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From the desk of Internet Marketer: Andrew X

Hello, and welcome to "Money Animal"!

First, I want to congratulate you on finding your way to this website.

Within the next few minutes you will discover exactly why people just like you are shouting the praises of The Money Animal, and are claiming it to be the most exciting and innovative system to hit the Internet in years. Yes, all the hype and pageantry of the thousands of so-called "make money" sites, that have flooded the web for years, have boiled down to this moment...


But, before I go any further, I must warn you...

If you are already making $1000 a day online, living the life of your wildest dreams, holidaying anywhere in the world you desire, driving the latest Porsche or Ferrari, then Money Animal is NOT for you.

Yes, I'm an open and honest guy, and value my time and yours. Hey, everyone's time is precious, so if you are making over $1000 a day, please leave this site now, as I truly can't help you.

However, if you are not in this fortunate camp of entrepreneurs, I am here to help you. Yes, with Money Animal, you soon will be!

I am here to help you harness the amazing strength and capability of the Money Animal system.

I will help you reach the incredible yet realistic achievement of earning over $1000 a day through your online efforts... that is my mission, and you are in for one helluva ride!

So, if you have a true desire to live the life of your dreams, want the freedom money brings, and are not making serious money online, then you must listen up, as this is the


Yes, it's true, I am here to show you exactly how to start making money on the Internet, and within 6 short months, get YOU making $1000 or more each and every day.

I know, it's a big promise... but I hope that you, like me, are an ambitious and open minded person. f you possess those 2 magic traits, you have what it takes to be successful online.

So, you may be wondering... who the heck am I?

Well, here's my story...

Just five short years ago, I was working for Wal-mart administrations, pulling in a decent salary, paying my taxes, hitting the movies once a week, and just generally doing all the regular things a regular guy does. Oh, and did I mention that things were pathologically BORING??

Sure, I had an ok amount of money, but zero mental stimulation or challenge, and certainly not the level of financial success I'd always dreamed of...

I naively thought this was my "lot" in life, the ticket I'd drawn in God's lottery.

(How wrong I was!!)

About 6 months later, my cuz was staying with me and, over a beer or two, we got to "philosophizing" about wealth. The ways it ebbs towards those who got it, and seemed to drain away from those who never had it in the first place. Basically, we were sitting around whinging about the 'fact' that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, and that was that.

'Fact' my @#*!

You see, it suddenly hit me:

If things cycle in positive streams of activity, where paths of wealth creation self-perpetuate, then the opposite must also be true. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction after all. So paths of wealth loss must also self-perpetuate, which means that basically, all I had to do was interrupt those 'natural' cycles!

Make sure the rich get poorer, and the poor get richer.

"Huh??" you say?


It's all about undermining the 'big fish' out there in the marketing world, undercutting and out-tricking them, and rewarding the little guys. If you provide incentives to individuals, the big teams and conglomerates will lose out.

And the profits that used to sit in their fat wallets are now flooding into your accounts.

THAT is the principle that underpins the Money Animal System. It's simple, but astoundingly effective. 'Divide and conquer'!

And this is all supported by the only one ultimate truth in Internet Marketing:


There, I said it... and you know what, they never wanted you to know this!

They are scared of people discovering this secret... but, l'll show you exactly how to use it to your advantage!

And don't worry, there are many more insider tips, strategies and techniques waiting for you inside the Money Animal income system.

Trust me, once you get a taste for this, you'll be hungry for more!

Let that inner "Money Animal" out, and you will reap the benefits.

To help you unleash your "Inner Money Animal" beast, I have written several Secret Cub reports that I want to give you as my way of saying congratulations for making it this far in your online wealth journey. To claim these FREE "underground" reports simply complete the fields below:

Don't be the fool that misses out. I promise you, you will regret it!

Seriously, don't you want to live the good life?

When I was about 12 years old my best friend's dad won a Porsche 911 in a lottery. From the first moment I saw my friend being dropped off at school in his dad's car, I fell in love.

I knew I wanted one!

It took me 12 years, but earlier this year I picked up this Porsche 911 Carrera:

Nice huh! I realized my dream, all thanks to the good 'ole Internet!

Now, I have to be honest: I'm absolutely LOVING this new found wealth!

Once I got an inkling of the potential gold mine that's just waiting to be mined on the good ol' Internet, I had to extract every ounce out of it. I developed my fully automated and foolproof system, and watched the cash roll in.

Here is the exact moment I "perfected" this fool-proof Money Animal system:

And THAT'S precisely why those in the "know" call me...


I was just so hungry for it! I don't think it was greed (though the brand new Aston Martin is certainly a blast!!), it was more about the challenge of it all!

I had this fire in my belly, and I knew I had to perfect my system, so that any opposition would fall prey to my tactics and strategies.

Yes, it all got pretty crazy and animalistic, so it seemed only right to name my system after my nickname - Money Animal.

So how did I actually transform my little 'philosophy' about wealth creation into a working Turn-Key system with amazing profit-pulling power??

Let my story continue...

Well, first off I shared my break-through moment with my cousin, and he... yawned! I couldn't believe it! He wasn't even interested in finding his inner money mogul! I knew that every one of us had the power to get rich on the Internet, yet he was disinterested and apathetic.

You and I both know that there are always people like that, people who play the victim and seem to enjoy whinging and complaining about their lot in life.

I just hope you're not one of them!!

So, I decided to go it alone. In the first week, I implemented just two of my ideas and waited to see what would happen...


Not huge I know, but a solid start.

So I added in a few more of my strategies, and waited another week....


Things were taking off at an insane rate!

So I made a deal with myself: I wouldn't touch a cent of my money until I had enough to buy a new car: Subaru WRX, I'd been wanting one for years!

So, of course that was pretty good motivation. I spent a few easy hours a day, working around my regular job, and set up my online "bank" accounts so that no checks would arrive until 4 months were up.

That was my little test, and BOY did it pay off!


IT WAS FOR OVER $37,000!!!

Absolutely amazing - I got my new car, and a holiday to take it on!

Oh yeah, and I quit my job.

Since then, I've been doing this 'full-time' (in online talk, that's about 3 hours a day).

Here is a quick snapshot of my daily 'work routine':

Make sure I always have Internet access;

Check my emails;

Check my online 'bank' accounts; and my personal favorite...

Receive big fat checks in the mail Over and Over Again!.

Sweet, huh. You can do that too right?

And you know what?

Over the years I HAVE perfected the Money Animal system.

This means that ALL of the guess-work has been taken out, and absolutely any one can unleash the power of this fully-automated, simple yet effective program and be stupefied at just how easy it is to generate insane piles of money on the Internet!

Yes, Money Animal exudes true profit-pulling power. And you know what, within the next month I want YOU to be roaring with Money Animal wealth!

And today, that magic system that has brought me so much wealth over the past 4 years it's finally ready for your enjoyment and benefit!

Yes, you too can become a money animal, a powerful force in online marketing arenas that just can't be beaten.

So what are my credentials? What's the proof of this grand little tale?

Well, check out just some of my Paypal earnings below:

This kind of wealth is yours for the taking - you just need to show some initiative!

Crazy wealth is readily attainable via the Internet, and my Money Animal cubs are beginning to reap the rewards of this amazing resource. Some of these cubs wanted to share their experience with you..

So, what does my growing "pack of Money Cubs" say about me... the Money Animal?

"Wow, I can't believe it's all happened so fast! From 0 to $1600 a week in only 3 months. Money Animal is the Ferrari of Internet marketing programs!"

"Hey there,

I just have to thank you so so much for the Money Animal program. I almost can't believe how much my life has changed over the past 3 months! When I first joined Money Animal, I couldn't quit my day job since I've got a wife and kid, so instead I just put in as much time as I could around it. Now, I've more than DOUBLED what I've ever earned in the office! What's more, I'm stress-free, happy, and healthy. And I've quit my job! My wife is learning the ropes too, and is really looking forward to building her own, independent online empire. We just can't thank you enough. Here is a screenshot of just one of my online accounts:

Money Animal is the BEST!"

Matt and Felicia,

Denver, Colorado

"Just call me a convert. I'd almost given up on the promise of an Internet training program that might actually work. Money Animal has restored my faith in online wealth creation!"

"The Money Animal Turn-Key System is so good it's ridiculous! I'd tried other Internet Marketing programs in the past, without much success. They all seemed to promise the world, yet delivered pocket money at best. I was getting pretty annoyed I have to say. Money Animal, however, changed all that. The tips and techniques were so brilliantly simple, yet brought me in waves of cash! Unlike other programs, it operates using simple, bottom-up grass-roots type strategies, so it really does 'make the rich poorer and the poor richer'. It's the Robin Hood of programs!! Hehe

So I'm now making not just the one thousand a week plus you promised, but two thousand, and you've honestly restored my faith in honest and in$anely effective Internet marketing training.

Thanks a million mate"

Ben Jones

Cairns, Australia

Yes, all of these people are living an incredible life. Sure, material things are not everything in life... I know that more than anyone... BUT, a new mansion never hurts!

I just moved into this Australian house last month :)

I show you these private photos not to gloat, nor to brag... that's just not my style!

What these photos of my latest house demonstrate is solid proof that I know exactly how to make money on the Internet.

This one simple fact should excite you, and give you tremendous confidence in the Money Animal system.

But really, the question you should be asking is...

How does Money Animal give YOU this wealth?

Well, with the Money Animal system you will discover some incredible strategies and techniques that I use on a daily basis to generate money at the push of a button.

I call these strategies my Money Animal "Golden Nuggets"!

I sure hope you are excited, as in a moment you are about to get a rare chance to discover these incredible treasures.

Let me ask you a quick question...

If I gave you the seeds to my Money Tree, would you plant them?

If so, then you really must read on, as it's going to get very fruitful in a minute.

Yes, Money Animal is the definitive online wealth program... PERIOD!

Its power comes from the amazing integration of its strategies and techniques, the implementaion of these "golden nuggets"!

And guess what?!

The systems and practices the Money Animal program set in place are self-perpetuating, so once it's up and running, it's foolproof and pretty damn invincible. It's fully automated and the results are nothing but astounding.

What's more, you do not need start-up capital, you do not need loads of free time, and you do not need any prior knowledge or expertise.

Quite simply, this is all you need...

An Internet connection, the "Golden Nuggets" in the Money Animal program, and some persistence.

If you've got all that, then I guarantee you will succeed, quickly and easily.

Now, Money Animal is not any kind of MLM or pyramid scheme, it's not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it's not a rip-off con or scam.

It's just pure and simple strategic planning, plans that bring in serious wealth.

Now so far, this has all sounded pretty rosy and amazing, huh.

Well, here's the catch.

I am only interested in working with people who, like me, are open-minded and ambitious. I am only willing to help people who are willing to help themselves. I hate the thought of having to deal with whingers and whiners who just want everything given to them on a plate.

And so, I am LIMITING access to my amazing system to only the first 500 people to join. And about 100 spots are gone already, so you'd really better act quickly.

My main reason for this is simple: I refuse to spend my precious time answering emails from people only want to complain and make unreasonable demands.

I only want to work with people who have some vision, some dedication, and the motivation to truly succeed online. If that motivation is there, you WILL join my exclusive members program, you WILL receive all the tips and advice I can give you, and you WILL make ridiculous amounts of money.

That is my promise to you. In fact, I guarantee it.


If you order right now, you will instantly receive:

Exclusive access to the Money Animal program

Your own Turn-Key Money Making website just like mine - all you have to do is activate the Website and you're ready to roll

My secret tips on how to make wicked amounts of money with the least expenditure of effort OR time

The 2 UNREAL bonuses detailed below, plus a special surprise!

Detailed step-by-step training materials and media that will have you making money within minutes of pulling the trigger!

Plus so much more... the Money Animal's Wealth Den is full of hidden treasures!

Join the hundreds of successful Money Animal cubs out there making a killing online. Be like Michelle below, and kick that dead end job to the curb...

"OMG... $634 in One Day!"

"I LOVE your Money Animal program... I believe a picture says a thousand words - so check out my recent earnings thanks to your KILLER system!

$634 in one day... my life will NEVER be the same!

I was able to quit my hopeless 9-5 job thanks to Money Animal...

Before this, I had never made $600 in a week, but now I know exactly how to make over $600 in a single day!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!"

Michelle Symons

Charlotte, North Carolina

And today you have the same opportunity to secure access to this
amazing, brilliantly simple, fully automated system for the ridiculously
low cost of only $197 $147 $97


What price do you put on independence and satisfaction? Are you ready to take control of your life, and obtain the wealth you've always dreamed of? The freedom that wealth can bring is not to be underestimated. While money's not everything, it gives you room to move and means you will never be trapped in a boring day job again. EVER.

PAYMENT SYSTEM <<](http://moneyanimal.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb%2C1)

You'll receive the entire "MONEY ANIMAL" Secret Turn-Key Program, including some killer free bonuses! And don't forget my promise to you:

If you don't start making good money right away, return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked!

So start making money today, from your own computer, in your pyjamas, day or night, whatever you like... your financial future is in your hands now!



Yes, like I said above, as an added incentive for those of you who are keen and want to know exactly what sort of value you are going to get out of this membership, I am going to include the following BONUSES!



Over 2 Hours of Step-by-Step Videos for List Wealth Creation!

Yes, by being one of the first 50 members, you will receive access to our very own video vault!

You will discover exactly what you need to do to start making money online... if you can watch tv, you can make money by watching these online videos.

This bonus will be pulled the moment 50 spots fill up, so you will need to act fast.




List Building Riches withSpecial Bonus Templates!

I reward action, as action speaks louder than words. So, I'm also including this killer List Building Riches system absolutely free!

Combine this with Fast Action Bonus #1, and your bank balance will be smiling for years to come.

I will give you instant access to this bonus item the moment you reach the Money Animal's Wealth Den.

Not bad huh! The value here is completely insane.

I just know you're going to love this new pursuit... making piles of money, working on your own terms, and living your dream life, free from stress and worry.

Go on, it's time.

Take control, and see you inside the Money Animal's wealth den in just a moment.


Best wishes,

[](http://clickbank.net/sell.cgi?cashanimal/1/Money Animal Program Plus Bonuses)

Have questions? Need to contact me?

[Click Here](http://www.moneyanimal.com/contact.php)

P.S. You're just one click away, and a few minutes away, from discovering exactly how I was able to quit my day job and make hundreds of dollars each and every day. Remember, The Money Animal is a proven system of making money online...

Be quick! Don't miss out on the discount... before I have to increase the price! $997.00  $497.00  $197.00... $49.95 FOR TODAY ONLY!

P.P.S In order to work with me and discover how we do this... you will need to grab yourself a copy of The Money Animal - I simply cannot work with everyone on this and PLACES ARE LIMITED... which is why I don't include any contact details at the foot of this letter. You will receive these details ONLY with your copy of The Money Animal... and your FREE Bonus Items.


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