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  Welcome to the   "Protect Your Pre-schooler from harmful links and images on the Internet!"   Search engines are geared toward the general public, therefore allowing coverage of news, entertainment and ads on their home page, most of which can be harmful to children, especially pre-school aged children!   Protect your preschooler with the Pre-school Play Yard!   The Pre-school Play Yard is a simple home page containing just six links to their favorite educational game websites! The buttons are set up to be easily readable, even to the "just beginning" reader. There are no advertising links or innappropriate images, no incentives to "Click Here to Win", no pop-up windows or spyware, only good clean links to the websites you know and trust!   Each button is linked directly to the game portion of that website. No extra clicking, which makes it perfect for pre-school aged children to learn to do independently!   [Larger Screenshot of the Pre-school Play Yard](http://mysafebrowser.com/preschoolplaygroundscshot.jpg)   The Pre-school Play Yard home page is hosted on our server, so there's no need to know any html.   Easy to read instructions are included with your purchase!   Help your preschooler become independent online...safely!   Buy the Today for just  $4.95!   [](http://1.catskills.pay.clickbank.net) After payment is made you will receive a link and instructions on how to make the Pre-school Play Yard the home page on your children's computer! Contact:  Vanessa Hamlin It's All Personalized, President (845) 468-4120 [help@mysafebrowser.com](mailto:help@mysafebrowser.com)  © It's All Personalized 2007, All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer: It's All Personalized is in not affiliated with any of the above websites. It's All Personalized is not responsible for any content on said websites. This home page is for informational purposes only and should be used only as such.  


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