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Cooking with Kocher

The complete guide to fireworks chemicals

Tired of the CPSC taking away your rights? Tired of paying $40/lb for your chemicals and then $80 to ship them? This is the ebook for you!

Welcome to Cooking with Kocher!
This ebook will take you through everything you need to know to build simple to advanced fireworks, as well as the chemicals you will need to make them!

Tired of having to risk you life by following the dangerous advice from online sources? Some of the guides out there are just plain dangerous! Finally, a source of accurate and safe instructions for all the chemicals you need for the most spectacular fireworks show!

This DIY guide was written for those without an in depth knowledge of chemistry or physics. It is now easier to follow, cheaper to build, and contains many more pictures!

800+ People are now using these methods from this eBook!

Here's a sample of the projects you'll be confident in after reading this book:
Making German blackhead or bright Aluminum Powder in any mesh you want!
Make fine and pure Potassium Nitrate
Make Potassium Perchlorate and most other chlorates and perchlorates (for $1.50/lb)!
Make colored smoke bombs for paintball and more!
The Ninja Contact Smoke Bomb: A flash of light, a puff of smoke and you're gone!
Homemade Visco and cannon fuse. (includes waterproofing instructions!)
Thermite from scratch: Includes underwater thermite and gernade thermate!
Fundamental methods of black powder - a $30 ebook with the best methods for black powder!
Top 15 Flash Powder Recipes. Perfect for fireworks, noise makers, movie effects and more!
How to Make Copper Oxide
How to Make Barium Nitrate
How to make Iron Oxide
How to make safe mini rockets.
How to Make Sparklers: Different colors, shapes and sizes!
How to Make Strontium Nitrate: This alone with save you hundreds in shipping!
Make stars for roman candles and shells.
Roman candles
Homemade Nitric Acid and Sulfuric Acid (Save Hundreds with this chapter!)
Flash Paper and Flash Cotton for special effects and magic!
30+ Page formula index
Free Magic Tricks included

All these if bought seperately these would cost $312!!

Now you can have this all for $79
Just $49
Click here buy and download now!

After payment, you will receive a download link instantly. No need to wait!

 The e-Book will be e-mailed to you as a pdf file shortly after payment is received, so you don't even need to pay for shipping!

A new section has been added on making even more chlorates and perchlorates FREE!
In this new section, you will learn additional methods of making potassium chlorate, potasium perchlorate, as well as the following other chemicals:
Ammonium perchlorate
Sodium chlorate
Sodium perchlorate
Barium chlorate

Normally this eBook sells for $79 but for a limited time only, you can have it for $49!

Limited time offer $49!

Frequently asked questions:

Are the projects hard?
They are arranged from easy to more advanced. Follow them in order and you'll be a pro in no time!

Can I buy a hard copy?
I used to sell hard copies for $249, but due to the ease of digital sales, we now only offer the eBook.


So why wait longer? 5 minutes from now you could be making some awesome fireworks.
Once payment is complete, your file will be ready for you to download immediately.

Questions? e-mail me at: tiggerstore@gmail.com
Requirements: Adobe pdf reader or compatible reader. (This is on virtually every PC & Mac)
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with 8 weeks money back guarantee.

P.S: All future updates to this book will be sent to you for free.

P.P.S: After purchase, you can become an affiliate earning commission for selling this book. Just e-mail me after purchace and make hundreds each month!

Make Potassium Perchlorate!!
Make Aluminum Powder!!
Make Potassium Nitrate!!
Make Thermite!!

Homemade Nitric Acid!

- All of simple materials that you may already have at home!

Easy method
Fast setup time!
Simple to understand
Fun to experment with!
Save time and money
-Making your own can save you loads of time and money.

-Why pay $80 shipping on a $40/lb chemical when you can make it at home for $2.25/lb?!!

High quality
-You determin quality. Make it better than any you could buy! Nearly 100% pure!

-Perfect for making fireworks, rockets, flash powder and more!

- Save hundres on NewYears fireworks! Yours will be cooler and far better than anything you could ever buy!
Make $$$!
-Make the chemicals to sell on eBay, as much can be made as you desire!

-Most of the aluminum power for sale on eBay was made using my guide.
You too can be making hundres of dollars each week!!

Lean the secrets!
Learn the secrets that big chemical supply stores like skylighter.com doesn't want you to know!

Buy Now for just $49

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