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The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint



How a "No-Name" Marketer, Who Didn't Even Know What an RSS Feed was, Created and Marketed a Successful Blog with 500+ Unique Visitors Per DAY... Makes Affiliate Sales Everytime He Recommends a Product... Did it all in Under 4 Months...
and How YOU Can do the Exact - Same - Thing!

Fellow Entrepreneur,
I remember a time, not so long ago, when I couldn't fathom the idea of running a Web Site that brought in 500 unique visitors a day and 1,000 or more just seemed absolutely impossible!
You see, I had several sites which received some traffic, but they were making very little money.
The worst part about it was, I was working my a** off creating content and marketing those sites!!
I was SICK and TIRED of it, to say the LEAST!

You've probably heard some of the big names in blogging like Darren Rowse, Yaro Starak, Maki (DoshDosh) etc. These are the guys who make thousands of dollars every month, probably every week, just from a single blog!
To me, the thought of making that much money from a single Web site was almost unimaginable. But, they were doing it and I was determined to give it my best shot!
So I went out and read every product I could find on the subject of blogging. I was confident so I started my first blog.
I "blogged" for a couple months, but no steady traffic and absolutely NO money coming in from the blog!
That's when I realized that Blogs are COMPLETELY different than your normal "static" Web site.
About a week after my "revelation" I started noticing regular readers... I started noticing more and more RSS subscribers... I started noticing more traffic literally every single day!
I FINALLY Figured out How to EFFECTIVELY Market a Blog!
You may be wondering what "secret" I uncovered. There was no secret... there was no "magic ingredient." I just started doing the same thing all the "big" bloggers do every single day!
My blog continues to grow on a weekly basis. There are very few weeks when the stats are the same or lower than the week prior.
I learned the hard way folks! I spend HOURS upon HOURS doing it alllll wrong, but you don't have to! I've created the "Ultimate Blogging Blueprint" to show YOU exactly how to Successfully create, maintain and promote a blog for MAXIMUM exposure!!
I want to show you all of the following and much more:

How to Correctly Choose, Install and Modify a Blog for Maximum Search Engine Benefit!

How to Create Content that Invites Loads of Linking and that the Search Engines LOVE!

How to Correctly Market your Blog and Network just like the "Big Dogs" do!

How to Monetize your Blog for MAXIMUM Conversions!!

Which Social Networks will Drive Loads of Traffic your way!

After reading "The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint" and taking action on what I outline within, there is no doubt in my mind that you too will see stats just like I have below:

30-day Traffic Report fig. 2

500, 600, 900, 1,000 even 5 Thousand views in one day! and that's just a quick screenshot of my recent visitors!
You're probably thinking there's no way I can show you how to generate that much traffic, but the fact is, I did it and you can too!
The ebook I want to show you explains in detail EXACTLY what I do in order to generate loads of traffic from my blog and how you can literally copy my techniques and do the Exact same thing!
What People are Saying

"...a Fantastic Guide "
"Josh Spaulding has compiled a fantastic guide for a person completely new to the technical aspects of blogging. On top of the core essentials that go into creating an optimized blog, Josh covers the key areas for making money for your blog without any filler or fluff. If you want a straight to the point guide for beginners, check out this book."

-- Yaro Starak,

"...the Definitive Guide to Blogging"
"When I received a copy of "The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint" my initial thought was, 'what could possibly be covered that hasn't been written about before?".  After reading the entire book I must say that Josh did a phenomenal job of covering the most essential techniques to setting up a successful blog, in fact, I would be comfortable promoting this as the definitive guide to blogging. 

The ebook covers all topics ranging from initial set-up to effectively marketing a web-blog and each chapter is full of useful and easy-to-follow instructions. The title of the book couldn't have been a better choice, it's definitely a complete and all inclusive blueprint to blogging success."

Job well done, Josh!
-- Jake Riley

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Why You NEED a Blog!
You've probably noticed the incredible amount of blogs that have been coming up on the front page of Google these days. That's because the way blogs are designed to work is exactly what the search engines are looking for... Fresh, unique content.
However, that's not the only thing that makes blogs so Extremely Powerful.

Blogging platforms provide an ideal means of establishing relationships with people. Network marketing is essential in just about all business models, both online and offline, and blogs are the absolute BEST way to build a strong network!


In an Industry where "gurus" rule and the little-guys drool, it is CRUCIAL to develope some kind of an online presence! A blog provides the opportunity for anyone who can type to estiblish a presence and "brand" their name in a VERY short amount of time!


When done Correctly, bloggers no longer need to worry about link building and traffic generation. The natural way in which the "blogosphere" works will bring in those links and generate the traffic you've only dreampt about in the past!

Gone are the days when Webmasters can put up 10 page Web sites and watch them sit on the front page of the Search Engines.
Blogs are literally transforming the way we market our Web sites because they are DOMINATING the Search Engines with frequently updated, fresh content that people love to link to!
You can either let me show you how it's done, or you can watch this opportunity pass by. I'm not here to twist your arm, I'm here to help, but you have to let me!
100% Free Support for 60 Days!
Listen, I Honestly WANT your Blog to Succeed! That's why I'm going to Personally Help you do it!

That's right - 100% Free, Support for 60 Days! - If you're Dead-Set on Creating and Marketing your blog CORRECTLY, but you just can't get a perfect grasp of it, I'll help you via email, Skype, Instant Messenger or Phone! We will get your blog going and it WILL be Successful!

There's nothing worse than being ignored when asking questions about a Product! I've purchased MANY products in the past few years and I've been burnt more than once by product owners who claim to want to help you, only to find out they just want your money! I stand by this product 110% and I will not only reply to your emails, but I'll answer as many questions as you care to ask!

100% No Questions Asked, Iron Clad,
Money Back Guarantee!
If you're STILL not Satisfied before or after reading my guide and utilizing the Free One-on-One Support, just send an email to josh at ultimatebloggingblueprint.com and I'll Refund Every cent of your Purchase - GUARANTEED!

Your Copy Now For Only

$ 37

Buy Now

Instant Download - Secure

P.S. - Remember, If you have ANY questions at all... If you need ANY help at all, I'm an email away! I'll be here and WE will set your blog on the path to success!

To Your Blogging Success,
Josh Spaulding
The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint
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