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From: Dave Markel
Packages Available
[Downhill Skiing](http://great-niche-content.com/downhill-skiing.html)
[Cancun Resorts](http://great-niche-content.com/cancun-articles.html)
[Vitamins & Minerals](http://great-niche-content.com/vitamins.html)
[Home Brewing](http://great-niche-content.com/home-brewing-articles.html)
[Online Dating](http://great-niche-content.com/online-dating-articles.html)
[Crafts & Hobbies](http://great-niche-content.com/hobby-articles.html)
[Budgeting & Investing](http://great-niche-content.com/budget-investing-articles.html)

Hello Everyone,

If you are like me writing good, informative articles is almost painful. It takes me almost a day to write a good 500 word article. After the research, proof reading and such it just isn't worth it to write large volumes of articles yourself.

Buy individual article packages to suit you niche with no monthly memberships or other commitments.

Alternatives to writing your own articles

You could follow the masses and get articles from article directories such as goarticles.com or articlecity.com. You can often get great articles, articles that 1000's of others are using. Imagine your visitors reading an article that they just read on another site. You can almost hear the back button being clicked.

So you have articles that 1000's of people are using but you also have to include a bio box with a link back to the authors site, giving your visitor a direct link out of your site. So although this free content looks good on the surface it really provides very little value to you or your visitors, only the articles author.

Some people hire a freelance writer to write articles for them. This is a great way to produce top notch content that is a real value to your site. The major disadvantage is the cost involved in hiring a writer. It isn't uncommon to pay $10, $20 or more per articles. You get great content but with that price you also spend $1000's per month getting it. This doesn't include the time that you spend researching and hiring writers, proofing the articles, etc.

What make Great Niche Content Better?

Great Niche Content offers you professionally written articles. Articles you can use for creating web sites, e-books, reports, newsletters and more. The sky is the limit! Just read our [Terms of Use ](terms.html) to get the full details.

Benefit #1:

All articles are written by professional who have first hand knowledge of the topics. Most of the articles are between 400 and 600 words in length, some longer some shorter. They offer a unique view of each topic. You don't get this quality anywhere else.

Benefit #2:

Private Label Rights - In a nutshell this means you are able to edit, change or manipulate the articles any way you choose. In fact it is encouraged. This gives the articles your unique voice that your visitors are used to.

So go ahead and do what you want with the articles as long as you adhere to our [Terms of Use](terms.html).

Benefit #3

You DO NOT need to sign up for a monthly membership! After all, you just want a set of articles about _______, not 200 articles a month about anything and everything.

Samples of the Articles

Cancun Resorts - [Sample Article](/support-files/cancun-sample.doc)

Downhill Skiing - [Sample Article ](/support-files/skiing-sample.doc)

Vitamins and Minerals - [Sample Article
](/support-files/vitamins-sample.doc)(These are clips from the actual articles)

Individual Packages

You can purchase an individual article package for just $0.75 per article (individual articles not sold). For some people a monthly batch of content just isn't useful. You are looking for a batch of articles to fit your niche. That is why this option is best suited to you. Buy a single article package and customize it to fit your needs. Re-write the articles and use them in any digital or print media you wish.

Packages Available

Downhill Skiing - Package contains 21 articles about resorts, techniques, history and evolution.
[More Details & Purchase](/downhill-skiing.html)

Cancun Resorts - Package contains 30 articles about the resorts around Cancun Mexico.
[More Details & Purchase](/cancun-articles.html)

Vitamins & Minerals - Package contains 24 articles about different vitamins and minerals along with different uses.
[More Details & Purchase](/vitamins.html)

Insurance - Package contains 14 articles about different types of insurance and how to choose which is right.
[More Details & Purchase](/insurance.html)

Woodworking - Package Consists of 14 articles about wood working tools and how they are used.
[More Details & Purchase](/woodworking.html)

Home Brewing - Package contains 10 articles about home brewing and what you need to know when making your own bear.
[More Details & Purchase](home-brewing-articles.html)

Online Dating - Package consists of 25 articles about all aspects of online dating, including do's and don'ts.
[More Details & Purchase](http://great-niche-content.com/online-dating-articles.html)

Divorce - Package contains 10 articles about divorce and how to prepare for it.
[More Details & Purchase](http://great-niche-content.com/divorce-articles.html)

Crafts & Hobbies - 30 articles that will help you make the most of your hobbies.
[More Details & Purchase](http://great-niche-content.com/hobby-articles.html)

Budgeting & Investing - Package includes 25 articles on budgeting and investing.
[More Details & Purchase](http://great-niche-content.com/budget-investing-articles.html)

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