITY should you wish to choose this option.

Yes. You heard me right. So, not only do you get a product that is a proven seller, but you get all the benefits of bringing a new product to the market at the same time! But this STILL is not all the benefits you will receive if you order now...

The licence you will receive means that you can sell on eBay - utilising eBay's 312 million registered users as a direct source of targeted buyers to amass big numbers of sales like these...

And even redirect these eBay potential buyers to your website, and further maximise sales by offering a discount if they buy from your website!

You'll also get the opportunity to place your product in the worlds largest affiliate marketplace and attract thousands of affiliates to resell your product for you, generating HUGE sales without you need to lift a finger.

Below is proof that my guide sells well in the Clickbank marketplace. The below screenshot is purely affiliate sales or passive income for the last 25 sales. I do not lift a finger for this extra income - as affiliates make all these sales for me:

 You will do exactly the same as this!

So Now It's Entirely Up To You, No Hard Sells - I Swear It...

I do not really need to "sell" you anything. You must be a savvy person to realise an opportunity this good will not hang around forever and which is why all I ask you to do is evaluate your current position. 

I have been where you are right now. I have seen the GURU's making THOUSANDS of dollars PER DAY, and I used to ask myself...

"How do these guys do it? Maybe they are good with Photoshop or they know someone who is?

The ONLY reason these guys can make money online hand-over fist is because they have their OWN product.

So it really IS decision time.

Ok Ray - I'm Definitely Convinced, But $2600 For An eBook? C'mon Man... You Got To Be Kidding Me!

But before you do decide, I must let you know that the PLR rights to this guide have sold for £1300.00 ($2600.00USD) again - here is the proof - showing you the first payment of 2 installments below:

And to prove my flexibility, I have been inundated with offers, of slightly less, this time - $1000.00 (£500.00GBP)

And as soon my subscribers heard about this deal, along with the flexibility in my price, even more of you snapped up my guide for a whole lot less - BEFORE I had even launched today's offer!

And even less - all be it 1p:

Will you join the handful of other subscribers and pay next to nothing, for an INSTANT worldwide information marketing business?

So, just to recap - here is what you will get when you order right now:

FULL Master PLR Rights Agreement (Certifying Your Ownership Of Rights)

This Sales Pages For eBay & Your Website (editable)

FREE eCover To Make This Product Unique To You On Request (A $37 Value)

Full Step-By-Step Instructions

LIVE 30 Minute 1-2-1 Coaching Call (A $300 Value) On Request




No sales hype required. Just make your decision, but please - make it right now. This offer, I can guarantee WILL NEVER BE MADE AVAILABLE again. The price will NEVER be as low as it is right now. So why pay more than you need to?

You will be making money instantly, which will pay for the one time low investment you make today.

So there's my cast iron guarantee, but now you ask me...

"Ray - what is the price?"

But does the PRICE really matter?

Or is it the RESULTS that matter?

Let me put it to you like this. Would you pay a one time payment of $1500.00, if you knew therefater you would be earning $1500 per week for the rest of your life? The logical answer is a resounding YES!

Listen, when the Internet Marketing crowd heard that I was going to be releasing these rights, they instantly thought I should charge $3000.00 if not more.

Order now, and you will not even pay 1/15th of this suggested price. I want to reward you for taking action quickly!
 This offer will never be available again for this price.
You can EVEN see LIVE PROOF on my website of this guide CURRENTLY SELLING at $247.00

[CLICK HERE FOR PROOF](http://www.ezsellebooks.com/MasterPLRRights.html)

With this very special deal, you'll INSTANTLY pay a LOT LESS than the CURRENT recommended price! I offer a 60 day money back guarantee for any reason, if you are not 100% satisifed. You have this opportunity in front of you take it - and watch your income explode...


Isn't it time YOU tasted success?  Order NOW...

Your product, and simple STEP by STEP instructions will be digitally delivered to your email address INSTANTLY as soon as payment is received.

I look forward to welcoming you inside...

P.S. This offer is a REAL no-brainer. The coaching call ALONE has a $300 value. The package $2500.00 - not to mention the $107.00 discount, you'll get access to everything instantly - literally as soon as you pay. No waiting. Don't waste valuable seconds!

P.P.S. Remember, this is a WSO only offer, and will be released on the internet real soon. You are receiving a massive discount from the suggested price of $2500.00. Literally at any time, and without notice I can release this offer to the world, and then you will have to pay the price advertised. Act Now!

P.P.P.S.  Don't you owe it to yourself to get in now? You'll be light years ahead of every other marketer on the internet if you order now prior to official release. So grab it now before the price goes up...

P.P.P.S. Remember, I offer a 100% No Questions asked Full Money Back Guarantee.  One you have access you can start earning hundreds, if not thousands of dollars starting today using these 3 proven products. If after you change your mind and for some crazy reason this is not for you, simply ask me for a refund and I will refund you within minutes. You have nothing to lose, all of the risk is on me. So order now - don't hesitate. Remember Derek Gehl's statement above? He is a man who has cracked the code to making MILLIONS online. He KNOWS what he is talking about! Take his advice RIGHT NOW, if not mine! This investment - could just set you up for the rest of your life... Read the page again if you have to!



Most people in life have the opportunity to walk to and from the shops everyday. They can run onto a basketball field, a football oval and can play tennis, squash and hockey whenever they feel like it.

These are just some of the "normal" things of life as we all know and realise.

But this isn't the case for Ray Johnson! Ray's confined to a wheelchair and he's been told he will never be getting out of it to do the things like we all take for granted.

Yet one thing Ray does better than most is this:

He's a go-getter... he's extremely focussed on what he wants in life... what he needs to do to achieve what he focusses on... and he just goes out and does it all without procrastination.

If I've ever talked to a guy who's motivated, educated and got a gift for never giving up, then it has to be Ray Johnson.

Listen to Ray... do what he says... take action... implement what he tells you immediately... this guy wants to help you move to the next level.

Don't sit and wonder any longer... just do it!
David Cavanagh
Internet Marketing Coach & International Speaker

 Need Me To Hold Your Hand?

But YOU WILL NOT Pay This Insane Price If You Do Not Order Now


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