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PHP Spinner - Avoid and Eradicate Duplicate Content

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“How to Get the Long End of the Stick for a Change in the Battle for Search Engine Rankings”
Here’s a surefire solution to put unique content on your PHP website and publish unique articles to article directories, and never worry about duplicate content ever again.

Fact #1: Put duplicate content on your website and you’ll rank as high as position 1,000,000 in Google.
Fact #2: Many sites scrape your content and use blackhat SEO techniques to get your site dinged for duplicate content and their site pushed high in the SERPs. With YOUR content! Sucks, doesn’t it?
Fact #3: Publish the same article with the same text and the same backlinks to hundreds of article directories and what do you get? Hundreds of duplicate articles with backlinks that count very little because all the articles sit in the now so-called non-existent supplemental hell of an index.
Fact #4: There are people who hijack your site content and through a proxy server make Google think their copy of your site is actually your site. It’s called proxy hijacking. The result? Your site drops like a rock in the SERPs. Just ask Brad Fallon.
Fact #5: Google’s spider visits your site at a frequency that it calculates from how often your site is updated. Wouldn’t it be nice to get spidered more than once a day?
If you are… (check all the options that apply to you)

A serious or casual webmaster;
An Internet marketer;
An affiliate marketer;
An article marketer (Bum marketing);
The owner of an e-commerce site; or
Generally worried about duplicate content.
… then you’ve found the way to stop other people from stealing your content and hurting your search engine rankings. Start putting unique content on your site today that will remain unique, and start publishing unique articles on the web that the search engines will love.
It’s about time that you gain the advantage and get ahead, don’t you think?
Want to Get the Highest Possible Ranking with Unique Content That’ll Remain Unique Forever?
Content tends to spread over time. If it’s not legal syndication of your content from your RSS feeds, then it’s scammers who scrape your site and publish it all over the web.
That potentially hurts your rankings because Google can recognize only one site’s copy of the content as the copy that it includes and ranks in its index.
If you had the ability to easily and dynamically vary the content of every page (and even the header, sidebar, and footer), do you think you’d ever have a problem with duplicates of your content hurting you? The correct answer is a resounding, “No!”
With PHP Spinner you can do exactly that, dynamically vary the content that’s served up with every single pageview. No pageview ever serves up exactly the same content as the previous pageview or the next pageview.
Doesn’t matter how many times your content is syndicated, stolen, or scraped, each copy that leaves your site is different.
What Would Your Own Unique Article Spinner be Worth to You?
There are article spinning services that charge you a hefty chunk of change every single month. They’re good, no question about that.
However, if you could build your own 100% free article spinner that only you control and nobody can take away from you; an article spinner that takes one single article and gives you thousands of unique variations that you can publish to article directories and other user-content driven web properties; would you do it? And put far greater value on the backlinks in those articles because they’re not duplicate content?
If you could build such an article spinner with the click of a button, would you do it right now?
You absolutely can!
PHP Spinner enables you to use your existing website as your own 100% free, immensely powerful, and easy-to-use unique article spinner. Over the course of 12 months, that could easily save you more than $1,000!
With your own article spinner, you prepare an article once, and then generate unlimited unique versions forever, with the click of a button.
Want the Search Engines to Spider Your Site More Frequently?
The Google bot loves content and it loves updated content even more.
Imagine the Google bot visiting your site and saying to itself, “Mmm… this page has been updated since I last visited here… *flipping through calendar* …like two weeks ago. I’d better cache this page again and maybe check back in a week’s time.”
Next week it visits again and this time it puts its hands on its hips and murmurs to itself, “Holy cow, this dude has been busy! This page has been updated again! Lemme cache it again and check back tomorrow. Ya never know.”
So tomorrow rolls around…
“What??? Updated again? Better check back in an hour, I hate missing out on updated content,” Google bot says while wiping the sweat from its brow.
In an hour’s time it peeks at your content again…
Get the picture?
With PHP Spinner you dynamically vary the content of every website page (and even header, sidebar and footer), so that every single pageview gets a different variation. No two pageviews of the same page are ever exactly the same.
The degree of variation is completely under your control. You can have very subtle variation, or very dramatic variation. Your choice entirely.
Dead-Bolt Your Cockpit Door and Keep the Proxy Hijackers Out
Proxy hijacking is when scammers scrape a copy of your website and, through some proxy server magic and a few spamming techniques, make Google believe that their copy of your site is actually your site because the content is the same. Their site takes over your position in the Google index and your site disappears into electronic oblivion. With it all your income from your site disappears like mist before the morning sun.
This is not the place to go into all the technical details about proxy hijacking. Dan Thies, a recognized SEO expert and StomperNet faculty member, wrote a lengthy explanation of proxy hijacking on his blog, if you’re interested.
With PHP Spinner running on your website, the best the proxy hijacker can do is grab one variation of your page content. When Google visits your site and compares it with the scammers’ copy, it’s not the same. Meaning, Google doesn’t think their site is actually your site.
Doesn’t matter if they grab a copy of your site every hour or every minute. They’ll never see an exact duplicate of what Google sees when the bot visits your site.
Tired of Showing the Same Old Ad on Your Site?
People have ad blindness. It’s even a bigger problem when your regular visitors see exactly the same ad in exactly the same space. Fact is, after a few visits, they completely tune it out.
For all you know, you could be showing the worst performing ad and with a better performer you could make much more money from that same 125 X 125 square real estate.
You could include multiple ads in your sidebar and content, and make your site look like a hawker’s quilt. But, that’s just plain ugly and puts visitors off.
With PHP Spinner you can dynamically rotate ads in the same page real estate. Give your visitors different ads in the same spot. It breaks their mental image of your page, they notice something is different, and they look. And if they look, they might click.
Let’s say you show a 125 X 125 ad at the top of your sidebar. You can have from two to infinity different ads displaying in that same spot with no extra effort and no manual updating. The same goes for ads anywhere on your site. You can narrow the ads down over time and settle on a handful that generate the largest income.
Want to Dynamically Style the Look and Feel of Your Website?
With PHP Spinner you can dynamically vary anything inside any of the elements of your site.
You can, with every pageview:

Dynamically pick a CSS style sheet;
Dynamically put things into or remove things from the page content;
Dynamically change colors or decoration of any HTML element; and
The list goes on and on…

The only limit is your need and your imagination.
Want to Spin Content on a Plain HTML Website?
With PHP Spinner you can even spin the content of a standard HTML website, provided that your server and/or hosting provider allows HTML pages to run as PHP pages.
If you can run HTML pages as PHP on your website, then you’re all set. You can spin your HTML pages using PHP Spinner.
You’re In Complete Control
PHP Spinner does not haphazardly modify any of your content. It doesn’t have a thesaurus and doesn’t do automatic word or phrase replacement.
You specify all the alternate versions when you write your content. The more variable you want your content to be, the longer it takes to prepare the content. The benefit is that you’ll never end up with content that doesn’t make sense.
You control absolutely everything - number of alternate versions, content of alternate versions, level of variety, the works.
You Receive Full Instructions
PHP Spinner comes with a detail PDF instruction manual that explains how to use the software and how to get the most out of its awesome power.
I’ve also thrown in the source of the Test Drive article so that you can see exactly how it was done.
Follow Me, Let’s Kick the Tires!
Buckle up, and click the button below. The test drive page will open in a new window.

Want to See Some Stats?
The following graph shows the results of a 400 word article that has been prepared for spinning. I copied the first page view of the article into the left-hand comparison box of DupeFreePro. Then I refreshed the page 20 times, and with each refresh I copied the spun text from the page into the right-hand comparison box of DupeFreePro. Here are the results.

How Much is this Power Worth to You?
You’re looking at:

Perpetual unique content on your site;
Your own free unique article spinner;
Potential savings of $1,000 per year on online article spinning service memberships;
Gaining higher SERPs from higher value article backlinks;
Protecting your income from scammers; and
A license to install the software on all the PHP websites that you own.

You Get EVERYTHING You See Above for a
One-Time Low Payment of Only $97.00
I’m not going to insult your intelligence by making it look as if you’re getting an artificial discount, and I’m not going to tell you the price is going to increase “soon”.
You’re getting awesome value at this price, and I’m happy to sell at this price. PHP Spinner is probably worth more, but I know we all have tight budgets.
You Risk Absolutely Nothing


Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee
If, for whatever reason, you’re not completely satisfied with this software, just ask for a no-hassle refund within 56 days of purchase.
No explanation is necessary.
I’ll be happy to refund your purchase.

Order Right Now!


You’ll be able to download PHP Spinner immediately after payment.
Click to order your PHP Spinner securely by credit card
LicenseYou have the right to install the software on personal and/or business related PHP websites that belong to, or are owned by you. You do not have the license to install the software on websites not owned by you.
Requirements(a) PHP v4 or later, and (b) the ability or means to edit the PHP file(s) of your PHP application.

Kind regards,

P.S. Remember, you can triple or quadruple the value of your efforts when you submit unique articles to article directories. Of course, you can spend weeks rewriting the same article two hundred times, or you can prepare an article once and generate a new unique version free of charge whenever you need one - it takes five seconds. Click here to get PHP Spinner now.
P.P.S. Traffic is the life-blood of income on the web. Click here to protect and improve your search engine rankings by never allowing anyone to steal your content and hurting you in the rankings.
P.P.P.S. You carry zero risk. If you order today and you feel you want your money back, just tell me within the next fifty six days and I’ll refund you in full.


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