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- Question -

"Are You Making Millions From
The Internet?"

Don't Tell Me... The Answer's "NO!"

And Why Am I Not Surprised?

Because you're only making money for other people, so it's time to..


"start making money for you!"



Hi, my name's Clarke Fox and if you do nothing else today, make it your priority to read this letter..

Why? Because I'm about to blow the lid off the internet marketing industry once and for all... In fact, you may not even have time to read this entire letter - this is so hot that I may be forced to close the door and pull this at any time...

                             Shock Horror!

The truth is, despite everything they tell you, the hugely successful Internet Marketers DON'T want you to join their game... And the reason is this... the longer you're kept in the dark, the longer you'll keep buying their products... in search of the "key secrets", the truth, or the missing link!

Well, guess what? There's no such thing... They just want you to keep buying the next product... and the next product... to make THEM rich - not you!

That's why everyone's happy to sell you their e-books and courses... but nobody will give you a ticket to "The REAL Game"... the game that really makes the money.

And why would they, when they're making so much money for themselves?

Shocking isn't it? But, I did tell you I was going to blow the lid off this thing! So long as you're happy to keep spending money on their products, the big players are happy to keep you on the outside of the circle...

Nobody wants to show you how they really make their money... Let's face it, why would they create new competitors, when they can keep you in the dark and hungry for their products... and keep selling to you over and over again!

Empty Promises

Ask yourself this... How many e-books or DVD's have you bought where you thought, "this sounds brilliant," only to realise that the product was nothing but hot air... or that the seller of the product wasn't even featured in or on the product at all?!

Probably 99.99% of them, right?!

You see, that's the big problem...

Most internet Marketing IS based on hot air! And to be honest with you, I'm sick of it...

At best they only show you how they managed to con YOU into buying their product (or their previous products) in the first place... So the most you'll learn is how to go out and do the exactly same thing to some other poor sucker!

And this creates a knock on effect... One person is given the hard-sell to buy a particular product, and to recoup their investment, that person then has to learn the same hard-sell techniques to use on someone else!

It's a not so virtuous circle... and... where exactly is the product?!

If you actually think about it, there's no actual product at all. Everybody's just building websites that try to persuade other people to type in their credit card details - end of story!

Once you've made the transaction and handed over your hard-earned money, you'll receive some information on how much money someone else is making by doing exactly what's been done to you... Then you realize something... This is it, this is the product... everyone's selling a dream...

Selling The Dream!

Now don't get me wrong... There's certainly a fast buck to be made - but believe me, there's no substance to it and you certainly won't be building a business that you can one day sell for tens of millions of dollars.

In fact, you'll probably get bored by then and move onto something else...

So what's the answer? How can you make big money in internet marketing, if the big players don't want to tell you how it's done?

Well keep reading, because..

I'm About To Blow The Lid Off The Entire Internet Marketing Industry!

Yes, some of us make money (and lots of it) by building REAL online businesses.

But before we get into that, you'd be forgiven for asking the question, "Clarke, why are you any different?" In fact, aren't I doing the exact same thing I'm accusing other people of doing?

BUT, and there is a massive difference...

We will BOTH make money from what I'm about to show you... and for many years to come!

You see, I don't keep reinventing the same products that promise to make people millionaires, and then take their money and run.

I make great money... on the internet... because I own a great business!

I make my money from effortlessly and automatically creating long term customers that are happy to pay me month after month, year after year... and this creates residual, automated income for me!

They don't complain either... They don't ask me for refunds, or call me names! They actually send me very nice emails... and what a great way this is to live - to make money and get thanked while you do it.

But guess what..

I'm Not Teaching These People About Internet Marketing...

I'm not even in the Internet marketing education business!

But get this..

Like many who are, I have no staff, I don't employ any service companies and I don't have anyone to answer to except me! And in January this year, I made $37,540.69... from the spare room in my house!

Doesn't sound too bad does it?

And it's just me and my laptop...NOBODY ELSE!

And how do I do this?

Well as I said, I don't make my money from teaching people 'internet marketing.' That would just mean pulling the wool over your eyes, taking your money and forcing you to go out and do the same thing to someone else... And I know you're smarter than that.

I'm proud of what I do, and I enjoy my job tremendously. I love making money and I want to continue making plenty more for many years to come.

And then one day, when I fancy a change, I'll sell my Internet business for tens of millions of dollars... There are plenty of buyers out there looking for quality businesses that make good, solid profits.

So What's The Secret?

"Get to the point!" I hear you shouting.

Ok then, it's very simple..

I stick to a very simple rule and I make sure I don't break it... Sticking to this rule has helped me enter completely new industries, casually working from the spare room in my house, taking on the competition... AND WINNING!

I've built real businesses that are worth millions!

I don't work ridiculous hours. In truth, I rarely work for more than 3 hours a day, and I can do this from wherever I am in the world.

I don't have to spend a fortune on publicity either... In fact I've automated most things, so that when I take time out, I'm still making a fortune.

Want some proof?

Here's my bank statement

(note: this is my sterling account (so I have over $200,000 petty cash!)

but I've got more than one bank account, because I sell products in many countries, so here's another - it's a global business operating from my back room!

Notice how the transactions are processed by worldpay (one of the world's biggest online sales processors) - I haven't just stashed money into my bank account to mislead you by making my sales look good!

When I first saw the Internet Marketing business and studied the business model I was just horrified!

Yes, you can keep selling product after product to one unsuspecting person after another, but you're not building a business that has any value and you're certainly not building the sort of income that I really like to make... that of "Residual Income"...

Residual Income Is Income That Comes  In AUTOMATICALLY - Month After
 Month After Month!

It comes from the same happy, satisfied customers that want to keep paying for goods and services that they truly value.

..and by the way that doesn't mean you make money if those customers buy my products.

That would be just as bad as the 99.99% of other internet marketing scams out there.

No I'll show you what REALLY MAKES MONEY - month after month!

So now we've learnt that making big money is all about residual income, the next question you should be asking is..

How do I know it works?

Well let's look at some Proof

And if you take a closer look at the below screenshot you'll see that I track my business monthly. All the payments were triggered automatically as monthly renewal payments... and this should all be making sense to you RIGHT NOW... "The Big Game" is all about REAL products with REAL value... AND, importantly, ongoing monthly payments...

And this is how it is, every few weeks or so another $15,000 will just flood into my bank account - automatically!

But it doesn't end there...

in fact the money keeps on rolling in again from different countries

Here's a screenshot of my European Sales (over $60,000 sales in June from just 1 income stream!)


making a grand total of $383,264.95 in less than 1 year!

and it doesn't take much analysis to realise I'm well on track to generate $780,000 this year!

Now... Do You Want to start
playing MY GAME?

Do you want a ticket to "The Big Game?"

I've thought about this long and hard... and I've also had the odd sleepless night over this as well, and here's what I've come up with... This is how you can grab your place for "The Big Game"...

I've retraced my steps from all those initial failures, and figured out what really started working for me around 12 months ago.

The things that really made the difference were the usual things that that apply to ALL businesses, such as working with the right people, buying the right products, using the right tools etc..

But there was more too it than that...

There was lots of trial and error, and it took ,me many months of trading a zero sales, before I managed to figure out what my customers really wanted to know, and I then started to build the impressive $50k+ monthly sales you can see above.

Now, you can do this yourself... I have no problem with that... In fact, that would please me immensely. The more people out there offering REAL and workable solutions the better - in my opinion anyway!

Just figure what really makes money FOR CUSTOMERS and not just you and you'll be onto a winner for sure - you'll make millions!

But, to make it easier for you... I've set-up something that you can plug into - a proven, profit-pulling and residual income generating BIG GAME system that you can START RIGHT NOW...

Imagine that... Not only can you start making money today, but you'll also be building residual income for the future as well.

Actions you take today will be proving for you not just in months, but years to come.

.. and this is what THE BIG GAME is all about - awesome!

So what exactly will I get?


1.) A business ready to go. You don't need products to sell (and you won't be selling mine). But my easy to use control panel will take you through setting up your new online business. This can be done in minutes or days - it's up to you!


2.) A free website that will be your shop window to billions of potential new customers for your online business. It's already been designed and road tested for you.


3.) Ongoing monthly help and support via a special forum to ensure that you make as much money as possible.



4.) Network with other internet marketers, form JV's, promote each other - truly the fastest way to accelerate the growth of your online business!



5.) Sneak previews and advance warnings for ALL of MY latest projects, products and future automated and residual income BIG GAME products... BUT... as I'm sure you can imagine the industry is not going to like this and I may have to pull this at any time - the door will be closed to new participants as soon as word of this gets out... so secure your place now to avoid disappointment!


and if all that's not enough, we'll also send you over $200 worth of truly explosive internet tutorials - TOTALLY FREE!


Video 1 - How to make sure your customers will WANT TO buy from you (worth $79.95) - Learn the secret of what makes some people buy, where others ay NO WAY. This is a truly fascinating insight into the worlds of inline selling.



Video 2 - How to drive a steady stream of targeted buying customers to your website (worth $49.95) Whilst it's great to have an online product that lives up to the sales pitch, you also need to tell the world about it. This video shows you exactly how it's done.



Video 3 - How to create a virtual online cash machine (worth $79.95) This is an in depth video showing you how to set up the whole thing. Your own online business, step by step.

NB: These bonuses alone, are worth far in excess the cost of your BIG TICKET

So there's only 1 real question left to answer.

Please tell me, how do I get my ticket?

Well the plain fact is these tickets aren't just for anybody to come along buy for every and a day!

The simple truth is that there is a limited number of big tickets

And this isn't just another marketing gimmick to spring you into action.

You see, because the big ticket makes real money from real value outside of the regular internet marketing guff, they have a limited liquidity, which means that if too may people have tickets, the tickets become worthless.

But because I've placed a strict limit on numbers, which I rigidly enforce, you'll find that sometimes a ticket will be available, and others there'll just be a..

"Sorry all the tickets have been sold message instead of the reservation form."

in which case, you'll have missed out.

But just before you check for availability, I'd like to make something plain and simple...

There's one condition to entry
 to the BIG GAME

If you're lucky enough to claim a BIG TICKET for your self, please make sure you use it.

Because if you just claim one and do nothing with it, I'll be taking it back, and I'll offer the ticket to someone else.

And believe me, I'll know if you're using your ticket, because it will be me paying you every month, when your residual incomes will be building to a frenzy.

So be warned, only claim a ticket if you truly want to be part of the big game that the real internet millionaires play.

So let's get started. Click the special link below to see if a ticket is available to the big game.


[Check Ticket availability NOW](http://1.clarkefox.pay.clickbank.net)

To your success,

P.S. When I said numbers are limited I was deadly serious. If you get a chance to claim a ticket, don't squander it.

P.P.S I was also deadly serious about monitoring your progress. Don't get me wrong I won't be breathing down your neck demanding you jump through hoops. But I will be able to tell if you've done nothing, and so reserve the right to offer your ticket to a more worthy student.

P.P.P.S If my approach is direct or even frightening - please don't worry. I just don't want tickets to fall into the wrong hands i.e. those of time wasters.


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