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Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix - Red Light Fix

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The 3 red light problem...
Red ring of death. Red lights of death. Whatever you want to call it, you are no longer playing your Xbox 360.

With your Xbox 360 dead – it’s just an expensive coffee table. You need the only guide guaranteed to help fix your 360 faster than it takes to mail it to Microsoft.

Yes, you heard us -- Guaranteed. Foolproof. Instant!

“Got Me Gaming…in Less Than 2
Hours,” Say Real People with No Tech Experience.
Robert. A, San Jose CA

How long has your Xbox 360 been down? One week? Five weeks? Did you buy this machine so it could gather dust? You desperately want to be playing Gears of War, Halo 3, GTA IV, Assassin’s Creed, or Guitar Hero.

Instead your Xbox 360 is quiet. Inactive. Those 3 red lights mean no more game time– and you have to take action.

What are your alternatives? Ignore, return, or fix. Ignoring is not an option. Returning is a long process more likely to lose or damage your box than fix it. So – You Need to Fix It!





**Learn More About 3 Ring Problems**Learn Instant Solutions

Developed by tech pros who know the complicated inner workings of Xbox 360. We have taken apart Xbox 360s. We know how to fix the 3 red light problem. We steer you clear of pitfalls…that could destroy your machine.

And – We Give You the Instant Fix – For Anyone…Any Skill Level

"A few bloggers and forums recommend “The Towel Fix.” First, let’s think about this. The Xbox 360 cost Microsoft billions of dollars to develop. Highly educated engineers and programmers created the box.

Do you really think that wrapping the machine in a bath towel will fix it?

This dumb urban legend says that you can …wrap your Xbox 360 in a towel… reboot and start playing-3 red lights gone.

One respected blogger concludes: “The towel trick is bunk…You’re more likely to set your Xbox 360 on fire by doing this than fixing it."

Are you saying that you don’t have “handyman” or “handywoman” skills? You saying that you can’t install an oil filter on your car or hang a picture?

Doesn’t matter.

Do you say that you have never opened a computer case? Never even done something as simple as installed extra RAM?

Doesn’t matter.

Because Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition® uses common tools found around the house. No special knowledge needed.

“If you can open a soda can, you can fix your Xbox 360 red lights …safely, easily, zero hassle. And you will be gaming again in less than 2 hours. Guaranteed.”

Real People Say: Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition® is Simple and Easy to Us

Have you not spent hours and hours on the gamer forums researching this issue?

Have you not discovered how difficult…how impossible…it is to return the Xbox 360 to Microsoft for a so-called “free” fix?

You’re thinking – “I’ve spent enough on this box, I want a free fix.

You already know how Microsoft drains you dry for hardware and games. Do you think they will make the 3 red lights fix easy and fast?

Not a chance. Microsoft is dealing with the “red ring of death” problem on their playing field-not yours. Out of warranty customers pay $140 and shipping and handling for repairs that take 6 to 8 weeks.

Think of the hassle. Think of the time involved.

You need to pack up the box carefully. You need to insure it. Ship it. and wait your 4-6 weeks..

Gamers who forget to remove controllers, hard drive, and memory cards report that these items are lost. A few have even reported the 3 red lights reappearing days later.

Your expensive Xbox 360 gets sent by mail to an industrial zone in…McAllen, Texas, on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Your Xbox 360 has served you well. Respect your Xbox 360. Fix it with the best repair guide on the market…Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Edition®.

One dangerous “fix” recommended by some blogs is to solder bad connections in your Xbox 360. Let it be known that Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Edition® does not and will not advocate the use of this solder method. Soldering of high tech electronic equipment is not like soldering a radio or TV. Original solders are created in dust-free labs and are checked with X-ray equipment retailing at $34,995. Do not attempt to re-solder your Xbox or you will damage it and void your warranty.
Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Edition® offers a Third Option to fixing your Xbox – not soldering, not the “towel trick” – to get you gaming in 2 hours.

Guaranteed to Work…

With Real Human Customer Support…

That Walks You Through the Entire Process…

That Provides Detailed Video Tutorials…

That Avoids Dangerous “Towel” and Solder Methods…

That is Developed by Pros - Who Have Done the Repair and Made it Work…

…that We Are Committed to “Getting You Gaming in 2 Hours or Less.”


Other So-Called Xbox 360 Red Light Repair Guides…the Shocking Truth
How you seen other Xbox 360 repair guides found on the market? Have you noticed that they all seem the same?

That’s because they are all the same.

To save you time, let us brief you:

They promise you a 30 min fix, which is a complete lie!

They are only 10-20 pages long.

Zero customer support.

Poor quality videos that dont show you neccssary detais to get the job done! (That's if they have any)

Cut-and-paste worthless information compiled from gamer forums.

They advocate the dangerous “towel” method.

Or they recommend soldering - impossible for anyone who is not a tech professional with a million-dollar lab.

Ruin your machine because of bad repairs? Warranty is voided. Then it really is Game Over. Forever.



Be Playing Again - in 2 Hours or Less.

Guaranteed Fix or Money Back.

Fix in Less Time than it Takes to Mail Xbox 360 to Microsoft.

Professional High Defenition Streaming Video Tutorials, With In Action Camera Zooms So You Dont Miss A Detail.

The Only Xbox 360 Repair Guide with Video Tutorials so Detailed and Comprehensive They Get Rave Reviews from Customers.

Real Human, Knowledgable Customer Support.

Verified Effective THIRD REPAIR OPTION - No Towels, No Solders.

Only Guide on Market to “Connect Dots” for You. We Never Leave You Hanging.

Zero Hassle Return Policy.

Developed by Pros Who Have Done the Repairs - and Made Them Work!

No Special Skills Needed - Fix Xbox 360 Even if You Don’t Know How to Hang a Picture.

Use Ordinary Household Tools.

Instant Access to Guide and Videos. 24/7 No Matter Where You Live!


Xbox 360 Gamers who order before Jan 18th are automatically upgraded to Platinum Level:


PLATINUM LEVEL BONUS #1 - Platinum Level Customer Support Recommendation. At your option, we will even make recommendations based on pictures of your Xbox 360. No other guide does this.


PLATINUM LEVEL BONUS #2 - Upgrade from Standard HD to 720P High Definition video tutorials…completely free for Platinum Level members.


 PLATINUM LEVEL BONUS #3 - Special Platinum Level “No Geek Speak” Guarantee. If you—as a non-techie—cannot understand the guide by itself or with our valuable Human Customer Service, we will issue a prompt 100% refund.


Get Instant Access to the Web’s Premier Guide to Fixing Your Xbox 360 Red Lights

A Complete Walk-Through…Step by Step for Even the Most “Non-Tech” Person

Because We Know that Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition Will Get You Up and Gaming in 2 Hours or Less…We Guarantee our Guide for a Full 56 Days.

New Years Price…$39. Original Price…$59

If you have not FIXED YOUR XBOX 360 RED LIGHT problem within 56 days from the date of purchase, your full purchase price will be cheerfully refunded. That is how confident we are of our product.






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