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Frustrated Tattoo freaks all over the world are breathing a sigh of relief...

Self-proclaimed ‘Tattoo Freak’
Gets Fed Up With Having To Flip Countless Binders In Tattoo Shop After Tattoo Shop Searching For His Next Tattoo Idea And Collects Thousands Of Gorgeous Tattoo Designs…

...All Viewable From The Comfort
Of Your Own Home…

Finally You Can Put An End To Your Search For That Perfect Tattoo That’ll Turn Heads, Make People Come Up And Talk To You, And Admire You For..

If You’re Planning On Getting One (Or A Few) Tattoos In The Near Future You Need To Pay Very Close Attention To What I’m About To Tell You…

From: Mark Hanes  

Dear friend,

Don't you agree that trying to decide what tattoo to get is extremely difficult?

And the fact that finding that one gorgeous high quality tattoo that you are going to live with for the rest of your life, is almost impossible online doesn't make things easier..

The sad truth is that most tattoo decisions are made in a hurry while flipping through binders in a local tattoo studio.

That's not the way such an important, life-long decision should be made, and it often results in people regretting they ever got that darn tattoo!

In fact...

Some Go As Far As Getting Surgery
To Have Their Tattoos Removed,
Which Could Easily End Up Costing
Them In The $1000's Extra!

And sadly, even though it cost them an arm and a leg, the result doesn't always turn out the way they were hoping for..

However, if you're lucky enough to find that perfect tattoo for you, it will..
make you look good make people admire you for it make people come up to you and ask questions about it make you different and stand out from the crowd make you more confident because of all the above etc. etc...
....it will bring you satisfaction for the rest of your life!

So how do you find that perfect tattoo?

The secret is to browse through a lot of tattoo ideas before you settle on the one.

That's where the problem comes in..

My name is Mark Hanes. I'm a tattoo lover. I have tattoos myself that I've had since I reached legal age for getting tattoos.

I also have recent ones that I recently chose. But you know what? When I had my recent tattoos done I had such a hard time finding that one tattoo that I wanted..

I've spent countless of late nights and early hours searching for tattoo ideas online... most of the times quitting in frustration after having found nothing of value..

No wonder so many people are walking around with downright ugly tattoos!

"There must be a better way" I thought to myself..

Let's dream a little...

"In a perfect world, all tattoo decisions would be made based on careful consideration in peace and quiet with an endless supply of absolutely beautiful tattoo designs to choose from..."

TattooMeNow.com comes as close to that "perfect world" as you can get.

Now You Don't Have To
Go Through Piles And Piles Of Binders At Your Local Tattoo Parlors To Find The Tattoo That You Want And End Up In Frustration Because They Don't Have It...


Now you can find that one tattoo you've been looking for for a long time. The tattoo that is going to fit you perfectly and people are going to admire you for and ask you questions about. The tattoo that you're going to keep and adore for the rest of your life!

And you can find it in the comfort of your own home right now...

Introducing... Tattoo Me Now™

The Ultimate Tattoo Membership And Design Gallery!

Our huge design gallery contains thousands of great-looking categorized tattoo designs that you can browse through from the comfort of your home.

I've spent months searching for just about every tattoo design resource that exists, gathering all designs into one huge searchable gallery.

When you become a member you will be able to log in to one centralized location online for your convenience and search our huge database of tattoo designs so you don't have to from parlor to parlor to parlor and go through mountains of magazines and books.

But that's not all!

Our amazing membership contains features that will help you with every aspect of your tattoo journey.

To give you a better idea of what exactly what is included in the membership, here's a list of everything you'll get access to when joining us...

#1  The Tattoo Design Gallery - Find Your Dream Tattoo!

Click [HERE](http://www.tattoomenow.com/directory.php) to check out what the design gallery looks like.

Here are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy when getting your hands on our amazing membership and get access to the tattoo design gallery..

More than 1,692 2,322 3,507 gorgeous tattoo designs categorized by type.

Browse the designs in over 40 categories. Makes it easy to find the kind of tattoos you're looking for! Check out the box below that'll show you the categories that you'll have access to.

Scroll Down for Complete List ---->- Abstract Tattoos- Angel Tattoos- Belly Button Tattoos- Bird Tattoos- Butterfly Tattoos- Cartoon Tattoos- Celtic Tattoos- Chinese Tattoos- Cross Tattoos- Devils Tattoos- Dolphin Tattoos- Dragon Tattoos- Eagle Tattoos- Fairy Tattoos- Fantasy Tattoos- Flower Tattoos- Harley Davidson- Heart Tattoos- Horse Tattoos- Insect Tattoos- Japanese Tattoos- Lizard Tattoos- Lower Back Tattoos- Mermaid Tattoos- Monster Tattoos- Other/Miscellaneous Tattoos- Patriotic - American Tattoos- Religious Tattoos - Rose Tattoos - Scorpion Tattoos - Skull Tattoos - Snake Tattoos - Sport Tattoos - Star Tattoos - Sun Tattoos - Symbols - Tiger Tattoos - Tribal Tattoos - Various Animals - Wolf Tattoos
- Women - Words - Zodiac Tattoos

"Bookmark" tattoos that you like to your personal wish list so that you can create a portfolio of tattoo designs that you may decide to get in the future!

New tattoos being added continuously making this an ever-growing resource of tattoo designs! You can take all the time you want during the entire span of your membership to make the decision and find the tattoo that is going to be right for you.

Print out a design you like and bring it to the tattoo artist.

Use the designs only as inspiration for your own unique tattoo and you can be sure no one else has the exact same design as you!

Combine two designs into one! - Another way to create a totally unique tattoo!

Ask your friends what they think before making the decision! Something that can be difficult to do if you're looking for designs in a tattoo studio (unless your friends come with you).

Save yourself the hassle of having to visit a tattoo parlor and being sold by some aggressive, over-bearing tattoo artist who's trying to make money with you.


#2 The Member Photo Gallery NEW! - Get Inspiration And Get To Know What Others Think About Your Tattoo!

Get inspiration from looking at photos of other people's tattoos.

Upload photos of your new (or old) tattoo for other members to view.

Receive ratings and comments from other members and get to know what they think about your tattoo.

Download the photos to your computer.

New photos are being added regularly and you'll get access to all them all during the entire span of your membership.

Rate and comment other member's tattoos while realizing what kind of tattoos you like and what you don't like.

Let them know why or why not you like their tattoo and discuss with other members.

Get on the top 10 list for the most highly rated tattoos - and you can be sure you've got a tattoo that's HOT!

Be seen! Now you won't only turn heads when walking on the streets, your tattoo will be seen by thousands of people online as well!

#3 The Tattoo Studio Directory - Find Great Tattoo Artists In Your Area!

10,409 tattoo studios, categorized by state or city, in the US, the UK and Canada.

Find the tattoo studios in your area and then check if there are any reviews, visit their website, call them or Google them to find out more.

Write reviews and rate your experience and level of satisfaction with a certain tattoo studio.


If You Were To Get Access To The Same Quantity Of Designs From Other Sites It Would Cost You A Bloody Fortune! In fact, over $24,000!

I'm not joking...

If you were going to try to find over 3500 designs on your own it would take you several months (that's how long it took me to find them) or you would have to pay at least $7-$15 per design. That's what other sites are charging. Some charge even more.

Let's do the math: 3500 x $7 = $24,500      


My initial plan was to charge $149 for an unlimited pro membership.

After all, it really is an awesome resource of tattoo designs that I have put an awful lot of work into, which in turn will save you a ton of time and frustration.

All Of This, And A Lot More, Is Waiting For You Right Now, But You Better Act Quick! Here's Why....

Since I know you are extremely frustrated and because I love the art of tattoos, what I really want - actually a lot more than your money - is to help you put an end to your search for a good source of tattoo designs and help you find some really beautiful tattoos to put on your skin. So I'm going to set the price a little lower..

No wait, actually A LOT lower

Now listen... For a very limited time I've decided to practically give away the membership for just $49.95...

In fact I'm prepared to slash $25 off and make it only $24.95 as a special very time limited offer.


Well, the reason I've decided to do this is because the site is new and I want to get as many members as possible in the launch phase to create a real "buzz" around the site.

Now let's see what some of our members are saying. Let's start off with seasoned tattoo artist Michael Deavers...

"I Decided To Jump In To Take A Chance. I Soon Found Myself With All The Flash I Could Ever Need And Then Some! It Is Well Worth The Little Bit Of Loot You'll Spend!


 My name is Michael, but they call me 'Flash'. I'm a  tattoo artist from the Washington DC area. I have  been tattooing off and on for 30 years.

 I started getting arthritis in 1994 and it quickly put a  hurtin on my ability to sling that ink.

 After a couple of surgeries I was lookin to get into it again but I had lost most of  my flash and equipment, all I had left was my guns.

 I spent a lot of time going thru sites when I ran across "Tattoomenow".

 After reading some of the sales pitch I realized that you had done my work  already so I decided to jump in to take a chance.

 I soon found myself with all the flash I could ever need and then some.

 The members area of the site is great, it is nice to be able to check out the  work of others and to see how people respond to that work.

 I look forward to getting more involved and catching the critique of other  artists, I know that it will make me a better tattooist.

 So if you are reading this and still contemplating I'll tell you true it is worth  the little bit of loot you'll spend; so come on I'll see ya on the  inside.

Michael Deavers a.k.a 'Flash'
Tattoo Artist
Washington DC, US

"I Have At Least Three Ideas I'm Working With And I'm Going To Get One Of Them Done Next Week! I Can't Wait!"

 Hey Mark!

 I've totally changed my way of thinking since I joined.  Now I realize the importance of thinking over what I  REALLY want before making the final decision.

 And let me tell you, I've gotten so creative with the designs and have at  least three ideas I'm working with.

 I have an appointment with an artist scheduled for next week. Can't wait!!

- Lukas Larnholt
Jarfalla, Stockholm, Sweden

"Wow! TattooMeNow.com Must Be The No. 1 Tattoo Design Resource On The Internet! "

 "All I can say is WOW!! I've seen a few of the other websites that exists that sell  access to tattoo designs, but this site beats them by far!

 This must no doubt be the No. 1 tattoo design resource on the internet!  Thanks for putting together such an awesome website!"

- Gus Ooijevaar
Almere, The Netherlands

Again, this is a very time sensitive offer, but if you invest in your membership before midnight you're guaranteed approval! The price will be raised substantially very soon, so don't delay, [claim your 1-year membership today!](http://www.tattoomenow.com/amember/signup.php)

"After Almost Giving Up Finding A Tattoo That I Wanted Online, I'm So Glad I Found TattooMeNow.com - It's Well Worth It!"

 I was looking around for some good free tattoo designs online  and had almost given up when I  found  TattooMeNow.com.

 First I was hesitant to join when I  noticed it wasn't free.

 But as  soon as I was logged in and started browsing the cool designs I saw how  well everything was organized I knew how much time I was going to  save and how many great tattoos I was going to get as a result of this site  and realized it was well worth it!

 Thumbs up!

- Robin Mickelin
Stockholm, Sweden

"I Love Your Site! I've Finally Found A
Tattoo That I Want! I Have Actually Combined Two Designs Into One Unique Tattoo, And I Found Both On TattooMeNow.com!"

 Hey man!

 I signed up earlier today and I just wanna let ya know that I love it!

 I've been browsing through the designs pretty much non-stop for about 3 hours  and I think I've  made up my mind on what i want now.

 What I've done is I've actually kinda combined two designs into a unique  tattoo that looks awesome!

 PS. I'll upload a photo in the member gallery when  I've got it done!

- Joe Simon.
Miami FL. US

"I Just Got A Stunning Tattoo Done
And Wouldn't Have Had The Courage If
It Wasn't For TattooMeNow.com!"

 "Thanks for a wonderful site! I just got an absolutely stunning tattoo done and I  got the  idea  for it from your site.

 I wouldn't have had the courage to go ahead and do it unless it was for  your site!

 Thanks again!!

- Sarah Samson.

Take Advantage Right
Now And I'll Also Throw In
These 4 Bonuses Worth $233.95 Absolutely FREE Of Charge!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I have decided to sweeten the deal and give you every possible reason to say YES today! 

 Bonus #1

 'You And Your Tattoo' Ebook
 MP3 Version Included!
 Value $19.95

This great ebook & audio book will teach you the vital things you just NEED to know if you're planning to get a tattoo.

The best part is that it comes in MP3 format as well so you can listen to it when driving, working out, cleaning your house, wherever and whenever you'd like!

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1:    The History of Tattoos
Chapter 2:    Information to Know Before Getting a Tattoo
Chapter 3:    Choosing Your Tattoo Parlor
Chapter 4:    The Cost of Tattoos
Chapter 5:    Pros and Cons of Tattoos
Chapter 6:    Tattoo Safety
Chapter 7:    Application Techniques of Tattoos
Chapter 8:    Minimizing the Pain of Tattoos
Chapter 9:    Picking Your Dream Design
Chapter 10:  Popular Tattoo Designs
Chapter 11:  Innovative Tribal Designs
Chapter 12:  Celtic Tattoos
Chapter 13:  The Meanings of Flower Tattoos
Chapter 14:  Free Tattoo Designs
Chapter 15:  Tongue Tattoos
Chapter 16:  Caring for a New Tattoo
Chapter 17:  Time and Tattoos
Chapter 18:  Things to Expect From Tattoo Removal
Chapter 19:  Tattoo Removal Options
Chapter 20:  Summary


Bonus #2

 Beautiful Collection
 Of Chinese Signs
 Value $77

This is a HUGE collection of over 3,300 names and various meaningful words translated into beautiful chinese signs like the ones above. These make great tattoos!

Side note: Think twice before getting a tattoo of someone else's name!


Bonus #3
 'Got Ink?' Ebook  
 Value $20 Got Ink? eBook - Complete Tattoo guide on selecting, getting and caring for your tattoo. PLUS 490 Tattoo Photos! 176 Pages.
With this ebook you're going to get even more important information on tattoos + another 490 designs and photos in addition to the designs 3,500 already included in the membership.


Bonus #4

 Secret Bonus
 Value $117

I'm sorry, but the only way you're going to find out what this 4th bonus is, is to invest in a membership :-)


To help you eliminate absolutely all reasons for not investing in a membership, I'm going to make your investment totally risk-free...


Have I gone crazy?!

I hope not.

The reason I'm willing to offer this insane guarantee and put all the risk on me is because I'm so confident that you're going to love what I have put together here that you won't want to be without it!

This makes your purchase completely risk free!

To put it in other words, You CAN'T lose!

So [get your membership today by clicking here](http://www.tattoomenow.com/amember/signup.php)!


Visiting The Tattoo Parlor, Handing
Over The Cash And Getting The Tattoo Done Is Only The Last Step...

Let's face it - getting inked isn't cheap.

Before making the final decision you want to be totally sure the tattoo you've chosen is right for you.

Then doesn't it make sense to invest a little money in finding that tattoo you can be sure to be satisfied with for the rest of your life?

Of course it does!

Think about it... our 1-year membership is a one-time fee of $24.95, which breaks down to only $2.08 a month. That's less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

You can you afford that, right?

How much are your tattoos worth to you?

Stop for a minute and imagine this scenario:

You sign up for the service and find several great ideas for tattoos you plan on getting in the future. You visit your favourite tattoo artist and get the tattoos done. You then upload photos to the member gallery and receive top ratings and rave reviews.

I think you'll feel very happy about your decision and will consider the investment well worth it, right?

If things turn out differently, and for some reason you don't find any ideas for your next tattoos, simply ask for your money back and you'll walk away with $253.95 worth of bonuses that you haven't paid a dime for.

Not that big of a deal, huh?

[Click here to take action](http://www.tattoomenow.com/amember/signup.php) right now and you could be on your way to finding that dream tattoo of yours within minutes from now!

To recap, here's exactly what you'll get access to:

The Design Gallery - Over 3,500 designs categorized by type

The Member's Gallery - Watch other member's tattoos, upload your own and give and receive ratings and comments

The Tattoo Studio Directory - Find a great tattoo studio near you

+ The following bonuses:

'You And Your Tattoo' - Ebook & audio version

Collection Of Chinese Signs - Over 3,300 names and words translated into beautiful Chinese signs

'Got Ink?' - A great tattoo ebook - contains 490 ADDITIONAL designs.

Secret Bonus - This is just what it sounds like. You won't get to know what it is until you sign up :-)



](http://1.18356.pay.clickbank.net)Pay by credit card, PayPal or e-check [

](http://1.18356.pay.clickbank.net) [](http://www.tattoomenow.com/amember/signup.php)


IMPORTANT: We guarantee that your purchase is 100% secure. Your credit card number is NOT being saved or stored anywhere. The order is processed through a 100% secure server.

Our membership is sold through ClickBank.com. ClickBank is a trusted online retailer
specializing in digitally delivered products.


The registration process takes less than 2 minutes!

You can get it right now -- even if it's 2:00 a.m.! 

All the best,

P.S  Remember, The introductory price of only $49,95 $24.95 will be substantially increased soon. I have received feedback that this price is much too low. Order by  and you're guaranteed approval! So [claim your membership now ](http://www.tattoomenow.com/amember/signup.php) and Save! You can't lose with my Better Than Risk-Free Guarantee. If you do ask for your money back, the bonuses worth $233.95 are yours to keep!

P.S.S  Please! Don't make the same mistake so many others have made! The process of getting the tattoo onto your skin is just the last step. Investing time and a little money in finding that perfect tattoo only makes sense and will save you money and pain in the future. So don't hesitate, [take action NOW](http://www.tattoomenow.com/amember/signup.php)!

P.S.S.S Not only will you save yourself from money and pain, you'll also gain the pleasure of being able to view beautiful tattoo designs from the comfort of your home, getting tattoos that will turn heads, and having your tattoos rated and commented on!

P.S.S.S.S If you still have any questions about the membership, please don't hesitate to [contact me](mailto:support@tattoomenow.com).

"I've Already Got Some Great Ideas For My Next Tattoo!"

 "This is a damn cool place! I have been browsing  through the gallery for a couple of hours now and  I've already got some great ideas for  my next  tattoo."

- Mark J.
Alberta, Canada

"I Have Lots Of Designs On My Wish List That I Plan To Get Done! Thank You So Much!!"


 I only want to write to you and tell you that I  really like your site. I have already many many  tattoos on my wish list that I will plan to put over  my body later!

 Thanks soo much that you started this site! I  wish  you a fine day!"

- Carlos L.



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