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Brand New For 2007...

From The Man Who Brought You
The #1 Selling Body Makeover Program of 2006!

"Give Me Just 24 Minutes A Day And I'll Give You That Head-Turning Body You've Always Dreamed Of..."

"They'll All Be Staring - Jaws On The Floor -  Because Finally... It's Your Turn To Get All The Girls!"

Sean Nalewanyj
Best Selling Author,
Natural Bodybuilder,
And Former 125
Pound Punching Bag

Press Play For a Personal
Message From Sean...

"There's a reason my book "The Truth About Building Muscle" hit #1 so quickly. It's because it cut through all the crap and clutter out there and proved to be so damn simple and work so insanely fast for thousands of guys just like you.

But compared to the No-Fail System I put together for you this year, last year's package looks downright slow and tedious.

I personally guarantee you
will not find another muscle-building package this powerful... anywhere...
at any price."

The Pecs - The Abs - The "Guns"... The Girls.  
You're Literally Just Minutes Away From The Secret To Having It All...

From: Sean Nalewanyj

Dear Future Hardbody,

re you happy? I mean really happy with the way you look and feel?

Are you happy with the amount of attention you get from the opposite sex?

Are you that guy or girl with all the self-confidence in the world? Are you the one everyone looks at and says... "WOW?"

Guys... do the beautiful women you meet want to be with you? Do the men want to BE YOU?

"Just imagine how much your life would change
if you were a new man... or woman."

And let me tell you something... If you had a new body, it truly would be like having a brand-new you.  

A better you.  

A "you" with all the greatness you already possess, but with an appearance that screams it to the world.

And once you're the new you...

You'll Feel Healthier... Stronger ...You'll wake up in the morning, ready to take on the day with an energy you never had before.

You'll Look Better... More Desirable ... The ones you desire will suddenly look at you with the same lust... same secret passion you've always had for them.

You'll Have A New-Found Confidence ... No matter what anyone tells you, the truth is that the easiest and most fool-proof way to have people feel different about you is for you to feel different about yourself.  

Well... you don't have to "just imagine" anymore.

You Can Have That Body That Drives
The Opposite Sex Crazy. And You Don't Have
To Live At The Gym To Get It.

"I Said 24 Minutes A Day... And I Meant It!"

It Doesn't Matter If You're...

Fat or Skinny

Young or Old

Male or Female

"Doesn't matter if you've tried to build muscle before and were told you were just meant to stay skinny... chubby... or "average." Doesn't matter one bit if you were told you don't have the "right genes" for bodybuilding..."

No one... and I mean NO ONE has worse genes for this than I do!

Hi. My name is Sean Nalewanyj, and you know me. You do.  

I'm that skinny, scrawny, little weak kid you went to school with.
You know the one... picked on... bullied... ridiculed... day after day.

I was so bullied as a kid I don't think I ever made it to school with my lunch money. If I had, maybe I wouldn't have been so skinny.  

And being that scrawny kid meant I couldn't catch a football without getting the wind knocked out of me.  

Couldn't make it up the rope in phys. ed., no matter how much that gym teacher called me a "little girl."  

And always got picked last when choosing up sides.

Here's proof that I tried, however. It's my ninth grade basketball  team photo.  

I wasn't any good at basketball. Didn't even like the game much. It was just the only sport the coaches thought I wouldn't literally be killed playing. So they put me on the team.  

14 years old. Voice changing... hormones raging... and me, the tiny 125 pound kid with the skinny neck, noodle arms, ribcage poking through my skin... and the big ears. Let me tell you it wasn't pretty.  

This picture also serves as my "before" picture. Yeah, I didn't start building my body for 3 more years, but it's the LAST picture of me looking scrawny that I ever allowed them to take.  

After the mocking and ridicule I went through for that photo, I made sure to always have an excuse to not show up for picture day.  

In the next 3 yearbooks, I was that "photo not available" kid.

Then There Was That One Day That Changed
My Life Forever... The Most Painful and
Embarrassing Day Of My Life...

It was "fitness testing" day in gym class, senior year.  

I already failed the rope climbing part of the test. Dangling there, a quarter of the way up. I struggled so long that the rest of the class had moved on to the bench press.  

I finally fell off, backwards onto the mat. No one there to even spot me for safety.

I ended up sneaking out of the gym, never finishing the test.  

I figured an "incomplete" would be much better than any further humiliation.

I thought it was all over. Until last period... study hall. Mr. Wilkey - the gym teacher - walks in.

"He stands there, rubbing his potbelly
with one hand, while picking his teeth
with the pinky of the other."

His eyes scan the room.

I try to duck behind my Trig. textbook, but he sees me.

"Nalewanyj - gym - now!"

An incomplete wasn't going to work for Mr. Wilkey... He was going to make me finish the fitness test in 8th period gym class...


To say I was shy around girls is a major understatement. Girls scared the hell out of me.  

When I was around them, I always did something that made me look like a total geek.  

And now... nightmare of all nightmares... I had to bench press... surrounded by them.

"Wilkey kept it 'easy', slapping 20 pounds
onto each side of the bar.  Then..."

...With all of the strength I could muster, I pushed the bar off the hooks and began lowering it toward my chest. Sure enough, the unforgiving forces of gravity took over, sending the weight crashing down on my throat.

I was overcome with embarrassment as I wriggled and squirmed like a maniac, pushing desperately with every ounce of strength to get that bar to move. 

And I got it to move... off of my throat at least. The whole thing slid to my left and took me with it.  

There I was, half off the bench, one end of the bar on the floor... the other precariously held up by my right arm and part of my left shoulder.  

I looked like a fool... and felt like one too.

Wilkey had seen enough. With one hand he snatched the bar off me and told me to hit the showers.

I stood up, dizzy and drenched in sweat, red in the face, whatever little pride I had sucked right out of me.

I waited for the girls to laugh, but they didn't.

"That day I was met with something far worse
than ridicule. I was met with pity.

I heard one girl whisper to a friend...
'Sad... and he's a boy.'"

Now alone in the locker room, I took my t-shirt off and looked in the mirror...

Staring at my skinny, pathetic, beanpole of a body. I threw my sneaker, shattering that mirror into a thousand pieces.

I began to cry. 17 years old, alone in the boys locker room... crying like a baby.

I remember thinking to myself... "What the hell is wrong with me?"

I'm telling you all this for a reason.

You probably never cried in the mirror like I did. You probably have never been completely and utterly embarrassed like I was.

I'm telling you all this because as far gone as I was then...

This is me now...

I need you to know... deep down inside you... that you can change everything. You can have the life you never thought you could.  

And I'm going to show you the way...

"...The way you can build muscle. Lose fat. Change everything about the way you look and feel right now..."

And change the way other people look at you. 

You'll carry yourself with a whole new confidence.

"And studies show that those who look better... look healthier... get more fulfilling jobs ... make more money ... have more sex ..."

You won't have all the girls' pity... you'll just have all the girls.

Look at my picture again. I'm no great looking guy. But my new body affords me endless dates with the hottest women imaginable.  

I've dated 9's and 10's... actresses and models. They appear to come out of the woodwork when you have the confidence
that comes with having a new... strong... sculpted body.

And it's not just the confidence.

It's the body itself. And what it all stands
for. Women see you looking all hard and
chiseled and something deep inside them
says... "good breeding stock."  

They think...

"...I will trust my body to a man
who takes that kind of care
of his own body."

And you don't have to want attention from the entire population... from women or men you meet everyday.

You may just want that attention from one special person.

Make your husband... wife... girlfriend or boyfriend... see you in a whole new way.

For some, it's not all about sex appeal.  

"If you want to build muscle as quickly as possible, you NEED to know the training, nutrition and supplementation techniques that will get you the best results for your time and effort.  

Nothing is worse than putting everything you've got into a program that gets you nowhere!

In "The Truth About Building Muscle," Sean has put together one of THE most complete muscle-building resources I've come across.

It's packed with common-
sense, highly-effective information that will definitely get the job done. I've been training for more than 16 years and I know what works and what doesn't - there are no useless "tricks" or hype here... just plenty of great info that will add slabs of muscle to your body as quickly as possible!"

Nick Nilsson, C.P.T.
Vice-President, BetterU, Inc.

Maybe you just want to be healthier. For yourself... for your family.  

Don't those who love you deserve to have you at your best?

Think how much better your quality of life will be if you can spend a couple hours playing sports with your kids, without being winded and fatigued.

But still, on top of all that...

On top of being healthier for your loved ones... On top of turning your spouse on like never before... On top of all that...

...if you're a guy... come on... compliments from hot women... that ain't bad either!

When you sign up now, you're signing up to change not just your body... but your whole life.  

And it's so damn simple... and so lightning fast, you will amaze your family... your friends... yourself.

And Like I Said... It Doesn't Matter If
You're A Geeky Twig Like I Was...
Or If You're Fat... Or Flabby...

It Doesn't Matter If You're A Teenager
Or That Teenager's Mother... And If You
Have "Bad Genes..." I Promise
My System Works Great For You Too!

And I repeat... this isn't just a book of exercises. It's an entire life-changing system that will reveal to you...

The Dead Honest Truth About The Crack Dealers Of Fitness - The Muscle Magazines... This truth alone could save you thousands of dollars! Did you know that every major muscle magazine is owned by a supplement company? And those hyped-up rags were created for one reason only... to push more useless pills and powders on you that you don't really need. Mysterious concoctions that can actually DESTROY YOUR GROWTH! HOT!

The Nasty Little Secret About Workout Volume The "Pros" Never Tell You... And how ignoring this commonly accepted "truth" will not only save you time and effort, but will also dramatically increase your muscle gains beyond anything you've ever experienced. If it shocks you to read this, then you're not the only one. I couldn't believe just how much of what we all accept as fact, just plain isn't.

How Short Your Workout Should Really Be. Doing Just A Few Extra Minutes Can Kill Your Chances Of Monster Growth... No matter what you've heard in the past... Human biology dictates exactly how long your routine should last. Do you know how long? HOT!

The Truth Behind "Compound Movement"... And why you need to rely on it to build the most muscle fiber in the least amount of time. There's really no secret here, just lazy trainers who rely too much on fancy machinery. Using this simple stupid concept, you can build your perfect body using little more than a barbell.  

The Hidden Facts About Free-Weights And Machines... And which one is better for injury-free, lightning fast growth. This one is sure to shock Chuck Norris... Christie Brinkley and even the SoloFlex guy! HOT!

The Big Lie You Need To Tell Your Body Every Single Time You Workout... Before even an ounce of rock-hard muscle is built, you need to convince your body of one thing. Do you know what it is? If you imagine driving head on into a brick wall at 100 miles an hour... you're getting closer.

The 1 Reason To Break Away From The Traditional Methods For Phenomenal Growth... You'll be laughing all the way to the scale as you pass up the gym rats who think they know everything, but are just wasting their time flexing in the mirror.

And so much more.  

Okay Sean, I'm Ready To Get Started!

Look, I know my stuff...

I've been in the trenches. I've experienced all of the pleasures, pains, ups and downs that natural bodybuilding has to offer.

I've researched every theory and technique under the sun.  

I've even written articles for many of the top bodybuilding and fitness sites on the
internet. And my advice is followed by professional bodybuilders worldwide.

In 2006, my program proved to be so
effective and so above and beyond anything else out there, that it shot up to number 1,
like a bullet.  

And I was featured in the most prestigious publication in North America...
The New York Times.

I have helped thousands of aspiring muscle-builders achieve their dream bodies.

And I receive emails every single day from people just like you thanking me for the amazing results they've achieved.

And unlike the other so-called bodybuilding "experts" who hide behind computers, phony names and bogus back stories...

"I've been reading muscle magazines and books from the time I was 16 years old. After a decade and a half of trial and error and digesting masses of information, I discovered first hand what works best for me and my clients. 

I remember being confused as a teenager and making gains just because I was new, but man do I wish I knew then what I know now.

I highly recommend Sean's program "The Truth About Building Muscle" to anyone that wants to get bigger, stronger and more defined without drugs in the shortest amount of time possible!"

Mike Westerdal
BS CPT Owner


I've got the knowledge, the body and the real life success story to back it up....

This is really me, before and after my amazing discovery. Before and after my entire body transformation... And no, I've never touched a steroid, drug or hormone of any kind in my entire life! 

My new, muscular Body has completely changed my life. Taking me from a scrawny, socially invisible, "nobody" to a healthy, happy, desirable and popular "somebody." 

I can now walk around with my head held high, which is something I was never able to do before. 

Instead of feeling shy and reserved around women, I now feel confident, powerful and fearless. People now come up and ask me for advice on how to build muscle, which is something I never could have imagined just a short time ago.

"It's time for you to stop hiding
behind baggy sweaters..."

Instead, wear clothes that fit snugly to your body. Go to the beach and feel completely confident with the way you look.

Jump on that scale and feel ecstatic with the number staring back at you. Wake up every single morning, look in the mirror and swell with pride and satisfaction because you were able to change your body through what I call "smart determination." 

Determination and willpower are great... But they don't mean squat if you're not following the right program. You could literally workout 24/7 and get NO RESULTS if you're following the wrong plan.

But with the right plan... With a plan that maximizes your "smart determination"... you almost can't fail!

And my new-for-2007 "No-Fail" system is that plan.  

This brand spanking new package is much more than what I offered last year. Much more than what "Big Rick" DiBenedetto got...

Your Book Is The
Concrete Slab That Is The Foundation Of My Training...

"I am just another satisfied customer...

I know it's hard to believe... after 3 weeks, I had already put on 6.5 solid pounds...

I have just completed my second 8 week cycle and and have put on another lean 19 lbs.  

Everyone I know is amazed...

I am now the one who gets watched while lifting that 350lb weight during my deadlifts.

People always comment on my massive growth rate and insist that there is no way I could have achieved it naturally. 

Just for the record, I have never touched or used any anabolic steroids.

Look, you will never understand how grateful I am for your wise words... Your book is the concrete slab that is the foundation of my training... Everyone just calls me Big Rick now. 

They all ask me how I got ripped, and I just tell them, "go to musclegaintruth.com." It doesn't get any easier!

Thanks again, Sean."

Rikki Dibenedetto
sik_rik [at] hotmail.com

Go from constantly feeling thin and underweight to strong, muscular and healthy.

Take yourself from fat and out of shape, to shredded, sculpted and sexy.

It will pay you back every single day of your life.

So... What Are You Waiting For?

I'm Done Waiting. This Time Is My Time To Shine!

"My "No-Fail" System starts with the widely acclaimed book that took the industry by storm..."

...It's 249 Pages Jam Packed With The No B.S Truth About Sculpting Your Perfect Body. Page After Page Of Explosive Information You Couldn't Find All In One Place... At Any Price... Anywhere Else...

Once you crack it open, you'll...

31 - 38

Discover how to dramatically increase your muscle mass and strength in the shortest amount of time possible by focusing on one basic scientific law of muscle-growth. This basic principle is the absolute cornerstone for any effective muscle-building program. HOT!

53 - 70

Learn the secret to structuring the most effective weightlifting routines possible by spending no more than 2 hours and 45 minutes in the gym per week. This one will blow your mind. Yes... no more than 2 hours and 45 minutes in the gym each week. That's less than 24 minutes a day! I know guys getting half the muscle growth, working out 5 times as much!

54 - 56

Be let in on the inside secret about the hormones that keep you from building muscle mass. These hormones will literally devour your lean muscle if you don't know how to control them. And I show you a no-fail method to keep these hormones in check... After I've revealed these methods to you it will literally blow your mind! HOT!

59 - 62

Have the inside knowledge of exactly how many sets and reps to perform for each specific exercise. Most people severely limit their muscle and strength gains by using dead-wrong rep ranges and workout volume. Are you one of them? (100 bucks says "Yes"!)

100 - 118

Achieve perfect balance with the exact amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats and water you must consume each day to maximize your ability to build muscle. Nutrition is just as important as what you accomplish in the gym. If you don't eat properly you can kiss your muscle gains goodbye! HOT!

59 - 63

Discover which exercises are the absolute most effective movements for packing on maximum muscle and building overall strength. Forget about cable crossovers and leg extensions. If you want to get big you must (removed) Answer available starting on page 59. HOT! HOT! HOT!

Page 82

Learn how to build a massive pair of biceps and triceps, itching to explode through your sleeves. The majority of lifters have no idea how to properly train their arms. Learn why 2-4 sets total per week is all you need to achieve the thick, powerful arms you've always wanted.

Page 225

Use these sneaky insider tricks to crazy-fast recovery time  between workouts. If you don't give your body a chance to properly recuperate between workouts you will be pushing yourself farther away from your goals rather than closer to them. But what's the fastest and best way to do it? You've got to read the book! HOT!

183 - 188

Know which popular bodybuilding supplements must be avoided like the plague. The vast majority of supplements are absolutely useless and will do nothing more than thin out your wallet and frustrate you. The truth is finally revealed about which ones are bad... and even some that are good. You'll never waste your money on another useless pill or powder again.

122 - 126

Possess the little known tricks to minimizing alcohol's devastating effect on your muscle gains. Most people are clueless about alcohol's true effect on their workouts. Needless to say they don't know a thing about how to minimize or even neutralize that devastation! Well... I've got just the trick... and soon, so will you. HOT!

193 - 195

Propel your gains to another level by focusing heavily on proper post-workout nutrition. The 3-hour window following your workout is absolutely critical to your gains. Learn the ideal combination of foods and supplements to consume to allow for maximum absorption and better recovery. 

163 - 168

Discover the critical role that vitamins and minerals play in building muscle and enhancing performance in and out of the gym. Many of the so-called experts say that we don't need multivitamins. These "experts" seem to be expert at one thing... BEING WRONG!

115 - 117

Become an expert on which foods to eat to enhance your body's levels of important anabolic hormones. I'm talking about things like testosterone and growth hormone. Testosterone is one of the limiting factors that determines how much muscle you can gain. I will show you exactly how you'll naturally increase your levels of this powerful hormone. 

229 - 233

Know the truth about protecting your joints and connective tissues to ensure training longevity. Injuries will stop you DEAD in your tracks. Learn how to keep your joints healthy for years.

230 - 234

Learn the real facts behind all of those bodybuilding myths. Muscle pump? Pure nonsense. "Feel the burn?" Not if you want real growth! Spot reduction? Utter crap! HOT!

And this is just a tiny fraction of the new power you'll be armed with. I could literally fill up 50 pages just giving you highlights of the book.

Instead, let's see what that book has done for people just like you...

You're A
F*****' Genius...

"Hey Sean,  

I downloaded your e-book a few months ago. I have to tell you, excuse my language, but you're a f****** genius.

I've never seen anybody who understands and explains muscle growth so well and so clearly.

My gains have increased dramatically since using your principles.

Thanks for all of your continued support."

Oscar Lizano
Georgia, USA
Holabac56 [at] aol.com

"And Oscar's just starting out. I can't wait to show you his picture again in 6 months!"

"The Truth About Building Muscle" cuts through all the junk, and delivers the unabashed truth about turning your body into one you can be proud of.  

And it does it in a simple... step-by-step way guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life... in the fastest time possible!

I Want My Shredded And Sculpted Body Now!

Fat... Skinny... It Doesn't Matter...

That's what Doug thinks... And Doug's been serious about working out since way before I was even old enough to drive.  

Yet it was "The Truth About Building Muscle"... that made the "notable improvements."

Your Materials Are The Best I've Seen...
No Nonsense, Good Advice...

"I wanted to build muscle mass to counteract other health issues, as well as to have a more impressive appearance...

I have had notable improvements in strength, as well as more enjoyment of my workouts.

The chief improvement has been renewed confidence in my workout program...

The perception that even after 10 years of training, there is still much progress I can make.

I've seen a lot of advice over the years, and I have to say that your materials are the best I've seen... no nonsense, good advice.

One of the pitfalls of training is falling into ways of doing things that aren't optimal, but which work "well enough". But "well enough" doesn't lead to continued improvement.

Your materials point out places where I've been too complacent, and help me to identify those old patterns that aren't working."

San Diego, CA

Doug knows you can't be complacent! Deep down, you know it too.

You know that without actually getting off your ass and putting in the time, no fitness program is going to help you.

That said, I have not found any other program that even comes close to this one. No other program that cuts fat... builds muscle and changes lives as quickly and simply as this program changed Samuel's life...

...Gave Me The Confidence... I've Now Got A Really Hot Girlfriend...

"My motivation to build bigger muscles was for personal protection. I realized that if I got stronger, less people bothered me. And to impress the ladies.

After I started working out I saw that they noticed me more.  

I've noticed an overall body size change, my weight has gone up about 10 kilos, and the muscle has just added more volume to my chest...

...Allowed me to lift stuff I can't usually lift. Gave me more confidence in myself. Gave me confidence with my shirt off... I've now got a really hot girlfriend..."

Samuel Buse
apocalypso_123 [at] hotmail.com
Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia

Sam's young. Heck, he's just a kid. And yeah... I started young too. But age is no excuse.  

You're older? So what!

Have you seen Jack LaLanne recently? He still looks good and he's what... like a billion years old now?

I recently heard from Jeff. He's practically twice my age and still...

41 Years Old And In The Best Shape Of My Life...

"Bought your program about a month or so ago. I had been training pretty hard for a few months and read your web page and the 2–3 chapters first - that started pretty good...

But the key for me was the chapter(s) on eating - when, how and what. 

In the month or so since I got the
e-book I am up about 10lbs and it's all muscle. Staying anabolic is the key. 

I am 41 years old and in the best shape of my life now…. I have decided to do an all natural show in the spring/summer 07.

For a young guy, you sure know a lot.

Jeff Schrier
Florida, USA
jeff [at] mpellinc.com

I May Be Older, Sean... But That Doesn't Mean I'm Not Ready

From Then - To Now -
The Magic Pill... The Vision...
And The Rest Of The Story...

I told you about that horrific day in gym
class when I humiliated myself in front
of the girls.

And you know about me crying in the mirror. But you don't know how I got from there...
to where I am now.

You see... I was always fully aware of just
how skinny and awkward I was. When I
was little, my mom took me to every
Doctor and nutritionist who would listen.  

We were searching for anything that could
be done to make me bigger than I was.  
We tried special diets... hormonal therapy.

But nothing worked... nothing at all.

I was still skinny, scrawny and weak.

Then one night I was flipping through
channels off the big satellite dish we had
on the roof.

"I've reviewed virtually every well known muscle-building program on the web today and can say with honesty that Sean Nalewanyj's "The Truth About Building Muscle" was my top pick.

Sean sticks to his guns and delivers the cold-hard facts about muscle growth. No fluff, no bullshit, no lies... just a simple but powerful step-by-step process that builds maximum muscle in minimum time.

If you want significant, measureable, explosive gains in lean muscle mass and strength from an honest expert who knows his stuff, then look no further, because the answer is right here on this page."
Derek Lau
Online Bodybuilding Program Reviewer


Not one of those normal little dishes. This was one of the old fashioned huge dishes that picked up TV from everywhere.

So... I come across an infomercial from the Philippines.  It was mostly in Filipino, but there were a few English words thrown in.  

And from what I could figure out, it was a breakthrough pill that guaranteed not only muscle growth... but actual growth in height.

It's embarrassing to admit, but I fell for it. I jumped through so many intercontinental hoops to order that stuff, and waited months for it to finally get here.  

The Magic Pill That Was Going To
Solve All My Problems...

It's no startling revelation that the pill was worthless garbage. Worthless garbage I had just spent a small fortune to get.

You see... there is no magic pill.

But there is a simple and fast way to turn your life around.

It was that day... standing there... in front of that broken mirror... I started down the road to changing everything.

"It was that very moment I decided
to defy the Doctors... defy the nutritionists... defy everyone who said I could never get "big" because I didn't have the right genes..."

I started envisioning what my new body would look like: ripped, muscular and defined.

Do me a favor... put yourself in my shoes
for a minute.

Imagine yourself totally shredded and

Imagine the looks on your friends' faces
as they stare in disbelief at your new lean
and ripped body.

Think about the attention you're going to
get from women.  

Can't you just hear them saying "C'mon... flex for me. Please?"

Think about how amazing it will be to put on a t-shirt and feel the sleeves
hugging your newly developed arms.

This vision is the same vision I had in my mind, a few years ago.

"Sean, congratulations on developing such an outstanding program!

You truly have a complete understanding of the muscle building process.

From weight training routines and techniques to nutrition, the material
presented in your program is simply fantastic.

I can honestly say that your program will help anyone, regardless of
their current situation, to add quality, muscular weight to their body in the shortest period of time possible."

Blake Bissaillion

And it wasn't until I could "imagine success" that I found success.  
Immediately my mind took a 180 degree turn.

You're taking that turn right now.

I'm Ready For Monster Growth

And this journey will be much easier for you than it was for me. You see... you benefit from all of the endless hours of research I had to do. You don't need to waste your time like I did.

And boy did I put in the hours. Hundreds of hours.

I devoured every single piece of muscle-building literature I could get my hands on.

I found all sorts of websites with different muscle-building techniques and methods, all claiming that they held the "never-before-seen-secret" to massive gains.

I ordered books and worthless supplements. I read every magazine... I even spoke to trainers.

Desperate to achieve the muscular body that I wanted so badly, I took all of the different techniques I had learned from all my research and started using them on a daily basis.

I tried absolutely everything.

German Volume Training. Body For Life. HIT Heavy Duty. I even tried "Super-Slow".

I spent entire days in the gym, slaving away, desperately trying to pack some muscle onto my skinny little frame.

I pounded back thick, chalky weight gain shakes. I tried all the "breakthrough supplements."

Nothing was working. After months, my reflection in the mirror looked exactly the same. In fact, it actually looked like I had gotten smaller!

I know my wallet got smaller.

I was several thousand dollars in debt from all of the money that I flat out wasted on internet programs, books, supplements and trainers.

After All Of My Research And Hands-On Experience,
I Made A Shocking Discovery...

I discovered the long-lost secret to "Old-School Big-Time Muscle Growth."

The truth about what's keeping you from your perfect body.

And it's not rocket science. It's actually quite simple. It's all about the law of

Armed with this back-pocket secret, I put together an entirely new routine. This time I placed all of my emphasis on IN THE PROGRAM as quickly as possible.

I put this new program to work and was absolutely shocked with the results...

"A few weeks ago, Sean sent me a copy of "The Truth About Building Muscle" to review...

All I can say is AMAZING - There's no other way to describe it.

There's just such an incredible wealth of solid muscle-building information rolled into one package... You won't want to miss out on this!"
Sarah & Lewis Wolk

In Just A Few Weeks I Gained
12 Solid, Muscular Pounds Of Body Weight...

The feeling was absolutely unreal.

I couldn't believe that I was actually seeing and feeling a difference in my body. My muscles got thicker and more defined as each week passed.

I continued to watch with excitement as my body literally transformed right before my eyes...

Listen up. I'm no different from you.  

You will be experiencing this amazing... almost instant transformation just like I did.

Can you feel it already?

Your shoulders broadening... your chest becoming rounder, harder and thicker... Slabs of lean muscle mass piling onto your back... Your biceps and triceps literally tearing through your shirt... Your legs growing stronger and more defined, like massive tree trunks holding up a mighty oak.

You can... can't you?

Do you have any idea what kind of changes happen in your brain when your body begins to listen to your internal commands?  

Do you know what this does to your confidence? Do you know what that confidence does to your social life?

I know what it did for me.

I began walking around with my chest out... my head held high...

Everyone Around Me Was Starting To
Take Notice Of My Brand New Body...

"The Hottest Women Imaginable Were
Actually Asking ME Out!"

It's My Turn To Get All The Hot Women!

I decided right then and there that I had to record my methods... I had to share my results.  

That's when I wrote "The Truth About Building Muscle."

And since its release, my book has helped thousands of men and women... fat and skinny... young and old... to magically transform the bodies they had... into hardbodies.

You already know that everyone out in the marketplace makes grand claims. I dare you to find one who can back it up with real hard proof, like I do.  

I not only have THOUSANDS of satisfied customers from literally every corner of the world, but I have HUNDREDS of personal emails from them, telling and showing their own amazing results.

Results like...

Your E-book Is Amazing...
...I Went From 90lbs to 250lbs...

"...It's one of few things that impacted my life tenfold.

After I was done reading your e-book I felt like I read some sort of forbidden document because when I was done, I had so much knowledge in my head that I just wanted to put it to good use the next day (And that was the first day I started weightlifting). I thank you for putting your time and effort into making this book, because without it I would still be skinny...

I hated being skinny and being called that, and I really wanted to put on some weight. I tried eating a ton but it didn't work and I tried a couple of other things and they didn't work either.

(Since I have an ectomorphic bodytype it's hard for me to gain weight)

Bodybuilding has done wonders for me; it has become like a hobby for me. Now I can't wait to step on the scale to see how much weight I gained over the weeks. I get compliments all the time from people about my weight gain.

...I was amazed as I looked back and saw that I went from 90lbs to 250lbs in squats in just 17 weeks, and I also saw that I went from 75lbs to 270lbs in deadlifts."

Kenny Miyasoto
xichi88 [at] msn.com
Belleville, NJ

...The Most Impressive Gains Ever...Your Book Is A Masterpiece...

"I had followed some other plans in the past and they didn't work... None of the concepts or plans these other guys promote match the effectiveness of the ones you put forward.

I must say, your program offers the most impressive gains ever.

People are baffled by the fact that I've made such incredible progress so quickly...

...and a lot of them think I'm taking some kind of special drugs!

It feels great to hear people saying, “William, you are getting bigger and bigger every time".

It's good to witness the fact that I keep growing, and the people around me just work their asses off and stay the same.

Sean, you are the best coach, and your book is a masterpiece."

William Tsang
Hong Kong
william [at] kingtronics.com.hk

...A Much More Muscular And Defined Body...

“Hey Sean – I've been training for about 10 years now and after reading through your material I came to realize that much of what I was doing before was a flat out waste of time.

I was stuck following the routines in the magazines and spending all of my money on supplements to try and get results.

After following your training, diet and cardio advice...

I trimmed my waist down from 34 to 31 inches and ended up with a much more muscular and defined body as a result.

I wish I had this information when I first started out, as I would have saved tons of money and effort on all of the B.S. programs that I was following at the time.

Thanks again!"

Adrian Pace
Sliema, Malta
drinupace [at] hotmail.com

Okay... I've kept you in suspense long enough.

You know about the best selling book, but now I'm going to introduce you to the rest of the package. You might want to hold onto something.

If you're a skinny little twig like I was... if you're flabby and out of shape... or if you simply desire a shredded, rock-solid body, period... then this might just blow you away...

Sean Nalewanyj Presents...

We Took The Best Selling Body Makeover
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It All Starts With My
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This 249-page, instantly downloadable
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The Truth About Building Muscle is written in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. That means you can pick it up today and be working it IMMEDIATELY!

You're now inside the velvet rope. You've got the power at your fingertips.  

The power to maximize your muscle growth. Enjoy amazing strength gains. Discover secrets to training, diet, supplementation and recovery. 

You're now an insider with the truth about all the common myths. Plus, I give you motivational techniques that make going to the gym fun and easy.  

And so much more...

We Add The Step-by-Step
Workout Plan...

This full, detailed 26-week workout guide outlines the exact pattern of days to spend in the gym along with the exercises, sets and reps for each workout.

You get 3 separate 8-week training cycles that make this plan idiot proof!  

And it explains exactly how each workout should be performed for maximum effectiveness.

The 26-week plan also includes a workout logbook for you to print and take to the gym with you. Track your progress week-by-week.

This plan makes working out as easy as filling in the blanks!

You stay fully organized with a detailed visual as you progress over time. You won't need to worry about devising your own workouts, everything you need is right here!

And The Perfect Technique
Video Database...

This password protected online exercise database includes detailed written descriptions and full motion videos of yours truly demonstrating over 100 of the most effective weightlifting exercises in existence.

You'll learn proper form to prevent injuries and tips to maximize the effectiveness of each movement.

Why do you want to prevent injuries? Because if you don't... they will stop you dead in your tracks, setting you back weeks, months and even years in your program.

The database also outlines the target muscles, secondary muscles and equipment necessary to perform each exercise. In addition, all of the exercises are conveniently categorized for easy use.

And 9 Customized
Mass-Building Meal Plans...

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Diet!
Because no 1 set diet is right for everyone. And no 1 set diet is right for even you at different stages of your fitness.

You'll get 9 full mealplans starting at 2000 calories and working up to 6000. These plans are 12 weeks in duration and show you exactly what to eat for each meal, when to eat it and you even get full grocery lists!

I'll even give you plans for both workout and non-workout days. This way you don't have to work through any complicated math.  

And I'll even include meal preparation instructions. This makes it so easy, anyone can do it!

Just find your appropriate caloric level and it's like you're on auto-pilot!

You Also Get The Online
Video Training Module...

Learn the exact details of how to train each specific muscle group by watching this 6-Part Online Video Lesson Series. The entire series contains a full hour of indepth tips and tricks for maximizing your muscle gains in your chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs and abs, with one video lesson dedicated to each specific muscle.

You'll have an unfair advantage, with...

The most effective, growth-producing exercises for each body part...

The exact number of sets and reps you should perform...

Common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid...

How to combine all of these tips into the most effective workouts possible...

And much more!

You can watch the video lessons online or save them to your computer to watch whenever you'd like.

And 3 Months Use Of The MGT
Progress Tracking Software....

The MGT Progress Tracker 6000 is the groundbreaking, but easy to use software that allows you to track virtually every aspect of your fitness program in detail.

This invaluable tool allows you to...

Easily track your diet and nutrition down to the finest detail!

Access full nutritional information on "monster growth" foods!

Stay focused on nutrition with customized shopping lists!

Log all of your workouts in detail. This removes all the guesswork!

Evaluate your progress by tracking muscle gains and strength increases!

Create a training journal with your own personalized online blog!

Upload progress images to compare from week to week!

As a member of this program, you'll get 3 full months of free access!

Now What If I Threw In
A Personal Trainer?

That's right... My Personal Trainer is like having me with you... 24/7.  

Have a question? 

Just type it in and get an instant answer from me. This software and database is nearly 2 years in the making, packed with every question I've ever been asked.  

Questions on training, nutrition, supplementation, injuries and more.

Here's the best part... If you happen to have a question that hasn't been answered, I'll personally answer it and add it to the database.

So... this isn't some stagnant piece of software... It's an ever-growing knowledge bank!

This module alone is worth the price of the entire package!

Okay, I don't need to see anymore. How much is it?

"That's a helluva package right there. The best-selling book, "The Truth About Building Muscle" and 6 "No-Fail" support modules. If I stopped right now... you'd be getting the most comprehensive, most effective, and long anticipated muscle-building program ever! And the crazy low price would blow your mind!"

But I'm Not Done... Not By A Long Shot!
I'm Throwing In 7 More Value-Packed
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...And When I say "All", I mean "ALL"!
The Book... The 6 Support Modules...
All The Bonuses... 100% FREE.

Exclusive Hardcore Workout Video...
Watch Me Battle The Weights!



Yes... this is the video you've probably heard about. Around 7 months ago, I put together a video of me blasting through an intense week of workouts in the gym... Hours and hours of hardcore, muscle-shredding footage.

Well... an over-zealous (and stupid) ex-employee decided to steal it instead thinking he could make some money. It wasn't long before a friend in the industry contacted me... What came next was a sting operation that netted the bad guy and got me some of my footage back.
I decided instead of setting up the cameras and trying to capture the magic a second time, I would add in some much-needed commentary outlining tips and tricks for all of the exercises, and give it away as a bonus item of this package.

It's around an hour long, consisting of 23 separate exercises, and I promise you will want to follow it... It's informative, motivational, and man oh man does it show you how to perform these hardcore exercises for killer muscle gains!

You Asked... I Answered!
The "Bod Pod" Audio Course!

The Top 12 Bodybuilding Mistakes Revealed is an 8-part mp3 audio course. Listen online or download. The choice is yours!
You get over 2.5 hours of hard-hitting, information-packed audio installments that can be instantly loaded onto your Ipod or mp3 player, so you can take them with you to the gym!
Don't have an Ipod? Burn a CD. Listen in the car... on the couch... anywhere!
In this course I go in-depth to reveal the most deadly muscle-building mistakes that almost all trainees make both in and out of the gym.
Learn exactly how you can avoid them to see lightning fast, massive gains in muscle size and strength.

Free Tuition!!!
The School Of Muscle Has Arrived!

"The School Of Muscle" has been the buzz of the industry for 8 months now. And we're about to open our virtual doors.

The S.O.M is a real community of like-minded people just like you. Learn advanced techniques... Share your own. You even get your own webspace to fill with photos... videos... your successes... and failures.  

Use the community to learn new strategies for monster growth. The word on the street is that this place is going to be the "MySpace" of muscle.  

The campus will be open for enrollment by September 30th, 2007. And like any college, space will be limited.  

But since you're signing up for my "No-Fail" system, right now... I'm giving you exclusive VIP status. That allows you preferred positioning when the doors open.

Not only are you GUARANTEED acceptance, but your first month's tuition is absolutely FREE!

Customize Your Routine With...
"The No-Fail Workout Plan"

While my system is the best way to build up muscle and strength as quickly as possible, sometimes life inevitably gets in the way and we have to adapt and switch things up.
"The No-Fail Workout Plan" contains a full collection of customized workouts that apply to a variety of situations such as...

Shoulder Injuries
Lower Back Injuries
Knee Injuries
Total-Body Joint Problems
Time Contraints (Workout just 2 days a week!)
Equipment Limitations (You can train from home!)

Strain your back playing softball? Blow out your knee shooting hoops?

Do you have a hectic work, school or family schedule and would prefer to spend less days in the gym? Or maybe your selection of training equipment is limited?

No problem... simply find the workout plan that's right for you.

The Much Talked About "Explosive" Interview With The Author

I'm "On The Hot Seat" in this exclusive interview!

I recently had a "sit down" with freelance bodybuilding and fitness reporter, Jason Brooks. What came of it cannot be described as anything less than "EXPLOSIVE."

Jason hammers me with the tough questions about my training approach and beliefs including common arguments the so-called "experts" sometimes raise about my training system.

I also put my stance on steroid use on the record, and go in depth about my personal bodybuilding journey.

This is a "Must Have" and I'm just giving it to you!

The "No-Fail" System Is
Never Out-Of-Date!

You're getting a lifetime of free product updates! Anyone who tells you their system is written in stone is not giving you the best information out there.

See... last year the experts said my system was the best there was. And that was true... but that doesn't mean it couldn't be even better. That's how I developed my "No-Fail" system. And you know I stand behind it 110%.

But that doesn't mean in a few months... or next year I won't discover some incredible new technique... or supplement... or that I won't be able to speed up this already lightning-fast method.

And when that happens... You'll be instantly notified with the updates.  

Imagine an army with weapons that upgrade themselves. You now have those weapons!

...And You Can Easily Grab This
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You're An Instant Affiliate!!! Okay... I mentioned this a couple times and yes... it's absolutely true. When you sign up for "The MuscleGainTruth No-Fail System," you are given instant affiliate status.

That means you refer a friend and you get half your money sent back. Refer 2 and your entire package is now FREE!

Want to refer more? I'll show you how and you'll make a 51% commission for each sale.

I'll even set you up with your very own free affiliate website that you can use to easily refer as many people as you want... no technical website knowledge needed!

You can get yourself into the best shape of your life... and make an additional monthly pay check doing it!

Okay, I'm On Board. I Want Monster Growth And I Want It Fast!

I know what you're thinking...

Can It Really Be This Simple To Have A
Rock-Hard, Sexy, Jaw-Dropping Body...

Yes... it can. Because I've developed this easy-to-follow, no B.S, step-by-step method. My "No-Fail" system cuts straight through the hype and lies and leaves the money-hungry corruption of the health and fitness industry behind.

"I Have Personally Used These Techniques To Get Into My All-Time Best Shape Ever!"

“Sean cuts right through all of the useless hype and provides a detailed, highly effective muscle building system that is laid out in a simple step-by-step format."

Lee Hayward
Competitive Natural Bodybuilder

But I'm Not Sure I'm Ready...
I'm Not Sure Now Is The Time...

If not now... then when? You know you need to change what you're doing. What are you waiting for?

You have the power to change. 

You just have to realize that potential and put it to use. If you truly want something, then go out and get it!
I mean seriously, let's make it count this time. Let's put all the excuses aside and get to work. Let's stop wishing we were muscular, and get muscular. It's that easy.

"If You Simply Follow The Structure, Muscle Growth Is Guaranteed!"

"I am incredibly happy that I now have Sean's e-book, waiting for me whenever I wish to work out."

Dario Zoric
dariozoric [at] hotmail.com
Czech Republic

But Sean... That's Fine For Skinny Guys.
I'm More On The Chubby Side.
Will Your Program Work For me?

Skinny, fat, young, old, male, female... It just doesn't matter. Building muscle is a step-by-step science and my "No-Fail" system will work for you no matter what your situation is, just like it worked for D.M...

I personally guarantee it!

"I'm In Better Shape. I Feel Better... More Energy... More Attention...
More Confidence..."

"A little over two years ago I was 280lbs, all fat; when I got to that point I decided to change my life and be healthy..."

Newberg, OR

Okay... But What If For Some Reason
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There's just no way you can go wrong with my 8-week, ironclad, 100% money-back guarantee...

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I Get It... I'm Onboard. I Want Monster
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"The Muscle Gain Truth - No-Fail System"
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You think it's going to be expensive. I get that. How could you not think it when you see all you're getting, and compare it to what you get elsewhere?

But I can honestly tell you it'll cost much less than it's worth. And far, far less than you think.

Let's first talk about what it's NOT going to cost...

$12,480 for a personal trainer. It's true. $80 per session... 3 times a week... that's a yearly bill of $12,480... Hardly worth it, especially considering that my program can easily teach you everything an average personal trainer knows and more through a simple one-time investment.

But you won't pay
anything close to that!

More than $1000 on a home-gym. Just flip on the TV and you'll see endless ads for infomercial-based workout gismos, ab toners and "super high-tech" home gyms that can cost you a fortune of more than $5000.

Most of this equipment will do nothing more than drain your bank account while actually delivering weaker results than you could obtain using basic, straightforward free weight equipment, and my program.

But you aren't going to pay $1,000,
or even $500!

How bout something as low as $140? A 1-year subscription to a bodybuilding magazine can cost you 70 bucks. Let's say you only got 2 subscriptions... That's 140 wasted dollars right there.  

Why wasted? Because virtually all major muscle magazines are owned by supplement companies and are created for the sole purpose of pushing more useless pills and powders on you that you don't really need.

Plus... unless you're juiced up on steroids and hormones, the workout programs that you read about will NOT be effective! Almost all of those programs are submitted by "chemically enhanced", drugged up pro bodybuilders.

It's not even going to cost you $140!

Not even close.

Trust me, if you're looking to maximize your muscle gains in the shortest period of time possible, then mark my words...

You do NOT need an overpriced,
full-of-himself personal trainer...

You do NOT need any special
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You do NOT need to sift through
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You do NOT need any fancy
high-tech workout equipment...

And you do NOT need to put in
countless slave hours in the gym...

The ONLY Thing You Really Need Is
The Dead-Honest Truth!

"And that's what you're getting, with..."

Included In This Special Offer


The Truth About Building Muscle


26-Week Workout Plan & Logbook


Exercise Technique Video Database


The Customized No-Fail Meal Plans


The Online Video Training Module


Progress Tracker 6000 Software


My Personal Trainer Software


If purchased individually, these items would retail for... $407.65. But you won't pay that much. I said you're getting a special offer.

Last year, my best-selling program, which was almost identical to what's listed above, but didn't even include the "My Personal Trainer" software, had a retail price of $197.00.  

That would be a great deal...

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Included In This Special Offer


The Hardcore Workout Video


The Bod Pod Audio Mp3 Course


The School Of Muscle Tuition


The Personalized Workout Plans


The Piercing "Hot Seat" Interview


The Lifetime Product Updates


Instant Affiliate Status


That's an additional $214.75 in hard cash value added to the main package. Plus, if you take me up on my free offer to be an affiliate, you could potentially make thousands. Some have even made more than $1,000 in a month, just referring their friends!

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Out of those thousands, only a few remembered to take before and after photos to show their progress. I've got over 50 pages of amazing testimonials... but only a handful of before and after pics.  

So, if you give me your word that you will document your success with pictures or video and you will send them to me to use on this page, I will let you have the whole deal for just $77.  

I have no way of holding you to the promise, but I'm confident you'll follow through.

So... what do you think? Just 77 bucks in exchange for more muscle, more strength, more definition and more confidence than ever before... No catches, no hidden costs and all I ask for is your word that you will show me your success.

Most people are calling me crazy for offering everything at such an incredibly low price, and given the size, value and effectiveness of everything you're going to receive, maybe they're right.

After all, this price is...

Less than a couple month's supply of protein powder...

Less than one session with many personal trainers...

Less than one monthly payment for some infomercial workout machines...

Not to mention that those 3 items I just mentioned are recurring costs that you'll have to pay for every single month... My program is a single, one-time investment!

After you purchase, it's yours to keep forever.

Okay... Let's light this candle already!

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"Before I decided to change my body, my life was average. I had an average body... an "average mentality"... and an average social life.

But since following the methods and principles you've outlined in your system, my life has completely changed!

Not only do I look and feel better, but it's as if my new jacked up body has changed who I am.

I mean I'm still me... but a better me, if that makes sense. I have so much confidence now and everyone treats me with a new respect. I'm now dating 9's and 10's as often as I feel like it.

I want to thank you for putting out such a great product for all the guys out there like me.

I still think you should be charging 5 times this amount, considering how powerful it is... but I'm glad you're not! LOL."

Dean Sipos
Victoria, BC, Canada

The Way I See It, You Have 2 Options...

You can leave this website and continue to feel unhappy and insecure with your body.

You can give in to laziness and keep on dreaming about that impressive Body you
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You can continue pulling your hair out in frustration with your current routine, keep
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You can take a stand, right here, right now. You can put all of the excuses aside, make a change, and start building your dream body TODAY.

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Sean Nalewanyj's program is different...

From nutrition to training to supplements, Sean weeds out all the training B.S. that typically leads trainees astray. He leaves you with a highly effective muscle-
building prescription that is on-target for quick and big muscle-building results.

The program is thorough, well-organized and, most importantly, highly effective.

Follow Sean's prescription and big things can happen."

JP Clifford
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You can begin receiving compliments from friends, family and co-workers... you can watch as gorgeous women stare wide-eyed at your ripped, rock-hard muscles... and every single day you can enjoy the overwhelming feelings of pride, confidence and satisfaction that will result from your powerful, brand new Body.

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Remember, no physical products will be shipped. The reasons for this are simple: The program can be downloaded instantly, and there are no printing and shipping costs. That means you're receiving this entire package at a fraction of what it would cost if it were all in hardcover format. Same strategies, MUCH lower price! The program is available in both PDF and EXE format and is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. 

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lower = better; 1 = best

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