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Unlock the Secrets of the SAT*!


SAT Unlocked TM

SAT Unlocked is a complete SAT training system that guides you step-by-step through each of the subjects tested on the SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I).

Developed over years of SAT tutoring with hundreds of individual students, SAT Unlocked is a uniquely effective test prep system designed to maximize your SAT score.

SAT Unlocked is also chock full of examples,  test taking strategies, tips and tricks to give you the extra edge you need to succeed on this all-important test.

SAT Unlocked is written by a professional SAT tutor.


My name is Adam Piacente.  I am the founder of [Marin SAT Prep](http://marinsatprep.com), a tutoring service that specializes in preparing students for the SAT.

Combining years of teaching experience and a complete knowledge of the SAT with a professional background in educational training and course development, I have designed a unique SAT learning system that gets results.

Now the very same SAT learning system
I teach to my own students  is available
to you in SAT Unlocked.

SAT Unlocked covers every subject and topic tested on the SAT.


 SAT Critical Reading

SAT Unlocked shows you a simple, straightforward method for SAT Passage Reading effective with students at any reading level. 

Hands-on tutorials guide you step-by-step through official SAT reading passages as you learn a strategy that systematically targets the fundamental reason students most often miss SAT Passage Reading questions.

SAT Unlocked also shows you easy and effective techniques for answering tricky, vocabulary-based questions.



SAT Math

SAT Unlocked clearly explains every SAT Math concept while teaching practical strategies for solving even the most difficult questions.

By reading the explanations, practicing the exercises, and answering the questions in order they appear in this book, you progressively learn the reasoning skills necessary to master any SAT Math question.



SAT Writing
Multiple Choice

SAT Unlocked shows you exactly which grammar rules appear on the SAT as well as the precise way each rule is tested.

Also included are effective techniques for answering each of the three types of SAT Writing questions, as well as a special strategy that ensures you can answer questions other students often miss.



SAT Essay

Writing Workshop



lower = better; 1 = best

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